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  • I know the guy that owns that!

  • Rump shaker is slang for a little, cheap scooter like this, in Jamaica.

  • I walk by this scooter daily and it always gives me a little chuckle.

  • Me too- always a chuckle 🙂

  • As the owner of the scooter, yes… All I wana do is zooma zoom zoom, and it isn’t always parked there. Sometimes I illegally park it outside of Harris Teeter, the metro, and 7 11 so that I can try to scoot with one hand and coffee in another. Sometimes I’ll scoot with grocery bags between my feet, coffee in one hand while texting. Now, that’s super illegal, or bad judgement.

    • Careful with that cable lock — I had a scooter stolen that was locked up with a cable lock around a tree once…luckily I also had a U-lock around the back wheel like you do on the front and the idiots that stole it just dumped it in the woods after unsuccessfully trying to drill the U-lock out and I eventually got it back. Still a pain in the ass and a couple days of severe depression thinking I had lost my scooter (82 Honda Passport…or Assport as I like to call it…what is it with scooters and ass references?)

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