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  • It’s a Morgan roadster. They’ve been building these things for decades (like since the 30’s). The headrests, reflectors and whatnot suggest this is a pretty new one; I’d guess an 1990’s or early 2000’s Plus 8 Roadster.

    • It’s a promotional vehicle for Balvenie Scotch.

    • It’s both of those things. Its a Morgan Plus 8 roadster that the folks from the Balvenie have been driving around the US for the last year as part of their project to document American handcrafting artisans. They’ve produced several great segments interviewing people about traditional crafts like furniture making and blacksmithing. I think the Morgan is the perfect car for that…100% hand made and riding on a wood chassis.

  • Still a beautiful car no matter what era its from.

  • I’ve been in love with Morgans pretty much my entire life.

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