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  • The most NY like slice and pizzeria. Love this joint.

  • Agreed. It really is very good pizza. It pretty much ended my search for a good slice in DC

  • …Scalia went on to declare that the pizza was not actual pizza, as it failed to hew precisely to the recipes created by the Founding Pizzaioli.

  • If a corporation can be a person in the eyes of the law, why can’t a pizza be a person?

  • Oh, I soooo would have loved to have been there, and then laid a big kiss on my partner, right as he was taking his first bite.

    • I totally hear you. After he sanctimoniously read his dissent in Lawrence v. Texas from the bench & declared that decent people shouldn’t have to live near or work with or even acknowledge the existence of LGBT people, I would have loved to be there and remind him we are everywhere.

  • Awesome! Scalia is an American hero. I’m going to try this place.

  • Ohhh this comment thread cannot go anywhere good.

  • He refused to believe the perfect pizza slice at Wiseguy NY was created after many earlier iterations. He believe it was created by God.

  • Only good decision he’s made! The choc chip cookies are also heavenly.

  • brookland_rez

    As someone that grew up in the New Jersey suburbs eating mom and pop Italian run pizza joints, I agree that Wise Guys is the real deal. Haven’t been in a while. Need to go back.

  • Accountering

    Scalia is the worst. He has caused so much suffering needlessly. Scalia, if you are out there, go pound sand! I will eat a slice of pizza to celebrate the day you leave the court! Pretty reasonable chance that H. Clinton gets to replace you, and that would be amazing.

    • “Pretty reasonable chance that H. Clinton gets to replace you.”
      Good one. You do understand that presidents don’t pick SCOTUS justices who are in their late 60s, right? Unless you’re not talking about Hillary, and there’s another H. Clinton I don’t know about.

  • justinbc

    For decades I’ve disliked “NY style pizza” and found it to be one of the most overrated food items I had ever tried (and tried many times, just to be sure). Wiseguy is the first place of that variety I’ve not only enjoyed, but regularly craved. They really do an outstanding job here.

  • I’ve heard that they’re one of the few places in the area that do Sicilian pies. Are they any good there?

    • justinbc

      Everything is good there, even the desserts! 🙂

    • I’m not so sure they have actual Sicilian (I could be wrong). They do have Grandma though, which is totally legit (and delicious – it’s a must-order there).

    • Yes! The Grandma (almost a sicilian, but slightly different sauce) is amazing, and they occasionally have a regular pepperoni sicilian. When the first opened, they had a true sicilian and it was to die for. Everything here is incredible.

  • So glad to see that Justice Scalia approves and I hope we get to see him there more often! In fact, I hope he’ll be there every day for lunch, and will have at least three or four slices of NY style pizza with sausage, pepperoni and bacon, extra cheese and maybe a pound or two of butter on top.

  • accendo

    This appears to be some sort of pizza argle-bargle.

  • Mr Scalia as any NY/NJ descendent tested our pizza by getting slice of Margarita and Regular. I think he liked it and had one more slice of Margarita to go. I offer him to try our Buffalo Chicken Slice but instantly he said he didn’t want any chicken on his pizza. That tells me he is the pizza purest.
    Thanks for coming!
    Wiseguy NY Pizza

  • People like Scalia crack me up. He takes advantage of all the amenities of a liberal, inclusive city and wouldn’t be caught dead living in any of the crappy Red State bungholes whose values he so vigorously espouses. But God forbid my same-sex marriage be fully recognized under the law. Just keep eating, Nino, keep eating….

    • You crack me up. I’m not really sure what a liberal city has to do with eating pizza. I’m pretty sure red states and cities are allowed to have pizzerias also.

  • Too bad they didn’t “whack” him.

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