Sea of Gingko Leaves on Swann Street


Thanks to ncjohn for sending from the 1400 block of Swann Street, NW yesterday. We’ve previously checked out some sweet yellow leaves from the gingko but this is totally wild. ncjohn theorizes that “the cold air caused all the leaves to drop off all the ginkgo trees at once.”

And [email protected] tweets us the amazing photo (check it out after the jump because it’s huge):

“@PoPville: Along 20th St as well. Looks much better than it smells.”


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  • We have a male gingko in our neighbor’s backyard along our shared fence. Monday, like 99% of the leaves were on the tree just starting to turn yellow. Tuesday morning, tree still had most of its leaves but it was raining gingko leaves. Tuesday night around 6 pm, all of the leaves were off the tree.

    Now I get to spend all weekend raking the f@$%ers. Ugh.

  • My block looks like like this. All of the leaves came down in heavy overnight winds a couple of nights ago. The winds woke me up and I got a pretty amazing show watching all of the colored leaves coming down.

    • I spent hours sweeping leaves into my treeboxes on Sunday only to have them all blow back into my yard the next day!

  • justinbc

    Wow, that’s nuts. But yeah, this oppressive cold the last 2 days has caused the leaves on pretty much all my outdoor plants to shrivel up and look sad.

  • I picture that scene from Harry Potter….the tree shivers, then drops all its leaves 🙂

    • YES! I mentioned the same exact scene to a co-worker today. Luckily, she knew what I was talking about and didn’t give me a “crazy lady” look.

  • The ones at the Capitol are the same way. A sea of gingko leaves.

  • Ah! lovely. Good short read on this in the New Yorker this week ” the ginkgo, a gymnosperm, drops its leaves all at once” I don’t think Dan allows links but try google for new yorker and night of the gingko

    • YES! I was just about to post this. Ginkgo trees typically lose their leaves all at once.

      They are, hands down, my favorite tree. As the article points out, they’re like living fossils. I suppose I might feel differently about them if I lived on a street with lots of female ginkgo trees…

  • Accountering

    18th and Burke St SE was similar, but more concentrated, I think there are only three. Very surreal, wish I would have grabbed a picture!

  • That block is one of the worst, in terms of Ginkgo trees.

  • looks nice but those beautiful leaves only hide the gingko turds you’re about to step on

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