Salt & Sundry Opens Logan Circle Location

1401 S Street, NW

Salt & Sundry tweeted the news on Friday:

“BIG NEWS! Our Logan Circle shop opens Saturday! Our Union Market shop turns 2 on Sunday! Come celebrate all weekend!”

Congrats on the 2 year anniversary too! Anyone stop by the new Logan spot? If so how does it compare to the one at Union Market?

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  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I discovered it was open on my Sunday walkabout. It’s a beautiful store although it seems smaller than the Union Market location.

    • I Dont Get It

      Not sure why my old username popped up!

    • I stopped by this weekend, too, and it definitely seems smaller than the Union Market location, but very well stocked. I love this store and hope it’s a huge success.

    • Smaller than Union Market?! That’s already a pretty small store.

      • Yes. I imagine real estate at 14th and S is wildly expensive, so it’s probably smart for them to have a modestly sized space. But they use the space really well. I think they have almost the same merchandise that they have in the Union Market space, and if there’s less on offer, I didn’t notice.

        • The stuff they sell is beyond wildly expensive, and the Logan Circle area is bursting at the seems with people making more money than they’re smart enough to handle properly, so I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

        • ehh. it’s actually not a great location. Sure 14th and S is a prime spot, but this space faces S, not 14th and it’s a bit of a walk from the intersection. it has little street presence so one really needs to know that it is there….unless they choose not to ignore the sandwich board sign on the sidewalk.

  • Definitely smaller than Union Market, and a slightly different product mix as well. The Union Market location (as best as I can remember) focuses almost exclusively on food and food-service related items, which is understandable given the location. The S St. location has more eclectic variety of merchandise, including a few clothes for toddlers, jewelry, and even a selection of neckties. It’s a gorgeous jewel of a store (with very well turned out staff to match) but the merchandise does tend a bit towards the twee.

  • It is a smaller space, but it is very well
    stocked and very beautiful. I have been in twice and I keep noticing things I did not see the first time. Your eye falls on something beautiful everywhere you look because Amanda is a brilliant merchandiser. It has a great collection of artisanal bitters and a surprisingly number of good cookbooks tucked into spaces you do not expect. A great addition to the neighborhood in a week when we lost Vastu.

    • Because so many people are always running out of artisanal bitters. I think this is what the Brits call “twee”.

    • You gotta know a neighborhood’s jumped the shark when you can find a great selection of artisanal bitters there.

  • Murgh. That is all.

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