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  • Back in the 90s she used to drive around in that crazy car with posters taped to the side. I miss the Faith sightings.

  • austindc

    Hands down winner for having a campaign sign that recreates the Rohirrim charge at the Battle of Pelennor Fields in front of the besieged walls of Minas Tirith.

  • Where does she get the money to print all these ridiculous signs, etc? Do people actually contribute to the campaigns of these folks who have 0% chance of actual success?

    • The screams “vanity project funded by a large trust (or alimony payments)”

      • She’s been doing it for years. I find it kind of obnoxious.

        • Agreed. If she actually had a platform or stood for something other than gratuitous bugling her campaigns might be slightly less annoying. At this point she’s a parody of herself.

  • One can vote for whomever one wishes to vote for.

  • Faith is as nutty as a fruitcake but every campaign seems a waste without a couple of crazies. This is my first time seeing this particular poster and I wonder where she got the idea for the Arabic theme…

  • I’ve lived in DC for ages. Never heard of her until this election cycle.

  • I find it impossible to criticize someone who makes odd ball attempts to run the most puppet like serfdom in the world. Go Faith!

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