Readers Report Multiple Shots Fired by Shaw Metro


@AJ_DC tweets us:

“Sounded like fireworks but I guess at least a dozen shots fired near Shaw metro?”

Another reader emails:

“10-12 shots fired at south exit of Shaw Howard metro. Many Police on scene”

Updates as more info is known.

Another reader tweets:

“I heard about 6 shots. R street in front of the library is closed off and teeming w police.”


“On November 3rd, 2014, at approximately 9:34 P.M., members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District responded to an emergency 911 call for a male victim shot at 8th and R Streets, N.W. Upon arriving on the scene, police units found an adult male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses reported hearing approximately 8-10 gunshots at 9:33 P.M., but were unable to provide any suspect information. Based upon the preliminary investigation, it appears that the victim was shot in the 1700 block of 8th Street, N.W. The victim was transported to a local area hospital for treatment of his wounds.

The Metropolitan Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance with the investigation into this crime. Anyone with information regarding this offense is urged to call the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099.”

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  • Always a ton of loitering here, but I walk by 8th and R at least once a day and have never had or seen a problem. Also there is usually a MPD car posted up on that intersection…

  • Loitering should be illegal — contrary to the namby-pamby DC civil rights extremists and current DC law — allowing such contributory behavior — in a place, such as the Shaw Metro, South Exit, where there have been at least five rounds of gun-fire, and at least one murder in this EXACT SAME location over the last four years (since I have been counting).

    • DC tried making loitering illegal – but it was found unconstitutional.

      • Stupid namby-pamby Constitution. Every time you try to make a law to keep a segment of the population in check, that damn Constitution gets in the way.

    • what’s extreme about not making it illegal for black people to exist in public? I feel like the other way around is what’s extreme.

    • What we don’t need is to throw more young minorities in jail. It is not illegal to exist on a public sidewalk, and it should not ever be. People are allowed to exist in public.

      The solution to crime is not a police state and the elimination of civil rights.

      • There always has been and always been a trade off between civil liberties and public safety, as you may well know. This location — the Shaw Metro Station, South Exit — is a clear and public danger to the community and its bystanders and to deny this clear fact is a case of playing ostrich on your part. Again, over four years (since I have been counting), there have been five incidents of gun-fire at this location including one death — and I did not mention the other injuries which have been sustained as well. Chief Lanier, the Mayor, and Evans, Graham/Nadeau, Wells/(replacement) need to step up and institute community protective measures — yes, ban on loitering in this area — and treat this like the real community safety and health threat that it is.

        • You can’t ban loitering. The right to free assembly is a Constitutional right. You can dislike these people’s presence all you want, but as American citizens, they have the right to be there if they feel like it.

  • What time was this?

    Wonder if the patrol car usually posted there was present.

    • It was just before 9:30pm. Not sure if there was a patrol car there, but I didn’t hear sirens for 4 minutes or so.

  • I would also support making loitering illegal. Thats not to say that people can’t hang out as law abiding citizens, but we need to give the police the tools to arrest people. Its the same corners, the same alleys and the same parking lots that lead to crime.

    • You do understand that “I would also support making loitering illegal” is quite at odds with “That’s not to say that people can’t hang out as law abiding citizens,” right? How do you differentiate “loitering” from “hanging out” without leaving it up to personal discretion of the police officer?

      • There’s nothing wrong with you waiting outside of metro station for a friend to get there, but a group of (not saying this is the number it should be) 10+ teenagers is not ok. If you have a specific purpose like handing out flyers or information of something then you have a reason to be there, but groups of people can’t just post up on corner doing seemingly nothing. And police officers do and should have discretion for these kinds of situations, they’re people with reasoning skills, not robots. Make loitering illegal and up to police discretion to enforce it and I guarantee these kinds of situations will start to become less common.

        • Where are groups of teenagers supposed to hang out? In the plethora of parks? At the bowling alleys? At the malls? In their parents spacious basements?

        • I could not agree more.

          • You could not agree more that more that free assembly of more than ten people should be banned, or the parties compelled to participate in activities vetted by the government (socializing apparently not one of the accepted purposes) within, not only the United States, but the capital of the United States? Any intellectual reason why you hold this position?

        • Why do I have to have a “purpose” to exist in a public space?

          If you want “guilty until proven innocent,” move to any number of countries that can help you live that way. Throw you in prison and tell you to prove you are NOT a criminal.

          Stop taking a giant dump on the Bill of Rights. I am not a name-caller. You are not un-American. You’re probably a reasonable person. But your COMMENT HERE is striaght-up UN-AMERICAN.

      • Loitering- Black people
        Hanging Out- White people
        So sorry that DC isn’t turning into the exclusive playground you want it to be.

        • It’s got nothing to do with wanting an ‘exclusive playground’ and everything to do with wanting a safe neighborhood. And yes, the groups of people who hang out in this area are young and black, and they are the ones who generally cause the problems IN THIS AREA. If they were white I believe everyone would be EQUALLY unhappy with it (who cares what color the skin is when they are firing gunshots??). It’s called knowing the demographics of those who are causing the issues in the area, not ‘racism.’

          • Are you kidding? Punishing black people as a group because you’re afraid of them and hold them responsible for the actions of individuals is pretty much the definition of ‘racism’.

          • I don’t believe you that it is not racism. You can couch it in any terms you want. You may even feel you are not racist but this broad brushstroke you paint with reveals a fundamental superiority in your attitude.

          • Again, I never said “punish black people.” All I’m saying is they shouldn’t let groups of people loiter in that area – white – black – doesn’t matter. It turns out that most of the people who hang out in groups there are black teenagers. That’s a fact, not racism. I don’t care if you ‘don’t believe me’ that it’s not racism. Stop crying fowl and getting offended and butt-hurt by everything and maybe start caring more about the safety of the ALL of the people in the neighborhood, black white or whatever!

          • LOL @ this guy claiming “…but but but I’m not racist!” yet wants to differentiate policing exclusively along racial lines. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sadly tone deaf.

          • LOL at this guy not reading a word I said. Way to put words in my mouth, I NEVER said differentiate policing, in fact I said it should be the same for every race – the complete opposite.

            LOL at all the people who come on here to race bait and get ‘offended’ when the real issue is the fact that I shouldn’t have to hear 12 gunshots from my living room on a Monday night, or hear about a poor guy getting shot up.. but hey, who cares about that, let’s all play the race bating game.

        • As someone who lives up the road along U, I can say that your assumption is race baiting at its worst, Lisa. Up here, people of all colors loiter / hang out in public and on private property. Often they are loud, obnoxious, drunk, littering, puking, peeing and defecating, robbing stores and sometimes being violent. When it was a primarily black experience, it was black people doing the offending behavior. Now that there are white people up here, too, it is white people also doing the bad behavior. It just depends on who is being drawn to a particular area and the things that draw them there. So, your assumption that caring residents are defining “Black people” as behaving in a more illegal manner is rather offensive, defensive and without merit. You should apologize to people who live in the area and care about their homes and the safety of their families. You seem to assume that the many black people who live in the area don’t mind if groups of badly behaved people are “Loitering / Hanging Out” on their corner or if bullets are flying outside their windows. It’s really a stupid comment on your behalf. It is not prejudiced or racist to point out that people of a certain description are shooting at each other if that is in fact what has happened. Is it discriminatory or unfair to post more police in the area with spotlights all night after a shooting has taken place? That is what happens when up here and elsewhere, and people who do care, show that they care by asking for police assistance. Clearly the situation is out of control if 8-10 gunshots are ringing out at 9:30 on a Monday. You should apologize for your inappropriate racial statement instead of doubling with more terrible claims of imagined victimization.

          • The subject was very specifically making loitering illegal, which is bad enough in itself, but then to distinguish it from hanging out pushed it over the edge for me into racism.

      • Obviously if it’s black youths with oversized clothing and brightly colored shoes yelling across the street at each other, it’s loitering that can’t be tolerated. But if it’s a small group of educated white folks wearing sensible Uniqlo basics or JCrew cable-knit sweaters, they’re just law-abiding citizens hanging out. Things start getting dicey when the group of educated whites is a bunch of loud drunk folks decked out in Nats jerseys.

  • I was trick-or-treating with my kids here 8th & S last Friday. Dozens more kids under 6 were on 9th & R, 9th & S, 9th & Westminster 1-3 blocks over. Its a sin we allow such crime to exist in our city.

  • Police should have seen this one coming. For the past month in the exact spot, the same groups of people (black/white/purple, who cares what color) have been out smoking/selling drugs/drinking alcohol/littering/urinating/gambling in this area even more than normal (which is saying something).

    Call it correlation or causation, but it’s not hard to predict what’s gonna happen when illegal activity like this happens so regularly around the Shaw Howard Metro. It’s been happening for years. When will police do something about this? The old joke about the “new” Shaw library needing bullet proof glass when it was built certainly seems as unfunny and sadly true as ever.

    • +100. I noticed the very same thing as I walked through this intersection last night about two hours before the shooting: even more loitering, pot smoking and drinking than usual, and groups of young men standing in between cars parked on 8th Street, where the cops driving down R Street couldn’t see them, which is always a bad sign. I’d bet the shirt on my back that the vast majority of the residents at Lincloln Westmoreland are even more in favor of the cops breaking up the loitering than passerbys like me or the opinionators that post here.

      • Did any of you call 911 to report drug/suspicious activity?

        • Twice I knocked on the window of a police car parked at that intersection to say there were teenagers drinking further up on 8th. One cop asked me if I saw a gun. I said no, so he said there wasn’t anything he could do. No idea if the cops did anything the second time.

    • We are all adults here, or at least should be, so I don’t see the need to obfuscate that the vast majority of the people who loiter here self identify as black or African American. I haven’t seen any purple people, but if you go a few blocks north, you’ll find that the majority of the loitering and disruption, particularly late at night during weekends, is attributable to people who self identify as white. I would love to see the MPD address both of these problems, but if limited resources are a factor, and I’m sure they are, then the full-time loitering that tends to lead to violent crime further south in 8th should probably be the priority.

  • Has there been an update on the condition of the person shot? Also, have there been any actual leads as to what provoked this incident– something more concrete than simply “loitering.”

    More concerned about the condition of the individual than anything. Thank you in advance for any updates.

    • I agree, no update on the guy’s condition. There was a big ruckus over there on Halloween, but I dont think it was anything serious, just a bunch of kids fooling around.

  • That group of guys has been on that street for weeks. There are empty bottles of liquor, puke and piss all over the place with some trash sprinkled in for effect just about every morning; really brightens up the block. Same goes for the circus that is 7th and T.

    • The number of people acting with complete disregard for those around them at 7th and T / Florida is almost incomprehensible, and if you’ve never experienced it first hand, you really should. Don’t be fooled by the people you tell you it’s one of the last “historically cultural” areas left in NW — those people are just giving themselves a pass. It’s really just a place where people feel entitled to be their worst selves, whether it’s the shoplifters stalking though the CVS, the high school kids calling each other “f%cking hoes” in front of the kindergartners on their way to school, or the chinese food place that never cleans up the mess its grateful patrons litter about its storefront.

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