Reader Request Monday Afternoon Rental Option “Eccentric English Basement Edition”


$1005 Spacious English Basement Room Available ASAP!:

“Spacious BEAUTIFUL wonderful AMAZING English basement room with full bathroom and private entry available for rent in Bloomingdale/Shaw ASAP. The lease terms are month to month but we are looking for someone who will move in now until April or longer. The renter (you?!) would share the large, newly renovated row house with three fun-loving 25/26 year-old professional females who are sort of mostly adults. We’re looking for a lady. Rent is $1,005.00 and utilities are not included (standard: water, cable, electric, alarm). Can come furnished or not.

You can see more photos here.

The Room: The large, quirky bedroom is located in the English basement of an amazing row house and has two private entryways in the front and back of the basement. I’m planning on selling all the furniture you see in this photo but can negotiate selling it all or some to you at a really reasonable price. Will leave the rug unless you request I remove–it’s very soft and wonderful, especially during these cold winter months. And. . . what am I going to do with a rug anyways? Wear it as a coat?? MAYBE! I don’t even think I have the upper body strength to roll it up. Large closet with tons of storage. Located on the same floor as the washer/dryer so you have no excuse not to do your laundry. This can either be good or make you realize just how lazy you really are. Ceilings are a bit low in some places so if you’re on the taller-side, Sasquatch, you might want to come check it out for yourself–it’s perfect for me (5’5 . . . ok 5’4).

The House: The room is in a beautiful, 3-story row house on the border of Shaw/Bloomingdale. We have the entire unit, with 3 bedrooms upstairs, one in the basement (yours), and a large living room and kitchen on the ground floor. 3 full bathrooms total. Foosball table in the living room and a full wet bar in the basement. Washer/dryer in basement. Cable TV (including HBO). The INTERNET! Oh yeah and a PILLOW LOFT LOUNGE!

The Location: Doesn’t get better. Four blocks from the Shaw/Howard Metro station, three blocks from bars/restaurants in Shaw, three blocks from Big Bear Café and the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market, and a short walk from U Street bars and restaurants. Across the street from Beau Thai. Drunk drunken noodles are just a stumble away. Very bike/bikeshare/bus/unicycle friendly–25 steps from bike share.

The Roommates: Three mid-20s ladies, originally from the DC area. We’ve been living in this house for almost 2 years and absolutely love it. We are clean but not obsessive. We go out on weekends, but mostly stay in on school nights so we can make it to our respective 9-5 cubicle jobs. We work in marketing, real estate, and PR/politics. We like to pretend to cook but mostly suck at it. On weekends, we go to concerts, eat at restaurants we can’t afford, drink too much wine, and jaunt around DC on our bikes. We watch the Bachelorette (not in the ironic way) and group text about it. We love Beyonce and indie music and enjoy hosting the occasional party or Friendsgiving. Two of us are single so we’ll go out with you in search of love or watch Love Actually through our tears and binge eat ice cream. It’s whatevs.

You: Lady. We had a male sub letter whom we AB-SO-LUTE-LY ADORED* but the Monday night football got in the way of more important shows (*cough* Bravo. JK I’m the only one who watched Bravo and I’m leaving). Mid-20s or non-creepy 30something. Funny. Chill. Has shit at least mostly together. Respectful of others’ space and things. Will not steal roommate’s string cheese from fridge in midnight snack binge. But also won’t mind when we do the same to you. Good at foosball. Doesn’t smoke crack. Either wants to be friends or just wants to be friendly. Hasn’t just “tried a little” crack.


Interested? Email us. Tell us about yourself and why you want to live in our super sweet house and let me know if you have any questions.

• Two car Garage (Woohoo! Super rare!) and readily available street parking
• Close proximity to many restaurants and bars
• 7 minute walk to Shaw metro (green/yellow lines)
• Alarm security system
• Security bars on windows and doors
• Washer/dryer
• HVAC system
• Built in friends who will always want to hang out with you and do fun things. Or not we’re not clingy or anything. Ignore me I don’t even go here anymore.”

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  • “non-creepy 30-something”? wtf?

    • Cause, like, people over 30 are so old and creepy – right? (rolling eyes)

      • To be fair, would you actually want to live in this set-up were it not for the prospect of possibly hooking up with one of these sorority chicks?

  • It’s not an English basement. It doesn’t have its own kitchen, and it has inside access to the rest of the house.

    • “English basement” means a basement that’s partially above ground. It has nothing to do with whether the basement is an apartment unto itself or integrated into the rest of the rowhouse.

  • The Craigslist title should read: “ATTN ALL BASICS – LIVE HERE!”

  • Are you renting a place or joining a sorority? Geez.

  • Has this been posted before? I remember the line about the string cheese eating.

  • I Dont Get It

    Is Craigslist down today? I’ve been unable to get in.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I feel like I’ve read this before, the string cheese part is familiar.. or is it some sort of new slang I’m not hip to?

  • Foosball? Bachelorette (+ group texts)?? Pillow loft lounge?!? Gee whiz, shucks and darn it, I wish I wasn’t a creepy 30-something so I too could live in a Bed Bath and Beyond “Back to School” flyer…

  • I don’t think they have to worry about any creeps applying. Creeps are usually too smart to walk into a situation like this.

  • Haters gonna hate hate hate hate…shake it off! Don’t you guys remember what it was like to be a mid-20 something in DC. Chill out. Celebrate the freedom and fun. They sound like good girls who work hard.

  • Geez, harsh crowd. They sound fun and sweet, and I think it’s a great thing when the ads show enough personality to narrow down to people who will be a better fit. I do think $1k seems a little steep for a bedroom in a group house, but, I’ve been out of the group house rental market for awhile so what do I know.

    Plus I’m a borderline creepy 30-something 🙂

  • If ONE MORE PERSON assumes that just because I’m a lady I want to watch whatever crap they’re showing on Bravo over MNF, I might just lose it… Or I already have. They should be happy that their “AB-SO-LUTELY ADORED” male companion only liked MNF and wasn’t, for example, a hard-core baseball fan.

  • Let’s say I am a Lady who would like to apply for this eccentric room – what’s the movie reference I can score extra points by knowing?
    Help a Lady out!

  • Pouring out my PSL for of all the haters who unfairly label women as basic bitches. So these women, not “girls”, decided to have a little fun and add some personality to their post. Sue them for poking fun at themselves.

  • I remember the days.! Rock on ladies! Take every bite out of life ( legal and physically safe)

  • I wonder if anyone who used the word “sorority” in a negative context to describe these woman realizes that their profound sexism is showing…

    They sound fun and this is a good deal. Would definitely apply if I was looking for a place and not 5’10.

    • It’s perfectly possible to dislike the sorority-girl mentality without being misogynist.

    • Profound sexism? Hmm, can you explain?

    • Accountering

      This isn’t sexism, it is just describing a specific type of woman who joins a sorority, or a stereotype of that woman at least. Just like calling someone a bro, or a frat guy or whatever is just a stereotype. It can be offensive, sure, but it isn’t sexist.

    • This whole thing reeks of trying to shoehorn young, career-oriented women who like to come home to a comfortable space and watch Bravo into a vapid stereotype. Maybe they’re awesome, maybe they’re absolute monsters. I don’t know. But using “sorority girl” as a synonym for “dumb” is straight up dangerous and disgusting, and is totally offensive to all of the women who joined a sorority and went on to have successful careers.

      • You’re the first person to bring up intelligence and careers. Why? This is a post about housing and nothing else. Relax with your projections.

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