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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving leftovers.
    Rave: Working from home on a snowy post-holiday.
    Rant: Not a thing!

  • Rant: Having to work the day after Thanksgiving.

    Rave: Only here til 11:30, then it’s off for drinks and lunch!

  • Rave: Had a great time at the unofficial PoPville Thanksgiving.
    Rave: Ended up staying away from Walmart at 6pm – I realized I don’t hate myself that much
    Rave: Bought a 40″ flatscreen from Newegg on ebay for $199
    Rant: Just realized I have it set to ship to the Woodley House and ebay isn’t letting me make changes. I hope Newegg on ebay is responsive!
    Rant: Dad called me up and said that he’ll be in DC tomorrow afternoon instead of this afternoon like he had planned.
    Rant: Looks like another boring day.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work is BUSY! It’s one thing to come to work on Friday and expect to get a lot done b/c no one is here, it’s another thing to expect other people to do all your rush projects the day after a holiday. wtf ppl
    Rave: pumpkin pie for breakfast.

  • skj84

    Rave: Peaceful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful I have a good relationship with my family. While we do have our ups and downs, we all get along very well. Talking to friends who have horrible relationships with family members makes me realize how lucky I am.

    Rave: We were able to Facetime my sister into Thanksgiving Dinner! She was even “sitting” at her usual seat via my mother iPad. I love it when Technology can be used to bring people together.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your first rave is a rave of mine. I’m so thankful that not only do I have family I can always count on for support, I consider them friends. I really like hanging out with them.
      Your second rave is awesome! My nephew gave us an impromptu saxophone concert and I was able to call my parents and grandpa so they could listen too. Not quite as cool as having them at the dinner table, but thankful for technology to bring us together.

  • Rant: I’m at work
    Rave: It’s dead quiet

  • Rant: Having to “work”* the day after Thanksgiving

    Rave: Leaving the office at 11:30 and getting beer and pizza.

    *I’m at work but pretty much doing eff all.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave?: Housesitter/dogsitter/Wiccan came over Thanksgiving Eve and somehow we ended up watching “Gone with the Wind.” Alcohol may have been involved. He’s 30 years old and had never seen it and is of Jamaican and Venezuelan heritage. His horrified, profane and hilarious commentary beats anything from “The People’s Couch.” Unfortunately most of it can’t be repeated here except perhaps, him pronouncing India Wilkes “Basic.”
    Rant: Working today. Only one other person here in the goldfish bowl though so at least it is quiet.
    Rave: I started my Christmas tree last night and it’s gonna be awesome this year. I named him Robby due to the robot theme.

    • I Dont Get It

      Bonus Rant: Pre-lit trees that no longer lit. 🙁

      • ugh, I have the same bonus rant. My tree’s lights have been broken for three years. I am too lazy to re-string lights (hey -that is why I bought a pre-lit tree, right?), so I just don’t put it up. I think this may be the year I need to freecycle it to someone who will use it. The tree itself is in good shape.

        • I Dont Get It

          Yes it’s very frustrating to be spending hours stringing lights on a pre-lit tree. However, the lights were white and now I’m using multi-color LED so it’s going to be worth it!

          • Did you remove the pre-lit lights, or just add the new ones on top?
            I got an artificial Christmas tree from Freecycle that I think was supposed to be pre-lit, but I needed to take the lights off in order to separate the parts for storage (plus I thought the way the lights were strung looked a little off). Whoa, was that ever an ordeal — it took hours! At least on this tree, the “pre-lit” lights came in these weird connected circles, rather than individual long strings.
            That reminds me, I should probably get the tree out of the attic and put it up today…

          • I Dont Get It

            I left them on. The tree is very dense and you really don’t see the old lights. I put on 400 LED (it’s a slim 9 foot tree) but plan to buy another hundred when they go on sale.

          • Pablo Raw

            The way I deal with this things is by not having a tree. But when I lived in Co.Heights the neighbor across the street had a nice Christmas set up in his front yard and it was nice to see it from my window.

    • I Dont Get It

      The only other person in the goldfish bowl today has left. All emails answered, status reports up to date and boring PoPville today. I may have to go Anonymous and troll myself here just to keep awake.

  • I thought about it because I live 2 blocks away and had nothing else to do last night. But I can’t even imagine going in there.

  • Rave: Not a busy day at work
    Rave: Will be going to a clean home despite hosting 10 folks for dinner last night. (ended up cleaning up late).
    Rave: People braving the cold weather, demonstrating on H street going west for what they believe in.
    Rant: After seeing the peaceful demonstration walking past us on H Street, a lady commented to everyone in the elevator how she would rather be shopping than the people on H street.

  • Rave: Warrior Canine Connection has a new litter of puppies – which means I can watch the puppy cam! Check out their website for a link to the cam. So stinkin’ cute. They’re being called the Gratitude Litter since they were born on Thanksgiving.

    • Yes – another WCC supporter! I love watching the puppies – I got hooked on “Holly’s Half Dozen” litter two summers ago when I was recovering from knee surgery. The service dog-in-training from the last litter “Murphy” was named for my best friend’s husband who, sadly, died last November.

  • One of the dinner guests yesterday is from Colombia – her first Thanksgiving in the US. Her mother was really interested in how everything was made and so hung out in the kitchen for much of the preparation via Skype. Then my nephew was Skyped in for the post-dinner conversation – love this technology that brings family together!

    • Meant to be reply to Emilie above…..

    • Emmaleigh504

      clearly I am not using technology to the best of my ability. I did share pictures the wonders of sweet potato casserole with toasted marshmallows with a twitter pal in England. She was not convinced of its deliciousness.

  • Revel: The second sewer back-up and flood in one week in my basement rental apt. happened the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, not the day of.

    Rant: See above.

    Revel: After the first flood, I tore up the laminate flooring and managed – after 3 stores and a lot of searching – to find a good match of ceramic tile to the existing tiled part.

    Rant: 16 inch tiles at Home Depot – 19 boxes – all the same brand/sku – varied in size by up to 1/4 inch – made for extremely tricky installation.

    Revel: My amazing contractor who made it all work – working 10 hour days to get the new floor down.

    Endless more of the above – plus 12 family staying at my house for Thanksgiving during all of the above. They left this morning – I’m feeling a bit shell-shocked right now and think this calls for day-drinking.

  • Rave: Planning a December weekend in NY. Got my tickets to one play (may do 1/2 price tickets to others). Found out Washington Photo Safari is doing a photo tour the day I get there, so booked that, and got my train tickets and hotel. Very excited. Now need to decide what else to do. 🙂

  • Rave: Ended up going to THREE Thanksgiving dinners yesterday — a nice contrast to last year, when I was completely on my own.
    Rant: Too much of a good thing. I probably should have eaten way less at dinner #2, but the food was tasty and I succumbed to temptation. This meant that I had almost no room for dessert.
    Rave: Although I arrived at dinner #3 absolutely stuffed, after a while I was able to have some pumpkin pie.
    Rant: Working today.
    Rave: Working from home.

    • Additional rave: I see there’s an update to Wednesday’s post about the stolen Yorkie — she was found (or maybe returned?) on Wednesday night. Glad to know that her people got her back in time for Thanksgiving; it would’ve been a pretty bittersweet family gathering otherwise.

    • Pablo Raw

      It’s a thing that happens this time of the year, after eating all that food at the unofficial PoPville thanksgiving, by the time I got home I was hungry again.

  • Rave: Office is closed today
    Rant: So much work to do that I’m working from home anyway
    Rave: tucked onto the couch in a blanket watching old Frasier episodes on Netflix, and howling with laughter
    Rave: my pumpkin bourbon tart was on point yesterday, and I have enough left over to eat through the weekend!

  • RAVE: yeah yeah, genocide day and all that, but my small family’s Thanksgiving was great. Then, I had a dream in which a friend took me to the basement of a building on UMD’s College Park campus, where I witnessed the activation of the world’s first fully-functional self-sustaining plasma fusion tokamak reactor, but spherical in design, rather than a torus. Down the hall was a laboratory for avant-garde jazz. It was an amazing dream, and weirdly, not the first one I’ve ever had about fusion energy devices.

    RANT: my sister-in-law, after years of cancer-related illness and physical pain, depression, and some mild disabilities, is lonely and feels like she has nothing to look forward to in her life. She can’t get around on her own, feels like her time on Earth is short (it ain’t necessarily so), and that joy has been sucked out of living (she used to be a top notch athlete, and sharp as a tack). I wish there was something I could do to help her experience joy and hope again, but I feel like it’s not in my hands. I’d even like to suggest that she look into Johns Hopkins’ psilocybin studies, but such a suggestion would fall on deaf ears, and my stridently law & order cop brother would be militantly opposed to her “using drugs” to alter her outlook a bit.

  • Work is even quieter than I expected. Only one other person of our staff or ten is here, and there are so few others in the building that the hall lights, which are on motion sensors, keep turning off. And I like it that way.
    Real Rave: Boss who is ending my project and therefore ending my position is retiring. I am sure he will be happy, but still it makes me happy to see him going.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave: Target gift cards are 10% off until Noon central standard time. I shop there all the time so why not?

  • Rave: Skeet shooting yesterday
    Rant: Missed all moving targets – good thing we didn’t have clay pigeon on the diner menu
    Rave: Brown bread in a can
    Unrelated rave: Rescued a juvenile hawk that knocked itself out flying into the kitchen door. He looked quite dead; when I went out to move the body he was sitting up but in shock (not dead yet!). Moved him to a warm place and this morning he flew off…
    Rave: Salted caramel 6-layer chocolate cake – easy but time consuming to make, turned out great. Also DC’s own “evocative” garam masala pumpkin tart (pie) was also excellent
    Rave: Starting prep for second Thanksgiving dinner

    • Emmaleigh504

      What is brown bread in a can? I saw it in a catalog the other day and for some reason it reminded me of the canned haggis my cousin gave me for xmas one year.

      • B&M brown bread with raisins used to be easy to find at Safeway – along with B&M baked beans, at least when I was a kid. The company name was a source of much juvenile hilarity, and even with lots of butter, the bread was an acquired taste. The idea of bread in a can was kinda cool though. I remember it being very dense with molasses and raisins in it. Probably good with apricot cream cheese.

        • Emmaleigh504


        • My mom used to make sandwiches for us all the time out of brown bread. She put on cream cheese and jelly. It was totally yummy. Wonder if I would still think so.

        • Love brown bread in a can. It’s like a super dense wheaty, raisin bread pudding. You slice it and smear cream cheese on top or warm it and put butter on it. Yum.

      • Yes, B & M brown bread in a can w/raisins. It’s a dense, moist bread – good toasted with butter but cream cheese would be even better.

        • And I’d add that we ate B&M baked beans (from a brown jar) growing up so they’re my idea of what baked beans should taste like.

          • Mine too – but we would add stuff to them – bacon broiled with brown sugar and, I think, a tiny bit of mustard. This takes me back! I haven’t actually eaten this stuff in decades.

          • We’d add brown sugar and relish – yum 🙂

    • saf

      Care to share a recipe for that cake?

      • Hi SAF – it’s martha stewart’s salted caramel chocolate cake recipe. I’d definitely make it again but would probably adjust to make it a four layer. If you decide you want to try the recipe let me know and I’ll share my lessons learned 🙂

        • saf

          It sounds great – we will be making it at some point, so I will take any lessons learned advice you have to share!

          • I made the caramel on Tuesday, put in refrigerator. Recipe says to put caramel ingredients on high head and don’t stir but I checked other recipes for caramel that said medium heat/stir. So I followed alt. directions.
            Made cakes on Wednesday, refrigerated overnight. Overnight refrigeration made them easier to work with
            Assembled cakes on Thurs – make sure you take caramel out well in advance as it takes awhile to get to room/spreadable temp.
            Made frosting on Thurs – wait till cake is assembled and in refrigerator for 30 mins before making frosting (cake in ref. for 1 hr before frosting). Frosting has to sit 30 mins but then hardens quickly.
            Could also make caramel on Thurs (or day of), just easier for me to make one section/day.
            It really is easy but each step takes time. End result is excellent!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: leftover thanksgiving feast for lunch! thanks Schwesti!

  • One more rant: seeing my employers incompetence on the front page of the metro section of the post. We got an email over a week ago that our names and SSNs were compromised. Lovely, right?

    • That has happened to me three times since I’ve been with the government. First, someone put a binder with our SSNs in it in the trash rather than a burn bag, so they don;t think it was compromised, but it could have been. Second, our info was stolen from our government issued credit cards. Third, there was an actual security breach at another agency that handles our payroll. No fun at all. The third time the other agency did give us 1 year of credit monitoring (which they then extended to two), but that was AFTER they knew about it for months and didn’t notify us. Then they told us there was a breach, but it took them another 2 months to tell me that my actual info had been taken. Granted, it was another agency that lost our info, not my agency, but still so infuriating.

  • Rave: Grateful to friends for inviting this Thanksgiving orphan to dinner.
    Rave: Smoked turkey, stuffing and ham ordered from Three Little Pigs is as good as my mother’s.
    Rave: Talking to my 87 year old last remaining aunt about all the news in Queens.

  • Rave {I hope} – I saw today that Okapi, the restaurant that took over the Moroni spot, is now open!! I am happy to see it’s Salvadoran and Tex Mex vice some sort of African cuisine as I prefer it over the African cuisines I’ve tried. People always complain about the number of Salvadoran joints in DC, but I don’t mind it at all – esp if legit texmex is thrown in the mix!! I hope this place is good, I have so missed having a place just a quick walk away for our date nights! (Sandovan is good food – just not a fav cuisine of ours). Fingers crossed! Lets support them N Petworth!!

  • Rave..Spent Thanksgiving with my wife at the hospital for the birth of our first child. No turkey but our little guy made this a day to be truly thankful for. Also proud for him to be born in DC like his dad.

  • I think that we need more education and discussion about how pedestrians, bike riders, and drivers can share the road. I think we should change the law so that bike riders can proceed through a stop sign and even a red light after slowing to make sure that there is no other traffic with the right of way. I do think that it’s wrong, however, when a car stops at the stop sign and a bike rider takes that as a cue to blast through.
    I was not really ready for what I saw at 11th and T NW. a few days ago. The same scenario, but the bike rider had not one but two kids strapped into a seat behind him, and rode right through the sign in front of a car that had stopped there well before he had. If it’s illegal to have your kids in a car without being in safety seats, how do we classify this behavior? If your spouse was doing this with your kids would it be okay with you? What’s a good solution besides buying him a minivan?

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I’m addicted to Sonic Highways
    Rave: Starting to play guitar again after a while
    Rave: 4th of July at RFK Stadium (anybody else going?)
    Rave: lots of dancing last night
    Rant: Police closing Dupont Circle and patrolling it with dogs and AR-15 last night and screaming at pedestrians who didn’t know and where trying to get in the circle.

    • Pablo, I’m seriously addicted to guitars at the moment, so I applaud your second Rave.
      Rant-ish Rave: Because of said addiction, I really need to practice before my next set of lessons.
      Rave: Amazon had/has a coupon deal so I was able to purchase a pricey book, so someone on my list will be getting an unexpectedly great gift.
      Rave: Getting mothered by other people’s Mom’s.
      Rave: Realizing that I can create and sustain my “neighborhood” even though we don’t all live on the same street anymore.
      Rave: Puns. And corny jokes. Both play major parts in my holiday traditions.

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