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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I discovered the app “goodreads” last night, what a great resource to keep track of books and find new ones! They also have a bunch of free ones that you can read directly from the app. Great tool for an avid reader.
    Rant: Woke up at 4am and didn’t go back to sleep for 2 hours. Thankfully I had said app to entertain me!
    Rave: working from home
    Rant: working (although I cannot seem to focus for the life of me)

  • Rave: Milk Stout caramels and Apple Cider caramels turned out wonderfully!

    Rant: Left over yummy milk stout ended up on my old MacBook…spending my evening and morning trying to resurrect it (or at least get it to back up my recent work)

    Rave: Have two good job applications on the horizon – both at excellent, highly respected organizations.

    Not sure if Rant or Rave: One job opportunity is at my husband’s organization. Wouldn’t work directly for him but would be a liaison with his center…Trying to figure out how to handle the application and (hopefully interview) process in a way that would be fair.

    Rave: Happy soon to be Thanksgiving everyone! I’m thankful to be back in DC surrounded by PoPville at every turn 😀

  • Rave: as much as I complain about my employer, it’s nice to have the rest of the week off
    Rant: the pressure to give the kiddos a ton of homework over break. I just gave them slightly more than usual.
    Rant: today’s my mom’s birthday. She’s been dead for 14 years but I still feel this weird sense that I should be bawling my eyes out, when my feelings have become more over time.
    Rave: not traveling anywhere 🙂
    Rant: roommate asks me “oh, you can’t afford a ticket home?”. No, I just have other priorities for my money
    Rant/rave: I just found out that my employer has been withholding MD taxes from my paycheck. I filled out the form to stop that so now I get an extra $230/month. Yay found money!

    • Enjoy the found money! But not too much if that means they are not withholding DC taxes…

      • They were withholding both. Jerks.

        • Accountering

          How do they even screw this up? This is important – when you file taxes, you will likely need to file a MD return as well, to get all your money back. Otherwise they will just keep it.

          • Yeah, I’ll be filing an MD return. I’m not sure how they managed to screw this up. I don’t recall ever filling out the MD state equivalent of a w-9. But they say I need to renew my exemption every year. Wtf.

          • Accountering

            This is strange. I live in DC and work in MD, and have not had anything of the sort. Sounds like PG has no idea what they are doing over there. Oh well, best to fill out the form! Good luck!

          • Haha yes ‘pg has no idea what they’re doing’is a common refrain in my life.

    • I am sorry to hear about your mother. This will be my first holiday without mine. Tomorrow could be OK or it could be a total disaster.

    • My wife’s birthday was yesterday. TO celebrate, I got an e-mail from the title company doing my refi asking for a death certificate. She hated the holidays, but we spent many happy hours in hot, humid Thanksgiving kitchens cooking for random gangs of friends and relatives over the years.

  • I totally have dachshund cards like those and they’re a huge hit in our household. Which is a perfect segue for my rave: we sent our deposit in for our dog! The little one is coming home in January!
    Another rave: Harvard Business Review has a great new story about “high-achieving women” and families that has already prompted a lot of interesting discussions in our household. The study asks HBS grads, women and men, questions about work, family, and work-life balance. I think the findings could actually spark quite a few new conversations on the gender gap and its underlying causes. (Spoiler: both the workplace and the home are contributors.)
    Rant: I’m not sure the article will do much more than prompt conversations.

    • re: articles like that…I haven’t read that specific one, but it seems like whenever anything like what you describe comes out, people talk about it for a few days (Sandberg, Slaughter, et al) and nothing changes. There will never really be work life balance in this country unless there’s a cultural shift for EVERYONE to have work life balance and employers who support it. We praise employers for providing paid maternity – or paternity leave because it’s the exception not the rule. I just think people talk and talk and talk about gender roles and balance, but nothing ever changes and they end up voting for people who want to criminalize miscarriages. #endrant

    • I’ve been reading articles about home and work being bigger drains on women than men since I graduated from college 20 years ago (and I wouldn’t be surprised that they were being published even before that). What does this study add to the conversation?
      (I’m not trying to be snarky, genuinely wondering.)

      • Here is the link in case you want to see it yourself: https: //hbr .org/2014/12/rethink-what-you-know-about-high-achieving-women

        I think this article resonated with my for a few reasons. The first is that the study surveyed people who were pretty close to people I consider peers. I didn’t go to HBS or business school, but this sample of professionally minded high achievers captured thoughts and experiences of myself and my friends and colleagues, rather than the Sheryl Sandbergs and Anne Marie Slaughters who make well-taken arguments but are harder to relate to personally.

        Second, as a very visual thinker who likes data, I appreciated seeing some of these points quantified and graphed. For example, the divergence between expectations and reality of realizing professional ambitions became very clear when graphed as percentages.

        I could go on here, and probably will later, but since I’m at work I probably should be doing a little bit more “leaning in” at the moment! I’m curious to hear what you all think if you read it.

    • Thanks for posting about the article. It does a really great job at looking at our assumptions about why women earn less, are promoted less, have less opportunities for career advancement, etc. and proving most of them wrong – with actual numbers to back it up. The biggest finding here is that the gap has been explained through women’s willingness to “opt out” or “draw back” in opportunities but that actually isn’t founded. And that most women (in this study) expected more and want more and it is the organizational constraints that hold them back. Alas – lots of work to do…

      Lots to talk about in this household. I’m unemployed, midlevel, looking for employment but also wanting to start a family sometime soon. How to more forward with the above is a huge question here, and also wondering how my situation fits in in terms of career precedence and priority as my husband has 10 years on me…

      Thanks again!

      • The “motherhood penalty” is real and hurts families so much, but if you say anything, you’re suddenly a “victim”.

        • Agreed. I would add that this isn’t just the case for actual mothers, but also for for women in their 30s who are coupled or married because the presumption is that you could opt out any day now.

          • bingo…that, coupled with “you must have all this free time because you aren’t a parent!”

          • Emmaleigh504

            You don’t even have to be coupled or married, just be a woman in 20s-30s and people start to assume you will have kids and opt out at any moment.

          • The sad thing is that it’s actually somewhat true that opting out might make sense in some contexts. But not because of being coupled or married, per se, but paradoxically because of the “motherhood penalty” itself. For example, if a woman is not making good career progress (in part because of the motherhood penalty) and her partner is, opting out can look a lot more attractive.

          • Very good point, Emilie504.

          • The reason “opting out” is so attractive is that childcare is SO expensive and so many jobs are incredibly unflexible that you tear your hair out trying to pay for the care and be home at all to see your kid. At least that’s what I’m experiencing!

          • jindc, absolutely. And I think the brunt of the parenting responsibility tends to fall to the parent who makes less income and has dimmer job prospects. The motherhood penalty can tip the scale towards the woman being the primary caregiver, not just because she’s “expected” to be, because it makes more financial sense for her to be in many cases.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s so insane to me that there is not real parental leave! Adding new people to the family is stressful, people need to adjust and care for their kids! Sweden does it right: 18 months of parental leave and the parents get to split it up how they want.

      • Another recommendation for those of you interested in similar subjects: the most recent episode of the Slate Mom and Dad are Fighting (parenting) was all about stay-at-home parents. Lots of food for thought there too.

  • Aglets

    Rave: Zeke’s had Nutella Kougann Amanns from potomac pastry. I could not get it into my mouth-hole fast enough.
    Rave: 4 day weekend where I can work on my other two jobs where I’m the boss and I’m a taskmaster and thus making myself work but I also kinda love it.
    Rant: this rain. Also, not going up to PA to see family and i’m not gonna lie- i’m missing my mom,
    Rave: Friendsgiving with friends who I think are soon to be engaged- one friend showed me the ring he’s going to be buying for the other one and i’m SO EXCITED. AND SUGARED UP.

  • Rave: Early release today means a 2:15 showing of the Hunger Games in Georgetown
    Rave: No travel for Thanksgiving this year, just a 20 minute trip to friends in Silver Spring

  • Rave: Finally catching up no the Voice. I always forget how much I like that show.
    Rant: I’m not best friends with Gwen Stefani and I’m not dating Adam Levine.
    Rave: Really excited to try Nagomi!
    Rave: Friendsgiving tomorrow! HS friend I haven’t seen in a while will be in town for the weekend! Excited to see everyone and eat yummy food.

  • Rant: Rain

    Rave: Smoked turkey (especially when cooked in my Big Green Egg)

    Rant: People who think they’re really clever when they say, “You’re smoking a turkey? You must have a huge pipe or rolling paper!”

  • Rant: I am 99% sure that my colleague is getting a divorce. He is a really nice and smart guy, very professional and down to earth, it totally surprises me. I met the wife 3-4 times and she seemed ok too. He hasn’t said anything yet but I overheard multiple conversations of him taking the wife’s name from his account and he hasn’t been wearing the wedding band for weeks now. I am trying to be considerate and I haven’t mentioned the wife since I noticed something was up (we talk/joke about our spouses sometimes). We are not close but we have a good relationship, they were at our wedding and i have been to their house. They have a kid, so sad.
    Rant: As a newly married, it scares the hell out of me how divorce seems to come from nowhere (ok, I don’t know what was going with their relationship, but it still a shock).
    Rave: They guy is so professional that I didn’t notice something was going on in his personal life, he got even more respect from me!

    Questions: Do people ever come out and tell their close colleagues they are getting a divorce (or they are divorced) or do they just let colleagues notice. BTW i think he wants me to know (e.g. he makes those calls from his cubicle, he is definitely using the the “I” all the time now instead of “we”.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      It depends on the person, naturally, but I would think they will tell you about a divorce when they are ready to talk about it. I knew my office mate was knocked up (sorry, I hate the p-word) before she told. I heard snippets of convo, etc. But I didn’t say anything until she was ready to talk about it. I try not to hear phone calls, and when I do, I try not make anything of the what I hear unless the person talks to me about it.

    • Andie302

      I was new to my office (had been there just a few months) when my ex and I decided to divorce. While I didn’t make some public annoucement, I told a few key people and said that they were welcome to tell others. I’m a bit of a poker-face in the emotional department and when I told my now-boss, the first thing she said was “I would’ve never guessed.” It’s hard to tell what he’s keeping to himself to remain professional. I don’t know whether broach the subject with him or not. For me it was awkward to bring up, but once it became a part of the conversation then I was fine talking about it. That’s heartbreaking that they have a child. Maybe you could just let him know that you’re aware, and if that he wants/needs to talk about it, that you’re open to that (if you are). The holidays were a very hard time – sharing with family was pretty scary and mortifying…although turned out much better than I ever could’ve anticipated.

    • I usually let the other person take the lead. If you don’t know for sure how well he is doing emotionally, then bringing it up may not be the kindest thing to do. I second the “tell a few key people” approach. It REALLY helped me after my sibling died to not have to talk to everyone about it at once.

    • One of my colleagues did tell us about her divorce over an off-site work party (casual environment). She was professional about it and explained some of the challenges of splitting her kid’s time, but overall it was direct and professional in her way of addressing this personal issue. I think part of the reason she came out was because it was a good friendly atmosphere (safe environment), it was the right time (enough time had passed), but also because a former employee/friend (that many of us are friends with on social media) had posted some photos of an outing which included her ex with another woman (in an obvious gf-bf pose).
      I suspected something was up for a while because he had an OKCupid profile that popped up in my feed. That said, I felt it was none of my business to inquire because my relationship with her is mostly professional and I just don’t have the rapport with her to bring it up. I do feel kind of bad though, as I should have said something.

    • Ha, no one in my office knows I’m getting married in 2.5 weeks (they don’t even know I’ve been engaged since February).

      I like nearly all my co-workers but I also am not especially close to them…

      • Andie302

        A woman in my office studied for the bar, passed it, and got a job in Counsel’s office, all without mentioning a thing. I find it fascinating that some people will come in and tell you about their grandkids report card and others keep major life events private. To each his own.

    • When I got divorced, I didn’t want to have to keep having the same difficult, awkward conversation over and over again and having to hear the “Oh, I’m so sorry” when I wanted to say back “No, really, it’s ok, it was a good thing”, so after telling those I was close to, I told a few select people who I knew would do their best to spread my business in the workplace/amongst the distant relatives I rarely saw. Office gossips and busy bodies do have their uses 😉
      At the end of the day though, I agree that it’s not something you should ask about. As far as divorces sneaking up, I guess that’s just part of adulthood. It doesn’t mean your marriage is destined to tank.

      • Accountering

        This is so true! Even when I spoke with the contractor who worked with my ex and I on my house in Petworth about future work, I had to clarify as this project will be proceeding a bit different, and I even heard the “oh, I’m so sorry!” to which I responded with the “No, really, it’s ok, it was a good thing”

    • Accountering

      I told two of the ladies I work closest with, and then told my boss. Outside of that, I did not share with anyone else.
      If it makes you feel better, divorce does not come from nowhere. My ex-wife (still feels good to say that hehe) and I had a deeply flawed relationship, from before we were married. We didn’t just wake up one day and decide it wasn’t working. I certainly internalized these things, and even my parents were pretty shocked to hear it when I told them I had made a decision.
      I would certainly not address it with him. If he wants to mention it (and he likely will, at some point) then that is his perogative. I also completely maintained my composure during the entire process, and am now dating a wonderful woman, and even got a promotion (ex-wife did as well) over the last 8 months while the process played out.

    • Thanks all. I don’t plan to ever bringing up. The only issue is to try to have normal conversation while being aware of that although I am not official informed. E.g. I asked what he was doing for Thanksgiving (only because he asked me first), he said he will go to his parents (using the “I” instead of “we”). In normal case I would have asked if the wife is celebrating with her side family or where the kid will be, this is usually how our conversation goes. But this time I just said ok and moved on…

    • I have a colleague that I work pretty closely with who got divorced and didn’t tell anyone. One day someone asked about what she and her husband were doing for a holiday and she said what she was doing. Then later one of her actual friends told the other person that the colleague had divorced over a year ago. Nobody knew and she didn’t say anything to correct anyone.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to go home today and start making pies and cornbread and jello salad.
    Rave: Eldest Zelda got a nice scholarship to one of her top choice schools!!!
    Rave: Did I mention Thanksgiving??? I love it so much.

    • Hooray for Eldest Zelda (and for proud family members)!

      I’m with you on Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and love cooking big meals. I’m at work today, but in my mind I’m in front of the stove preparing the big family dinner.

    • Emmaleigh504


  • RANT! Roaches. Ugh. We hadn’t seen hardly any for weeks, so we thought our DIY management of the issue was successful. And then last night, popped into the kitchen before bed, turned on the light, and there were a bunch again–including several large ones. Yuck. Time to call American Pest? Or another exterminator? I worry about too many harsh chemicals with a toddler & three cats in the house, but it might be time to bite the bullet. Any suggestions to share?

    • I haven’t had roach problems in DC, but we used Connor’s when we lived in Fairfax and they got rid of the problem (it did take several months– but they believed it was because the roaches were coming from the untreated Latino boarding house next door).

    • Emmaleigh504

      gah this brings back my childhood nightmare of being in the bath and the water turning to roaches, then everything turned into roaches agghhh
      get the chemicals, roach droppings are harmful to people and pets too.

    • Are you in a rowhouse? Might be worth checking with the neighbors on either side to see if they have roaches.
      I had a huge roach problem in grad school that turned out to be entirely a trickle-down thing from my upstairs neighbor… which meant that no matter how much I sprayed the baseboards (the apartment complex’s exterminator was a joke) or how vigilant I was about keeping all food either in the fridge or in roach-proof plastic containers, they still kept coming. (The management said that they were going to evict the guy, but months later he was still there.)
      Could the roaches be feeding on your cats’ food? Or do they have set feeding times and polish everything off (vs. dry food that’s available at all times)? If you’re using dry food, how/where do you store it?
      If you do have someone come to spray the baseboards (or if you do it yourself), I’d instruct them to avoid vertical edges that the cats might rub up against. And if you do it yourself, you could stagger things — like, do a given room and keep the door closed for a couple of hours until the spray has dried.

      • Yep, that was our problem in Fairfax. And our neighbors on the other side were harboring a colony of rats. Gross neighbors are the worst!

    • magpies

      Have you tried 100% boric acid? (I ended up buying it on Amazon because the stuff in the supermarket was like 5% chemicals.) We had a problem in the last place we lived, and just pouring and sweeping it around the corners in the basement helped a bunch. If you tried and that didn’t work, I’m so sorry. 🙁 Roaches are rotten to have around.

    • Rant: Saw a HUGE roach in the office kitchen when I was in last weekend working. Now I’m worried they’re crawling all over my coffee mug and keyboard when no one’s here.

    • binpetworth

      Haven’t used them for roaches, but I can recommend American Pest; they have done a fantastic job getting the rats out of our yard and keeping them out.

    • Move to the suburbs?

    • We’ve used boric acid in a few places, but there are limited spots that we can put it because we don’t want the cats/kid to get into it. As far as I know, our basement tenants don’t have an issue–we haven’t heard from them about it, at least. It’s so strange: we’ve been in the house for over 5 years and didn’t have a problem until 2-3 months ago. It roughly coincides with when one of the tenants moved in, but I’m not sure that would be related (especially if they don’t have a problem downstairs). I don’t know if our neighbors next door have a problem; it’s a bunch of “apartments”, but we can try asking a couple of the guys who we recognize.
      I don’t think they’re getting into the cats’ food–we only see the roaches in the kitchen, and the cat food is elsewhere in the house. It’s also sealed really well since otherwise our smarter-than-is-good-for-him cat gets into it and eats too much.
      I guess we’ll try calling American Pest next week and see what they say. We’ve also had good experiences with them for things in the past. Thanks everyone for the sympathy and suggestions!

      • Hmm… check with the tenants, just in case. They may not realize that they can’t keep things like boxes of cereal in the kitchen cabinets.
        Maybe you can have the baseboards in their area sprayed, and see if that changes anything for you upstairs?

      • Make sure all walls are patched and sealed. Then buy drain covers for all your drains and keep them covered when not in use. The roaches are probably coming indoors as the weather cools down.

    • We had a problem with roaches too and reported it immediately to the neighbors and management. Management sprayed, but they tend to go the cheap way so I dunno if it was even effective. We did see additional roaches after that and bought some powerful internet stuff and that was the end of the roach problem. We had both a powder (which apparently is pet-safe) and a goop that looks like hardened peanut butter. Sorry I don’t know what these products are but they were effective. Do check with your neighbors though, as they may be exacerbating the problem. Also, check inside your appliances… we found some roaches living in our dishwasher (like, between the walls. So gross).

      • Yeah — in my apartment in grad student housing, I got accustomed to regularly pulling the fridge out to clean behind it. 🙁
        You could also try spraying areas that the cats/toddler can’t reach — behind the fridge, inside cabinets under sinks, along baseboards inside closets, etc.

      • Oh yeah – they definitely escape into the dishwasher. Not sure how to deal with them in there. They also have gone into the countertop tv (so under that is one of the prime places for Boric acid) and into the roku (shook a bunch of dead ones–and a few live ones–out of that last week). Sounds like we need to be more careful about crumbs and such as well–which is a bit challenging with the kid, but she’s a neater eater than she used to be. But more frequent sweeping might be a good idea.

        • Anonymous 10:52 here. We removed the dishwasher front (where the electronics are) and found them living there. We carefully cleaned that area and kept it open for a few days (so that the roaches can’t start their nest again). Not sure how that would work with the TV but if you are willing to experiment, try removing the outer panel to see if there are any nests.

        • Mtpresident, that sounds pretty serious. The roach problem at my apartment in grad school was pretty bad (when it was at its worst, I was killing 5-10 roaches AN HOUR), but I don’t remember them ever getting into my electronics.

          • Really? I thought getting into the electronics was pretty common for roaches. Annonymous 10:52–it didn’t occur to me to try to take off the dishwasher front. That may not be a bad idea. It’s really easy for them to get into there. But ewww, gross, I really don’t want to think about doing it. Yuck!
            I think the boric acid under the TV helps a lot – we mostly find dead ones under there now.

    • I fortunately don’t have roaches, but my bf lives above a restaurant. He plugs the drains when not using the sinks for more than a couple of minutes and that seems to help keep them out.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the term “friendsgiving” is stupid and unnecessary.
    Rave: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

    • 100%! I hate it so much.

    • Accountering

      I couldn’t disagree with your rant more! I love friendsgiving!!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        but why do we need that term? If I’m spending Thanksgiving with friends, family, or both, it’s still Thanksgiving. It’s not Familiesgiving.

        • I think it’s kind of an icky term, but I know some people use it when they celebrate on a day other than Thanksgiving: as in “Going home for Thanksgiving, so I’m doing a Friendsgiving dinner on Saturday before I leave.” Which sounds a bit more festively serious than “doing dinner”.

          • Emmaleigh504

            When I do that, I just say we’re having another Thanksgiving dinner on whatever day. Cuz that’s what it is! Another Thanksgiving dinner!

        • Accountering

          We did a “friendsgiving” on Sunday. Good question on the term, I suppose it is because we are all locked into family stuff on actual Thanksgiving, it is nice to have another gathering with your friends for a similar purpose? We did Friendsgiving this past Sunday, and it was a blast.

    • I like the concept, but am not so keen on the term — it’s not as though we’re “giving friends.”

    • I agree with you! Thanksgiving is thanksgiving – doesn’t matter if it includes only family or bunches of friends or is the 12th time you’ve celebrated!

  • Rant: kids!
    Rave: kids!
    Rant: I’m not capable of posting in the forum, so I’ll mention it here…
    We’re selling Christmas Trees at West Education Campus (14th St NW between & Farragut & Gallatin). Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 10am-5pm. All profits go to support the students.
    We have all Fraser Firs: 5′-6′, 6′-7′, and a few that are 8′-9′. We also are selling wreaths.

  • Reminder: Unofficial PoPville Thanksgiving get-together, Thurs. 11/27, the Black Squirrel (Adams Morgan), for their $7 buffet. Meet at 11:30 a.m. Look for Pablo, who looks just like his avatar. 🙂

  • Smilla

    Revel: 4-day Thanksgiving weekend, I don’t have to travel, and I’ve never felt a need to participate in Black Friday madness.
    Rant: My favorite movie theatre (which is across the street from my house) isn’t showing The Hunger Games film, so I have to travel more than a few hundred yards to see it.
    Revel: 4-DAY WEEKEND.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: The Ferguson mess. I don’t think I need to rehash the tragedy of the event itself, but the way its being used by people to push their own political narrative really, really bothers me. The conservatives in my feed are doubling down on the “minorities are riotous animals” narrative, while the lefty DC march last night briefly occupied Wal-Mart, because of course it did. We’ve become so cynical as a country that literally no dialogue or constructive work will come from any of this, just more posturing and scoring of cheap points, just like Sandy Hook, or Trayvon Martin, or the Navy Yard, etc etc.

    Rave: Thank god for positives in life like my wife and daughter, who brings unimaginable joy to life, or sports (the Wizards, not the Redskins), or good bourbon. I also love Thanksgiving, and look forward to eating my body weight in stuffing and gravy tomorrow.

    • +50000000 to your rant. The actual event is depressing enough, but people’s reactions have just been sickening. Regardless of your opinion about law enforcement, the bottom line is that a child is dead. No one should be celebrating something that horrible, full stop. And it boggles my mind the way that some people are going so far out of their way to be as callous as possible about it because he was a black child.

      • The “child” was 18 and he grabbed a cop’s gun. I’m a middle class white male in my 40s. If I grab a cop’s gun I will most likely be shot to death.

        • We don’t know if he actually did that. I really don’t have much faith in Officer Wilson’s version of the story. His excuse for not using mace was a joke.

          • Forensic evidence knows something happened in the SUV, as Brown’s blood is on it and on the gun. Whether Brown grabbed the gun or not is unknown.

          • Having 4 hrs to process your own crime scene means blood can easily be moved from one place to another. We don’t know what happened. We’re taking his word on it even though he didn’t follow basic police procedures.

          • Sounds like at least a couple of you have common sense and can think for yourself. Thank goodness I have finally found you.

          • Accountering

            Your insults are so out of line it is ridiculous Kam. I certainly have common sense, and can very much so think for myself. I have not passed judgement on what happened, because I do not know. You have passed judgement and decided in your head what happened, based on your understanding of the situation.
            To attack others who disagree with you or who are still undecided as lacking common sense and being simple minions speaks volumes about you as a person. So how about you knock it off? The evidence is in no way overwhelming that things happened the way you think they did, (nor is it overwhelming that Brown was a hulk who attacked the officer)

          • Who did I insult? Why are you taking it so personal? Nothing I said had anything to do with your comments. Trust me, if I had something to say to you I would have said “ACCOUNTERING”!! That said, if you feel that way, if the shoe fits, wear it.

          • I think you are way out of line there Accountering. Take a step back, take a drink, smoke a blunt or something but you need to chill.

          • Lastly, please point out where I said how it happened. Where do you people get this stuff from? Is there another Kam that I am missing because I didn’t say it happened any way. I said that I don’t believe Wilson’s account of what happened. And that I am happy I found others that question what others are taking for the truth. But in your world I guess that is akin to an attack. SMH!

          • Accountering

            I am not out of line in the least. Your comment directly above mine “Sounds like at least a couple of you have common sense and can think for yourself. Thank goodness I have finally found you.” Says very clearly that anyone who doesn’t agree with you lacks common sense, and is unable to think for themselves. How else am I supposed to read that? You have been the most passionate person against the officer here, and have been passionate about it. That is fine. But when you start insulting people who disagree, that is where there is a problem, and civilized discourse goes out the window.
            Also, much like I would never call you “you people” I don’t enjoy being referred too as such either. You and I both know that has a negative connotation.

          • Accounteering, that is not at all what it says but you are making it out that way. I am referring to all of the obstinate people (in which I referred to as you people) that think because Wilson says so and the grand jury gave a no bill that is is the holy gospel as to what what happened. I’m sorry, I just can’t go for that for many reasons. They also say the evidence but evidence can be tampered and there have been techs that have already torn the “evidence’ theory to shreds.
            I don’t know why you are finding this as a personal attack to you particularly to you. Again, I say what I mean and if I meant you I would call you out on here or to your face in person. So can we stop all this insecurity, delicate sensibilities, PoP moral authority talk and freaking relax? Cot damn! Next PoP HH (if I can ever make one, I will buy you a drink). Cool? Seriously, relax a bit.

    • Speaking of the Wizards, last night’s game was extremely frustrating!

      • jim_ed

        Indeed it was, but the positive I took out of it was that even though they played terribly, they still were in the game for nearly all of it. Turnovers, dreadful interior defense, sluggishness on offense, and the inability to hit water from a boat, yet they still lost by only four to a decent team. But Nene missing is going to hurt this team more than most people assume.

    • I could have written that rave, word for word, except I’d replace Wizards with Nationals. And add to it my in-laws – I know so many people who have at best strained and at worst nasty relationships with theirs, while my MIL called twice yesterday to ask (i) what kind of good bourbon I’d like to drink, so she can go pick it up, and (ii) if I wanted her to make a ham as well as a turkey, because I had a stomach flu 2 years ago at Thanksgiving and developed a an aversion to turkey that lasted through last year. How awesome is that? (The answers, by the way, are Four Roses Single Barrel and no, no need to make an entirely separate entrée for me!)

      • jim_ed

        Thats eerie – I’ve been raving to anyone who will listen (and some who won’t – Hi, sweetheart!) about how much I love Four Roses small batch. Their bourbon is just so damn good.

        • If I ever make it to a happy hour, the first 4R Single Barrel is on me.

        • I had 4 Roses Single Barrel for the first time in July. Pretty good value I have to say.

          • I like it better (or as much) as a lot of bourbons that come in at a higher price point. Win-win.
            Bourbon-related rave – Costco. Col. EH Taylor small batch for $35? Yes please.

        • Thanks for the tip – I’ll have to check it out. My favorite is Jack Daniels Single Barrel, but it’s pricy and a bit too easy to drink quickly…

          • Full of coincidences today – I had Jack Daniels Single Barrel last night for the first time, based on the recommendation of the guy three stools down from me at Old Glory. Very, very drinkable. (Too easy to drink quickly + pricy = unpleasant bar tabs.) In related news, I skipped my 5 am workout this morning.

        • I may tune you out after the 4th or so rave about it, but I listen more than you think I do!

        • Where can I pick up 4R Single Barrel. Lately I have been drinking Jefferson Reserve which is only like $50 at Costco, good stuff. Of course Basil Hayden is always on deck. I think I may pick up some Buffalo Trace for the holiday.

          • I think that Jefferson was less that $40 when I got it last week at Costco, unless I misread the sign. D’Vines in Columbia Heights has had the 4 roses single barrel in the past. I also know that liquor store on M Street and 31st in Georgetown has it.

          • jim_ed

            Lion’s on Georgia carries both 4Rs. As does Calvert-Woodley.

            All this Bourbon talk has me googling different ones, and apparently the Montgomery County liqour stores carry quite rare selections. I might stop on my way home and pick up some Willet’s family reserve and see what all the fuss is about.

          • Unless they had a hell of a sale for the reserve it is $53. I am talking about the one that is in the case.

          • Costco had Pappy last week. NO BS. I was a day late. It sold out right away, within in minutes. They had them all including the 23 yo for $199. So pissed I missed it.

          • Ah, I was talking about the one outside the case. But, that raises the question of why they had a $53 bottle in the case when they have more expensive bottles sitting out . . . weird.

          • Now I am confused. The one you said you were talking about was only $40 and was outside the case. The one I am talking about was $53 and inside the case. Also I am talking about the DC Costco.

      • Yes to your bourbon selection! I just started drinking bourbon and Four Roses Single Barrel is my favorite. Do you have any other recommendations?

        • Angel’s Envy is really good, as well. Going to see an old friend this weekend who has a pretty extensive collection, so I may have some other recs on next week. (His pocketbook is quite a bit deeper than mine, so I love tasting new drinks at his place.)

        • Woodford Double Oak

        • Basil Hayden, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam Single Barrel, E.H. Taylor – Can’t go wrong with any of those. Bullit is good too.
          I would also recommend Jefferson Reserve for a bit more $$.

  • Rave: I need my car to drive up to my parents’ house tonight, so my girlfriend and I worked something out so could have it today. Great day to not have to walk/metro to work!

    • Rant: Thought I could refill the meter through ParkMobile but it’s making me move to another zone. Guess I’ll be out in this weather more than I thought I would.

  • Rant: sick as a dog. This is the third day with this cold. Doc just said to “rest”, just trying to be patient.

    • Emmaleigh504

      yuck, feel better soon, and drink lots of fluids! and remember: it’s the relapse that will kill you. so take it easy!

  • epric002

    rant: people who continue to post/comment/like idiotic/racist memes on facebook. if you can’t seem to muster concern for anything other than property damage, or understand that bigger societal issues at play here….i just can’t.
    rave: MLK jr’s speech “the other america”. doing a lot of MLK reading the past few days.
    rant: cold rain.
    rave: formerly foster puppy is doing SO WELL on his healing foot. he is already walking so much better on it than he was pre-surgery. very optimistic about this!
    rave: nature valley almond granola bars. they taste like almond cake!

    • skj84

      Totally agree with your first rant. I’m pretty close to dropping so called “friends” from Facebook. I don’t mind when people voice different opinions, but some of them just.don’t.get.it. I almost snapped on someone who insinuated that Mike Brown deserved what happened to him because “he was no angel.” And the person he posted a pic of him in “thug” mode decrying the media for not posting such pictures. People suck so much.

      • epric002

        this morning i was all set to tell someone why i was unfriending him but he apparently removed the offending thread. i’m curious as to whether his wife makes him take crap like this down- previous insensitive posts have vanished as well. the vox article by ezra klein, imo, really sums up a lot of the issues with this case. (un?)fortunately, i think i’ve hidden most of the people who are likely to post terrible things. a lot of them are family. i’ve been contemplating whether to go and see if they actually posted anything terrible, which would mean i would unfriend them, which could cause family drama…ugh.

        • skj84

          one person I’m not close to at all. I was about to tell him off and unfriend. But I told myself it would piss me off if someone posted something incendiary on my wall. I’m still probably going to unfriend him.

          • epric002

            not that it’s my business, but i would tell him why. it doesn’t have to be incendiary though. good luck!

          • There are definitely things on FB that make me want to yell at the people posting them. But ignorant people are going to act ignorant no matter how well crafted my arguments are. Those conversations never change anyone’s mind and just get me upset, so I’m trying to get better at not getting into them in the first place. If I can’t bring myself to defriend them, I’ll at least hide their posts to remove the temptation.

      • Accountering

        I got rid of all of these fools prior to the 2012 election. Mention that O is from Kenya? Boom, unfriended. Funny thing was, after Treyvon Martin killing, I saw basically nothing insensitive on FB, and am seeing nothing now. It is not surprising in the least that their is a very strong correlation between the kind of person who thinks Obama is a communist Kenyan and the king of person who automatically assumes this kid had it coming.

    • Accountering

      Going to disagree here again with you. One can be disappointed in rioting, and also feel like there are bigger issues at play. I couldn’t be more pleased with the DC protests. A group of people feels wronged, and they are expressing that. One need not burn down a hair salon to prove you are angry. The DC protest has likely been loads more effective than the Ferguson one – frankly the rioting just reinforces stereotypes for a lot of people who are naturally inclined to want to reinforce those stereotypes.

      • Agree with this. I hope that the looting doesn’t spread beyond Ferguson and Oakland (WTF, Oakland?)

        • While I’d like to say it is due to the huge influx of hipsters the last few years, I can’t really say that with a straight face.

          The OPD has a history of not being that great, the city has a history of awful leadership (minus Jerry Brown when he was mayor), a reputation for having violent protests, and an ever increasing gap between the richest and poorest residents. Oh, and there was the Oscar Grant case from a couple years ago that in some ways resembles Michael Brown’s death.

        • epric002

          then i hope that you, if you choose to express your disappointment with the rioting, have also in the past, do currently, or will in the future express your disappointment with those bigger societal issues. if you (or anyone) can’t be bothered to publicly express disappointment in anything other than property damage, the message that you send is that that is more important than black lives.
          “But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? … it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

          • Accountering

            Well, I am certainly not MLK… 🙂
            I agree, I think the fact that police officers pull over black men and hassle them at disproportionate rates is wrong. As far as what I can do about it? I can support non-violent protests, and disagree publicly with people who burn down store fronts, as they are doing more to hurt the cause then help.
            You make an interesting point, and I am certainly reflecting over here. This disproportionate policing was not something I became familiar with until recently (growing up in Fairfax, it is pretty sheltered) and I went to undergrad at a school with 80% of its students hailing from Northern VA. It has certainly opened my eyes, speaking with black friends in DC about their experiences and the injustices even they have endured.
            With all of that said, I still can’t and will never condone violence for violence sakes.

          • epric002

            the other thing you can do about it is help to publicize those incidents that really demonstrate the inequities with which (primarily) black men are treated: eugene ellison and john crawford, for example. there are way too many people out there who literally believe that you don’t have to worry about the cops if you don’t break the law. they have no concept of there even being a different reality for other people, or of the privileges they enjoy. and all of us ought to demand that our local law enforcement agencies deploy body cameras, and that all law enforcement agencies be required to report police shootings so that nationally, there will be some actual data on when/where/why/how often these types of things happen. all that being said- i don’t support violence, but i am empathetic to MLK’s sentiment that “a riot is the language of the unheard”.

          • Accountering

            +1 to both of your comments. Body cameras and reporting on police shootings feel like a no brainier to me.

          • gertie_wickler

            +1000. Couldn’t have said it any better.

      • skj84

        Yeah, I’m totally pissed about the riots. I would never ever condone destroying public property to make a point. But I feel like people are focusing on the riots and missing the bigger picture. That’s why I support the protest wholeheartedly. I’m glad people are exercising their right to make their voices heard.

        • epric002

          “But I feel like people are focusing on the riots and missing the bigger picture.”- BINGO!

          • Smilla

            It’s the Faux News MO — focus on riots and property destruction to tar all protesters with the same brush, to justify after-the-fact the shooting of Brown, and to conform to their racist beliefs.

          • “then i hope that you, if you choose to express your disappointment with the rioting, have also in the past, do currently, or will in the future express your disappointment with those bigger societal issues.”
            Of course. But I don’t feel like I have to preface every comment I make about looting with an equally disapproving comment about the state of race relations in this country.
            “It’s the Faux News MO — focus on riots and property destruction to tar all protesters with the same brush, to justify after-the-fact the shooting of Brown, and to conform to their racist beliefs.”
            This, I think, is unfair, and counterproductive. It implies that anytime someone makes a comment about looting he or she is doing it because of racist beliefs. (Actually, there’s no implication, it’s said straight out.) But as Accountering said, one can disapprove of looting and also realize that bigger issues are involved. Attributing Fox News-type motives to people who AGREE with you is both discourteous and counterproductive.

          • epric002

            @ dcd: i don’t know you, so perhaps you do speak out about racial (or other) inequality. if so, none of my comments are directed at you, and i’m sure that your friends understand that your frustration with the looting is rooted in an accurate understanding of the complex societal issues that surround them. but i do know (most of) the people on my fb feed, and i know that not once have i seen or heard any of them so much as acknowledge that their reality is not the reality of people who differ from them in some way. so i stand by my rant that when they can’t be bothered to express disappointment in anything other than looting, the message that they are sending, unintentional or not, is that property damage is more important than black lives.

          • @epric – fair enough. Perhaps it’s that I’m not on facebook, and use twitter sparingly, but I haven’t seen that same phenomenon in person (though I am sure it exists). Plus, most of my family ranges from liberal to raging socialist, and even though I have a fair number of friends who are republican, they’re the Chamber of Commerce type, not the evangelical tea party type. Thankfully, I’ll be able to avoid my crazy Glen Beck loving aunt and my sister’s tea party boyfriend this holiday season.

        • Exactly. The Brown family and the protestors have tried to get justice in every conventional venue available to them. And they have been shut down at every turn, been subjected to a police state and vilified as thugs for doing so. Everyone has a breaking point, and these people have clearly found theirs. (Obviously #notallrioters, but I would bet more of them than people are acknowledging now.) The idea that oppressed people always have to behave perfectly or the general public are justified in not caring about the oppression is so frustrating.

        • Ahh refreshing, more people with common sense.

  • More a Confession than a Rant or Rave:
    I really don’t like Thanksgiving all that much.
    I mean, I’m not against it, but I just don’t care that much about it. The meal is fine, but all the traditional stuff is not that exciting, and even with non-traditional dishes, it all seems like a lot of work for one dinner.
    I get along with my family and see them a lot through the year (they’re local) so the gathering isn’t all that necessary.
    I volunteer throughout the year so I feel like I am helping out.
    And I am thankful for my blessings, so I think I have that covered too.
    One thing I’ve always appreciated is how quiet the city is on Thursday, and now even that is getting chipped away by Black Friday madness – which is bad enough on Friday – oozing into Thursday.
    I do appreciate the day off, and Friday is so quiet at the office that that almost seems like a day off too.
    All in all, Thanksgiving gets a big ‘ok’ from me. I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

    • That’s exactly how I feel about it too.

    • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because, for me at least, it is just about food and booze. I get to hang out with friends and/or family, sharing a good meal, and just chilling. No gift obligations. No religious stuff to be concerned about. Just a get together. And I’m usually at my mom’s, which is in the country side and far from the Black Friday madness.

      Of course I say all that as someone who has never cooked a turkey and whose T-giving duties usually are making one side dish and carving the turkey. Maybe if my role were bigger, I’d be singing a different tune…

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 It’s a relatively low stress holiday. Of course, my family gets along really, really well, and my only obligation for Thanksgiving is showing up, so I have it easy. I usually go to my Grandpa’s where his old people’s place cooks the meal, so that’s low stress for him. My sister is cooking this year, she may have a bit more stress.

      • +1. I LOVE thanksgiving for these same reasons. It’s just an opportunity get together with people you love – family, friends, whatever – and have a giant meal (I happen to love the traditional meal, but I also feel like people should just make their favorite foods, whatever they may be); there are no presents, there’s no religion – I dont mind religion, I just like that every person in the country (and certainly beyond) is entitled and invited to celebrate, whether you’ve been here for a hot minute, your whole life, or generations, and the whole spirit of the day is, like ‘Hey, do you have somewhere to spend Thanksgiving? No? Well, now you do! Come celebrate with us!’ Granted, it’s totally what you make it, and some people do more or less intense versions, but I really love what it’s about. (Well, what it’s about in its modern incarnation – not so much the whole ‘Let us take your land, give you smallpox, and basically do our best to decimate you as a people’ part.)

  • Rant: DCRA – how on earth does it take 4 months to get a simple building permit?!?!?

    • You clearly didn’t bribe the right person. I mean hire an “expediter”.

      • 4 months is with an expediter! It’s maddening. You wonder why there is so much illegal construction around here.

        • Andie302

          Oh lord, can you please elaborate on your experience? Reading that just made my stomach turn. Sorry you’re going through it!

          • See below. The four months doesn’t even include the three months that we’ve already been under historic preservation review. So, seven months in total.

    • pablo .raw

      It could take more than that in some cases (that’s part of my duties at work, to deal with permits). What is your permit for?

    • OP Here: It’s a long story. So, I’ll try to keep it short. The permit is for an “addition” that’s being built on an existing slab. Basically, the existing structure (one story enclosed porch/office) was on the verge of falling down. So, we are replacing it a two-story structure that doesn’t increase the footprint of the house. It just adds a second story.

      We filed our original permit application at the end of August and have been working with Historic to get HRBP approval. On Nov 20, we finally received our HPRB approval and resubmitted the modified plans that incorporated the changes required by historic.

      This morning, our expediter informed me that it’ll be around 4 months before the permit issues. What?!?! For real?!?!

      If anyone has advice for getting this moving, it would be greatly appreciated. We were under the impression that, once historic approved the design, the permit would issue in a week or two–not four months later.

      • pablo .raw

        My advice would be to keep checking on the advance of the revisions of the different disciplines (you can do that online) and start correcting the plans as soon as you see their comments. You won’t be able to re-submit until they (DCRA plans file room) call you but at least you’ll be ready. Sometimes you can have clarification meetings with the reviewers and they usually provide a phone number where you can schedule a meeting with them. Make sure you bring a lot of patience to those meetings, it could be frustrating some times….

      • We are six months in for a very similar job and aren’t even in an historic district.

    • My advice to anybody who will listen: if it can’t be seen from the street, and it doesn’t require structural engineering input and it’s not heavy-up electrical don’t get a permit. Even a lot the good contractors and tradesmen in the town tell people not to bother with permits for smaller stuff. They just want to do their work to code and get paid. Of course the trick is finding those guys and keeping them in your address book …

      The horror stories I’ve heard of things that D.C. inspectors miss gives me little confidence that a lot of permitting is just a revenue stream (not that there aren’t great inspectors who take their job to protect the public seriously, but there are many others that you can pay off cheaply to overlook blatantly dangerous work)

      • pablo .raw

        With all due respect I’m not sure about that… in the case that you describe, you could get your plans (sketches) revised at the Homeowner’s Center or follow the regular review process as a walk through, you’ll have your permit the same day.

  • Rant: These so called protests here in DC about what happened in a different city. As if that’s really going to change a damn thing about Ferguson.
    Rant: Even worse than that are what I call the “Facebook activists” who do nothing but make status updates about things but never do anything to really change their status quo. They think getting likes is somehow equivalent to making change in the world.
    Rant: People who assume that just because you disagree with them about facts that you must be a racist or insensitive to their problem.

    • skj84

      The incident in Ferguson is way bigger than you think.People are angry and they should be. I’m glad that people across the country are bothered to care and say something. Sorry that upsets your delicate sensibilities.

    • epric002

      why are the protests “so called”? they seem like legit protests to me. they are happening all over the country b/c the ferguson incident is representative of larger societal issues. we’re entitled to our own opinions, but we aren’t entitled to our own facts.

      • The grand jury got the facts. Not you or I. And based on those facts they decided not to indict. That’s how the system works. You shouldn’t just protest when the result isn’t the one you want, protest in the voting booth at mid term elections when AA voters almost never turn out.

        • epric002

          actually, the facts that the grand jury received have/are being released. there are numerous, articulate articles out there that very thoroughly explain how the investigation and grand jury process were bungled, how the prosecutor handled this case much differently than other cases, etc. and *again*, the ferguson case is representative of bigger societal issues. this case might not have been the best case to turn into a national example (please go read what happened to eugene ellison and john crawford, who are but 2 examples), but it doesn’t discount the disturbing inequities about how black americans are treated by law enforcement and the justice system in our country. if you can’t see that, then you’re not paying attention.

        • You’re a naive fool if you think the legal system’s “facts” in any way equate to “the truth.”
          There’s the law and then there’s justice. They’re not the same thing.

          • All you need to ask is who these “laws” were written by. The same laws that still allow slavery but in the form of jail. Do people not see the correlation of slavery and why so many black men are in jail for nonviolent crimes. Again who wrote these laws? I can tell you they were not relatives of mine, looking out for my best interest. They were people that ruled through numerous ways that set up the country so that their families and families that looked like them would always be in charge and have the upperhand.

        • Some people are so simple minded. My guess this is one of many anonymouses that was going back and forth with me on another thread.

          • Kam, have you read “The New Jim Crow?” It is a bit of a polemic but definitely outlines what you wrote about above (i.e., connecting the roots of slavery in this country to the underlying problems with our criminal justice system). Definitely worth the read.

          • Nope but I will check it out. Thanks!

    • Um, you get that DC is the, like, political capital of America, right? Which actually makes it a more than appropriate place for a protest. If we can accommodate lobbyists, surely protesters can be heard as well. The events in Ferguson mirror what many people here have experienced. Protests here may or may not change things in Ferguson, and may or may not change things here. But for those of us who have not been well-served by the status quo, protesting is preferable to being voiceless.

      • I don’t think many people here have experienced people coming from other towns to “burn this bitch down” at the behest of relatives of someone who was killed.

        • There are a LOT of things that many people who post here have not experienced — being a relatively privileged lot my most standards. In view of that, I’ve struggled to keep my posts to a minimum this week, for a variety of reasons.
          Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Protest is a form of free speech protected by the Constitution, but this you knew. Are you disagreeing with the content of what’s being protested – mainly that racism is deeply rooted in many social institutions – a problem that needs to be addressed?

    • So what’s the useful alternative? What do you recommend? I’m not being rhetorical.

      • Pay lobbyists millions of dollars to do the dirty work for you. People gotta get paid. That’s (unfortunately) how the American system works nowadays.

    • Accountering

      These are legit protests, and they are noticed. All the more power to them for keeping them peaceful. I have gained a lot of respect for the protesters in DC who are able to express their opinion civilly, and don’t feel the need to burn down storefronts.

    • Rave: I think the protests are pretty cool.

    • I agree 100% with your 2nd and 3rd rant. In regards just to the events in Ferguson, I wish some people would read the facts about the case instead of blindly protesting something they know little about. Reading over the witness statements along with all the forensic reports will help have a better understanding of the events that took place.

      • It all comes down to perspective and your life experiences as to what your view may be.

        I’ve been hassled by police in the past numerous times (thanks MPD) for no other reason than I fit a “description”. Handcuffs, paddy wagon and all. I’m a tax paying, law abiding, mechanical engineer who works for a govt agency, so I’m not sure what criminal “profile” I fit. When my father was young (not all that long ago) he couldn’t try on clothes in department stores or go to the movies for no other reason than the physical form he was born in. And this was the LAW. So I have a certain perspective.

        Did the Brown guy do some things he shouldn’t have? Absolutely. Did the cop have justification for what he did? Possibly. But aside from your “facts” there are other issues to consider.

      • Dude, you don’t get it. Sorry. I’m not angry at the grand jury’s decision. They made a logical choice. I am mad at the DA for acting like a defense attorney. I’m angry that the same p-of-s DA will win re-election because of St. Louis County’s messed up racial politics. I’m mad at the Ferguson police for handling the case very unprofessionally. I’m mad at people like you who don’t acknowledge how fucked up the justice system can be.

        And I say this as an upper middle class white man who has been blessed 100 times more than your average person on this earth. I can only imagine what my life would be like without all those blessings.

        Learn empathy. It could help you understand things more. Sorry if that sounds condescending but at this point, oh well…

        • Enough with dismissive comments like “you don’t get it” and “learn empathy”, please. Not useful and they discredit the rest of your position.

          • Smilla

            Those comments might sound dismissive to you, but I think they’re fine here. [email protected]:13 went on to explain (well, I might add) why s/he thinks that [email protected]:35 doesn’t get it. Not giving any explanation would have been dismissive. As for “Learn empathy,” if the shoe fits…

          • And both of you agree with the person who said “you don’t get it”. Gee, I’m shocked.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I also agree with Smilla.

        • wow, a lot of assumptions going on in your rant, not well said at all. Especially the part of the attitude don’t agree with me than you have no empathy, blah blah blah. I’ve done case reviews for the Innocence Project, so yes I’m very familiar with the injustices in the system.

          • So you’re aware of the problems in our legal system, yet you argued initially that if people just took the time to read the statements and reports, they would have a better understanding? What about those of us who are quite familiar with the statements and reports? Are we not justified at being angry? If not, why not?

            And you might think I did not articulate my point well at all, yet you have nothing to contradict me whatsoever.

            I do apologize for the empathy remark. That was a bit over the top. The rest though? No. Your inital remark implied that you believed all the protests and anger were due to the grand jury’s decision and nothing more.

          • epric002

            you made a nice set of assumptions yourself, anon 11:35: that people protesting know little about the case and are doing so blindly and without having read the witness statements or forensics reports.

          • no actually epric002 – the assumptions were made after reading signs people were carrying

          • epric002

            so what did these signs say?

        • Salutes to you sir!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: have much work to do, but who wants to work the day before a holiday?
    Rave: the work is interesting.
    Rant: still don’t want to do it.

    • This is my problem today. I know I’ll enjoy the rest of the weekend so much more with these items off my to-do list, but no motivation to open the necessary files.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Creepy automated confirmation messages from Amazon Prime that now come from “Ralph Beyer.” I’ve been replying and he never answers.
    Rave: Old friends on Facebook. I annually post what I think is a funny story about the year I was hosting 12 for Thanksgiving dinner and the mean cat, who was 19 and ailing, decided to die during Thanksgiving dinner. People would ask where Lucy is and I would point to the dog Lucy (don’t ask) and say “There she is” and then they’d say they meant the cat Lucy (seriously, don’t ask) and I could honestly answer that she was in the basement. Anyway, the crematorium didn’t open until 8:00 am on Friday so Lucy (the cat) went Black Friday shopping with me—okay she stayed in the car in a box but you get the picture. What was the point? Oh yeah, Facebook. So I reposted the story and got all sorts of nice, sympathetic expressions in my feed last night. Really, folks, I’m okay with it, not to mention this was 9 years ago but it’s sweet that they mean well!

    • You had a dog named Lucy and a cat named Lucy at the same time?

      • You just had to ask, after all the don’t asks. C’mon now! Where’s your Thanksgiving spirit?
        But seriously, a cat named Lucy and a dog named Lucy at the same time is hilarious. I would shout “Lucy! I’m home!” every day.

      • I Dont Get It

        What part of “Don’t ask” did you not get? 😉 There was only an overlap of a couple of years.

    • Can you post a link to your story here for those of us who aren’t on Fbook and/or don’t know your real name?

    • Emmaleigh504

      hahahaha, I mean, it’s sad you lost your cat, but what timing! Lucy, keeping you on your toes!

    • That’s an awesome story! It reminds me of my cousin’s Thanksgiving a few years ago, where one guest brought a dog who may or may not have killed their cat. The cat was discovered about 5 minutes before the rest of the guests (mostly new in-laws, etc.) arrived, and much hilarity (in retrospect) ensued as they tried to deal with the cat, the upset dog owner, their own feelings about the cat, and not let anyone else find about it for fear of putting a damper on everyone’s enjoyment of the holiday.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yeah I didn’t want to tell the guests that Lucy had crossed the rainbow bridge out of the fear they would start whispering behidn my back “I wonder if that cat ate any of that dry turkey?”

      • Wait… a guest’s dog killed the host’s cat?

  • Rave: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – I love being home and my mom’s cooking ect

    Rant: Having to return frm home, where we’re trying to move back. It’s so depressing.

    Rave: Staying home for Christmas

    Rave: Going to try to see Foxcatcher while we are home and can take advantage of the grandparenting

    Rave: All of you – have a happy and fulfilling thanksgiving, no matter what your plans

  • Rave: Technology that lets me text my sister from the comfort of my bed requesting she turns on the coffee. I’m on vacation and yes, I am that lazy!
    Rave: Big fluffy heavy snow here in northern MD
    Rave: Two dog nights
    And rave: Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday!

  • Rave – Leaving work early today!
    Rant – Cold rain is the worst
    Rant – I had a small close knit group of friends in grad school, and they’ve gone on and made big accomplishments in their careers and have become closer friends, while I haven’t made the same advancements in my career and have gown apart from the group. I see via Facebook how they are all talking with one another (and not me) about job events and certification exams. It makes me feel bad, like I’m in high school again being excluded from the popular crowd. I feel bad I haven’t been as successful my career. I am in my 30s and too old to feel this way! I know I’m being ridiculous. This weekend I’m taking a break from social media and focusing on being thankful for what I have: my health, a supportive family, a wonderful and caring SO, a decent job that pays the bills, and a nice place to call home.

    • SFT

      First rule of social media: Don’t believe everything you read/see on social media. I have a close friend who is totally miserable, but on facebook and instagram it looks like she has a picturesque life. Enjoy what is real in your life at this present moment!

    • I hear you on your rant. I’m 40 and still live paycheck to paycheck, have no savings, work like a dog but I have nothing to show for it, and feel like a failure in my successful friends’ eyes because my career seems to be going nowhere. I went to a friend’s family dinner last night and she foot the entire bill. Had I known she was going to I would’ve eaten lol. I just got a Coke because I didn’t want to spend money! And my family likes to make me feel better by saying things like, “Why don’t you go back to school and be a nurse? You’d make a great nurse!” (Mom, I pass out when I get blood taken.) or “Well, you wanted to be an artist. What’d you expect?”

      • Those of us in boring high-paying careers are envious of those who do something artistic for a living, FWIW.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s all cycles. The underachieving black sheep in my family had careers that took off later than most, but some of the over achieving good sheep in the family had careers tank earlier than most. And some are stuck in lawyering jobs they hate (it’s a cult, they don’t let you leave).

      • Thanks. It’s hard because we were all in the same program at school and all in the same fields. They’ve been just more driven and proactive about getting certification exams, moving up the corporate ladder, etc. And they’ve all become better friends while I’ve lost touch with them. I know as you get older people grow apart etc, but I can’t help but feel bad when I see them all talking about this stuff on Facebook and I’m not a part of it. Ugh. I feel ridiculous just typing all this out.

        • Are you happy? I mean aside from your career. Personally? I used to put a lot of weight into work and career, but then I realized what truly makes me happy is things OUTSIDE of work. I don’t know, but I kind of feel like the corporate ladder is overrated. Maybe it’s b/c growing up my dad worked a ton of hours and it was nice b/c we had everything we needed, and more. I wish we had more time together when I was a kid though, and I know he feels that way too. Also, there will always be someone smarter, skinnier, prettier, more successful, richer, etc. so don’t compare. Social media makes that very hard! Also agree with what others said in that some people love to paint an amazing life on sm, but IRL they’re miserable!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Nothing to feel ridiculous about. It sucks to be left out of something you used to be a part of, no matter the reason.

        • Not ridiculous at all. (And I feel like I keep reading news stories saying that the more time people spend on Facebook, the unhappier they are.)

          • Thanks PoPville posters for validating my feelings. Makes me feel a lot better. My priority has been to find work that is fulfilling and meaningful, and not climbing the corporate ladder. My job is ok for now, it has great benefits and flexible hours. Maybe it’s not my dream job and soon I’ll want to move on, but it’s a good fit for right now.

      • skj84

        I decided I wanted to be an actress. And by actress i mean restaurant hostess while I auditioned for jobs. I now have a 9-5, but I don’t regret the years I spent trying to make it in theatre. I now do most of my acting on the side. I still get to have a thrill from being on stage and make a living at the same time! And yes, most of my friends who are better off think it’s cool to have an actor in the friend group.

  • Emmaleigh504

    New favorite saying: Being American means never having to apologize for what we eat on Thanksgiving.

  • SFT

    Rave: Working from home today. There really isn’t much work to do, so I’m just perusing the internets.
    Rant: I kind of feel like an A-hole for having the nanny here. I’m going to send her home early and I made her a bunch of food to take home, but I still feel like a dick.

    • As a nanny myself, I hope that you’ll still pay her for the whole day. That should ease the dickish feeling you have. 🙂

      • SFT

        Of course!! We pay her the same weekly salary no matter how much of her time we use, and she gets Thursday and Friday off as paid holidays, plus a sizable holiday bonus. This morning she asked if we had any laundry that she could fold and I told her to put her feet up and sip some tea while the boy napped. I would be the worst at having house staff (if I were rich!), I think I’d wait on them instead of the other way around.

        • How much does a nanny like this cost? You don’t have to tell me the exact amount, but ballpark?

          • SFT

            We have a nanny-share with another family, but they are away this week, so we have her solo this week. Our half is $402/wk. We pay employer taxes on top of that. No benefits other than 2 weeks of vacation and 5 sick days.

          • SFT

            And let me just mention that she is AWESOME and has ~20years of experience. My guy loves her more than me, I think 🙂 She cooks all of his food from scratch, I just bring her a bag of ingredients. Her hours are 8 – 6, Monday through Friday. For us, the peace of mind totally outweighs the cost!

          • novadancer

            whoa, that is cheap! 50 hrs (10 hrs at time and a half) works out to $14/hr for both families!! That is crazy cheap imo – esp for a share ($7 hr/family). We pay alot more than that for our nanny to watch our one child.

        • You sound like a great boss! Nanny-approved.

          • Ahh, nanny-shares are great from what I hear. That’s what I want to do if/when I have a kid. And wow $402/wk is not bad at all! I know some people that pay more than that for daycare.

  • skj84

    Rave: As annoyed I was about traveling for Thanksgiving, I’m glad that I don’t have to host this year. No grocery purchases, or stressing about cooking, or staying up late to brine the turkey. All I have to do tomorrow is show up. Plus I can go out for Thanksgiving Eve festivities!

    Rant: The realization that I’m not as close to my cousins as I should be. Despite the fact we all live in the same city, I don’t see them that much. One of my cousins came over yesterday and It was good to catch up for a bit. I felt bad though, all I wanted to do was rest and watch TV after a long day at work. And I started feeling resentful because I really should connect with my family. I’m going to do better at reaching out to them.

  • Rave: Got my first paycheck ever that was over $2000! It was because I worked a ton of extra hours last week. Love working for a company that compensates us for that.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: it’s snowing! and I didn’t go to the store for milk and bread!

  • Rave: Its snowing – so magical
    Rant: Was biking home last night and I got honked at for stopping at a stop sign. I flipped the driver a bird behind my back and then got called a faggot about 5 times – thanks bigot!
    Rave: Its a half day today and tomorrow is Thanksgiving – life is pretty darn great!!!!!!!!!

    • Regarding stop signs and bicycling, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      • I make wide use of the California stop while I’m biking- as long as no traffic or pedestrians are going to be a problem. I also try to stay as far left as possible at stop signs, since picking up speed from a complete stop (if I have to do it) can probably be very frustrating for a car. Even with all this, though, you’re going to have unfriendly/angry people out there. It’s just the way it is.

    • I actually use a hand signal to inform those behind me that I am actually going to stop. I don’t think most people actually understand the hand signal for stop, but figure it can’t hurt. I do get exclamations like, “Wow, you’re actually stopping at a stop sign?”

  • Rave: about 4 hours away from two weeks off.
    Rant: motivation slipping away. must retain…
    Rave: recording session on Friday!!!!!!!!
    Rave: maybe a trip to Merida!

  • Andie302

    Rave: Pork and beer in the crockpot
    Rave: Not rushing out of the city tonight – hopefully the drive will be easier for waiting
    Rave: Turns out I’ve been working too many hours for the last few weeks, so the office timekeeper (who is STRICT) was like “you should totally get out of here
    Rant: I can’t until I get one thing done
    Rant: and I have zero motivation to even start
    Rave: Snow
    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  • Rave: Thanksgiving is here! Looking forward to good food and friends tomorrow. Wishing everyone a happy one.
    Rave 2: SNOW! Bring it on, I’m hoping this is like 2009/10.

  • skj84

    Rant: I’m at work. I honestly wish my boss would let us work remotely. My job totally could be done at home. But management doesn’t wants us to come into the office to boost productivity. Normally I agree, but today is one of those days where I can’t get anything done. I got a sale already and would leave, but I’m waiting on call backs. Who probably will not actually contact me. No one is picking up on my cold calls. I’m going to ask if they will make weather exceptions. Cause at this point I’m just surfing the internet until 4.

    • skj84

      I just realized my 3rd sentence doesn’t make sense. It should read “management wants us to come into the office. Didn’t delete my original thought!

  • Rant: Sky the color of car exhaust. The damp drear of wet snow. Everyone you meet wishes they were somewhere else.
    Rave: Daughter in town. The cat curled up atop her while she slept on the couch. Kitty is happy.

    Beau: Not sure you saw this yesterday, vis-a-vis your dash to Merida:

    ope you’re still checking!

    A few years back, my wife and I spent a couple of days at this :”eco-hotel” about two hours from Merida. If you want to be in the middle of actual Mexico, not tourist Mexico, this is the place — a relaxing, funky place where the birds wake you in the middle of a very poor but welcoming village. You eat what they serve (decent grub) or go hungry. And it’s right around the corner from Ek Balam, which is not the biggest of the Mayan ruins, but the morning we went we were literally the only people in the place for an hour — having a Mayan Village to yourself is pretty cool.

    Maybe not for the whole week — everyone needs beach time and tequila — but a great night or two.


  • Rave: snow!
    Rave: not traveling for Thanksgiving!
    Question: What pet-sitting companies would POPvillagers recommend? I used PetPeeps to take care of my cat last Christmas, but I’m hesitant to return bc I remember someone here ranting about how they abandoned his cat without any sort of notification. Suggestions?

    • What neigborhood are you in?

    • I use District Dogs and ADORE them! They are the best and the owner is fabulous. And they send texts/pics so you know for sure that your pet is not being abandoned! Check out districtdogs.com!

      • looks awesome but seems like they only provide services for dogs, and I have two cats. thank you though!!

        • Hm, if you are in a bind I’d suggest sending the owner an email-he is super accomodating and trying to grow his business, so I would guess he would take on cat-sitting. Good luck!

    • I’ve used Megan at Fairy Tales twice now (and she’s cat sitting for me again next week) and I absolutely adore her. She works in the Shaw/Logan/U Street area. She’s very responsive and I get daily updates with pictures. She’s at 704-779-1413.

    • gertie_wickler

      I’ll happily recommend Wagamuffin! Certain they have cat visits as an option and fairly certain they would come to Park View.

  • Rant: Apparently my boots are no longer waterproofed, as I discovered on my commute. Wet feet = misery.
    Rave: I had a grumpy start to the day, but some challenging conversations with coworkers perked me up. I love it when there’s actually an exchange of ideas in the workplace.
    Rave: Pork shoulder is brining for Thanksgiving dinner. Tonight is for yoga, pie making, and bread dough prepping. I love this holiday.

  • RAVE: Thanks for posting my doggiew-in-the-window picture.
    RAVE: Support Copenhaver’s Staionaary where it was taken :^) Lovers of snail mail you…..
    RAVE: Love the snow but forgot how it mists up car windows…. perilous!

    • Bruno, we have these exact cards from Copenhaver! That store is the BEST.

      • I love this place too… and I love snail mail. I send cards and people are like, “Thank you sooo much for sending me that card!” Like an ancinet relic… And I think, “Gee, snail mail has not been banished!”

        • Absolutely. I love giving and receiving real cards. I’m also a Paperless Post junkie. I think I just love personal letters 🙂

          • I can’t stand Paperless Post because of the animated thing showing an envelope being opened and a “card” being pulled out of it. I just want to click on a link and see the invitation!

          • I agree that the animation is a bit silly, Textdoc, but I generally find that the good design trumps that.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I love snail mail and postcards! Glad I’m not the only one. I need to check out this store.

  • Rant: I’ve been to two grocery stores this week and they were both out of whipping cream. Is there some shortage I’m not aware of?

    • I remember someone speculating a while back — regarding the D.C. trifecta of bread, milk, and toilet paper as necessary supplies for snowstorms — “What’s the deal… is everyone making French toast??”
      Maybe everyone is not only making French toast, but adding whipped cream. 🙂

  • One more thing: I was looking at other rooms in group houses for rent in Woodley and came across this: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/roo/4770029386.html This is on the same block as my house and the houses all have the same layout. I charged $1075 for the 13.5*19 room. Damn, I guess I gave everybody a pretty good deal.

    • Either the owner is giving you a good deal on the house or someone is taking a bigger discount on the other place. A 10% difference is likely not significant in the big scheme of things nor do we know if they’ll get that price.

      • Accountering

        Slight combination of both I would say. If I was the owner, I would have priced it closer to $5,000. I would say you got an appropriate discount, and just try and keep an eye on when people may be moving out so you can avoid any lag time between renters.

    • I think you gave them a good deal, but don’t second-guess yourself — this $1200 room has been up for 6 days and presumably hasn’t been rented out yet. So there’s no guarantee it’ll go for $1200.

      • Nah, I don’t think I could even bring myself to go higher than what I did. I still feel like maybe I have myself too much of a discount – that’s the only place I second guess myself. When I saw that ad, I thought “are you f’ing kidding me?”

        • If you gave yourself too big a discount, then you’d have higher prices. With the deal you got on the house overall, maybe the discount was deep, but your rooms are still online with the market which is ultimately more important. No one is going to walk away feeling hosed.

      • Pretty sure they were asking more than $1200 for this room a few weeks ago. It’s been on CL for a while, they are just slowly lowering the price.

  • Rave/rant: I have now received ANOTHER Thanksgiving invitation from a friend.
    The times are staggered such that I _think_ I can go to the PoPville Thanksgiving at the Black Squirrel at noon, a friend’s Thanksgiving in Bethesda around 2:30, and this latest Thanksgiving in Silver Spring around 4-5… but this is a bit of an embarrassment of riches!

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