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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Rave: 70 degree November days.
    Rant: First ever TRX class yesterday absolutely kicked my ass.
    Rave: Awesome instructors at the new Navy Yard VIDA.
    Rave: Possibly appearing on HGTV?!

    • I’m obsessed with TRX. It’s the first time in my life I”ve ever enjoyed weight training.

      • justinbc

        It’s for a vacation property we’re looking to buy. Looking in NOLA or Miami.

        • That sounds cool, I’m always partial to NOLA, but a vacation property is nice regardless.
          If you had said Income Property I would have offered to help. Scott MacGillvary is my favorite.

          • Property taxes are much lower in NOLA than FL (where they are jacked up crazy because of no state income tax).

            Not sure the wisdom of owning a vacation property in a hurricane zone if you aren’t nearby, tho. I know it’s a pain for my parents when they are in NC to deal with their FL houses when a hurricane is coming.

          • All these places will be underwater eventually anyways within our lifetimes. Look at the flood plain models.
            With the inability to even get an insurance policy (or obscenely high premiums), this seems like a really bad investment.

  • Rant: Grand jury’s decision in Ferguson. There’s still so much work to do in this country for true racial equality and justice.
    Rave: I slept hard last night, and I’m feeling less sickly.
    Rant: Conference calls today. Don’t people realize that I’m (mentally) on vacation already?
    Rave: Quiet holiday plans with family

    • Really? A racially diverse group of 12 people review all of available evidence and you contend you know more than them? All of this crime and breakdown of civil society and all people can do is blame the cops. Unbelievable.

      • Normally, I’d agree with you. But it was pretty clearly skewed. It was like the prosecutor forgot which side he was on.
        And the problem wasn’t just with this case. Did you see the article about how, in a review of hundreds of thousands of cases, researchers found that grand juries almost ALWAYS return an indictment, except in the case of police officers, where they almost never do. This proves that the system is deeply flawed. The protesters aren’t wrong when they say “it’s legal for a cop to kill a black man”. I fall in to none of these categories, and I am angry.

        • Accountering

          I don’t think it proves what you think it proves. It proves that (in cases of officer-civilian shootings) that grand juries tend to favor the testimony of the officer. In no way shape or form does this prove that the system is deeply flawed.
          Outside of that, the whole situation is sad. I don’t know enough about the case to say whether he should have been charged or not, but the people tearing the city apart over their anger makes my heart go out to the entire town.

          • How do you not think it is a flaw that grand juries favor the testimony of one side or the other? Their role is to objectively evaluate evidence and report what the evidence proves. It is not to impose their preconceptions and prejudices on the case and rule accordingly.

          • Accountering

            Grand juries by their nature ARE going to favor the testimony of one side or another, based on who they find more credible. Police, by their nature, are believed to be more credible than a normal person. Hence why a judge will easily convict you of a speeding ticket in a he-said, she-said situation, absent you proving the officer is wrong with more than just your statements.

          • I guess the difference between us is that you seem to think that preference for the police whether they are right or wrong is OK. I really don’t, and I agree with the OP that that bias IS proof that the system is broken. Who’s watching the watchers? In this case, it doesn’t look like anyone is. And that is a problem.

          • Accountering

            That is a fair difference, and I hear what you are saying. Ultimately, absent all else, I do tend to defer to the judgement/testimony of a police officer, over that of a normal citizen (with the acknowledgement that there have been loads of times where a police officers word has proven to be garbage.) With all of that said, I do agree that, where possible, changes should be made, and think the cameras on their bodies and more cameras on cars is a great start. I also think citizens filming polices officers is incredibly important and should be protected to the nth degree.
            That fool police officer who hassled the person filming the arrest in front of the library should have lost his job.

        • It proves nothing of the sort. The police are trained to only use firearms in life or death situations, so one would hope that the evidence provides grounds for indictment only very rarely.

          And I’m amazed at the number of people who think that Darren Wilson should have been indicted because of the larger social issues of race in America. Come on – this was about one man’s case.

          • Police training confers infallibility, does it? Removes personal bias, and emotion?
            What about that cop who shot the 12 year old holding a toy yesterday? Where was his training when he pulled the trigger twice, aiming at the chest of a child? How about the ones who choked the man in NY til he died? Shall I go on?
            Every case is an individual’s case. When you look at the whole lot of them, you get something called a pattern. And the pattern here shows that certain individuals have a much better chance in our justice system than others. And that proves that it is broken.

        • My friend was on a grand jury this summer that just covered violent crimes. They indicted for every case they saw. Every. Single. One.

          I understand if this was a regular trial where it needs to be beyond a reasonable doubt, but the bar is much lower when it comes to the grand jury.


        • The prosecutor was so completely biased, it was unreal. two minutes into the speech, you could already tell what side he himself had been leaning towards the whole time. The entire thing was disgusting

          • Smilla

            THIS. That prosecutor should be fired, if not disbarred. That grand jury process was so messed up, so skewed, it was clearly designed not to bring charges. The fact that McCulloch treated the process completely differently in this from any other case before makes his bias is clear. Hell, during his press conference, he sounded more like Darren Wilson’s defense attorney than a prosecutor.

            Also, people who care more about property damage than the police shooting unarmed African Americans are the worst.

          • Accountering

            Hey thanks for that! If you go back and read what I wrote, I specifically avoided mentioning the shooting, as I don’t know enough about what happened to make a snap judgement. It makes me sad that this city is seeing so much irreversible damage. I then proposed changes I think should be implemented, but hey, thanks for lumping me in with the racist fools who instantly defend the white officer and say the African American had it coming.

      • Also, what do you mean “all of this crime?” Violent crime in this country is at a 40-year low.

      • The group wasn’t all that racially diverse. It had 9 white people and 3 black people. (hint — while many white people would regard this as racially diverse and integrated, many members of minority groups would not.) According to the press I’ve read, 9 votes would be needed to indict. So, do the math, and draw your own conclusions — at least until more information is released. Also, just as in the Trayvon Martin case, the other side of the story couldn’t be told. Just as with much of history, the victors — not the dead victims — get to have their stories told.

        • So, you’re assuming that the 9 white members voted to no bill, and the black members voted to indict? I’m not sure to whom that’s more insulting.

          • I’m pointing out that by my standards and by the standards of many if not most people of color, this jury was not “racially diverse” although it apparently reflects the racial demographics of the area that it represents.
            – I’m not asserting anything — I’m observing. Nine people on the jury likely have a different experience and different expectations of the police from the other three. In order for the cop to be indicted, at least 9 people on the jury would have to agree to do so. Without the testimony of the young man who was killed — and therefore unable to provide his version of events, we have a young, white, armed police officer saying that he feared for his life, and that to him, Michael Brown “looked like a demon”. I have no idea how any one of the members of the jury voted, and I’m not suggesting that they voted in some type of racial block — your assumption, not mine. I’m drawing my own conclusions about what it would take 6 to 9 people who are likely to value a police officer’s testimony, and to identify with this particular cop’s presentation to vote for his indictment — particularly in the absence of compelling testimony from the young man that he shot.
            Obviously at least 9 of the jury members did not find that the data they were presented with warranted a trial. Given the information that we have access to, each of us, based on our own experiences can draw our own conclusions about what sort of factors, values, and assumptions might have led to their decision.

          • Sorry — at least 4 of the jury members did not find that the data …. warranted a trial.

    • If you assault a cop, you’re most likely gonna get shot. Doesn’t matter what color, size or gender you are, grab a cop’s weapon and you’ll probably end up dead.

      • And how about the fact the young man had just robbed a store prior to the cop stopping him? Does not in any way mean he should be shot but just putting into perspective that he probably really didn’t care about how he acted towards a cop and thus the unfortunate act happened.

        • So the kid robbed a store (was that proved? or just another cop apologist theory?), and the death penalty was enacted without trial.
          A police officer shoots an unarmed person, and doesn’t even have to stand trial to be acquitted.
          Gee, it’s as if some things are just predestined, isn’t it? Why bother to have a justice system at all?

          • Don’t waste your breath arguing with people on here, most of them live in a privileged enough existence of small plates and yuppie nonsense that these issues won’t affect them at all, unfortunately. They will never understand.

          • epric002

            as a yuppie who enjoys small plates; i am offended. less so by your comment than by the systematic, chronic mistreatment of minorities by our law enforcement agencies and “justice” system.

          • well the video inside the store could allude that Brown did do something wrong. Brown didn’t push the employee because they were joking as friends

    • I’m glad that Officer Wilson was not indicted.

  • Rant: Not a fan of the DC Olympics proposal. Wondering what’s the best way to stop this stupid idea in its tracks.

    • Accountering

      I feel so strongly against the Olympics, that had Muriel Bowser came out and said under her watch that the Olympics wouldn’t move forward in DC, should would have won my vote instantly (and that speaks volumes, given my dislike for that empty suit)

      • I agree. I know someone on here had a great defense of the Olympics in the region, and I’d love to see a serious and archived conversation about it, because I remember being ALMOST convinced that the Olympics wouldn’t be terrible.

    • I love the Olympics. I went to the Summer Games in LA in 84 as a kid (yes, I am old) and have loved them almost obsessively ever since. Going to a Winter Games is #1 on the bucket list.

      That being said, DC does not have the infrastructure to do it. Yes, we do inaguaration every 4 years, but that’s one day with everyone going to the same place and with most people having the day off. We can’t shut down for two weeks. There’s no way Metro can handle two weeks of people needing to be all over town. There’s no way we can handle the extra traffic.

      • I’m still mad my parents didn’t take me to the Olympics in LA as a kid. I had to watch them on TV from just a few miles away. 🙁

        The Olympics in DC is such a terrible idea. I can’t even imagine the traffic, how to get the people around, how DC, VA, and MD would cooperate to get it done. It would be a nightmare and we’d come off looking horrible and losing a lot of money. Plus, I’d bet we’d end up with a bunch of random transit projects to places we didn’t need to go rather than transit projects where we actually need them and we’d be paying them off for years.

    • I agree, it’s a terrible idea. Separate and apart from the reasons it’s a bad idea that apply to all cities, the security that would have to be in place would make DC unliveable. But, we’d all make a fortune renting out our places to attendees . . .

      • “But, we’d all make a fortune renting out our places to attendees . . .”
        Which would be more than overtaken by the absurd increase in our taxes to pay for it. It’s a net loss, do the math. Besides, I don’t want all those corrupt IOC jackasses traipsing around our city like VIPs.

  • Accountering

    Rave: For all of you keeping score at home, yesterday I was off work and down at DC Court, and I finalized the divorce! Thanks for all your kind thoughts, and quite happy to be legally single. What a journey – and I am super excited to be moving on!

  • Rant: Handyman made plumbing job worse. Shoulda gone with a plumber in the first place, I know. But if the handyman couldn’t handle it (he’s done other jobs for us without trouble), why didn’t he say so?? And then, I think he was just sick of messing with it, so he said it was done and left. By the time I got downstairs to look at the work, it was too late to call him back. Not that I want him back at this point. For anything. So pissed. AND he left the place a big mess.
    So… anyone got a recommendation for a plumber who won’t break the bank? Preferably one who won’t talk my ear off?

    • Andie302

      Matt Smith is awesome! He saved my roommates rear when I was out of town last Thanksgiving and she clogged the disposal while cooking dinner – plus he helped accountering recently via phone and ended up with a solution that didn’t require a visit. His number is 443-996-7686.

    • I have used B’s Plumbing and been satisfied. In my experience, plumbers are the least reputable of the trades. B’s shows up on time, does quality work, and the prices seem reasonable. Can’t ask for much more than that.

    • James Breau – he’s fantastic. Very good at what he does, and very straight up if it’s something he would recommend someone else for. I recommend him absolutely. 571 213 1551

  • palisades

    Rave: Facebook. There is nothing more entertaining than seeing people on Facebook post their nonsensical opinions on this Ferguson situation. I love reading the statuses and comments. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much.

    • SFT

      On the flip side – I keep clicking on links that people have ‘liked’. It’s usually folks from my backwoods hometown who like some nonsensical article that sites a retired black veteran who corroborates their backwards view of the world. It’s just making me very angry. The comments aren’t even about Ferguson! And that black veteran that’s being quoted is a hoax – why do people fall for this crap?!?

  • Rant: I find it truly disturbing how much people rely on the media to tell them the truth. The media can tell you anything it wants you to know.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I found it disturbing how much the news people seemed to be enjoying playing war. I know their adrenaline was pumping but some of the CNN people seemed way too excited about using their gas masks and wearing body armor while reporting a situation that was pretty safe for them.

      • I agree, i feel like the news having been making this situation worse. They predicted things to get so bad that anything else would be like people in Ferguson don’t care about M. Brown. It is disgusting!!

  • Rant: Went to bed too late last night to get up & walk before work this morning.
    Rant: Crazy morning juggling contractors, parents, day care drop off, and getting cat to the vet.
    Rant: Sounds like they did a biopsy on my cat’s growths. Waiting for results.
    Rave? Can leave kid at home with parents tomorrow & not commute with a toddler in yucky weather? Shoot – forgot to tell day care about that plan.
    Rant: Having trouble getting traction on projects at work. Argh.

    • Ugh. Poor kitty has a pair of mast cell tumors. Fortunately, sounds like she just needs surgery to remove them & should be all set. Vet said that it’s a pretty routine surgery, and while it’s something to take care of in the next few weeks, it’s not something to worry too much about. Poor kitty will need an elizabethan collar or a shirt afterwards to make sure that the surgical sites can heal properly.

      • Recommend the Comfy Cone (I think that’s the proper spelling). My cat had surgery last year, and the comfy cone was a nice alternative to the clear, plastic cones they give you at the vet’s office. You could secure it to his collar, and spot clean it when necessary. It think it was more comfortable for him to sleep in- or as comfortable as it could be, anyway. You could also roll it back a little for easier access to food/water, but cats and dogs can still successfully eat with the cone rolled up or not. My parents’ Great Dane also wore the Comfy Cone (a very big one!) when she had surgery a month ago. She did well in it.

        • Thanks for the suggestion!

        • epric002

          +10 for the comfy cone, and also for the donut collar. we’ve used both during puppy’s surgical recoveries. depending on how hard/easy it is for your cat to access the wound, the donut is better IMO b/c it doesn’t restrict their vision.

    • And another rant: in the process of trying to replace the blower motor for the furnace, the HVAC guys discovered a leak in the vent pipe (carbon monoxide leak risk) and that the pipes are in the way–so pipes need to be re-routed in order to replace the motor. The furnace is 27 years old. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and replace the thing, which will involve re-routing all sorts of things to get the furnace out of the ceiling and next to the washer/dryer which will then need to be stacked rather than side-by-side. Oh, the joys of old houses.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Food coma from Rose’s Luxury last night. I am moving slowly today, but it was worth it!
    Rave: Big day yesterday
    Rant: Somehow I have, in the last week or so, misplaced my debit and primary credit card (together), locked myself out of the house, left my ID and smartrip with accountering across town, lost an earring I really liked, had paperwork blow away as the metro train was pulling away, and my bedroom is a disaster right now. I need to get my life together tonight. Instead I’ll be having a drink with a friend that I haven’t seen in a few weeks. I need more days in the week!

  • Rant: Shots fired in Columbia Heights last night. Any updates? Also, wondering why comments were locked on the nascent thread re this? I was hoping to get more information . . .

    • All I heard (via twitter) is that a juvenile was shot in the 1300 block of Columbia. I think there was a lookout for a man and a woman in a jeep IIRC. (Strictly going off ememory here – I may have it wrong or incomplete.)

    • Comments aren’t locked for me on that thread.

    • Agreed. That block on Columbia between 13th and 14th has had so many incidents this year! I want to know more.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: MedStar Georgetown sending me a heartwarming fundraising letter so I can help, I guess, needy people who break their jaws over the holidays.

    Rant: Same day receiving a letter from an attorney in Baltimore wanting to collect my remaining balance due to MedStar Georgetown. I’m on a payment plan and only have a couple of payments left so not sure how this got screwed up.

    Rave: Pentatonix’s amazing new album “That’s Christmas To Me .”

  • Rant: calling the police at 8:05AM for prostitutes soliciting at 11&M. So much for the busts – I feel bad calling the cops, but they are basically between two elementary schools AND, you know, it’s just not a great thing for the hood. I’ve lived here for 10 years, and I’m still surprised by how in your face it is at 8am.
    Rave: office thanksgiving pot luck
    Rant: my banana pudding never set – not sure why. that’s what I get for following the Paula Dean recipe, I guess. (truth: it’s a delicious recipe and I’ve made it successfully before).
    Rave: back up reeses cup brownies came out fine

    • Repurpose the pudding as a dip or other accessory for the brownies? Bananas + peanut butter + chocolate is always a good combo!

      • my husband will consume it, it just wasn’t decent enough to bring in to a thanksgiving function. So it’s at home. I made a tray of the pudding and I was thinking of putting it in the freezer tonight when I get home ad we can eat that. It is a good dip for the cookies (chessman, per Paula’s recipe). I just hate that I don’t know what went wrong!!

        • Strange indeed. What were you using as a thickener?

          • the recipe is instant pudding, milk, sweetened consensed milk, cream cheese, and cool whip (totally healthy). I followed it to a T. I googled and the only thing I could come up with is 1) old box of instant pudding (even though I bought it last week) and 2) possibly over mixed the pudding and milk with my hand mixer. So weird.

          • Yeah, over mixing is the only thing I can think of too. I did that once with a cheesecake, and while it set, I had to chill it quite a bit. It’s probably too late now, but but maybe a bit of cornstarch would help? I like to make my pudding from scratch, and I use cornstarch as the thickener.

          • I was thinking that, but I just made the back up brownies – I doctor up boxed mix and it’s delicious.

            That said, I REALLY should have just made baked mac and cheese- could have made it well in advance so I wouldn’t have been up all night!!

            The Paula Dean recipe for banana pudding is amazing, though. As much as I loathe her.

  • Rave #1: Gorgeous weather last night – had a wonderful night at the barn and a great bike ride home.

    Rant: Still no word on my Nana’s bracelet that Starbucks had. It’s long gone by now…despite Starbucks claiming to be “looking into it”.

    Rave #2: Celebrating my grandfather’s 95 this weekend with a tea pot cake and family!

    Rave #3: Caramel making day today. Making the apple cider usuals but adding in a milk stout caramel. We’ll see how it turns out!

    • ARgh – water off for “scheduled” repairs in our building. NO caramel making for me…which means no caramels at all for Thanksgiving since I have no time other than today before I leave for the holiday.

    • What’s a teapot cake?
      That’s really vexing about the bracelet. Does Starbucks have cameras that would’ve shown if one of the employees took it from wherever it had been put for safekeeping?

      • My grandfather is obsessed with tea time and with fly fishing. So for his 90th we did a fancy cake shaped like a salmon and this year we’re doing a fancy cake shaped like a teapot!
        Starbucks has to have a police report to view the video – I’ve filed a police report and Starbucks is responding really slowly. Plus, whatever the video shows, I have little faith that the person still has the bracelet…

    • What about asking the Starbucks to post a note from you to staff explaining about sentimental value of bracelet and offering a no-questions-asked reward for the bracelet’s return?

      • Oh I should definitely do this. Thank you for the suggestion. I spoke with a few employees but in the rush off a crazy busy Starbucks, I feel like I was just a nuisance. A note might be a good way to go about it.

        • That’s a great idea. I’m not clear from your comment if you’ve spoken directly with the manager(s)? If not, it would be good if you could find out from someone in charge the best way to get the word out to all of the staff. I know it’s unlikely, but I’m still hoping that someone put it in a Very Safe Place and either hasn’t been back for a shift, or has no idea how to get in touch with you. Do you have a picture of the bracelet — or a similar one? If so, it might help to put that on your note — offering a reward. I hope you get your bracelet back!

      • I like MPinDC’s idea.

  • Rave: Fantastic weekend in Paris with my sister and brother-in-law.
    Rant: Lactose intolerance and french food not the best of partners
    Rave: Totally worth it
    Rave: Major progress made in Christmas shopping

  • Rant: as a St. Louis native and someone who works primarily with young men of color, absolutely, completely heartsick about the failure to indict Darren Wilson.
    Rant: no raves today.

    • they “failed” to indict Darren Wilson because the physical evidence was on the officer’s side, not the witness testimonies that kept changing and also disproved by said evidence. I don’t have 70 hrs to review all the evidence (now posted on CNN), but I’m going to go with the opinion of the 12 jurors that did. It’s a sad situation all around and no winners.

      • Yeah, cause juries never make mistakes. And it only requird 9 of them to agree, not 12.

        • Juries absolutely do make mistakes. But I find it odd that so many people are decrying the verdict as wrong because, and I’m paraphrasing, “another young black man was killed by the police, and no one is going to jail.” There absolutely is a problem in our society with respect to law enforcement and young black men. But – and this is important – that is very different from saying this particular case was decided incorrectly. I have no idea what happened, and neither do any of the people claiming the Grand Jury decision was “wrong.” Protest the abhorrent relationship between the black community and law enforcement – fine. Protest a flawed and biased system – absolutely. But saying this decision is automatically wrong because of that flawed system – that’s where you lose me.

        • yeah because all 9 people got it wrong, try again. Let’s see..these people sat through all the testimony and experts, everyone else is getting all the “info” through news media. Yup, still going with the opinion of the jurors until I read all the facts on the case.

          • Even after the performance of the “prosecutor”? It’s a pretty clear miscarriage of our justice system when the advocate for the state sounds like he’s working for the defense.
            IANAL: I wonder if there’s such a thing as a mistrial for a grand jury. The prosecutor rigged it. His job was not to lay out a fair and balanced case. His job was to go for the defendant, and go hard. He didn’t even pretend to do his job.

          • Try again? Ok, OJ.

    • I’m sorry, it is devastating. I’m also sorry that some people seem to really enjoy being such jerks about the verdict.

      • What’s devastating is the chilling effect this case has on law enforcement. Wilson was not indicted, so justice prevailed there. However, police everywhere may think twice about defending themselves or others if they think it will invite the craziness (i.e., street violence, businesses targeted, angry op-eds calling the officer racist, etc) we saw these past few months. I think one of the reasons the South Side of Chicago is so lawless is that the police don’t even want to go there- it is too much of a hassle to try and enforce the law, so people just have to fend for themselves. And I’m saying this as someone who is normally very leary/distrustful of cops.

        • Except history proves you wrong. Look at LA after Rodney King. According to your logic, it would have become worse off following that disaster.It’s safer now than it was then.

          And Chicago’s south side is lawless? Do you speak from personal experience? Or just from what you’ve heard?

        • If police think twice about shooting unarmed civilians, then that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, I think this failure to indict will just make them more secure in the knowledge that nothing gets a bad cop down.

    • Are you heartsick because of any specific error you believe the Grand Jury made?

      • To be honest, I’m heartsick because of the tumult my home city is in; police or national guard (not sure which) threw teargas canisters into a neighborhood coffee shop in the city itself, NOT Ferguson, that I used to go while in college; friends were trapped in the basement because both exits and back stairwell were gassed. I’m heartsick because McCullough’s “statement” was condescending and taunting and amounted to basically blaming social media and the resulting outcry for him having to be up there, rather than dismissing the issue after an internal police investigation. I’m sickened by the hateful, racist, misguided facebook statuses I’ve seen popping up all day. I’m also confused why, if most grand juries choose to indict, this one didn’t. Many people have said that the decision to indict can’t be based on the larger narrative of police brutality in this country, but I can’t help but wonder if the decision NOT to indict wasn’t also in response to that very narrative.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: too much death and destruction in the world.
    Rave: Justin’s beautiful tree.

  • Rant: witnessed a hit and run on the way to work in front of the White House. I heard the collision (car vs bike), then saw the driver speed off without getting out of his car to check on the victim
    Rant: no one offered to help the victim
    Rant: institutional racism

  • Random: I was at board room last night with my roommate and his lady friend. I noticed a girl sitting by herself ‘throwing back’ drinks, I made a comment about how I thought that was cool…we maybe made eye contact a few times and when I left my roommate said she looked disappointed. We got outside and then he decided he wanted to give her my number….he went back in and came out with her number for me. He said she seemed flattered. Now i just need to figure out something interesting to say…but if your drinking alone at board room on a monday, we would probably get along just fine (ill figure it out)
    Question: What are your opinions on approaching people who are alone at a bar?
    Rant: Still no word about the job i interviewed for on friday….fingers crossed

    • Wait, you had a buddy talk to her for you? Like in middle school?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Nothing wrong with talking to someone who is alone at a bar, but if they are giving 1 word answers and seeming uninterested, leave them alone.

      • +50000 It is only cool to approach someone who is alone at a bar if you are savvy enough to discern whether they are interested or not and enough of an adult to not be a jerk and/or aggressive about it if things don’t go your way.

    • Wait, you think it’s “cool” for a person to indulge their alcoholism publicly? I can’t think what else to call it when someone is drinking quickly and heavily, and being alone kind of caps it.

      • I may not drink quickly and heavily, but I definitely go to the bar solo (I am mid-20s). I don’t think I’m “cool” but I’m certainly not an alcoholic. If anything, I go to a bar to drink and engage in coversation since I think drinking alone at home is more pathetic. Good to know people like you think so highly of me.

          • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that a person “throwing back” drinks alone on a Monday night may not be a great candidate for dating. At least, that’s what I’d tell a friend or family member if they asked…

          • Or maybe they have a Tuesday off because they work in the service or retail industry.

          • Emmaleigh504

            or maybe they have the whole week off and they needed to get away from holiday stress for a bit. too many maybes and what ifs to judge this woman.

        • “I may not drink quickly and heavily”
          Well then Anon 10:45 isn’t talking about you. No need to defend yourself.

      • SFT

        Sometimes you just need to drink alone…and quickly!

      • Wait, you are judging a person based on one night? Wow, impressive. I have gotten drunk a number of times alone (although I haven’t in over a year). Considering I average 3-4 drinks a week and have been drunk once or twice in the past few months, I’m pretty sure I’m not an alcoholic.

        • No, I’m judging a person based on the impression she made on a person who wrote one line about her behavior. Alone, throwing back drinks. That’s pretty much the entire basis for my judgment.

    • “You looked so cool I was intimidated — but I promise I will put middle school behind me from now on.” (Unless you want to play “Spin the Bottle.”
      Or the classic approach: “like Cyrano before me, My heart always timidly hides itself behind my mind… Unlike Cyrano, I will not allow another to speak again on my behalf nor wait until the final moments to declare myself. Roxane, you don’t have to put on the red light. ( I may be confusing my source material)”

    • Good lord it doesn’t require a degree in psychology. You notice someone interesting, so just say hi, my name is bagelboy. And like Emilie504 said, if he/she is monosyllabic and distant, say Have a good one, and move on. It isn’t difficult.

      • Ehhh… in FormerlyBagelBoy’s defense, it sounds like he wasn’t even paying all that much attention and his roommate initiated all of this on his own.
        FormerlyBagelBoy’s judgment when it comes to dating is frequently questionable, but I don’t think this particular instance is a case in point.

        • this isn’t even dating! Its just a silly situation…I feel like I make myself sound a lot less confident than I really am and probably slightly crazy (its the internet i can post whats going on in my head). I tend to make things a much bigger deal via Popville posts then they really are in actuality. That being said…sure iv made some questionable dating decisions but i am who i am, not perfect 🙂

          • You’re fine. If this is how you get introduced to all of your ladies, I’d be worried. But this sounds like a fun, one-off exception and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Good luck!

    • Sometimes your comments make me feel like a voyeur in your dating life.

  • Rave – Making a pie crust from scratch first time tonight! Wish me luck. I’m going to get a pre-made one from the store as a back up.
    Rant – I’ve been on vacation mode all week and haven’t accomplished anything at work.

  • Heads up – I just got a phone call from a recording saying that there’s an arrest warrant out for me in Texas and to call this attorney. I’ve been in Dallas for work, so I called the DC police (because your natural reaction is OMG!) and it’s a total scam. Should have known because it was a recording, it never said where in TX and it never said the warrant was for. It rang in as 911, which I grabbed because I’ve never seen that number come up and didn’t know what was going on. Luckily, they’ve got nothing but my number. Unluckily, there’s no way to track these calls or to know who’s doing them.

    The DCPD said they’ve gotten a ton of complaints about them so be careful out there folks.

  • epric002

    rant: grand jury decision. not surprised, but still disappointed. relatedly, i apparently still have some facebook “friends” who need to be purged…
    rave: campbell & kate blouses for women! the first button down shirt i’ve ever had that actually FITS! the buttons don’t gap open or pop open and i don’t even have to wear a camisole. i am in lurve, despite even the price.

    • SFT

      I’m always on the hunt for button downs that can keep my girls contained. I just looked online and $160 is a lot for a single shirt. Does anywhere in town sell them?

      • I gave up on button down shirts long ago. I’ve never found one that was even remotely flattering. Either they are too large and just hang off me, or they are too small and it looks like the buttons are hanging on for dear life. So frustrating!

        • Same. Either they are too big and make me look like a man, or they are too small and have major gaps in between buttons. I’m sure I could get them tailored to fit, but I’m too lazy.

          • epric002

            anonymouses- i felt the same way. i’m telling you, the campbell & kate shirts are amazing. they are tailored and darted to fit your torso and bust, and the buttons are all set close together so they do not gap or bulge. and the shirts have the slightest bit of stretch to them too, which is perfect.

      • epric002

        i think you can only get them online. i feel you on the price- i found out about them last year i think and i just this month decided to purchase. imo, TOTALLY worth it. if you’re in between sizes, they’ll send you 3 to try and will only charge you for the one you keep. darlene, their customer service rep, is also fantastic.

        • They should really get better pictures or shirts that fit their model better, there is NO WAY I would spend $160 on one of their shirts after seeing the pictures on their website!!

          • epric002

            erm, ok. i don’t think the photos are especially terrible, but go ahead and don’t buy a shirt from them.

          • They just look bunched up and ill-fitting like all other button-down shirts do – nothing (except maybe button spacing) on there to convince me these shirts are better than a $50 shirt I could buy at Ann Taylor or wherever. I believe your testimonial, but those pictures don’t make the case.

          • epric002

            nothing against you, i’m just sort of a contrary person, but i disagree. i think the photos clearly show how their style accommodates a fuller bust and fitted waist. furthermore, i did just search ann taylor, and without their sales, their button downs appear to generally be in the $100 range. they are also all modeled by (apparently) very tall and thin and not very curvy women, and the shirts appear to have minimal, if any, shaping. personally i think they appear pretty slouchy and shapeless. i will admit that the quality of the photos on ann taylor appears higher than campbell and kate, but i’m also going to assume that the ann taylor photos are photoshopped. but of course if the ann taylor price/style/fit works for you- that certainly makes it easier/cheaper!

          • I guess I was just surprised that a company that sells shirts only via their website wouldn’t also make their shirts appear to fit better in their photos. They deserve some kudos for not photoshopping and tailoring for the photos and using rail thin models, but the shirt on the model (who I’m shaped like) fits just like an Ann Taylor or Banana Republic shirt on me (right down to the visible tags on the side seam!). Even their petite sizes are clearly too long in the torso for their models, I guess I expected more for $160. But too much length is my issue more than gapping at the breasts, so that’s the feature that caught my eye.

          • epric002

            you’re right- if length is your primary issue, you’re probably not their intended customer base.

        • This is REALLY good info. The price makes me sad, but I might have to bite the bullet and get one.

      • I Dont Get It

        Here we go again! 🙁

      • I’ve had some luck with finding button down shirts at H&M that have the buttons really close together and have shaping darts. Only some of their button downs work for me, and they are usually the short sleeve ones, which may be less desirable.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so glad you got one and reported back! I’ve been interested in these shirts since someone posted about them last year or so. I hate button ups b/c of the gaping and the need to tuck them in, but sometimes a button up is called for. Such good news to find a shirt I probably wont have to sew shut!

  • Question: I’d like to read a book about the general history of DC – hopefully something interesting and well written. Any recommendations?

    • We have this awesome compilation of the Flashbacks series that was published in the post. It’s a comic book with really interesting facts organized by neighborhood. By Patrick Reynolds- can’t seem to find it other than here: http://randomthoughts.club/aws/itemPage.php?item=0932514332

    • binpetworth

      While more image-heavy than literary, I have found the Images of America series of books incredibly interesting about the different DC neighborhoods. Most are available at local libraries. I particularly recommend the one on the Knickerbocker Snowstorm and one on African-Americans in DC from 1861-1962.

    • Anything by Constance McLaughlin Green. They’re older but comprehensive.
      Reveille in Washington, 1860-1865 by Margaret Leech. Specifically Civil War era.
      Grand Avenues: The Story of Pierre Charles L’Enfant by Scott W. Berg

  • SFT

    Rant: i work with older people so we really have nothing to talk about other than the weather.
    Rave: Older people-isms. The woman who sits next to me is always saying “oh sugar” when something goes wrong or frustrates her. The guy behind me says “oh fudge”. It’s just a confectionery shit-storm or sugar and fudge all day long!!!

    • lol @ your rave. I work 100% remote and all I can say is….the stereotype of people who work in IT liking star wars and star trek is on point

    • palisades

      lol this is wonderful

    • Haha!
      I’ve heard my mom saying, “Oh, phooey!” on a couple of recent visits. The thing is, I don’t think she’s deliberately euphemizing (and it’s not like she’d need to around me, anyway). Maybe she picked it up from someone else…

      • SFT

        I’m trying not to curse so much now that my little guy is starting to repeat things. My new go-to’s are ‘oh mylanta’ and ‘sweet baby jane’.

    • My oldest sister’s go to expression of frustration is “For the love of Pete!” Which naturally led to her husband wondering who this Pete guy was.

    • One of my mom’s was “oh for crying out loud!”

    • skj84

      Lol. I may use “oh fudge. More than a 30 year old should. Last year a coworker laughed at me for saying “darn it”! It’s not that I don’t curse, I think near profanity is more fun.

    • I say ‘phooey’ and ‘dang’ a lot at the office only because my office mate has a fucking fit if I use naughty words.
      Believe me, it doesn’t come naturally to me.
      (BTW she’s substantially younger than I.)

    • When I first started my job, the other young whippersnappers and myself “got a talkin’ to” by our managers because we would drop F-bombs left and right in our offices and on phone calls with each other.
      Apparently, the Af-Am Christian old lady receptionists who have worked here for 40 years complained en masse about our “un-Christian like” language 😀 Fortunately, our bosses thought it was hilarious (they are guilty of colorful language)

  • Rant: Grand Jury Decision.
    Rant: The people who felt the need to riot, loot and destroy property rather than peacefully protest.

    Rave: Thanksgiving is just a few days away.

  • Rave: Cooking for 2 Thanksgiving dinners; the main event will be at my brothers then I’m cooking a smaller one for the following day. Trying two “evocative” recipes from the NY Times Thanksgiving article (baked potato with garlic-paprika oil and DC’s own garam masala pumpkin tart/pie) and Andie’s salted caramel six-layer chocolate cake.
    Rant-ish: Went to six stores looking for Dutch-process cocoa, not to be found.
    Rave: No one will know that I’m using regular cocoa

    • Re: dutch-process cocoa. I could’ve sworn I found some at either Giant or Safeway. I don’t remember the name of the brand, but it was in a red canister. But you’re right, no one will be able to tell the difference!

    • Andie302

      I used regularly unsweetened cocoa and it was still awesome! I’m sort of jealous of all your cooking. I get relegated to yeast rolls and dessert when I’m at my parents house. Although, cooking in my mom’s kitchen is like cooking with one arm tied behind your back and only having a rusty garden tool to use…so I guess it’s good the expectations for my contribution are low.

    • I Dont Get It

      No grape salad? 😉

  • laduvet

    Rave: I am cooking for Thanksgiving twice! which means i choose both menus 🙂
    Rant: My mother is traveling to DC (via train, metro and walking) to my apartment as I type this… she has begun personifying her journey by texting me. I will likely have 15 messages received with images by 12 pm today.

  • Rant: Went through over 800 emails yesterday for work after sending invitations for an event – bounced email notifications, RSVP responses, etc. My eyes, they were so cross-eyed.
    Rave: Going home tomorrow through Monday, yay! Looking forward to tasty food and lazing around at home, family and cats, and reading in front of the fireplace.
    Rant: Hoping the weather tomorrow doesn’t affect my train up north or my parents’ ability to pick me up from the train station (they’re expecting about 6 inches)… Snow, why couldn’t you come on Thursday??

  • Just one rave today: the newly released, extended version of the Mike Pesca interview with Sarah Koenig on The Gist. For all of the big Serial fans out there, I think this is essential listening. It’s on the Slate daily podcast feed.

  • Anyone have intel on the fire that was set last night around 11pm on 17th St and New Hampshire Ave? I assume it was possibly a result of the Ferguson decision – but no one was around and there was no rioting in the area. Thanks!

    • A dumpster was set on fire last night near NH & Riggs Place, Which is close to NH & 17th (closer to 18th though). Is that the one you’re talking about? If so a witness has told neighbors that it was a group of protestors.

      • It’s not the one I was talking about, but I’m assuming it’s related. Thanks!

      • Spoke too soon. Just got word that someone’s recycling bin at 17th & NH was also set on fire. So that’s at least 2 fires, likely by the same group. Brilliant.

  • Rave: DIY fixed my furnace last night and was able to cancel the appointment with the tech this morning.
    Rave: HVAC guy who gave me advice over the phone since he was licensed in MD and did not work in DC
    Ponder: Does this mean I can spend the $120 or $400 estimated repair bill, or the $4,000 new furnace bill, on something else?

  • Reminder: Unofficial PoPville Thanksgiving get-together, Thurs. 11/27, 11:30 a.m., the Black Squirrel, Adams Morgan.

  • Rave: Just began seeing someone new, and it feels more promising than any dates I have had in years. Trying to be cautiously optimistic.
    Rave/rant: It’s awkward to start dating someone at this time of year with things like new years being planned out early.
    Rant: Work slump for the past two months. I don’t know how to get out of it, but it’s affecting my performance.

    • Sounds like me a bit haha at least early on when i start seeing someone new! I am also in a work slump. I work from home and there can be hours that go by without emails or any contact…its so hard to stay focused. Hope you are able to get out of the slump, I’m sure a significant other would be a good start :p

    • magpies

      Cautious optimism! Thanks for enunciating what I need. (It helps me to have a term/phrase/descriptor nailed down.) Hope it keeps going well for you! 😀

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Planning a light renovation of my place.
    Rave: Trying to decide which of my photos to print, size, where to hang them.
    Rant: Not being able to buy a lens I want because of said light renovation.

  • A beautiful photograph.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Ran the Philly marathon this weekend and actually finished it!
    Rant: Was one minute and forty-two seconds short of my goal time.
    Rave: Goal time was completely arbitrary, so it doesn’t really matter.
    Rant: My legs still hurt and stairs are frightening.
    Rave: Going home to the parents’ for Thanksgiving.
    Rant: Going home to the parents’ for Thanksgiving…
    Rave: Looks like my flight tomorrow will be early enough not to be snowed in. Maybe.

  • Shot in the dark, but did anyone find a silver chain link bracelet with a letter “J” charm near farragut north on Friday/Saturday? I was at a conference over there, then ran some errands and realized on the way home it was gone. Not worth much, but has a lot of sentimental value. I’ve already called all the stores and the hotel where the conference was and no one has seen it.

  • Rave: may have finally decided where to go on vacay next week: Merida, Mexico. Anyone been? Recommendations?
    ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Rant: Ferguson. I got into a debate with someone about Ferguson. Her view? The protesters clearly hadn’t listened to the facts, if they had, they would not be protesting. Raaah.
    ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Rave: in developing a way to explain what I saw to be a flaw in her condescending logic, I came across this great Tim Wise quote from his most recent Ferguson piece “The inability of white people to hear black reality—to not even know that there is one and that it differs from our own—makes it nearly impossible to move forward.”
    ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Neither rant nor revel: heading to the protest tonight.
    ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Rant: I wish we as a culture were better at empathy.
    ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Rant: I’m worried about a research project I’m starting – my question is whether Americans kill more people globally each year than any other nation (including drone strikes abroad and Americans killing each other at home). I’m worried the answer is yes. I’m worried the answer is no, but that we’re close to the top.
    ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Rant: The DA in the Ferguson case passing the buck to a grand jury rather than having the courage to own the lack of prosecution.

    • You claim to be an attorney, right? Do you not realize that DA’s can bring charges without a without a grand jury hearing the evidence? In this case, the prosecuter convened a grand jury to review the evidence, letting them decide whether or not to indict. Grand juries are intended to give a fair airing of changes and not rely on one person’s decision to, or not to charge.

      • “Do you not realize that DA’s can bring charges without a without a grand jury hearing the evidence?” — Isn’t it clear that the answer is “yes”? How is that not obvious from the following sentence? “The DA in the Ferguson case passing the buck to a grand jury rather than having the courage to own the lack of prosecution.”

      • Wow beau. You and justin certainly get the confrontational anonymous commenters. No wonder we never see you at the happy hours.

    • Agreed on all accounts re: Ferguson. That DA is a clown. Anyone with common sense that just doesn’t take things at face value knows exactly what his game/angle is. He didn’t want a prosecution and made it so. He didn’t do his job. He is the freaking DA and his job was to go hard, get an indictment for this case and to prosecute. Never in my life have I heard of a DA try and do something that was fair and equitable to the defendant (in criminal matters). Their job is to prosecute. Like they say, it could have been a ham sandwich and that would have been enough. Hell the racial tensions in the area itself warrants enough PC to move forward on an indictment but laymen (the jurors) would not know that. Am I wrong?

    • Hope you’re still checking!

      A few years back, my wife and I spent a couple of days at this :”eco-hotel” about two hours from Merida. If you want to be in the middle of actual Mexico, not tourist Mexico, this is the place — a relaxing, funky place where the birds wake you in the middle of a very poor but welcoming village. You eat what they serve (decent grub) or go hungry. And it’s right around the corner from Ek Balam, which is not the biggest of the Mayan ruins, but the morning we went we were literally the only people in the place for an hour — having a Mayan Village to yourself is pretty cool.

      Maybe not for the whole week — everyone needs beach time and tequila — but a great night or two.


  • Rant: My favorite coworker’s last day was today. not happy.

  • Rant: Nobody is talking about the fact that IMO Wilson “gamed” the system. Just read his statements, he knew and said exactly what he needed to say to get off and that is what it came down to, not all of this other BS. He said he felt that his life was in danger and that alone gives him the green light to pull the trigger. With that said, he also said that he took “two devastating punches and he thought that the third would be fatal…”, from the pics that I have seen, I haven’t seen the effects of two devastating punches to the face by a giant of a man who made you feel as if you were a five year old boy though you are like 6’3″, 210 or so. Also he says he was “charging” at him but he is the only person that I have read or heard of saying that. Is it possible that you told him to come to you? If indeed he was charging you from 150′ away, why not tase him or pop him in the legs a couple of times? There are just too many holes in his story that we will never be able to verify because like Trayvon, the victim will forever remain silent, “Officer Wilson” made sure of that.
    And don’t let me get started on McColloch that POS who decided to punt the indictment to the Grand Jury when he had more than enough PC to do it himself. You all keep talking about the jury of 9 but a lot is left to be said. Why would McColloch give so much information, that is not what you do in a grand jury and as others have said they indict 99% of the time, doesn’t mean the person is guilty but it means it warrants at least a trial where professionals can break it down and answer the question. If you don’t see anything wrong with the process as it happened in Clayton County then you really need to get your glasses checked. And look, I am someone that says that if indeed Brown was pushing the cop in the car, punching him or whatever that, yes, likely he would be shot and killed. But how did it get to that point, how are there bullets so far away, how do they only have 3 blacks on the jury in a predominantly black city? How are there only a few black police officers on the force? Did Wilson not have a taser?

    • Accountering

      Just a couple of points, police are trained to when they shoot, they shoot to kill. There are no warning shots, or shots to disable. I don’t have an issue with this, as for the most part (still unsure about this case) when a police officer fires his weapon, he is firing it for a damn good reason.
      Regarding the prosecutor, I agree, sounds like he screwed up big time, and is certainly a part of the problem. I see no reason why this wasn’t treated like EVERY OTHER crime, and run through a standard grand jury.

      • I do have a problem with shooting to kill. Disabling the suspect will almost always serve the purpose needed, and then you haven’t killed someone who might turn out to be innocent and/or can give a more full accounting of what happened.

        • Andie302

          That’s a basic principal of law enforement that’s not likely to change. If an officer sees the threat as deadly, they shoot to kill; if they don’t, they don’t draw their weapon.

          • You nailed it “If an officer sees the threat as deadly”. And there you have it, end of discussion. We are talking about many of the same officers that are crooked, racist and have a huge chip on their shoulder but are nothing but punks with a badge. I am not saying all of them are but there are many, far too many and we are giving these clowns all of this authority to determine who lives and who dies. How is it that people can kill multiple people in movie theaters with all kinds of assault weapons and come out unharmed in handcuffs but an unarmed black boys get gunned down, no questions asked? I would love for someone to answer that.

          • I don’t give cops any credit for being better at making decisions in the heat of the moment than anyone else (even despite their training). They’re people, and to be honest, often people who seem to have something to prove, so in fact might be LESS good than a random person at making these decisions.

          • Andie302

            I don’t disagree with you, but what’s the alternative? If we don’t give police the authority to act quickly and decisively in dangerous situations, then don’t they become much less effective, or worse, targets for criminals? They’re out there doing a job that a lot of us don’t want to, or can’t do, to keep us safe. Do they make mistakes? Yes. Are there crooked cops? Yes. Does that mean you handicap all the other officers for the sake of weeding out bad apples? I think that discourages good police work and scares (even more) people away from the field.

            Also – gah! principle*

          • The alternative is instead of “shoot to kill,” shoot to disarm or shoot to diffuse or shoot to disable, or probably much of the time, just don’t f’ing shoot at all. I realize that with a moving target outcomes are not always what are intended, but maybe by changing the intent we will change many outcomes.

          • I hear you but I think part of the answer is that we make them accountable, far too often they are not. Many do as they please, whether that is arresting someone or killing them and they move on with their lives. Many of us have been arrested for no reason other than the cop showing their authority, we get to court, they throw it out because it is a BS charge but the cops goes on with his life while we are stuck dealing with the ramifications of the arrest that was unwarranted. At least, we were able to get up and walk away unlike those that have been killed. I think they just need to be responsible for their actions and last nights no bill showed me again that they system always works in their favor.

          • epric002

            i agree with kam. when did we as a society decide that the police should no longer be expected to use the minimum amount of force necessary to accomplish their objectives? too often it seems that even those cases with blatantly excessive force never result in an indictment, prosecution, or conviction. all a law enforcement officer has to say is that they were in fear of their life (no matter how ludicrous the claim despite the evidence) and they get off scot free while very often leaving an injured or dead person with no recourse.

          • Accountering

            @Kam and Epric

            If there are police officers out there that are crooked, racist, or have a huge chip on their shoulder, then they need to be removed. I agree. They should be held accountable when they make mistakes, or are frankly racist, which I know happens.
            What do you propose though? Completely removing their ability to use their service weapons? How do we differentiate? Outside of some bad examples, the vast majority of times when there is an officer shooting, I would say it is justified. I refuse to handicap the police from doing their job, to root out the bad apples.
            As far as minimum amount of force… Once the police officer decides that someone is a bad guy, and needs to be stopped, what would you propose? Waiting until the bad guy actually shoots someone? When it comes to bad guy with a gun attempting to harm innocent people, and police officer with a gun, they should be shooting to stop him immediately, and that means killing him.

          • epric002

            accountering- i don’t think anyone here has proposed that we remove their ability to use their service weapons/disarm them. to me though there is a clear difference b/n “minimum use of force necessary” and “always shoot to kill”. another big part of the problem is that we have no reliable national data on police shootings. when you don’t have the statistics, it’s a lot harder to examine the circumstances of the shootings and develop standards/training for appropriate uses of force. unfortunately too many of the (poorly reported/tracked) police shooting victims are mentally ill, or a person of color, or both. if the federal government started requiring law enforcement agencies to report shootings, we could learn a lot about appropriate uses of force, dealing with the mentally ill, racial bias in policing, and how to make ALL of us safer.

          • Accountering

            I agree with your second part 100%. The fact we don’t know more about police shootings is ridiculous. The fact we don’t know more about shootings in general falls completely at the feet of the republicans, and the NRA, but that is neither here nor there 🙂
            I just can’t agree with your argument. What does shooting to disable even mean? Shoot the guy with a gun in the leg? The only time officers are (theoretically) supposed to discharge their weapon is when they, or another, are in imminent danger. This means you need to remove the threat immediately, to remove that imminent danger. Crazy guy is pointing a gun at you, do you want the cops to aim for his leg – or the largest part of his body (chest), and the part that is going to stop him the quickest?

          • Accountering, the evidence in the Mike Brown case clearly shows that the police officer fired off a second volley of shots after he already had hit Brown multiple times and was incapacitated. The final shot hit Brown’s head as he was falling to the pavement, removing a large chunk of his skull. IMHO, that’s evidence of excessive force. The perp was already incapacitated and the officer went in for the “kill shot.” There was absolutely no reason to fire those last two or three shots.

          • @ OP Anon – actually the blood splatter showed that Brown was not incapacitated and falling to the ground at the first round of fire. 2nd round of fire started when Brown was charging Wilson. Can refer to the Crime Lab Report and Private Autopsy Report

        • Accountering

          Well, this is a fundamental disagreement. To me, when a bad guy aims a gun at a police officer, I prefer the bad guy is stopped, and that means deadly force. I would much prefer a bad guy killed, versus giving him another chance to shoot the officer, or an innocent person.
          Taken to another extreme, in a hostage situation, should the sniper aim for the hostage takers leg to take him down? Then we would have the hostage takers accounting of the what happened.
          In that case, the sniper would aim for his head, because he poses an immediate threat and needs to be stopped. Police shootings are quite rare, but when they happen, it is because the police officer deems the person to be an immediate threat (or at least the majority of shootings, that is the case)

          • But too police officers have demonstrated that they are incapable of distinguishing between a bad guy, and an ordinary black guy. So you say that you want the bad guys stopped. I say it’s more important to keep the ordinary black guys alive.
            And no, stopping the bad guy does NOT mean deadly force. So many options. Why choose the ONE you can’t come back from?

          • Accountering

            I would love to hear these options… A bad guy with a gun, and a police officer with a gun. What options does the officer have?

          • Um, how about the guy who doesn’t even have a gun, yet the cops assumes he does because Black? I don’t know why you’re even bringing a non-sequitur about a “bad guy with a gun” into this, considering the fact that no one is arguing that cops shouldn’t shoot at people with guns (especially those who have taken a hostage).
            You’re comparing delicious apples to stinky durian fruits.

      • I had the conversation with a friend about the same point with the police are trained to shoot to kill so I understand what you are saying. That said, why did he not put him down right away if he was shooting to kill? I think Wilson was in over his head and wasn’t profecient with his pistol. I just don’t understand what person is going to keep coming at you unarmed when you are shooting at them from 150′ away, just does not make sense.

        • from what I understand from my STL friends is that Ferguson is mostly a speed trap type of town, so Wilson may very likely be far more proficient with a radar gun.

        • Cops don’t shoot to kill – they shoot for center mass (i.e. the largest possibe target on a human – the chest, which is not easy during an adrenaline fueled moment. Shooting a moving leg, arm, hand, etc – nearly impossible. Fire only to present end the imminent threat to life or serious bodily harm. And a guy charging at you who had just tried to wrestle a weapon from you hand qualifies. This aint the movies, folks.

    • The grand jury was selected way before Brown was shot and Wilson did not carry a taser. Hope people will take the time to read some of the info/evidence that is now available to the public and come up with their own conclusions based on facts

      • Indeed, grand juries are selected well in advance but that does not change the makeup of the city or area. I don’t get your point. I too hope that people read what is now available and then use their brain to read through all of the BS. At the end of the day, he is getting off based on his testimony, end of story.

        • Accountering

          Random? Even in a city that is 60% black, it would be quite easy for 9/12 random people selected to be white.

        • If you read some of the testimonies from the African-American witnesses, their versions of events corroborated with Wilson’s story along with the forensic evidence. Stating facts not opinions.

  • Anthony Bowen YMCA is charging an extra $36 in December for program use. Back to normal rates in January. Seems like a mandatory “holiday donation” to me.

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