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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Planning a trip to Quebec City and Montreal this winter. Any tips, suggestions? Touristy spots, restaurants, and hidden gems would be appreciated!

    Rave: I love today’s weather…let’s skip to Spring.
    Rant: I have to fly out Wednesday mid-day…let’s hope it doesn’t snow.

    • Big in Japan! Get the pork belly buns.

      The sister restaurant is also cool, but a very different (swankier) vibe.

    • I love Montreal so much. I had the most amazing dumplings of my life at Mai Xiang Yuan (cash only), as in I was research pork import laws after those.
      The pastries and sandwiches at Olive and Gourmando are not to be missed. Read the yelp reviews for more information on the slightly strange ordering system.
      For a nice, but not pretentious French dinner go to L’Express. You’ll with Le Diplomate could magically transform into a larger L’Express after. You can make reservations online. This area is also nice for walking and browsing.
      For the requisite poutine head to La Banquise where you can get anything you want on it in addition to the gravy and cheese curds.
      For the most part, Montreal is walking the old city, enjoying the parks if the weather permits, and the art museum has an extensive free collection. If the weather is nice enough head to Mont Royal via public bus for a view of the whole city.
      I haven’t been to Quebec in a long time, but I really enjoyed a tour of the Citadel. I would love to at least have gone in Chateau Frontenac.

    • Get the rabbit poutine at The Lapin Sauté in Quebec City. Yum…

    • Club Super Sex!

  • SFT

    RANT: Why are men’s products so much cheaper than women’s!?! I just bought a hair styling product that, other than the packaging, is exactly the same for both women and men. But the men’s version was $5 cheaper. It’s the same with razors, shaving cream, deodorant, and I’m sure a million other products too. It’s total crap!
    RAVE: Pie. All of them!

    • pablo .raw

      Because the price is not based on the real cost of things, it’s based on demand.

    • Aren’t men’s razors more expensive? But the quality is a lot better.

    • magpies

      The Amazon reviews for those pink Bic Gel Pens “For Her” will always be one of my favorite things ever.

      • I’ve seen those reviews and they make me sad. Why do people equate liking pink with being a bimbo? I’m an electrical engineer– I will never be dependent on a man for anything. But if something comes in pink, I’m getting it in pink because it’s my favorite color.

        • I think people are objecting to the marketing, not really to the color itself.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Some people have a problem with “pink washing”. I read some things about in on Jezebel, but quickly got bored with it. Basically I all I retained was the phrase “pink washing”.
            good story, Emily.

          • +1 The issue is less the color than the overpriced, sometimes inferior quality products that marketers assume that all women will all snap up because of the color. “Shrink it and pink it” is a marketing cliche for a reason.

          • In response to Emilie, of course Jezebel had a thing about pink. God forbid you be the least bit “traditionally feminine” over there. I can’t even with them anymore.

          • magpies

            Yep. How about we just refrain from gendering color and formulations of oils, fragrances, and emollients and junk.

          • I think the “pink washing” refers to breast cancer awareness and the practice of putting a pink ribbon on a product as a marketing tool.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Anonymous 10:33, I can’t with Jezebel anymore either. Anything good is buried by dreck. I just don’t have enough outrage to dig through it all.

          • Just wanted to echo was AE said. “Pink washing” is about using breast cancer awareness as a marketing technique.

        • skj84

          I’m in the same boat. I love pink. I have an issue with people who think traditionally feminine= weak. However I always buy men’s razors, they are cheaper than the ladies.

      • SFT

        Yes…those and the Haribo sugar-free gummy bears!

    • Lots of research has gone into this.
      Women have a greater propensity to spend more on beauty products and are less price sensitive. At a certain point, if a personal care product is too expensive, guys will just say “Meh, I don’t need it.” Women will buy it because they feel the need to buy it, even if it’s relatively expensive for their budgets.
      Basically, this all comes down to societal sexism and men being slobs (which society allows us to get away with).

      • SFT

        So my take away here is: I’m going to start buying men’s products (the ones that don’t smell like freshly cut grass and hammered steel) and quit buying the expensive frou-frou pink crap. Generally, it works just as well and is a fraction of the cost.

        • I am a woman who often buys the “men’s” version of products largely because they are often a lot less heavily perfumed than the women’s versions (Axe and Old Spice products excluded, of course). Am glad to find out they can also be less expensive!

    • pablo .raw

      I guess the real question is: Why if products are basically the same (i.e. a shampoo, conditioner) for men and for women, do women buy the women’s version that is more expensive? If I was a woman, I would refill my different containers with cheaper men’s versions of everything! 😀

    • Clinique’s men’s lotion is the same as the Dramatically Different. They don’t identify the oz (at least not readily) for the men’s lotion, so I can’t tell if you get more for $26…but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • laduvet

    Rant: I may have to work overtime this week… why is it so busy right now?!
    Rave: Trying out the new bar Lost and Found after work
    Rave: BACON WRAPPED DATES with blue cheese

  • Rant: a week with the in laws… sigh
    Rave: more people to watch the kids and… stuffing!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Life is too short for soggy Tater Tots! Step it up please, cafeteria!
    Rave: The spaceman and robot Christmas ornaments I ordered Friday from Amazon Prime were delivered on Sunday by the USPS.
    Rant: Sunday delivery is just going to make my Amazon Prime addiction worse.
    Ravish/Rantish: I need to get organized, sort through my boxes of extra Christmas decorations and sell all the ones I no longer use (Craigslist?).

  • Rant: I’m dragging today
    Rave: Two day week!
    Rant: My dad seemed unhappy that I’m not all about driving to SC with him, his girlfriend (who I’ve met a handful of times), and her family for Thanksgiving. Is it really so terrible that I’d rather spend it alone, relaxing? I’d just like a couple days to myself since he’ll be in DC Friday anyway and then I’ll be busy entertaining him.
    Rave: Flooring is happening in the Woodley House this week and then appliances will be brought in next week. This is exciting. I kind of feel like a homeowner, but without the equity.

    • Oh one more rave: Bought the 100 pack of gel pens from Costco for my classroom. Maybe the kiddos will be more excited to edit and revise their writing if they can do it in pink sparkles!

    • My mom is making us have Thanksgiving dinner with her new boyfriend and his (adult) kids. I’ve met her BF once and I’ve never met his daughter (or her husband and their new baby) or his son. I’m kind of annoyed, because all I really want to do is have a chill Thanksgiving with my mom and sister (and her newlywed husband). The last thing I want to do is make chit-chat with random people over dinner, ugh.
      I’m only going along with this because it’s important to my mom. This is her first boyfriend since she and dad divorced about 7 years ago. So I’ll put on a happy face for the day.

      • An unsolicited idea to get through Thanksgiving with strangers: I would bring a Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity (if your family is as warped as mine) to play. I find that a good board game and some wine always helps to break the ice during family meetings. Board games always help keep my family occupied with something other than arguing about politics. Good luck!

      • Not “random people” but potential “blended family” (?) members. I understand the desire to just chill but, as someone looking at the real possibility of having my kids thrown in with my girlfriend’s (very weird, but lovely) extended family some Christmas very soon, I’d suggest that this is a very nerve-wracking and challenging moment for your mom and her boyfriend and hope — even if it takes early morning gin — you’ll move beyond “putting on a happy face” and actually go into thinking that you’ll have a good time. Besides, you’ll likely (hopefully?) be stuck with these people for a while so you may as well go into it with a little bit of optimism. It will make mom very happy. And, who knows — they might actually BE a good time.

      • This doesn’t seem so bad to me, just from how you describe it. It’s nice to have a few new faces, to defuse the family friction, I find, and it helps keep us on our better mannered side of things. Plus, a baby, always fun to coo a little. A bit of drama makes more memories, too. Make sure you take a stroll, though, if you find the scene too irritating, and good luck.

    • I’m with you, dealing with non-family on Thanksgiving really bugs me. It just throws the whole dynamic off when you have to worry about keeping them entertained, whether they will behave themselves and how to keep up the company manners if they do. On Thanksgiving, all I want is to relax with my family and eat some amazing food.

      • epric002

        +1 i totally feel the same way, but i feel guilty for feeling that way. my parents always invite thanksgiving “orphans” over, which i get is a really nice thing to do, but i get annoyed that every thanksgiving with them includes random people who, not infrequently, turn out to be really weird.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My favorite aunt does this at Xmas. I’ve decided to view it as a study in weird humans. It helps that Xmas is not my thing, the food normally sucks, and she knows some REALLY weird people. She picked up some interesting people during her stint in the Peace Corps. When I can’t make Xmas (usually) my cousins always have amusing stories about the orphans.

        • I’m going to guess that you’ve never been by yourself for Thanksgiving, except perhaps by choice. Count your blessings.

          • epric002

            fair enough. i appreciate the sentiment, i really do. but to know that EVERY thanksgiving at my parents’ house will have random strangers makes me not want to spend thanksgiving with them. fwiw, i’m an introvert, so having to be “on” for something like thanksgiving dinner is exhausting.

          • Interesting. I collect people on Thanksgiving. I’m having 20 people this year. Parents and siblings, yes. (Mine and my spouse’s.) But also a colleague of mine, some students of my spouse’s (high school kids who deserve better than what they got in the parent lottery), and some rather tenuous family (in-laws of in-laws).
            I’ll keep an eye out for people feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. (The high school kids are always uncomfortable and overwhelmed. We just feed ’em up and make sure not to put them on the spot, conversation-wise.)

          • epric002

            anonymous @ 3:07- i’m sure your invitees truly appreciate having a welcoming place to go to for thanksgiving, and if that sort of environment was too much for them they’d likely decline. anon @ 12:19 was right that my choice, given the 2 options, is to be by myself for thanksgiving. it’s not sad, i just don’t (usually) feel like having to make polite small talk with random people i don’t know (and where the group dynamics are just weird, b/c of the nature of orphan thanksgiving), especially at my parents house on thanksgiving.

  • Rant: Met my friend’s bf for the first time and he was overly friendly. I kept trying to convince myself that it was nothing, but at one point he put his arm around me and kissed my neck. My friend was there and either didn’t notice or didn’t care but it made me incredibly uncomfortable.
    Rave: Three day week. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving.
    Rant: Feeling so so homesick. Missing my easy, old friendships. I wish home was closer.

  • RANT: eulogizing Barry like a saint…

    There is nothing redeeming about the man. Any credibility he built in the 60’s re: race equality, he completely burned in the following 5 decades of womanizing, drug infused, tax cheating, taxpayer money stealing, “pay to play”, random drug test failing, multiple DUI, racist life. He died as he lived, for himself and without dignity and it makes me sick that the rest of the DC Council are eulogizing him like a saint so they can keep the portion of the voting demographic that continually voted for him happy

    • He was a great and flawed man. May he rest in peace.

    • I agree he had issues, and I agree that his last term in office was a joke, and that he helped the downward spiral of the city during those terms by making the government a defacto jobs bank. All bad stuff. But to say there is nothing redeeming about him, well that’s ignoring quite a bit of history. Just becasue he f** later, doesn’t mean his accomplishments should be completely ignored.

      • His “accomplishments” could be counted on one hand, and are all nearly 50 years old. The embarrassing, galling stuff went on for 50 years and could fill reams of paper.

        I am probably older than most posting here, I was living here in DC in the late 70’s, and you would be wrong to think it was Barry’s final term of Mayor that was the beginning of his downfall.

        Remember the nepotistic crap Gray got called out on for hiring a dozen or so friends and their kids who were unqualified for their jobs. Barry spent the 70’s and 80’s doing it without remorse. Their were hundreds of them, many of them working a “no-show” arrangement Barry had “worked out”. Then there were the dozen times he got caught handing hundreds of millions of dollars in no bid contracts to his personal friends. 7 members of his cabinet, people he personally selected were indicted and imprisoned for running their departments like their personal savings accounts.

        He was a serial womanizer, constantly embarrassing his wives by cheating on them in public…

        Like I said, this could go on for hours, but all of these shenanigans started with his first mayoral administration, and it was downhill from there.

    • You realize that yours is just one opinion, right? And that the credibility that Barry built in the ’60s and beyond is the basis for many people’s current success. You obviously can say what you want, and feel what you want, but please have some respect for the people that you’re denigrating in your tirade. SNCC, PRIDE and Home Rule in DC were and are real achievements. While they may not have benefitted you personally, these are accomplishments worth acknowledging. You’re casting a lot of stones here — I hope your own life and accomplishments balance out your lack of empathy and respect.

    • Look, I’m all for doing away with the old tradition of lionizing the departed regardless of whether they deserved it or not. But I’m really not on board with the new tradition of disrespecting the dead and their mourners by dumping all over the deceased, either. Everyone knows about Barry’s missteps, and you’re not presenting any new information here.

    • Well, eulogies are not the forum for judicious historical analysis.

    • You made a wrong turn. The WTOP comments section is that way —>

    • Pointing out all of his terrible qualities after he’s died is really no better than all the people eulogizing him as a saint. You should find a more productive use of your time.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: ancient printer broke so now I get a newer one!
    Rant: why in this day and age I have to print paper copies of everything is beyond me.
    Rave: The future tree farmer in me doesn’t care! Print all the things!!

  • Rant: Seems that everyone forgets the damage that Marion Barry did to D.C.

    • Not your fellow ranter above!

    • And there’s a ton of bitching and moaning going on about how no one is talking about his death without saying “crack mayor”. Well, yeah. That’s what he was known for; lots of mayors turned things around in some measure. Getting thrown in the slammer for using street drugs is more noteworthy in the world of late 20th c big-city mayors.

  • Rant: got stood up by two tinder dates this weekend. One is whatever, I’m not upset; I wasn’t all that in to him; but the second is upsetting because he seemed like a decent human and that he was interested in me. He texted daily, even on Friday when we had plans to grab drinks Saturday. But when it came time to nail down plans he bailed, nothing, radio silence. Not even a “sorry I’m not feeling this text”. It’s like, dude, I’m a person who actually turned down other plans to hang out with you, have the decency to cancel like a human being. I deleted his number but I’m half tempted to look it up on my phone records and send a scolding text. Or even call! I mean, we are in our mid-30s, grow the f up and learn to treat people with decency and respect.
    rave: my reliable tinder guy will make me forget all about those dbags tonight, and remind me that there are decent humans out there/on tinder.

    • Re Your Rant: That really sucks and is inexcusable. Honestly, I think sending a scolding text message wouldn’t hurt and he would, perhaps, learn from this experience. Explain that you cleared your calendar to see him and that you would have made alternate plans with your friends.
      Rave: Had another fun date (and sleepover!) with my lady friend I met via Tinder on Saturday night. She is so adorably cute and laid back, I haven’t felt like this in a long while.
      Rant: I’m trying to figure out how to broach the topic of becoming her boyfriend. I don’t think she’s quite in that mindset yet, as we both work a lot and haven’t spend enough time with each other. Gah.

      • you met on saturday night?? please don’t DTR yet. that’s a huge warning sign even if she currently thinks you’re perfect. just be nice to her and hang out more.

      • Ally

        I don’t know… my fiance was pretty clear very early on about wanting to be my boyfriend (but we had known one another for years before dating). Didn’t turn me off. I guess if you put it out there without forcing it or expecting that she’ll want the same, it may be okay. After 4 dates (I think) most women know whether they’re seriously into someone or not. Might just be me, though.

    • It’s Tinder.

      • Nah, that’s BS. It’s one thing to be messaging someone on tinder and to fade-away, okay, that’s just tinder. But once you have jumped to direct text messages, texted daily for well over a week, and made plans (date on Saturday, work out logistics later), the “it’s just tinder” doesn’t fly. Once you’ve made plans (not counting booty calls), it’s moved beyond “just tinder.”
        It’s just tinder and things change quickly, but that doesn’t excuse basic human decency. I’ve cancelled two tinder dates, but I’ve never not shown/left someone hanging like that. I texted to cancel to say that I wasn’t feeling it and sorry and good luck or whatever, because I’m actually a decent human and respect other people’s time and their feelings.

        • does your ‘reliable’ tinder guy know you are meeting ‘unreliable’ tinder guy(s)? Do you think he is doing the same? Sounds like you might be setting yourself up for a let down if you dont think he is….but what do i know. I’ve never been into tinder for all the reasons stated above.

          • Yes. We’re dating, but not exclusively. I don’t know exactly if he is seeing other women, but I wouldn’t be surprised or upset.

          • well from what it sounds like if getting stood up on a date angers you….your ‘reliable boy’ standing you up would upset you. Or maybe its just semantics.

          • Emmaleigh504

            seeing other people and being stood up are not the same thing at all.

          • I don’t follow…Yes, of course him standing me up would upset me, much more than the other guys because we have an in-person relationship. But, I thought you were asking if he knew I was dating other guys, or if I thought he was seeing other people. I don’t really understand your point. Getting stood up sucks, regardless.

    • Wow, I’m sorry to hear those guys never showed up. That’s common decency. Better off without someone who would do that. Onward!

    • This happened to me last week too! He asked me out for Tuesday, we texted all weekend and Monday, and then he just didn’t respond when I tried to confirm plans. Lame.

      • Perhaps these dudes are married or partnered? They maintain the fantasy of dating while texting but don’t have the balls to go out on a date?

        • Possible! I kind of just assume that they met/started talking to someone they like more. Which happens, I just wish they would actually cancel.

        • Yes, possible, I guess. Ugh! I too just assumed they met someone else or got more serious with someone else and were too chicken to cancel. Relatedly, I did see a casual acquaintance who has a live-in gf on tinder recently, though I don’t know if they have any type of open relationship situation.

      • Ally

        That’s screwed up. Sorry that happened to you. Pretty sure I dated every scum bag in DC before finally meeting a good guy, so probably one of my cast-offs 😉

    • I’ve never been on Tinder, but I know so many people who’ve been stood up for Tinder dates. That’s so frustrating!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Cranky as all get-out.
    Rant: I’m increasingly sure one of my colleagues doesn’t like me. This bothers me more than it should.
    Rave: The Brits are right. A nice hot cup of tea can fix just about anything.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Today’s weather
    Rave: 3 day week
    Rave: Plans for the long weekend
    Rant: That time when I’m having a nice conversation with someone I like and another person who speaks by screaming takes over and ruins everything.

  • Rant: Remington’s being replaced by a 7-11. There’s already one a few blocks away!

  • Rave: Friendsgiving was a success this weekend! As a result, the house is already cleaned for family Thanksgiving on Thursday and the fridge is filled with beer and leftovers.
    Rant: The fridge is filled with beer and I’m on the only one in the family who drinks. i’m going to have to have another party.
    Rave: Menu planning for second Thanksgiving. Anyone have any inspired squash recipe ideas that don’t involve roasting or cheese?
    Rave: Three day week

    • Squash soup! I don’t have a particular recipe; I use Allrecipes and usually combine one or two (or more) recipes.

      • +1. For some recipes that call for roasting, you could either use canned, pureed squash or microwave the squash. Ignore the haters. It really only matters if the roasted flavor is important to the recipe.

        I also love this recipe if you want something a bit more far out: http:// ohsheglows .com/2011/10/03/butternut-squash-mac-n-cheeze/

      • Seconded – if dairy is an issue, just swap out the heavy cream for Greek yogurt. (it’s lower-calorie too).

  • Rave: Had a great weekend in Philly – supporting friends in the marathon and helping their son cheer them on. Turned into a beautiful day.

    Rant: Family house is so quiet and sad without our family pup. She passed away at 17 years old and we miss her so!

    Rave: The beautiful Mount Pleasant Library.

    Rant/Rave: Continuing on my Bike DC state avenues adventure (alphabetically) I’ve finished the Cs and soon have to decide what I do about the District! We have no avenue…should I bike to City Hall? Hit the original Boundary stones? Any ideas?

  • epric002

    rave: fun weekend! rent the runway in georgetown got me a dress for the tartan ball 🙂
    rave: hanging out with brother, his gf, and beagle buddy.
    rave: all the dogs got along. but poor puppy wanted to play SO BADLY and i wouldn’t let him since his foot is still healing.
    rave: puppy appears to be healing really well. he’s using his foot again and i think is already walking less haltingly than he did before surgery.
    rave: husband comes home from NY today.
    rave: very ravey!

    • Ooooh, how was the RTR store? I was thinking about heading there to book a dress for our holiday party.

      • epric002

        i liked it! i had a RTR account already but i’d never ordered form them b/c every dress that i liked, there was something in the reviews that made me think it wouldn’t work for my body. going to the store sort of reinforced that. i tried on at least 12 dresses and there were only 3 that i would have rented. i would definitely do it again. you do have to make an appt, which costs $25.

  • Rant: woman of childbearing age aren’t allowed to get nauseous, only pregnant. I told my mother the nurse that I had been nauseous all week with some vomiting and not 10 minutes after she arrived she had cornered me to ask if I’m preggers. If I was preggers I wouldn’t want you to know, so I wouldn’t tell you about the nausea. I told you about the nausea because I want to know if you can help.
    Rave: I had an extra glass of wine with dinner and tried to make it really obvious.
    Rave: after today I have the rest of the week off.
    Rant: on Friday I’m hitching a ride with my parents back to Connecticut. Maybe I should wear an adult diaper so my mom doesn’t get suspicious when I request rest stops too frequently. I just like to stay hydrated!

    • Yes, yes, and yes.

    • Is your mother is a RN? If so, I’m going to go on a limb and say that’s she probably making sure you are NOT pregnant so she can try to help you with your diagnosis.

      • My mother is an RN. And yes, it’s possible that that’s what she’s doing, but boy was she doing it in the catholic mom and you’re not married tone and not the RN tone. I had flashbacks to my adolescence in that moment and it was seriously uncomfortable.
        She usually never asks these things, which thrills me. But she knows I have a sinus infection and that might be the culprit.

    • Another rant: my trip to the Columbia Room was ruined by a bout of nausea. I had felt well all day, but deteriorated in the evening. They were very nice about it and luckily I have another reservation in December.

    • Yes, just like overweight people get checked for diabetes, and old people get asked about their memory. With women of childbearing age, it’s even more important to determine pregnancy before deciding on treatment, as many treatments are not cleared for pregnant women. promise, it’s not personal. Medical professionals ask these questions by reflex, and frankly, a week of nausea with some vomiting (but you didn’t mention other GI issues or fever) would have me assuming pregnancy as well.

      Would you rather it be otherwise?? That medical professionals start testing for zebras before asking about horses? Or just prescribe meds willy-nilly without checking on factors that would change their treatment?

  • KSB

    Rave: Finally decided to unenroll my 3-year-old in her charter school. Huge weight lifted.
    Rant: The insane pressure to enroll 3-year-olds in school in DC solely because it locks in a spot for the remainder of elementary school. I’m starting to feel like all rising Kindergarteners should have to lottery from scratch to eliminate some of this. Will never happen, but I’m all for bucking the system…

    • Sorry to hear it wasn’t going well. Out of curiosity, what didn’t you like about the school?

      • KSB

        Wasn’t necessarily the school (my older child is still there) but more the difficulty in feeling pressured by the structure of the system to put my 3-year-old in a class with 20 kids and two teachers, little outside time, homework and tests, crappy school-provided food, etc… it was just a recipe for disaster for my particular kid. We definitely felt the pressure to try it but it was a hard decision to pull her out and go back to the known entity of her former day care/preschool (which, thankfully, had room to take her back.)

        • Does having an older child there make it easier to get a place for your younger one when s/he is ready for kindergarten? Just wondering how the system here works.

          • KSB

            Yes – you receive a sibling preference. And in most of the good (“desired”) schools, the open PS/PK spots go to siblings!

    • Just curious – what makes you want to leave your charter school for PK3 but want to return to the same school for kindergarten? I ask as a mom who will likely go through the lottery system for her toddler in a year. Currently she’s at a day care program that we all love (especially my daughter!), but I’d be hard pressed to keep her there once a good free (other than aftercare) option is available.

      • KSB

        I don’t think we’ll return to the same charter for Kindergarten. Don’t know what we’ll do at that point, but the transition from a more personal, nurturing day care/preschool experience to a structured school day (with a fraction of the outdoor time, poorer food options and little enforcement when we sent food in, with shuffling classrooms and teachers and the like) was not working. My daughter was still, after almost three months, having a hard time some mornings and coming home upset some days. The expense to us to put her back in a private set-up will be tough to manage when free options are available, but the free option was at the expense of my daughter’s well-being (sounds dramatic, but we were really at the point of seeing that.) The options for schools seem plentiful on paper, but factoring in the likelihood of admission and distance willing to travel, the real possibilities shrink exponentially.

        • That doesn’t sound dramatic – it’s quite reasonable. Is there a neighborhood school that’s a reasonable option when you decide to put her back in?

          • KSB

            I hope so! I visited our neighborhood school last week and met the principal and did a tour. It’s certainly viable, but the majority of our neighbors with same-aged kids have already enrolled them in charters so I don’t know how that’ll play out in two years.

        • Oh wow, that’s really tough. Did I read correctly that there’s homework in PK3? That sounds a little nuts. We went to EdFest this past Saturday, and were alarmed at one of the PK programs boasting about testing their students 5x/year. Really? That sounds a little over the top.
          I’m hoping we can get into our neighborhood school, which not everyone is keen on but seems to be improving (and I think the PK program is supposed to be good). And if not, there are a couple of others that are reasonably close that might be options. Fingers crossed that one of those works out (both in terms of getting in & working out well for my daughter).
          Do you mind if I ask which charter school? I hope you’re able to find another, more reasonable, option for next year or kindergarten!

          • KSB

            Sure, our school is Bethune in Brookland. I’m truly not disparaging it in any way – my older daughter is still there and thriving! We didn’t look to put her (the older one) into DCPS until Kindergarten and she had a better foundation for it. We thought moving both girls together would be less stressful on the two of them but that was absolutely not the case. I’m more frustrated with not listening to the little voice in my head telling me the younger one wasn’t ready! Live and learn…
            And the homework thing is tough because it’s okay for some kids, and it’s too much for others. The last thing my 3-year-old wanted to do at home was work on writing her name, and most of the time we’d let it go. But that’s their model, so I felt guilty not doing the homework! Oh well…

          • Thanks! And I think you’re right about trying to be attuned to when your kids are ready & what kind of structure will work for them–especially at these really young ages. I hope your younger child will return to her usual self swiftly with the return to her day care. I wish there were more focus on play-based programs at the younger ages, even into K–it sounds like K programs of today have turned into 1st grade programs of yesteryears, with some unfortunate consequences for a large swath of kids.

    • This is a big flaw in the system – much more so when the kid in question is either an only or the oldest, and pulling her out eliminates the ability to send her or siblings to that school. If preschool is optional, declining to participate should not prejudice kids when it comes to the (very competitive) mandatory schooling.

  • Rave: Drove up to NJ to visit family this weekend, rather than travel for Thanksgiving. The NJ Turnpike widening process is finally done and man that drive was a BREEZE. 4.5 hours from DC to Northern Jersey with a half hour stop for lunch and letting the kid get her wiggles out. 4.5 on the way back, too.
    Rave: My brother and his wife, in conjunction with my folks, surprised us by coming in this weekend so we could see them. Such a lovely treat and it turns out my SIL is pregnant with their first. So excited for them.
    Rant: Lingering cough for the last week has translated to decreased hearing and pain in my shoulders. 12:40 drs appointment, ahoy!

    • I saw my family in NY last weekend instead of traveling up for Thanksgiving. Best decision ever! I’m so excited to stay in my own home on Thanksgiving and not having to go anywhere. Especially with this messy storm coming.

  • Rave – new dishwasher and range delivered Friday night

    RANT – Neither function properly. The power burner on my range didn’t work, and the installation guy’s answer was “There isn’t anything we can do about it at 9:30 at night, call the guy that sold it to you.” Then they started the dishwasher and left. About mid-way through the dishwasher cycle I noticed water on the hardwood floor in my kitchen – turns out the new dishwasher is leaking. Emailed the store like I was told and they said I had to call service (no apologies from the store, but they said it would be fixed). Called the service people, and they can come out Wednesday, but I am the only person at work that day, so I can’t take off. The next time they have open is a week from Wednesday. Twelve days without a dishwasher and over Thanksgiving. AND I’m going to have to take another half day off to deal with the appliances (and because you don’t get a window until the end of the day the day before, I functionally have to take an entire day off) to get something fixed that should have been done correctly the first time. I am incredibly frustrated. I’d rather have my old crappy dishwasher than a new one that leaks over the Thanksgiving week.

    • jim_ed

      I would guess that its leaking because they didn’t thread the brass elbow fitting up properly to the dishwasher. If thats the case, its a pretty simple fix to do yourself if you don’t want to be at the mercy of the repair company. The same thing happened to us when we bought a new dishwasher and I just did it myself. You can check by taking off the little plastic panel below the dishwasher that runs along the floor, then turn it on, get down there with a towel, and watch where the water is coming from. If it is coming from the brass elbow fitting, all you have to do is turn off the power(this is really important, don’t electrocute yourself) to the dishwasher at your circuit breaker, turn the water off, and then unscrew it and re-screw it back in properly. Less than 15 minutes worth of work.

    • What’s the manufacturer? If Whirlpool…you’re in for hell, unless you bought the extended warranty.

  • skj84

    Rant: Dillydallied on purchasing my bus tickets home and Wednesday sold out. I have to travel Thursday morning now.

    Rave: Considering the weather report for Wednesday this may work out to my favor.

    Rant: Judgy friends.

  • Rant: I need surgery. But according to my doctor, the downtime should be minimal and I don’t need to do it right away. So maybe this won’t be so bad. I’m really hoping that I can stall this until after the holidays and my vacation.

    Rave: In spite of an insomniac night, I was still on time for my very early AM appointment, thanks to multiple alarms and Uber. I’m always impressed with myself when I can be relatively functional on so little sleep.

    Rave: Friendsgiving #1 was this weekend, Worksgiving and Friendsgiving #2 are today. Save me a spot on the sofa, I feel a food coma coming on.

    Rave: 70 degree weather in November! So nice to get a break from the cold.

  • Rave: Short week!
    Rant: So much work to do. Seriously, people, can we all just agree to not produce anything this week? I’m looking at you boss.

  • Rave: Scored 4 touchdowns playing football yesterday. Golden Tate ain’t got nothin’ on this 33 year-old.
    Rant: Went up into the air for a ridiculous catch, held onto the ball, but fell straight down onto my upper back and slammed my head on the ground. I was seeing stars for 5 minutes after that hard landing, today my back and neck are wickedly sore.
    Rave: hot Georgetown moms and their early 20s blonde daughters were watching and cheering for us, lol
    Rave: Fortunately, I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with a pounding headache (as when I got a concussion last year while surfing).
    RANT: NYTimes article on techno in Berlin makes me really really really want to go back. No trips to Berlin on the horizon 🙁

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your football story reminds me of when my dad & the med student played with a bunch of high school kids. They were so pleased that they could keep up, the next day my dad could barely move. Quotia Zelda, where you there for that? The Jason managed to dent the family car.

  • Rave: The players who play, play, play, play, play
    Rant: The haters who hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

  • Rave: Got into the speak easy under Jack Rose…forget what its called but it was on point!
    Rant: Have been drinking both friday and saturday the past two weekends and am feeling it…
    Rave: Interview went well on friday, now the waiting game to hear back…hopefully by the end of the week (fingers crossed)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: All these comments about Thanksgiving have me going down memory lane.
    Rant: remembering the awesome Cajun Thanksgiving that I may never get to attend again. such. good. food.

  • I’m seriously worried about fridge space for thanksgiving. Stupid flipping side-by-side is The Worst. Worse than paper cuts. Worse than the sound of pneumatic wrenches. THE. WORST.
    And even if it cools off outside, I can’t leave anything outside as I’ve done in other places, because of rats. Which are also bad, but not as bad as the side-by-side fridge, in the scheme of things.

    • Can you put things outside in a cooler? That should keep the rats from getting in.
      I so agree about the side-by-side. I don’t know who they appeal to, but apparently people like them.

      • The rats chewed through my new city-issued trash can. There is a perfectly round rat-sized hole in it now. It did take them a few days. Maybe a cooler would survive one night…

        • Sounds like some particularly tenacious rats!
          I think you can get the city to repair/patch damaged trash cans for free — maybe worth investigating?

        • Why not just leave the cooler in the house with some ice in the bottom? That should solve the rats from hell problem.

      • I love my side by side. In my last house, the fridge died just before I sold the house and I had to buy a new one, so I let the new buyers pick it out. They wanted one with the drawer freezer. I cannot tell you how much I hated it. Probably as much as you hate side-by-sides. I do a lot of cooking, then freezing meals in individual portions. I found it incredibly difficult to figure out how to do this in the lower freezer because there were not any free flat surfaces on which I could put the silicone muffin tins that I use to portion out the food. I even tried closed tupperware and since there wasn’t a flat surface the liquids tended to leak. So frustrating. And then I’d have a bunch of 1 cup vacuum sealed portions of food and the freezer was impossible to organize or find anything in. I hated having to dig through a large drawer of crap to find the meal I was looking for. And I’ve never had any problems with my side by side fridge. It holds a lot of food, will hold anything as wide as a large pizza box and I’ve never needed anything wider than that to go in there.

    • Our new house has a side-by-side. I hate it. I miss my freezer-on-bottom from our old house so badly. With the side-by-side, there is too much room between shelves, so we end up stacking things on top of each other – and then they fall out on our fee. With the freezer-on-bottom, everything was arranged more neatly in the different drawers that pulled out in both the fridge and freezer. Our side-by-side isn’t that old, but I keep telling myself that my quality of life will improve significantly if I buy my preferred fridge on Black Friday. But with our baby entering day care in the near future, I don’t think I can outlay the cash when it’s really not necessary.

    • My house has an enormous side-by-side fridge. I’d really prefer a smaller freezer-on-top model, but I have a hard time justifying getting rid of an appliance that’s still works and is new-ish (maybe 8 years old).

  • Ally

    Rave: Flying down to St. Augustine tomorrow to see my family for Christmas.
    Rant: Walking into an authentic Irish bar and having to order a non-alcoholic O’Douls (drinking for two).

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