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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: cold weather runs
    Rant: traffic-inducing lengthy bus rides
    Rant: cranky toddler on aforementioned bus rides
    Rave: did drop off, so I get to work late today

  • Rant: This weather. If this keeps up, I am going to be a shut in with a bourbon problem by January. Brrr.
    Rave: My very ugly but very warm down coat.
    Rave: Fleece-lined tights.

  • Rave: Talk with the ladyfriend went well, and we both agree we’d still like hang out for now. Who knows what will come it.
    Rant: Sleepy and forgot my red bull.
    Rant: It’s cold out there.
    Revel: Found my gloves and earmuffs.

    • Be careful on that rave. Are you sure you two are on the same page, or do you think she’s just hoping you’ll change your mind if she stick around?

      • Unless she flat out lied to me when she said the same thing I planned to say, then yes, i believe we’re genuinely on the same page. Even if she lied, nothing changes for me as I enjoy her company and will continue to do so until she flips the script

        • Oh no, I didn’t mean to imply that she lied to you or anything. I just think that it’s easy to delude yourself in a situation like that and I’ve seen so many of my girlfriends do it. They like the guy so they convince themselves that they’re cool with just hanging out, when really, they aren’t. It always ends in tears. Situations where one person is more into it than the other are always tricky. Hopefully, that’s not the case with your lady, but just beware the mixed signal!

          • Anon 1.5 is also a woman, BTW.
            IIRC, Anon 1.5 was concerned that although her ladyfriend was also interested in kids/marriage, the ladyfriend was envisaging a later timeframe than Anon 1.5 was.

          • Sad to say I’ve seen it happen but much earlier along. date 2: planning date 3/girl: omg I cannot wait to see you again/sweet first kiss Before Date 3: girl: you know i’m just not that into you after all. Ha!
            I didn’t think you implied that at all; I was merely laying out the possibilities which at worst ends up with her crying…going to sound hella cold here, but I could care less as the only way she’d cry is if she had deluded herself. I season my food with other people’s tears. 🙂

          • Thanks for the background, textdoc. I honestly can’t keep straight (ha!) all of these PoP and their love affairs! I thought this was the person who’d just been on a few dates with someone and wasn’t that into it. I can’t keep up!

            Lol Anon 1.5, you are cold! Still, I get what you’re saying. You’ve been honest and if your lady is deluding herself, that’s her problem. Live and learn.

          • No, we’ve been going out for almost 2 months, and i really do enjoy spending time with her and she with me even if we’re ultimately not the ones. At some point, we will probably have a conversation where we realy hash out the problems we see and take it from there, but for now, I’m enjoying the cool breezes.
            Textdoc: I say it so much, that i’m considering it as my handle: yes, I’m a woman.

          • Sorry about that, anon 1.5; I shouldn’t have assumed. I don’t think the genders matter in this equation, but still.

          • The law of averages would have said you’re right. Not offended in the slightest, and gives me more ideas for awesome handles. 🙂

          • Best of luck. I was dumped and now she still wants to be friends. I’m tortured by this since she is now seeing someone else.

          • annoncy: that is terrible. If you’re feeling tortured, it means you’re not yet over her, so do not become friends. Why does she still want to be friends? I tried being friends with an ex (primarily for mutual pet-sitting) after we broke up, and it didn’t work because she wasn’t over me/still wanted to try and work it out. I went cold turkey and haven’t spoken to her in years. Best decision I ever made!
            Thanks for the luck. I would call my situation backpedaling. We feared an awkward convo which was short, sweet, and uneventful. We’re back to where we were in a way but trying to take our time to smell the roses.

  • rant: didn’t get a job i really really wanted. might have to settle for something i want a lot less because my company put me on a tight deadline to look for a new job (because of funding issues, not cos i suck at my job… it’s a shitty situation). it just feels like i am going to waste a few more years of my life. ugh.
    rant2: this weather
    rave: i exercised yesterday for the first time in forever. did circuits at home, which i never ever am in the mood to do but i’m hoping now the habit will stick!

  • binpetworth

    Rant: There’s a woman out there who has the same name as me, but likely a slightly different spelling. However, whenever she goes shopping, she gives my gmail address (which is simply my/our name @ gmail) to sign up for store circulars, but the stores likely use my spelling and not hers, which means now I am subscribed to crappy Nick Kids, Maurice’s and other random emails. Trying to unsubscribe is of no use, either; I just have to constantly mark them as spam and try and block the sender. Argghhh….
    Rave: According to How Many of Me? there are 26 people in the U.S. with my name.

    • I was enough of an “early adopter” for Gmail that I snagged first initial + last name at gmail. However, enough people mistakenly used my address to sign up for things that I eventually let that account die and started afresh with a new Gmail account.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love the woman who is close to my age with the same name as me. She was super so the first billion pages of google results for our name is her sports stats from middle school through college. I’m happy to report she was able to parlay all that sports stuff into a career at some sports org. She’s doing well.

      • Emmaleigh504

        gah *super into sports

      • Andie302

        The lady with my same name is an actor in Austin…and yet somehow a google image search results in a wedding picture with my ex on the front page (along with a bunch of her headshots). I keep thinking if she gets more productions she’ll overtake it eventually. One can hope

      • I once heard my real name on an SNL sketch. Kinda freaked me out.

        • I once got an email from someone trying to find out about booking some comedian (can’t remember her name). So apparently me and her booking agent have the same name. And my first year of college, I lived across the hall from a guy whose name was only one letter different from mine. I think the housing people did that on purpose.

          • Emmaleigh504

            When I was a freshman housing put Jennifer and Jenifer in the same room. Very evil.

          • Freshman year I lived across the hall from Laura & Ashley.

          • If I worked in university housing, I would probably have a lot of fun with humorous name pairings. Until someone caught on, and made a policy against my fun. Every time I figure out how to make a job interesting…

          • My freshman year I was placed in a suite (6 of us per room) that included two Jennifers. It was annoying but maybe not deliberate (it was engineering honors housing so there weren’t many combinations of women for them to choose from).

          • No one will ever find me on Google. Ever. It’s not a terrible thing really.

          • tonyr

            I knew a Tom and Jerry who were assigned shared rooms at college.

      • I actually have an actress that has the same name as me, so not much shows up when I google myself! 😀

    • So lucky to be a 1 and only in the name dept.

      • binpetworth

        See, I would see that as a minus and a plus. You’re going to be Google-able, and can’t hide behind anyone else’s glory (or mugshots)!

      • I keep a lower online profile than I might otherwise because of my unique name. Luckily, I married (and changed my name) pretty young, just as the internet was getting rolling, and was able to leave creeps and ill-deeds from my past behind!

      • I regularly check what’s out there and scrub it. I have no ill deeds out there, and what you’ll get is my mostly private Linkedin page. There is someone from my grad school w/ same first name and she’s much more likely to come up since she was so prolific.

    • My sister in law and I have the same name- I got the gmail address when she bad her own company (and company email).

    • There is only one woman with my name in the United States. And she was a high school jock who joined the military. So basically she’s the complete opposite of me.

    • How Many of Me tells me that there are 1 or fewer people with my name. I’m going to make an educated guess and say there’s 1.

      • I got the same result and am drawing the same conclusion 🙂 Feels pretty good to be the only me!

      • I don’t think that’s super reliable – it tells me that as well (I have a very rare last name so it says the odds are there is no one else with my name) and I KNOW for a fact I have a name twin out there because I’ve googled her (and she’s done some strange, strange things).

        • My result was also “one person or fewer” with my name. This isn’t correct because I know one other person with my name.
          For awhile google results would show me and my work/etc at the top of search results. But now her results are at the top.
          Random google search result: Results from a gymnastics meet that showed I came in first on the uneven parallel bars 🙂

        • My first name is a fairly rare spelling variation of a common first name, but my last name is a super rare French nightmare. No Googleable name twin, either, so I’m pretty certain that I’m the only one out there saddled with this burden.

      • I’m so jealous. My name is so common that I always have to make sure they’ve pulled the correct chart at the doctor or dentist – don’t want to get someone else’s filling (almost happened)!

    • I Dont Get It

      The guy with my same name is my father. The other guy with my name is my grandfather but he is dead. There’s also someone in Haiti on Facebook with my name and I sent him a message but he never replied so either he is rude or my grandfather.

    • There’s someone who has the same name as me (aside from the D’ preceding the last name) who also lives in DC but has better curly hair and a much cooler job. That was a depressing discovery.

    • I share the same name as someone who played a key roll in a major wartime incident. Of the 101,000 Google results for my name, I think maybe ten are me. And most of those are my LinkedIn page (with Pablo’s swell picture) and that’s all lies anyway, so I remain a man of mystery — my utter lack of accomplishment providing a cloak of invisibility almost as effective as harry Potter’s.

    • jim_ed

      This happened when we were finalizing our mortgage on our house. The broker kept leaving a letter off of my wife’s email and sending documents for us to sign to a complete stranger, who eventually sent an email saying “please don’t send me these documents, but congratulations on your home purchase.”

      Luckily, I share the name with a fictional character from a moderately popular 80’s sitcom, so googling me brings up almost zero information about me, which is nice.

    • There’s a woman in texas who keeps giving out my gmail address to people for some reason. I get quotes from her contractors about redoing her kitchen and closet, fundraising emails from little league, and for a while I was on the parent list for her 4th grader’s room at their evangelical christian private school. It took me a few e-mails to convince them that I actually wasn’t her trying to shirk my duties but a godless government succubus.

    • Chinese here. English first name, Chinese surname. If I am 1 in a million, there could be hundreds of me! I always get tons of emails for other-mees in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and California. Another me had bought a Lexus in California; unfortunately I could not change the shipping address thru the email.

    • I have a fairly common Irish first & last name combination. My buddy worked at Google on the Gmail team, so I got a Gmail invite back when it was in beta, thus I have [first].[last name]@gmail.com as my address.
      The amount of personal stuff I receive intended for other people is astounding. I get copied on lots of email chains between random people who think I’m one of their family members. Without fail, I get reminded once a month that it’s my turn to be a greeter on Sunday morning at a church in rural Pennsylvania. I get copies of people’s monthly financial statements. I recently received an email from someone at the DoD and she had attached sensitive PowerPoint documents. It’s insane.

    • Some guy with a different first name, but same first initial keeps signing up for things using my gmail. I got signed up for some NFL game bracket thing. Then his friends emailed me/him saying stuff like “Conor – are you there, you haven’t changed your team pics this week”. He tried to submit a change in password, but of course the change in password email came to my email address. I finally had to go to NFL.com and ask them to fix it so that I didn’t receive any more emails. Apparently they then kicked him out of his league because they couldn’t contact him. oops.

    • There’s only one other me out there – a middle schooler in NC (maybe she’s high school at this point, though). I feel bad, but she’ll get her own google results soon enough 🙂 It’s weird. She’s into cheer and I did diving, so maybe people with our names were meant to flip and twist!

    • I’m definitely the only one of me! there are very few of my last name around at all. My husband’s full name is that of a very widely read Israeli novel, so when you google him that comes up.

    • Allison

      My name-twin writes extremely angsty Wicca-inspired poetry on the internet. I am unsure of how many potential job interviews she’s cost me…

    • I was once served a subpoena at an old apartment I’d subleased. The gal who originally took over my lease still had my info so she called me and forwarded it on. The 4 days it took to get to me had me suuuuuper stressed out wondering what on earth I’d been involved in to be called to court. Called everyone I knew to find out if it was merely a witness case. Fortunately, it was a woman by the same name as me, who also at one point lived in the same city, and was being sued for a hit and run. Well, fortunate for me I suppose.
      I also have a “junk mail” email address that is a very simple gmail firstinitial lastname. I get a ton of random emails for various other people. Some are quite interesting!
      Also used to get a lot of random seemingly-drug related phone calls to my cell in the wee hours of the night. Turns out, “Andrea’s” number was only one different than mine. Apparently, when you’re stone, dialing numbers is hard.

  • Rant: Might have seen my ex (that i ran into last week and rode the bus with) kissing her new boy out front of my gym….I don’t care but when/if i do run into her at the gym, It will probably be my last time at the gym (I’ve been meaning to leave anyways its too $$$)
    Rave: Logan Circle Chipotle is fantastic and so much better than Columbia Heights
    Rave: Some fun activities this weekend (friendsgiving on friday and going to medieval times saturday)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would so dump a gym if my ex went to it, too. I wouldn’t want them to see me working out not matter how much they saw me that way or worse while we were together.

    • I Dont Get It

      Don’t leave me bro as the sole Ab-Y PoPville commentator.

  • Rant: holiday planning is bringing out the worst of my family issues already. We haven’t even seen our guests yet and I’m already boiling over with frustration. Does anyone have advice for dealing with terrible sisters-in-law – the wife of my brother and wife of my husband’s brother? I really like everyone else in my family a whole lot, but my sisters-in-law make me absolutely nuts.

    • How specifically are the sisters-in-law terrible — what do they do/say?

    • Read lots of Carolyn Hax, especially her Holiday Hootenanny. That’s my best advice.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Valium, Xanax, or Ativan

      • +1 – best family holiday remedy. If those are not available, copious amounts of alcohol to dull the frustration.

    • Are you hosting? If so, give them jobs! Something about working together toward a shared goal makes people nicer. Sometimes.
      Also, don’t get them get away with criticism. I know a few people who complain and criticize by default. It’s like they can’t stand silence, so they look for things to say, and those things are always negative. A few years ago, I started questioning those comments. Not defending myself, or getting mad; more like “Why do you say that?” or “What color would you have painted it?” or “I think I have the ingredients for the dish you would prefer. Would you like to make it?” Often, they don’t actually want to converse or contribute. And being consistently called out will shut them up.

    • Some additional color, since I realize I’m being really vague.
      SIL #1 hasn’t spoken to me in a year, since I was “rude” to her last Christmas when she decided to bring her family of four to stay with us in our two-bedroom apartment for a week last year over the holidays. She asked if it was okay, then booked tickets within the hour, before I could say it wasn’t a good idea or talk about it with my husband. My brother, her husband, backs her up because he wants to be a good husband, so now I have almost no communication with them and their two sweet kids. I don’t know how to rectify it without profusely apologizing for being “rude,” when that attitude was totally warranted given the that there were six people in a tight space for the four days before they took off.
      SIL #2 … where to begin. I think the thing that upsets me most about her is that she verbally abuses her older daughter and then her husband when he tries to stand up for her. Her daughter and husband are two of my favorite people in the world, so this isn’t okay with me at all. She also thinks of herself as a master manipulator and tries to pull everyone’s puppet strings. I’m not going to be her puppet, but I have to deal with her because she’s family. So every interaction feels like it’s a sort of negotiation that’s about way more than it’s actually about. Ugh.

      • re: SIL #1, I should mention that I really, really, really was trying to be nice and pleasant. After four days, I just felt like my top was going to blow off. Six people in a 2br apartment for four days, including two small kids, is just a bad idea. And if you add plain-vanilla family drama to the mix, it’s just way, way too much.

      • SIL #1: You just keep on keepin’ on. She can get tired of holding a grudge, or she can hold it forever, and it won’t change your sunny and pleasant disposition one bit. (Though I hope that you weren’t actually rude when they were staying with you, since there was nothing to do at that point. If they had planned to stay a week, and then took off after four days because you were too unpleasant to be around, then you DO owe them an apology, whether or not they were invited or wanted or convenient. They’re family. One deals.)
        SIL #2: Without engaging in a conversation about it, let her know that her verbal abuse is noticed by others, and not welcome. I have had success with my mother, who is so mean to my sweet dad, by putting a hand on her arm, looking her straight in the eye, and saying “Please stop.” or “Please, that makes me uncomfortable.” Not obviously defending the abused, because that often makes it worse for them later. Not openly accusing her of wrongdoing (“You’re so mean!”). Just making a simple request, or at most, taking the situation on myself by saying it makes ME uncomfortable. If she carries on, or defends, or tries to justify, I can just say again “Please.” And that usually puts a stop to it. But I’ve been doing it for years, and it doesn’t seem to make a long-term difference.

        • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Re SIL #1, I don’t think I was rude. I definitely didn’t have a sunny disposition on day four. I was visibly rattled, and that bothered her. In SIL1’s opinion, I should be sunny at all times, no matter what. And I’m probably most bothered by this because on some level, I wish I had sucked it up more. But should I have sucked it up more? At what point can you show that you think enough is enough?

          • Then perhaps an apology IS the way to go. You love your brother and their children. You say you wish you had done things differently. Find a private moment, and say to her “I’m sorry last winter’s visit didn’t go as well as we had all hoped. It’s been on my mind.” and see where she takes it.
            In an ideal world, this would re-set the counter. But I know that there are plenty of people out there who can’t take a sincere sentiment, and are always looking for the angle. So you’d have to decide if expressing regret about the situation (which can be done without heaping explicit blame on yourself) will help, or just give her ammo. Or, if she tries to use it against you, maybe it would put you back in your brother’s good graces, and be worth it anyway?

          • Sister-in-law #1 was in the wrong to have booked tickets to visit you before you had a chance to say no… but it doesn’t sound like she realizes she was in the wrong, or is likely to realize it.
            Maybe you could initiate a conversation with her saying that you’re sorry that things didn’t go smoothly last Christmas, that things were a tight squeeze, etc., but that you value your connection with your brother, her, and their kids, and you’d like to be in closer touch?

          • Ughhh… SIL #1 sounds like one of those people who tells people to smile.
            I don’t understand why there’s this conception that family members have to be so polite to each other and sugar coated at all times, no matter what. Members of a family should be able to accept each other for who they are. You might get mad at each other from time to time, but eventually get over it. That’s what family is for.
            I don’t think you should apologize for anything as you have nothing to apologize for. As someone above said, SIL #1 needs to get over herself. You keep being you!

          • This is really, really good advice. Thanks, all!

          • This is so easy. You suggest that SIL2 spend a few weeks visiting with SIL1. That verbal abuse will make you look like a charming hostess, with limitless sunniness.

            And, then you suggest that to SIL1 step up and provide parenting tips to SIL2. Preferably on facebook or other public forum.

            And, then you sit back with a large glass of wine and watch.

          • I *totally* know how that visit felt (after hosting my parents for 5 days in my 0.5 bedroom apartment). But as much as I despise Dr Phil, his question about whether you’d rather be right or be happy is a good one. We might all agree that your SIL and brother should have been more aware of what it’s like to have 4 people (and especially small people) fill up your space for so long, but in the end the goal is not to figure out who was at fault but to move past that and re-establish a closer relationship. I think Anonymous 11:18 offers a good way to clear the air, but be ready to be the bigger person and accept the “blame” if she doesn’t make a counteroffer about how she and her family contributed to the situation.

          • Anon 11:32, the most effed up thing is that the two SILs are BFFs after meeting at Christmas dinner last year at our house. They regularly comment on each other’s Facebook feeds and I’m guessing that they also talk about how terrible I am to each other.
            SIL#2 mostly limits her abuse to her own home, when no one else is watching. We only know about it because her husband, my husband’s brother, is besides himself over it. The rest of the world pretty much has no idea.

          • Anons 11:18 and 11:42, I don’t mind apologizing and don’t have to be “right.” To be honest, I’m mostly struggling to figure out what to apologize for. I never raised my voice. I never made accusations. My “rudeness” was that I looked (as was) exasperated on day four, when the family hadn’t made any moves to head out of the house for the day at about 11 AM and it felt like the walls were beginning to cave in. My husband was also flipping out because he had no say in the matter and was taking two of his only vacation days last year. I’m not sure how I could have just put a smile on my face in that situation. I don’t want an apology, but I do want to look forward and find a way to be family again. I’d like to just try to start fresh, maybe with the understanding that we shouldn’t plan to stay at each other’s places again. Is an apology really the right move and if so, what am I apologizing for?

          • The great thing about “sorry” is that it can be an apology, or express generalized regret. You can regret that the visit didn’t go well without apologizing for causing it to go poorly. Use the word sorry… and let her take from it what she will. The most important thing is to establish your desire to move forward on better footing.

          • This is really good advice, everyone. Thanks so much. I think I’m going to go with a sort of hybrid of Anon 11:18 and Texdoc’s recommendations, using the word “sorry.”

    • Ugh, same here. At least it’s only one. The oth

      • Sorry – computer acting up. The other s-in-l is awesome and she and I hide in the kitchen and drink. So gratefu

        • I give up! So grateful the horrible one will be at her sister’s on the other coast this Christmas!

          Seriously, she “hosted” brunch last Christmas Day and asked my mom to bring a ham, a salad, wine, and a desert. After my parent did a massive Italian style Christmas Eve family dinner and party the night before – which she was at!

    • Ugh, same here. At least it’s only one. The oth

    • Smudge Sticks!

    • Be sure to carve out some quiet time for yourself. Even around people I really like, I get frustrated by everything after about 48 hours of close quarters, let alone 4 days. Go pick up something at the grocery store, take a walk, send everyone out to a movie while you clean, something like that…you’ll be able to handle other people’s obnoxiousness a lot better if you’ve had a break.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: feeling very ranty and whiny today due to cold and sickly lungs.
    Rave: Given myself permission to only complete 2 tasks at work today and not to care that I don’t do more, since I feel poorly. (not contagious so office is safe; 2 tasks take about 3 hours each, so not a total slacker)

    • 2 is better than 1! I am so glad that I am working at home on days like today, I hope it prevents me from catching colds or any other nasty illness this winter 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        I got bronchitis on my sunny, warm trip a couple of week ago. 🙁 I did get my flu shot, so hopefully no flu.
        Get your flu shots, folks!

  • MK posted yesterday that they were being forced to switch insurance plans because of ACA and paying double. Can someone explain why? I’m curious as someone who has my pre-ACA plan.

    • What has probably happened is that their current plan doesn’t meet the “minimum essential benefits” standards of the law (e.g. doesn’t offer maternity care, birth control) and the company could upgrade the plan, or they could terminate that plan option, forcing those folks onto a new plan. In all likelihood, there are other cheaper options, but the company is jacking up the price for something they’re saying is most similar to the last plan. It happens a lot. I got into a fight with our small company’s health care rep because they were saying the law was requiring them to raise prices, which simply wasn’t true (they were also trying to double our premiums).

      • I’d be interested to hear more on this. I handle the health plan for our small office, and we shopped around for ages when our old plan was scrapped. But the reality was just as you are doubting– the plans that were similar to the last plan were simply more expensive. 50% or more across the board, and more than that for some people, due to ACA changes that got rid of age-pooled pricing.
        Where do you suspect the lie? On the part of the insurance company? (I’d buy that.) On the part of the agent? On the part of your company employee who manages the benefits?

        • I really don’t blame the insurance agent. We have a company that manages benefits, and they gave us a list of options which I said was ridiculous (I’m not in HR, but I have a background in healthcare law generally and the ACA specifically so I got pulled into it). The benefit company passed us along to the insurance company, who said that our current plan was being cancelled, but they were able to offer us one JUST LIKE IT for a 50% increase. I asked why it was being cancelled, she said that Obamacare forced them to cancel all their plans and start over. I said that wasn’t true, and asked what minimum essential benefits were being added to this plan to justify the increased cost. She said that Obamacare was forcing them to raise all their prices to reflect “market rates,” I said that was wrong and by the way how do you think we get a market rate. Eventually she realized she was in over her head (really she was just repeating talking points) so I got transferred to the supervisor. The supervisor got us the same plan at a “generous discount” which ended up being about a 20% increase I think? After I did all the yelling our HR folks handled the paperwork.
          But keep in mind there’s also the minimum “medical loss ratio” requirement. They have to spend a certain amount on care, and if they don’t they have to refund the money. Basically companies are concerned that offering all these new benefits — and covering new people, and the limits on premium rating by age/gender — will lead to increased costs on their end, so they’re jacking up prices to cover that anticipated extra cost. In all likelihood, you’ll get a refund.
          As an aside, I am really sick of the BS insurance companies are pulling around this. They are still looking to make as much money as possible, but are doing it by spreading false information and more or less flat out lying about what the law recommends.

          • Thanks for the clarification! Yes, that was our experience too. Ridiculously increased rates, with the insurance company claiming helplessness. It IS bullshit, and I am also sick of it.
            As for the loss ratio… I dunno. Of course I hope it’ll work out in our favor, but being a little familiar with ways to make numbers lie, I bet that the ins companies will just claim that all that any extra was spent on bringing them into compliance with new laws.

          • any time! By the way, the MLR provision is a floor on the minimum that must be spent on actual medical care – there’s a very slim threshold for admin/salaries/bonuses (10-15%) as a whole. But yeah, it’s going to be one long fight before all the dust settles.

  • Rant: EIGHT S buses traveling in a pack this morning
    Rant: Waiting for medical procedure, why did I have to get undressed if I’m going to be sit in this cold office for 20 minutes?
    Rave (I guess): Three blankets

  • Rant: Trying to ignore the creeping sense of dread that comes with being unemployed for 2 months. At least there’s temp work and optimism, however misguided it may turn out to be.

    Rant: DC Health Link. Somehow the system doesn’t have the means to enroll me, even though my insurance expires in less than 2 weeks. Seriously, I want to give you money for something I’m legally obligated to have. Enroll me!

    Rave: I love the start of the holiday season, and I’m going to Texas for an extended period of time to see family. Let’s see if that ends up staying a rave.

    • Hang in there, bizzinger! On the DC Health Link, one of my friends found the site buggy and said she had better luck just calling and going through the steps with the customer service person.

      • Thanks, I’m trying to do that. I’ve talked to 3 different people – including a navigator at an enrollment event, and no one actually seems able to do anything to enroll me. I’m a healthy young person – I’ll bring your group costs down! Let me in!

  • Rant: Do not know where to meet a good fellow who has his sh*t relatively together. My most recent near miss has me really bummed out, but I don’t think it was as near of a miss as I’d like to believe (i.e., pretty sure he’s a good fellow whose sh*t is most likely not together).
    Rant: Online dating has been a bust.
    Rant: Really miss this part of my life. 🙁

    • Andie302

      I’ve been there. I just tried to keep doing things that I enjoyed (scuba and book club as examples), to branch out through friends of friends that I liked, get out of my comfort zone (trapeze, yoga) and to stay upbeat about it. There were definitely moments of frustration. My mom would say “in five years none of this will matter” and I would be like “it’s been two years, how do you know it won’t be another five?” Keep your head up, focus on things that you’ll get enjoyment out of, and try to grow personally. Best wishes!

    • The problem I’ve found with online dating is it’s a breeding ground for people needy for attention. Guys and girls who want nothing more than to message back and forth or have a texting buddy to boost their ego.

    • I’m right there with you on these rants!

    • Sorry to hear about your near miss…..I have been there a few times this year and its getting exhausting. I like to think I am a good fellow….who has his sh*t together (job/apartment/hobbies)….its just hard because DC is so transient and everyones caught up in the rat race. I think good things happen to good people so try to stay optimistic!

    • Thanks, guys! I’m definitely still out and about doing the things I love. I’m also trying to do more things solo like just reading the paper at a coffee shop since I figure I have more of a chance meeting someone that way than when I’m in a group of friends (or watching tv on my couch). But I’ve had no luck meeting people out in my real life and a lot of the people online just seem like they don’t want a serious relationship (even if their profile says they do).
      Then I read about Anonymous’s sisters-in-law above and I think, “If they can find partners, why can’t I?” Trying to keep my head up, though. I’d rather spend my days happy then miserable wallowing in the situation. Good luck to all of you in the same situation!

    • BTDT, bought the tshirt. I say just hang in there… this time last year I was dating a guy who seemed to a nice fellow with his sh*t together who it turned out didn’t have it together and the way things ended really made me question if he really was a good fellow after all. Then I dated a guy who had his sh*t together but wasn’t a good fellow… Now I’m with a guy who didn’t quite have his sh*t together (pending divorce) and is a nice fellow with a dickish side (not towards me). We’ve been together a long while and we are very happy. The key for me was taking a break from dating all together, being happy in my own skin and not looking for another person to complete me/life but to compliment me/life, and not having expectations (ie, too early of an “exclusive” chat even thouugh in practice we were both treating it as an exclusive thing by week 2).

    • I may know some eligible bachelors. What’s the age range?

  • KSB

    Rant: Starting to feel like a big part of the sandwich generation (in terms of caring for young kids and aging parents, not our generational affinity for delicious foods stuffed between bread. Although, that too…)
    Rave: Parents and kids. Love them.

  • Rant: Wind! I actually like riding in cold weather (as long as it’s a short trip) but the wind this morning really slowed me down.

    Rave: Being able to bike to Metro and save over $100/month in parking. Plus, getting a short workout in the morning. I’m still not willing to bike in the rain on cold days, but I guess I could if I had to.

    • I’m with you on the wind! I use bike share and those bikes are pretty heavy, so it’s not so bad on flat roads or going down hill. Although there were a few times this morning that I thought I was about to tip over.
      Also, saving money on what would otherwise be a longer metro/bus ride WHILE exercising is the best. This is the first year I’m considering becoming an all weather cyclist, so I’m doing some research on clothing and stocking up. Today wasn’t really wasn’t that bad even with the wind. Riding this morning definitely changed my perspective on cold whether in general. It was so enjoyable. I really think cycling will be the best way for me to beat the winter blues!

    • Ugh the wind! Last night I was in the lowest gear and felt like I was going backwards. I’m supposed to go for a ride today but I’m seriously considering wimping out…

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Just back from RShack; I might have been the only client they’ll have this hour and I was there only because of an emergency at work; I deserve to be treated a little bit nicer!
    Rave: I slept really well last night
    Rave: being appreciated for the work I do

  • Rant: Overdressed for the barn last night and felt so claustrophobic and hot.
    Rave: Felt so liberating to get rid of the layers and wander around outside in the dark with a sweet, super fuzzy horse.
    Rant: Not going to 10 year high school reunion. Mostly have good excuses (traveling internationally the following week, have traveled most every week since returning from living abroad, best buddies not going) but also have the one massive excuse of not wanting to go while UNEMPLOYED.
    Rave: Will instead spend the time with my husband enjoying our wonderful home and city.

    • Additional Rant: Gingko leaves all gone in the crazy wind. A crew is working to clean up the beautifully colored detritus from Riggs Place as we speak
      Additional Rave: Got in my bike ride – hit up Arkansas Ave and California St (only state that’s a street not an Avenue!) and actually loved the weather!

  • Rant: Public school cafeteria square pizza, corn, pineapple chunks, and apple juice.
    Rant: Too many PDs
    Rave: Four more days of teaching til Thanksgiving break!

    • in case anybody felt jealous of my delicious lunch http://tinypic.com/r/95tpn4/8

    • It’s frightening to think that school lunches look the same now as they did 25 years ago…. I always hated that pizza and never understood the kids who got excited by it. My go-to school lunch was a chicken patty sandwich – sometimes with cheese if I was feeling crazy. But thinking of that now makes me want to gag. Thankfully, in high school we could leave campus for lunch and there was a wide variety within walking distance (impressive for a rural setting).

      • My elementary school was so small it had no lunch program – everyone brown-bagged it. In high school, the best day was cheesesteak day – to this day, I still love Minute Steaks, the particle board of the meat world. I agree, the pizza was dreadful.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I loved the chicken patties too. We did not get anything fancy like cheese on top. Mayo or ketchup were our choices. Recently I was feeling nostalgic for a chicken patty, so I got some at the store. gag puke! I’m so sad that that was the best food option when I was in school.

  • Rant: Long dormant knee issue resurfacing during the work commute. Dr. Google says that surgery is the only fix.
    Rave: I have the holidays and a long-awaited vacation to get through before that is going to be doable (fingers crossed I can make it work for that long.)
    Rant: This weather is too much. No thank you polar vortex, you can take that somewhere else.
    Rave: the passerby and garage attendant who saw that I was struggling to walk and ran over to help. Thanks for renewing my faith in humanity this morning.

  • Been a while but …

    Rant: People that don’t do their jobs. Just do what you are paid to do and don’t ask me to double check things that you are perfectly capable of double checking yourself. I know that you are asking me to double check it because it is easier for you if I do. But if I had time to do it in the first instance, I would not have asked you to do it.

    Rave: Feeling a little better.

    • Hah, I feel that way sometimes too. Kids do not like to revise on their own!

    • Feeling you on your rant. That’s the team I have to manage – no one wants to take ownership of their work. I would curse those damn Millennials, but I’m a Millennial myself and some of my staff is older than I am (and has aged out of that Millennial bracket…sigh), so I think it’s a sheer laziness thing.

    • Accountering

      Your rant is kind of bogus tbh. Double checking things yourself (especially if you have been working on it for a while) is not super useful. If you have checked an error 10 times, and it looks correct, it is going to look correct an 11th time.
      If you work in an office where there are deliverables to upper management or other important stakeholders, it is not unreasonable for your coworkers to have their work double checked for errors. It sounds like you are being the unreasonable one here.

      • If his/her staff is anything like mine, I’ll put money on it that his/her staff isn’t looking for the error in the first place. I have to review form letters with very minor modifications to be made and half the time end up sending them back to be fixed because words that would be on a 3rd graders spelling test are spelled wrong. One of my staff has been here well over a year, yet panics every time she encounters a situation that’s even slightly out of the norm. Ask her how she thinks the situation could be resolved and she turns into a deer in the headlights. Maybe I work for an unusually stupid company, but finding anyone here that is proactive about their work and really thinks through the processes they do is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

        • Accountering

          That is fair. Perhaps I am a bit spoiled. I do not have similar issues, and generally think my staff is smart and good at problem solving. Any deliverables to upper management do go through me for review, and they do a good job making sure they are good before I get them. My CFO and I also review each others stuff for errors as well. Granted this is a smaller company, and our deliverables go directly to CEO, COO, as well as to our board and our parent companies VPs and Presidents on a regular basis.

          • I’m certainly envious of your workplace. The issues at my job mainly stem from upper management being apathetic or oblivious to major problems (which is now leading us to lose a lot of big contracts) and not investing in a good staff – most people come in temp to hire because our VPs find it easier to get rid of temps who are brought in to be fall boys rather than invest in quality candidates from day one. Needless to say, this attitude has spilled over into our staff, who are applying for jobs and leaving this place in droves. Those who are still here are (justifiably) bitter and pissed about this situation and don’t try to hide it. It’s truly an awful place to be right now.

          • Count me as spoiled as well. My boss has stated that we should always think about making those below us look as good as possible. He reviews my work all of the time, unless it’s in an area that I own. It makes me look good and it makes him look good.
            Plus, making the stuff is what takes time, researching past documents and coming up with a strategy. Reviewing it is fast.

          • Accountering

            That sucks. My company did that for quite a while. Focused solely on staff as an expense, so focused on hiring the cheapest people. We were acquired by a large insurance company, and that went out the window. We are now upgrading when people leave, and it shows. The quality of people we are bringing in is vastly superior to the past. It helps that I have a department of 6, and I get a ton of autonomy – and the ability to replace a very low performing person when needed (see my rants/raves from this spring/summer haha!)

    • Let me get this straight, you delegated work to them and they are asking you to review it after they believe they have finished it? That sounds like the definition of a great employee.

      • To clarify, the issue is more that I gave something that required a lot of attention to detail and I lack confidence that the person went through their own work a second time to make sure it is correct. I am fully on board with reviewing things of others to catch errors that their own familiarity with the work might not be easy to see. This was not that situation. More like, we need a copy of everything on this list with a response of, double check to make sure I got everything on the list. In this situation, I don’t need to be doing that.

  • Rave: Alt-j tomorrow.
    Rant: None.

  • Query: I have been tasked with finding fun socks for my niece and nephews for Christmas. I recall some folks discussing socks/tights/etc here before. Any suggestions?

    • I think it was Emilie who suggested Sock Dreams. I’ve been on the site several times since but just haven’t yet clicked the “purchase” button!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sock dreams! I’ve had great success with my nieces and nephew’s present from them!
      Someone else from here introduced me to them last winter, so I cannot take credit.

    • KSB

      Zulily sometimes has fun socks (that’s where I’ve gotten them for my kids when I see the sales pop up.) But we warned, they take FOREVER to ship so catch the sales well in advance. Great prices and good selection if you hit it right, though.

    • I’ve used happysocks.com and sockittome.com to great success in the past. Good luck and the wilder the better.

    • Kohl’s or other department stores, even Target. Seriously, I love socks (my toes are constantly cold), so it’s my mom’s favorite stocking stuffer for me.

  • Rant: Cat’s excessive grooming problem has returned. She is showing bald spots from on her legs and stomach constantly licking her fur. I’m pretty sure it’s from an allergy but changing food and litter has not worked. Last time we took her to the vet the cat was so out of control (she doesn’t do well with strangers) that the vet wasn’t really even able to examiner her and the meds the vet gave us did nothing. I really don’t know what to do now

    • Blue cat food did wonders for our guys.

    • Maybe try Feliway? (I guess that won’t help if it’s an allergy, though.)

    • I’m sure it costs more, but maybe try a vet who makes house calls? That might at least allow them to get close to her, since it’s only the issue of a stranger and not a stranger on top of all the transport stress.

      • It does cost a little more, but totally worth it for my cat – who is worthless in a car. DCMetro Vet out of Laurel is accepting new patients. Annual check ups are about $70, but they do charge a $45-75 dollar travel fee depending on how far away you are. If you live in a building with multiple pet owners, they allow you to split the travel fee among all of the units they visit.

    • One of my sister’s cats had this same problem. What worked was cortisone pills; the cat started taking them regularly then gradually tapered off until now she has a pill once a month/or so.

  • Rant-ish Revel: The checking off items on the home renovation checklist as the completion of the project draws tantalizingly close. I think I spent more time agonizing over the kitchen cabinet handles and knobs than I did over having the ceiling of my bedroom torn out out, which cost probably 10 grand and is the most striking change in the new house.
    Rant: Went to Lost and Found and decided that most new hip bars are so much alike that they’re becoming boring. Not that that every neighborhood shouldn’t have a hip bar, and Lost and Found will likely be a lovely spot to hang if you live nearby. But the salvaged decor/exposed brick and duct work/microbrew/craft cocktail/bearded and tattooed bartender formula is growing weary. We need a new hipster aesthetic, and I think Popvillians are just the gang to drive it!
    Rave: My generation wins the music wars! Was at a hip new bar in Blagden Alley the other night and they didn’t play anything that couldn’t have been heard echoing scratchy and loud through the halls of my freshman dorm circa 1977. Thank God I can get a decent microbrew and not be aurally assaulted by the dreck the kids are listening to these days. 🙂

  • Rave: I love the cold weather. I start getting tired of it in February, but for now I really enjoy it.
    Rant: Wife and kid have a cold.
    Rave: I’m fighting off the cold pretty well.
    Rave: After finishing grad school earlier this fall, I’ve been on a bit of a spree. My latest thing is throwback sneakers from the late ’80s-early ’90s. I’m going to try to avoid turning into a sneaker head and going crazy on the Nike site, but I’m really looking forward to my two new pairs of old-school Reebok Pumps.

  • More of a random thought related to all the elections and platforms as of late… instead of broad stroke support or opposition of certain complex issues (i.e. positions on what to do with all of healthcare)… what do you think is a relatively simple societal improvement that could be achieved within 9 to 12 months, which would help the greatest number of DC residents and receive bipartisan support? Same question for the US? Is it money, policy, or perhaps education… Disclosure, I might be reading too much of Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein… (i.e. ideas on how to increase organ donations through simple changes to your driver’s license application); its good stuff. Do any organizations do this kind of work?

    • Accountering

      I would have answered 2-3 weeks ago, but part of the good news of the election being over is that I get to move on with my life and not worry about this sort of stuff for now 🙂
      With that said, you sucked me in 🙂 Actual answer of things that can be accomplished in the next 9-12 months, I think basically nothing big. Lot more obstruction, lot of vetos, and a ton of wasted time and money. Even something like revenue-neutral corporate tax reform, that is favored by virtually everyone, has little chance of passing. TBH, we will be lucky if the Republicans don’t shut down the government over O’s immigration reform executive order coming later this week.

  • Additional rant: I can’t find all the great suggestions that Popville had for where to donate books, and I still have hundreds to get rid of before I move back home.

  • Revel: 8 pounds of butter in the fridge, another 2-3 and I’ll be ready for Thanksgiving. Only 11 people staying at my house this year!

    Extra revel – Oyster Riot is this weekend!!! If you LOVE oysters (and can easily eat 50) you want to go to this! Now that they’ve added a Sat. matinee, it no longer sells out – so there are still tickets available. (Sometimes even discounted last-minute on Craigslist as well.)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Navigationally-able Seniors overly relying on GPS! I spent the weekend in the car in hushed silence waiting for GPS Lady to spurt out guidance from IDGI Sr’s wife’s phone which then she would yell out from the back seat so IDGI Sr could hear it in his good ear. If you are relying on GPS accept that sometime it is wrong and don’t insist that somewhere hidden on that block of sad mobile homes is a theater. Also if you are going to Ybor City and GPS Lady says to turn left yet the sign say Ybor City to the right you might want to follow the sign.

    Rave: This cold weather is putting me in a holiday from of mind! I love this time of year!
    Bonus Rave: Although I have a small family I still feel that Christmas is getting out of control. I’ve been telling the adults in the family that I can’t tell them what to do but I’m only giving presents to children and I don’t expect presents from adults. I think most are relieved especially since I am probably the hardest to shop for since I live the furtherest away and possibly, may be the most fabulous.

  • rant: just couldn’t get up this morning. only endedu p 15 min late over all but i was stuck in the paralyzing memories of the dream i already forgot.
    rave: over the garden wall

  • Rant: Left my phone at home today accidentally.
    Rave: I must admit I LOVE reading Popvillers go in on posters who think they were a victim when the rest of us see they are the problem. My faves to date are (the girl who cancelled her wedding at Hotel Tabard for “bad service”, the pregnant woman who was not allowed to use the bathroom at The Heights, and now the man who physically assaulted someone for yelling obscenities…You guys entertain me so!

  • Rant: Didn’t make it to Cleveland this weekend because it snowed
    Rave: Got a DC tax refund I wasn’t expecting and my CPA says it’s legit
    Rant: It’s on a debit card. Why could they not have just direct deposited the money? How am I supposed to spend exactly that amount? Sigh.

    • If you have a bill that’s more than the amount left on the card, you can usually put the first $X on the debit card to empty it out, then pay the balance with cash or another card. Works at grocery stores.

    • You can buy an Amazon gift card for the exact amount, then get pretty much anything your heart desires. Amazon allows you to use up any gift cards then pay the balance with your usual credit card.

  • skj84

    Rant: Getting a bit of stage fright at work. I do a lot of cold calling with my job, which is not my favorite thing in the world. I decided to just plunge headfirst into the calls without over-thinking about them which had lead me to great success. But lately I’ve become kind of freaked out about calling strangers. I haven’t been yelled at or anything, but I start worrying about major rejection. I need to move past this hurdle.

    Rave: I have reached the point where I feel like I’m slowly getting myself together. I have been at this job for a month now, and though I may have to get a second job before I’m completely back on my feet, I do feel somewhat like I’m moving forward. Almost at the point where I feel like I can start looking at moving out on my own. Especially since my commute isn’t great. Coming in from Bethesda to College Park isn’t terrible, but can take forever deepening on the time of day.

  • RANT: Feeling terrible for a friend who recently moved to Florida for a guy and now he’s trying to dump her. He won’t even allow her to go to his family’s house for Thanksgiving, so she had to buy a wildly expensive ticket back to her parents’ house for the holidays. She left her job and friends behind for him. She’s unhappy in her new job and has ZERO friends in the area. I feel truly awful for her and he’s a huge dickbag. 😡

    • that’s majorly messed up. I would dump HIM if I were in her position and he pulled that stuff on me. It’s a really tough place to be though. How long were they together before they moved? If it was years, that’s even more crazy

      • Accountering

        And she is stuck in Florida! All kidding aside, this sucks, what a douche. When you encourage someone to move cross-country (especially to a dump like Florida – hehe, ok, now I am done) it has to be way more serious than this. Tough stuff for your friend. Only consolation is perhaps she dodged a bullet here?

      • They’ve been dating for about a year in an LDR. She literally moved there one month ago and started her new job last week (which she’s not liking). They are not living together, but she hasn’t seen or heard from him in 3 days. So messed up, she’s devastated.

        • Accountering

          That sucks – big time. Can she bail on the crappy new job, and move back here? I wonder why she moved down there if it wasn’t to move in?

  • Andie302

    Rave: Productive and fun night last night – despite being out of sorts early on
    Rant: Passive agressive text message from the roommate about taking out the trash
    Rave: Our friendship will improve when I’m no longer her roommate

  • Rave: I am feeling very please with myself for having bought a new winter coat a week before the deep freeze happened. And the coat fits and I am liking it over all.
    Rant: Woke up at 3AM – well, half-woke up – and was certain – positive – that it was Friday night and that today would be Saturday. Ugh, but at least my office is almost empty so no one’s bothering me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My health insurance got better and only went up about $15 with the implement of Obamacare. The $15 was only slightly more than a normal yearly increase. I guess health insurance is something my company actually does well.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: College acceptance #2 for Eldest Zelda arrived yesterday. As much as she might drive me crazy right these days, she is an awesome kid.
    Rant: I need to stop living in a constant state of moderate sleep deprivation.

  • Additional Rave: Got tix for the swearing in ceremony next month!
    Related Rant: My fave sub place in Baltimore has closed., but I’m sure a nice lunch elsewhere will due.
    Rant: One last thing before swearing in: driving out to Annapolis for ethics classes.
    Rave: No CLE in MD!

    • Allison

      Serious advice: pay attention (and I mean actually *look* attentive) during the entire ethics course. When I did the ethics course in Annapolis they threw out two people who were doodling while the speaker was talking. Like, “oops you’re not getting admitted anymore” threw them out.

  • Aglets

    Rant: Today is the day I go to jail for punching someone in the face. I can feel it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: my horoscope from Stephen Blackmoore:
    Virgo: Today you will confuse mansplaining with manscaping, leaving a trail of rudely explained, shorn, male corpses in your wake.

  • Rant: My purse was stolen last night at 5:30. I parked my car directly in front of the house where my son is for nanny share. Got the 3 yo out and went just inside the door for all of 10 min and came out to find they had smashed and grabbed the purse. Phone, cards, cash and a bunch of other things that are only important to me. I know… I know… never leave your bag within view… but I was within view of the car and had to wrestle with 2 kids and all their stuff… I can only carry so much safely. It makes me want to head for the burbs…

    Rave: My son wanted desperately to stay in the car while I picked up my other son… I said no.

    Rave: I’m lucky it’s only stuff… and I’m even more lucky that I’ve never needed or wanted to steal from others.

    • Perhaps you should shift to a crossbody-style bag that allows you to keep your hands free?

    • Aglets

      good grief. I’m so sorry 🙁 I do this kind of stuff all the time (minus the kid). i know i’m running on borrowed time (esp with my phone which i constantly leave on the front seat of my car).
      Yeah, i know it’s ‘only stuff’ as people say but it’s the inconvenience of it all

    • If it makes you feel any better, my coworker had the same thing happen while parked in his driveway in the ‘burbs (out near Annapolis). He’d left his laptop bag in the car while carrying in groceries and didn’t hear them smashing the window during the 10 minutes he was inside.
      I also know a couple people in NoVA who didn’t leave stuff in their vehicles but had parts taken from them (one a mirror, the other the hood of his truck).
      So theft from vehicles seems pretty common in the ‘burbs too.

    • This happens at my daycare in the burbs (that’s tucked in a pretty remote spot). I just have a crossbody purse that makes things easier.

  • Rant: On the fence about hiring a make up artist for my wedding, they are so expensive! When I mention to friends that I might do it myself instead, I get a lot of “you’ll be toooooooo stressed/busy” but I have a hard time rationalizing paying almost as much as my dress on makeup! (I do pretty well on my own when doing my own makeup for formal events). Hair, fine, makeup….eesssh!

    Rave: Marrying a wonderful guy, who has been super involved in the whole process, the makeup thing is the only thing that’s caused me a bit of stress, so all in all not so bad.
    Super Rave: Marrying a wonderful guy 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I say do your own. If Dita Von Teese can do it, so can you!

      • Aglets

        I agree with this- with one caveat.
        Plan what you’re doing and take some test photos to make sure it looks how you want it to look in photos.

        • Thanks for the helpful advice! I plan on going to the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom/Bloomies etc to get the full “bridal consultation” make up trial a few months before, so I can stock up on things I might not have in my normal arsenal (all my stuff is BB). I’d rather invest in good makeup that I can use again, than a make up artist who may not even use products that I like.

          Great suggestion about doing some test photos! And the comment about Dita gave me a good laugh!!! Thanks again 🙂

          • Aglets

            i just remember a friend looking beautiful and glowing live and in person on the day but in the photos it looked like a reverse raccoon- white orbs around her eyes! not all of them but enough that it was like ‘whoa’.

    • Get it done for free at a department store makeup counter. Just buy something nice so the salesperson/ makeup artist gets the commission.

    • I almost did my own wedding makeup because it seemed like an exorbitant and unnecessary expense, but decided near the last minute to get help. I would up going to Mimosa salon on Connecticut Ave and the owner did my hair and makeup for a comparatively reasonable price, using my own makeup. I was really happy with the results and would definitely recommend them. It’s not the full wedding makeup experience some brides may want, but it was a great solution for me.

      • Thank you! This is a perfect suggestion, we’re getting married around the corner so I could walk there with my bridesmaids. I wasn’t sure how good mimosa was for this (only been there for nails) so I really appreciate the suggestion!

        • Oh, I’m so glad! Mimosa was a really great option for me and they can accommodate a bunch of people. I hope they work out well for you, too!

    • It’s way cheaper to go to a salon/day spa and have them do it vs. having one come to your house. Also, you might want to try the Aveda school in Chinatown or just go to one of the department stores and head to your favorite line. But yeah, it’s definitely worth having your make up done for the pictures alone.

  • Rave: Went to a good friend’s wedding over the weekend. It was fun (and I love a good excuse to get dressed to the nines).
    Rant: Got the feeling his wife doesn’t like me much… uh-oh.

    • Why did you get that feeling about the new wife? She must have been awfully busy at her own wedding, and could have been distracted/tired/freaking-out-that-they-just-got-married and not reflecting you.

  • Rave: Success with my second experimentation in lacto-fermentation; sauerkraut is burbling away on my countertop. So I was inspired to try another fermentation – kim chi.
    Rave: BestWorld. Yes, really. They carried the specific kind of pepper used to make kim chi (gochugaru). The manager came out to help me find it, then we talked about making kim chi and what she gave me some good advice about both ingredients and process.
    Future rave: Two jars of kim chi!
    Rant: Cold cold cold I really dislike the cold!

    • I knew I had a rant!
      Rant: I have more than 37 kinds of tea but no plain black black tea in a teabag.
      Related rave: Earl Gray is a good substitute

      • I LOVE tea, but I do not like Earl Gray. Just can’t do it. Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I’ll ask webMD.

        • My afternoon tea is usually Constant Comment (because this is what my mom liked therefore it was what we had at home).
          My new favorite is Tulsi tea because it is “stress relieving & magical”

        • Guessing you just have an aversion to floral flavors? That’s not strange at all.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Mt new favorite is Lady Londonderry, it’s kind of fruity and floral, but very lightly so.
          And yes, something is wrong with you if you don’t like Early Grey! 🙂

  • Someone mentioned 25% off coupons for CVS on here the other day, and I read it too late to ask then, but where does one acquire such coupons?

    • It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the CVS coupon gods smile upon you and sneak one in with the standard receipt printouts for $3 off $50 of deodorant or whatever.

      • Allison

        Lol to “$3 off $50 deodorant” — seriously the amounts they want you to buy to get the discount are insane! If I’m going to be buying that much deodorant, I might as well get it in bulk at costco and not need the coupon.

    • If you signup for emails and/or have an account with CVS coupons will be emailed. I get 20% coupons nearly every weekend. You can also utilize the send to card option for coupons which I personally love.

    • If you have their loyalty program card, you’ll get them in the mail on the regular.

  • Rant: Exam tonight. Super nervous. Wish I hadn’t been attacked by the nap-monster while studying Saturday. Wish I had had time to start studying 3 weeks ago. Need to get a high B to pass the course.
    Rave: Just one more exam after tonight then I’m done!
    Rave2: My bed, when the exam is over.
    Rave3: Fun weekend planned with the boy. At least something big to look forward to!

  • Rave: feeling much better.
    Rant: still sad about the family dog.
    Rave (for those looking for a great point and shoot): the sony rx-100 is on sale for $330 from the mass ebay seller i got my 2 from at $408 a pop.

  • I know it’s late, but dang, that’s me in the photo. Ha.
    Remember the guy taking photos on Saturday; perhaps I’ll get in touch with him. 🙂

  • Who is that Sexy beast of a man running in that photo?!?!?!

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