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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Last night with my husband, we started dreaming up a trip to visit friends in Chile. And it’s possible with miles and staying with friends. So in my unemployed state, I’m daydreaming of the Andes and Patagonia…

    Rant: Woken up by management company call and knock on the door regarding demoing and replacing our hardwoods today. They didn’t schedule anything through me so I sent them away (plus the wood needed to acclimate anyway) and they’ll be back later this week.

    Rave: Have a decent week lined up where I’ll hopefully feel fulfilled and productive. Just wish I’d get a bite from my cv and applications…

  • epric002

    (hopefully ravey) rant: today is surgery today for former foster puppy. cross your paws that everything goes well for us please!
    rant: whacked the crap out of my head this morning. big goose egg. boo.
    rave: had a really nice weekend- went to new neighbors’ open house and had a great time, went to husband’s boarding school alumni dinner and had a surprisingly good time, and took lots of naps 🙂

  • Rant: I can’t figure out how to use the thermostat in our new house, despite spending hours reading about it online and fiddling with it. Last night I slept in my down parka because I was so cold. I’m worried the problem is with the furnace, not the thermostat, even though the thermostat itself is a major pain.
    Rave: Our puppy is one week old! We now have a verbal commitment for the pup we want and he’s a darling. I’m totally in love.
    Rave: It’s awesome to see so many PoPville people getting into Serial. Does anyone have new theories on it to share?

    • We put in a Nest thermostat about 8 months ago. It’s simply amazing and worth every penny. Simple to use, keeps the house much comfier than its junky 80s era predecessor, and has quantifiably reduced our energy use. I hope your furnace is OK.

      • I’m thinking very seriously about buying a Nest anyway, and appreciate your recommendation. Even if the furnace is the underlying problem, it would be amazing to have a thermostat that works somewhat intuitively and saves energy. I think the one we have is a sort of Nest predecessor — it’s tries to save energy by working on a sort of timer — but it’s so hard to program that it never has the right temp at the right time.

        • I installed a Nest almost a year ago and it has been amazing. In addition to the learning and scheduling capabilities, I love that I can get in bed, roll over, open the app, and turn the fan on for 15 minutes if I feel like I need some white noise to fall asleep.

          • The main feature of the Nest is its learning capability, right? So for a household where one adult works from home half the time, the other adult works from home one day a week but not always the same day, and the child likes to crank up the heat to sit on the vent… no bueno, right?

          • Well, yes, the learning thing is a big part, but you can also make a daily schedule for the temperatures you want instead of relying on learning. The automatic away feature is also a big selling point and one of the reasons it saves so much energy, though of course with that much working from home your system won’t turn off that much.
            I don’t know what to do about your kid, but you can always look at the temperature setting in the app and adjust it from there.

          • While it sounds gimmicky at first, the Nest’s wi-fi capability is amazing, too. You can fully control it from a browser, tablet or smartphone. Programming from a browser is much simpler than trying to dial in settings on the thermostat itself. I also love being able to, for instance, turn the heat or AC on from my iPhone while my plane taxis or as I cross the beltway.

          • What happens with a Nest when the power goes out? I’ve only ever had manual thermostats (even with a timer).

          • When the power goes out, it has an internal battery that’s good for days (long story how I found that out). Even when it eventually dies, it keeps all its settings and programming (like a cell phone). It also has a micro USB charging port, so you just pull it straight off the wall (no tools required) and charge it with a standard phone/device charger if you need to.

        • Thermostats are highly dependent on their location within your house. The thermostat measures the temperature at the location in which it is placed. So if your thermostat is in the warmest room of the house, it will turn off the furnace when it reaches the desired temp and your coldest room will not heat up. This is a major point of contention between me & my roommates in our large, drafty house.
          A cheaper fix is to get the Nest and install it in the coldest location in the house. This will involve a handyman running wire through your walls to the furnace. However, this might mean that some rooms in your house become unbearably hot.

          • I don’t think the issue is location in our case. If I set the “target temperature” to 67 degrees, the thermostat will read that the temperature is 64, but not try to reach the higher target. I can get the furnace to turn on temporarily, but not stay on — I suspect this has something to do with the thermostat’s timing mechanism rather than a furnace defect — but when the furnace is on, the air that comes out isn’t particularly hot. It’s totally perplexing. I probably need to just suck it up and call a specialist.

          • epric002

            shawess- we just had some boiler/thermostat work done by sila HVAC and i would definitely recommend them.

          • Thank you, epric002 — I just contacted them!

          • Is the nest easy to self install? I want to get one but am not super handy and would love to have not have to hire someone to help.

          • You can hire me 🙂
            It’s super easy to install. There is a helpful video and you can call them if you have problems. I removed my old thermostat, patched the holes, sanded, and installed the Nest in less than an hour.

        • Just a tip, learned from experience. Those thermostats need a working AA battery. I discovered that, just before calling the repair guys. Saved me some $$.

      • The first review on the Amazon.com page for the Nest is amazing. I’m not even in the market, and I read it in its entirety. I learned many things!

      • I am so intrigued by the Nest, but worried it wont work because my thermostat in the hallway down to my bedroom. I only go down that hallway when I’m on my way to bed, so I’m afraid it will always think I’m not home. 🙁

        • SFT

          You can just put it on a schedule using the (super duper user friendly) app on your smart phone. If it happens to kick off or think you are away, just tap your phone and it will learn your preferences. It’s the best!

      • FYI, Google just bought Nest. And how does Google make money?

      • SFT

        I love my Nest. It will save you money in the long run. Totally worth the investment!!!!!

    • So much of the case seems to rest on there being 21 minutes between when Hae was seen at the end of school (seems solid) and 2:36 (phone call from Best Buy, according to Jay’s story). So I find this 21 minute window suspect. I don’t know who that means did it, but I think too much is made that the crime had to happen in those 21 minutes.

      • I agree. This definitely seems like it’s a story that the state is telling, based on Jay’s testimony. For all we know, the crime could have happened while Adnan was at practice.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I still don’t understand why they put so much faith in Jay, because Jen said he said it?

          • This is weird to me, too. From what we’ve heard so far, it sounds like the detectives accepted the first story they heard and then matched up the evidence with that story. I’d be really interested to know if the Serial team looked at whether Jay had a good understanding of police procedure before this all happened because that would suggest that he knew how he could game the system.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I can believe that Jay figured it out along the way with some coaching from the cops. Even though he’s the bad boy in the group that wasn’t in the smart-kid program, he seems very intelligent.

          • I agree, Emilie504. I think the hours-long gap between his initial story and the official testimony is a huge red flag.

          • Yes, I think there was a lot of “mischief” going on before the camera was turned on to take his statement.

      • I still can’t believe that Adnan didn’t testify at his trial…

        • That -is- really weird. I hope Sarah asked him why not, and especially hope they’ll reveal that this week.

          • I don’t think he can possibly be a good witness when he can’t actually remember if he went to the library that day or not. I’m very close to thinking he didn’t do it, but I don’t necessarily think that means he’s a good witness.
            If he takes the stand anything about his relationship with Hae is fair game. Any joking about killing her is fair game. I think they would have made him look flimsy and it would have hurt him in the end.
            I really wish his lawyer was still alive. I would love to hear from her. I don’t understand how she let the Nisha call misinformation slide. If the only time Nisha talked to Adnan and Jay in one phone call was from a video store, then it wasn’t that call. Did anyone ask others in her house if they talked to a weird guy that day?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Didn’t she say it was normal for defendants not to take the stand? I also don’t think he would have been a god witness.

          • He definitely comes off like a bad witness when he’s speaking with Sarah Koenig, but I wonder how he might have come off if he had good coaching from his lawyer. It sounds like he has the dairy cow eyes working for him, at least.

        • If he honestly cannot remember what he did during those 21 minutes then having him take the stand would be pointless. The jury would want to hear something other than, “I can’t remember.” what I find MORE ridiculous, as SK says, that the defense team never even contacted Asia McClain about her letters, followed up with the library about an internet sign up sheet, accessed his email account records to see if he was actually checking his email at the library around that time, etc. I do understand why Asia may have recanted later out of fear or some other reason…

      • I keep thinking about the phone records besides Adnan’s cell phone (such as his landline?). It seems they could have subpoenaed other phone records to corroborate Jay’s story because you can’t tell who those incoming calls are from. And how Adnan never paged Hae after she disappeared… maybe he did, but from his landline, not his cell phone??? Also, the supposed payphone in the Best Buy parking lot: You’d think the prosecution would have gotten the records for this payphone if that 2:36 call was so important. I think the reason why they didn’t have the records for the trial because… there was NOT actually a phone there! Or maybe they did get it, but there was no call at 2:36. There are SO many holes in this dang story. Has anyone watched the documentary about the Central Park Five?

  • Rave: Awesome weekend.
    Rant: Caps games. Seriously guys?
    Rave: Friday’s Caps game. Not the game itself, rather the in game entertainment. I got picked to be that person who takes three shots at a miniscule target from the near blue line, center line, and far blue line, grand prize for 2 out of 3= $25k. It was so much fun. The Red Rockers were really encouraging and helpful and I got some tips from a hockey playing friend before I went down there. My first shot was way off, didn’t even hit the goal. But the second and third were heart breakers. The second one was about 2-3 inches from the tiny hole. A coworker who was at the game got some great pictures. They gave me a Nick Backstrom autographed puck for playing, which enough of a prize for me. Everyone in my section agreed I had the best scoring opportunity of anyone wearing a Caps jersey all game. Oh, and I was wearing 3 inch heels. They give you grippy things to put on your shoes, those were a life saver.
    Rave: finally tackled the re-caulking project in the kitchen. No more gaping cracks between the counter and back splash.

    • So cool on the intermission game participation!

    • Accountering

      This was not a good hockey weekend. The Blues game particularly drove me nuts. Reading the recap, when they talk about how the Blues finally put together a three-period, consistent game of hockey where they played well all game. It is NOT a good sign when your team is on the opposite end of those types of comments. Get your act together Caps…

    • How fun! And a nice consolation prize : )

  • Rave: My sister’s baby shower was much more enjoyable than anticipated. No nosy questions about my plans to breed or not, and I managed to escape into the kitchen when games were played. Most importantly, my sister seemed really grateful and pleased with the outpouring of love. I’m happy to cross that one off my to do list.
    Rave: My new umbrella! I stayed dry on my commute this am.
    Rant: I thought that I had frozen leftovers in the freezer at work. Apparently not, which means I get to trek out in the rain to buy lunch.

    • Yay re: your rave. So often baby showers can devolve into interrogations of the people who haven’t had children about when they plan to. No bueno. It really puts a damper on my enjoyment and anticipation of showers that people feel the need to behave that way.

  • Rave: The Washington Chorus doing Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” last night was breathtaking.
    Rant: People who too rude/lazy to take down temporary parking signs after they expire.
    Rave: Chicken and white bean chili came out awesome for a first try. Lots of great leftovers for a cold, dark and nasty week.
    Mixed: Time to pull the down comforter out of the closet.

    • What recipe did you use for your chili? I’ve made some that I like, some that I don’t….but of course, I didn’t take good notes on which was which!

      • I think I kludged together two promising ones from Epicurious and All Recipes. One thing I tried from comments was to puree one of the three cans of beans I used, which gave it a very nice richness. Next time, instead of using small cubed chicken breast (which worked just fine), I may buy a rotisserie chicken and hand shred it.

        • You can also shred your chicken breast after you bake it — instead of cutting it into cubes, just attack it with 2 forks!

    • I agree about the people being too rude/lazy to take down the parking signs. But, there’s an unexpected benefit – many people just see the white sign and look for another spot, without checking the date. I’ve had ridiculously good luck with open spots in front of expired signs.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Having to get up at 3:45am to get the 5am train to NYC, esp. on the kind of dreary, rainy morning that I would have preferred to sleep as late as possible and maybe even take a “sick day” and watch movies, drink warm beverages and take long naps.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Oh God, the Redskins. The best case scenario at this point would be for Dan Snyder to move the team to another city and we wait 5 years and get a new franchise. This city and its fans deserve so much better.

    Rant: Our optometrist’s office called to cancel our eye appointments Saturday morning as we were pulling into their parking lot. How does your office not do routine eye exams and how come it took you 3 weeks to figure this out?

    Rave: Cancelled eye appointment time to kill + already being in Rockville meant Original Pancake House for breakfast. Infant Daughter continued her charm offensive on all nearby restaurant patrons while I had bacon pancakes.

    • I’ve always been skeptical of that Original Pancake House. Is it actually good?

      • jim_ed

        Yeah, it was pretty good. Not ‘drive out of your way as a destination restaurant’ good, but like a better version of IHOP. It’s basically that reliable, cheap, and consistent breakfast restaurant that every town should have. It’s much bigger on the inside than I realized, and was running about a 20 minute wait while we were there.

      • We have an Original Pancake House in my hometown and even though I am not a big fan of huge pancake breakfasts, I really like this chain. They have good fresh-squeezed juice I have dreams about the Dutch Baby and apple pancakes there. I can also perfectly imagine, with childlike glee, the taste of their chocolate chip pancakes even though I haven’t eaten them since I would about 12 years old.

        • skj84

          There’s an Original Pancake House by me. I don’t go very often, but I love their chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon and lots of syrup. Mmm.

    • “This city and its fans deserve so much better.”
      Opinions vary, I suppose.

    • I always get the bacon pancakes. 🙂

    • I like your idea about the football team. Get ’em outta here. I have to admit I had quite a nice nap during the fourth quarter, which might not have happened if we had a good team that I could actually cheer for.

  • Rave: Fun weekend with my roommate for his birthday (went to interstellar at imax friday, out in u street and adams morgan sunday, and saw tv on the radio at 9:30 club sunday night.
    Rant: I am so exhausted from the weekend and its only monday, i can’t wait for today to be done and making trader joes chineese food and watch the walking dead from last night

  • rant: the metro was bad but not as bad as it could have been since I caught the tail end of residual delays. still, crowded trains are worse when everyone is damp and in huge coats.
    rave: i had a very social weekend and it was pretty great. not something I’d be up for every weekend but still once in a while isn’t so bad.
    rave: big hero 6! very cute movie, great humor and characters

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Great weekend, social enough but also with time for myself.
    Rant: biking to work. I’ll be wearing wet clothes for a while today.

  • Rave: Fun weekend with my roommate for his birthday (went to interstellar at imax friday, out in u street and adams morgan saturday and saw tv on the radio at 9:30 club sunday night.
    Rant: I am so exhausted from the weekend and its only monday, i can’t wait for today to be done and making trader joes chineese food and watch the walking dead from last night

  • Rave: Fabulous weekend! Got to stay in bed until 8 both days, enjoyed a play date, dinner with friends, and a five-mile run 🙂 Yay!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: lingering bronchitis, go away!
    Rant: boring movies on TCM on a sick day.
    Rave: Peaky Blinders series 2 on Netflix. Hurray for Cillian Murphy vehicles!

  • Rant: Metro delays and pushy, entitled commuters.Yes, your train was delayed; so was mine. No one’s commute is more important than anyone else’s.
    Rave: Shitty commute = visit to Dunkin Donuts for some hot coffee on this rainy day.
    Rave: My husband and I played matchmaker for a good friend of ours, and they’re going out on their first date Tuesday 🙂 She’s excited, he’s a great guy–Hope all goes well!

    • Sorry, missed a rave: Finally binge-listened to Serial. I am totally hooked. Looking forward to combing through the Friday question of the day for similar podcasts!

    • I’m with you on the entitled commuters. I just don’t understand the impulse to go all thunderdome over a metro train. One can see on the board that another train will arrive in ONE minute. Why can’t these people chill the hell out??

      • +500. The last time I rode Metro, this woman barged onto the train by pushing me in, then got fussy that there wasn’t a ton of space for her to stand in. Since she should have seen the lack of space before she boarded, I didn’t have a lot of sympathy.

      • Allison

        I’m definitely not a “fighter” on metro, but I sometimes have to be a little more brisk than people might appreciate when boarding a train at certain times. Consider this: I live near Waterfront Station, which is the last stop on the green line before L’Enfant Plaza. This means the trains (every train, there’s only one line and the trains come about every 8 or 9 minutes, not every one minute) is going to be packed to the brim by the time it arrives at my station at any point during the morning commute. When people are standing near the doors and won’t allow me to board when there’s clearly space in the middle of the car, I get a little eye twitchy. And it’s not a matter of waiting for the next train, because the next train in 8 minutes will be the same. So try to understand the perspective of people who live at certain crowded stations close to a major transfer point.
        That being said, this is why I take the bus to work. I’ve made the mistake of trying to rely on the train too many times.

        • Then your situation is different from the one described above, where there is another train coming in one minute. I switch at GP/CT from green to red, and I cannot fathom why people behave the way they do. Because ONE MINUTE.

          • Scrillin

            No, her situation is the same, because *all* of the trains – even with a 1-minute headway, are packed by the time they get to the “core”.

          • Well, if you’re like me and you need a Shady Grove train, it’s not one minute. It can be up to 8 minutes sometimes. Getting fussy is still not cool, though.

          • To be fair, I was boarding a Blue Line train. With the new Orange and Silver Line service changes, it can be up to 15 minutes between trains, even during rush hour. So the lady did actually need to be on THAT particular train. WTHBS, we were packed in like sardines, so huffing about not having a personal space bubble on a train that crowded was still ridiculous.

        • If there are people standing in/near the door who won’t move to the middle of the car to use all the available space, you don’t have to apologize AT ALL for being aggressive about getting on the train. Go in with elbows out, and if someone says something, just reply, “I’m so sorry, I had to get past you to get to that big open space on the interior of the train.” If you want, throw in an “a$$hole” under your breath.

        • Allison

          Oh yeah, if I’m going to shove myself on a train, I’m not going to then complaint that it’s too crowded. Physics y’all!

  • Rave: Fun weekend!
    Rant: My friend sent me a picture of the bridesmaids dress she’s thinking about choosing. I don’t know how to tactfully tell her the fabric on the front looks very labia-like. Haha…
    Rave: Thank you to whoever suggested Guys We F****d on Friday’s podcast question!

    • You and the bride are friends, you need to tell her. Personal preference is one thing, wearing a genital sandwich board is another.

    • epric002

      i just snorted out loud at your bridesmaid dress rant. that’s awesome/insane. are they by chance flesh colored? 😛

      • Funniest rant I’ve seen here yet.

      • She’s thinking of going with peach/light pink so sort of!! It has weird vertical wavy ruffles going down the front, which is what looks like labia. I’ll probably end up saying something if this dress remains the frontrunner…

        • Haha I almost had to wear one of those. Amsale by any chance?

        • I think it’s a lovely dress — maybe you can get her to go for a different — less labial — color?

        • Good luck with that color. I had to wear a similarly colored dress in a wedding this year (fortunately, it wasn’t so anatomically graphic) and I had to get the mother of all spray tans not to look totally washed out. Snooki would have been proud of my tan.

          That dress, though. Wow. That’s one of the all-time worst bridesmaids dresses I’ve ever seen. Remember, if you’re not married, you’ll have an opportunity for revenge.

          • I actually like the dress — so I’m guessing that you might be a lot younger than me if that’s on your all-time worst list. I had the high lace color and floor length pleats in “dusty rose” that came with a fascinator hat with a point in front and veiling. I once had to veto a shoulder-width pastel transparent picture hat. And — although I liked it at the time — the wide lace collar and the truly enormous puffed sleeves (watermelon sized) are the stuff of Princess Diana influenced Disney nightmares.

          • I actually like the dress — so I’m guessing that you might be a lot younger than me if that’s on your all-time worst list. I had the high lace color and floor length pleats in “dusty rose” that came with a fascinator hat with a point in front and veiling. I once had to veto a shoulder-width pastel transparent picture hat. And — although I liked it at the time — the wide lace collar and the truly enormous puffed sleeves (watermelon sized) are the stuff of Princess Diana influenced Disney nightmares.

          • Sorry — this SO does NOT deserve a double post. Unless I can come up with pictures!

          • Hah. Not that young, just got lucky with mostly not hideous bridesmaids dresses I guess. Personal preferences, though. The color is extremely difficult to pull off if you’re at all pale and I would venture to guess that the fabric looks really cheap in person. However, we don’t know what fab accessories are going to be paired with this dress, she may have a pastel hat in her future as well.

    • Same on your second rave!! I have been listening all weekend. Gotta love awkwardly giggling to yourself as you walk down the street with your hood up. Many people probably thought I was crazy.

    • jim_ed

      Maybe keep re-enforcing how much the front fabric reminds you of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting?

    • Andie302

      Can we please get a link to the dress 🙂

      • https : // encrypted-tbn0.gstatic. com/ shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5nXOu22onoYzkBeSH5fHEJ2NTazj0I6sI_-oqLUFnBzxGXqCFHjl162oVPL4&usqp=CAE
        Is it worse in my head?

        • msmaryedith

          No, that is terrible! And I say that as someone who has had to wear bridesmaid dresses 8 times!

        • Ohhhhhhhh. This is not good. If it were less labia-like, I could see it working…but…now that that comparison is out there…

        • I can’t make it load even after removing the spaces. Is there a brand/model name I can google?

          • I got it to work. I actually like the dress enough, but now that the labia association is there, I can see nothing other than labia when looking at it. And that’s reason enough to say something to the bride, IMO.

          • epric002

            i can’t get it to load- what’s the style #/name?

          • It’s the Strapless Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Mikado Sash from White by Vera Wang

          • Andie302

            I’m with everyone else…this is pretty painful, especially in any kind of flesh/pink color. Plus those ruffles are only adding volume 🙁 Let us know how this turns out!

        • That’s not too bad. I can see why the bride likes it. I was imagining something else entirely.
          If anything, I’d say it’s reminiscent of jellyfish.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m not even sure it would work in a different color, too much bulk in the front for my taste. Are there labia on the back? That would just be a wrinkled nightmare.

        • This is definitely a case of the bride making herself look prettier by making her bridemaids look ugly. 😀 Yikes.
          And the fact that it’s Vera Wang, so it’s going to be $$$$ 😡

          • $188 at David’s Bridal. Eeesh. I’m not sure that I would have seen a labia without it being pointed out, but it’s not attractive. I really don’t understand why bridesmaid’s dresses are a thing.

        • Allison

          Mehh, at least it’s not a short dress (for some reason the length of it makes it less labia-like). However, the black band is too thick for the delicate design of the rest of the dress; it’s visually jarring.

        • Oh wow. Besides bearing resemblance to lady parts, it’s also not that cute of a dress. I agree with the jellyfish comparison!

        • If you’re worried about the labia comparison hurting your friend’s feelings, you could show her this picture: http:// archangelical-stock.deviantart.com/art/Jellyfish-1-302240575

        • Ugh. Beyond being labia-ish (absolutely is), it is totally shapeless. Ornate potatoe sack. All the customer pics at the bottom of the davids’ bridal page for that dress look awful.

        • For what it’s worth… I don’t think the dress looks as, um, suggestive as I would’ve thought from the earlier comments, but I also think it’s a really unflattering dress. The bride should pick something else for that reason alone.

  • rant – frustrated by the lack of communication between DDOT/Parking Enforcement on the VPPs. Apparently cars with a valid VPP and a valid ROSA exemption can park, without any repercussions, until one of the passes expires! So these out of state interlopers can park for up to a year! UGH!

    • Andie302

      Did you get your VPP? I meant to rave about that. I live in your neighborhood and mine came like clockwork 10 days or so after I put in for it. I was shocked after hearing about your experience (and thought maybe the attention on Popville is why it came through so quickly).

    • Accountering

      @Hill Easter – that is the point of the pass, you are treated like a resident. Much like you can leave your car parked on the city for a year, so can someone with VPP and Rosa exemption. The only difference between them and you is that you paid $35 for your RPP sticker, whereas they got it for free. Perhaps a Rosa exemption should cost $35, and then everyone is on even footing?

      • Except that ROSA doesn’t grant any parking privileges so you’d be paying $35 for nothing. If anything, the VPP should cost $35.

        • Accountering

          I agree, the VPP should cost something too. Either way, we ridiculously undercharge for parking in this city. Want to clear the streets of all the cars “garaged” and not used regularly? Change the RPP to $100/month (with a corresponding drop in income taxes) and you will see 5 or 10% of the cars disappear overnight (presuming you close the VPP and Rosa loopholes as well)

          • OK, but that’s another discussion. ROSA isn’t a parking permit, though many seem to believe it is.

          • $100 is way too much. $10-20/month would be more reasonable, and would still be a big increase over the current rate.

          • Accountering

            That’s another debate. I would argue $100 is probably too little in certain neighborhoods. Parking at 19th and Q is worth much more than $100/month. Or some of the Georgetown spots especially. Off-street spaces over there can go for as much as $100,000.

      • Right – they don’t (can’t/won’t) get their tags changed and somehow they are treated the same as me? The issue isn’t how fast the pass comes (that was fast) – the issue is that these out of staters are taking up valuable parking!

        • I think it depends entirely on the situation. If you’re living for a short time in DC, but paying payroll taxes/rent/utilities/etc., and you’ve got a valid ROSA, why can you not be able to get the same privileges? You’re contributing in exactly the same way as everyone else who lives here, minus the registration fee. It’s just a rule that recognizes how many people are here temporarily – even if “temporarily” tends to be a year or two.

        • Accountering

          If I was an intern, living in a basement, I would do the same. They should be treated the same as you, as discussed above, you paid $35 – don’t expect to get a ton out of that.

  • Rave: Excellent weekend with old friends.
    Rave: Actually won at the casino.
    Rave: Had the discipline to stay away from craps; hence previous rave.
    Rant: One of friends did not. Brutal luck and overly aggressive play are a bad combination.
    Rave: Breweries in Kalamazoo. For those who know beer (I don’t), Bell’s (of course; no TV for college football, though!), Arcadia Brewing Company (excellent food as well), and Tibbs (not my favorite, but still fun).
    Rave: Watching the crowd streaming into the Temptations concert in Kalamazoo on Saturday night. Just hilarious.
    Rave: My wife, for letting me go to bed at 8:00 last night when I still had a bunch of things to get done around the house. She’s the best.

    • I’m from Kalamazoo! I love all of those places.

      • I have to say, if you haven’t been, the Arcadia facility is great (I gather it’s fairly new). And I was very impressed by the food – my expectations were low, but the brisket, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and pablanos stuffed with wild rice and chorizo all were excellent. (Caveat, this was stop 2, hour 3 of the tasting tour, so my taste buds and memory may not be as precise as one would wish).

        • I was there in the spring and the summer – my parents are friends with the owners and I got to try it out before it officially opened. I had the brisket and can confirm it was outstanding, and will put the other things on my list for Christmas!

          • Very cool! Please pass along my compliments.
            If you see someone wandering around Columbia Heights in a baseball cap with an Arcadia logo on it, that’s me – stop me and say hi!

    • If you can make it to grand rapids next time, check out Founders’. The brewery is huge and has awesome food!

  • Aglets

    rant/question: Where do you look on-line for jobs? I’m in the non-profit area- in the arts mostly. I’m scouting things on Idealist and Philaculture.org but I’m just wondering if I’m missing anything good. I’ve tried looking at simplyhired.com too.

    • I’m in international development so I’m on DevEx a bunch but they probably won’t have much for you. I also look on LinkedIn (they have an interesting jobs section) as well as individual career vacancy pages for each organization I’m interested in (since sometimes they don’t hit the aggregators until later). Also, I’m a member of a few industry organizations and they had jobs sections for members. Best of luck!

      • Aglets

        thanks! Development seems to be where all the jobs are! I have very little devo experience- maybe I should learn some. I’m primarily program director type experience.

    • DC Cultural Alliance has a job board, The Center for Association Leadership has some arts based jobs http://www.asaecenter.org/career/careerhq.cfm. If you’re interested in museums at all, I’m on this listserv which often posts jobs in the area: http://museum-ed.org/discussionlist/subscribeunsubscribe/

    • LinkedIn is constantly recommending jobs to me based on my profile and companies I follow, and some recruiters contact me there too. About 20% of the job recommendations are spot on, and I consider that a good number because the site basically does the hard work for me. I’d recommend amping up your presence there if you’re not already using some of these functions.

    • For arts jobs in DC check out the Culture Capital job bank.

  • Rant: Miserable, grouchy guy in office is on a tear again and I appear to be victim #1. He’s not my boss yet it seems to be OK that he demands I run into a tizzy everytime he forgets to plan ahead…which is all day long.
    Rave: Vacation starts in one week. I think I can hold it together that long.

    • solidarity rant: my grumpy colleague actually yelled at me this morning! she does it to everyone- not just me. so unprofessional and upsetting. i am only comforted by the fact that my interaction with her is limited! i feel ya.

      • I am a crotchety person of small patience. I have never, EVER yelled at someone in a professional setting. To me, that is so far beyond acceptable that the yeller has no hope of ever coming back from the it.

      • A friend recently got a new job and she said it was great to be in a place where she wasn’t getting yelled at.
        And I was dumbfounded – where in the world is it appropriate to yell at your staff?

        • Oh, I used to sit next to our design group and they had a boss that would yell at her people at their cubes. Like right across from me. Not only is it completely unprofessional, but if you are going to do it, do it in your office, not where everyone can hear!
          In that case it’s the age old perpetuation of the idea that artsy people have different boundaries. Whatever, you’re in an office, get over yourself.

      • Solidarity high-five to PoPville for giving us an avenue to voice our frustration in unison! I suppose I’d rather be at the receiving end than be the grumpy yeller but that feels like a desperate plea to maintain some sort of positivity…sigh.

    • I hate that! One of my bosses yells at people all the time. Most recently, I got yelled at (and called stupid) in front of everyone because our phones weren’t working. I have no idea why he thought it was my fault or why he thought I could fix it.

  • Rave: Long weekend of working but got a promotion last week (to a manager)! Pretty excited considering there’s only two others (adding a third was apparently always in the plans – cannot believe it’s me).
    Rant: So.very.tired. But, buying a house just got a little bit more possible. 🙂

  • Rave: baked a delicious apple-cranberry crisp yesterday
    Rave: I’m enjoying the cold weather
    Rant: coming back to my post defending spellcheck hours after posting and seeing comments suggesting that I’m lazy or that I’m letting my kiddos get away with not doing something because it’s hard. That’s not at all the case; it’s just that spelling is not the top priority when I want the students writing to be high quality. Spelling is just a small part of it, one that I refuse to spend too many of my precious instructional minutes on.

    • Re your spellcheck rant: it’s okay, you don’t have to defend yourself by bringing this up again. It’s only going to bring more comments of the same variety. If you’re comfortable with your position then go do your thing.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The 40s radio production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” I was taken to see in Seniorcitizenville Fl (my dad and his wife also thought it was bad).
    Rave: the musical version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” they took me to two years ago was great.
    Rant: No one seems to recall taking me to see it two years ago.
    Potential Rave: In two years seeing “It’s a Wonderful Life: On Ice.”

    • Emmaleigh504

      This whole post sounds like Hell except being in Seniorcitizenville, Fl..

      • “This whole post sounds like Hell ESPECIALLY being in Seniorcitizenville, Fl..”
        Fixed that for ya, and agree completely.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I LOVE Seniorcitizenville, FL, at least the one where my grandpa lives. I keep trying to find an old guy that lives there to marry so I can move in below the age restriction. His old people’s place is the oyster’s eyebrows: Beautiful campus, nice apartments, good food, and fun old folks! Bentley Village FTW!!

    • How do you “see” a radio production? I’m imagining a room full of people leaning forward listening to an old box style radio. I’m sure I’m missing some crucial information here.

      • Allison

        Think, like, how Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me has a live audience. Many old radio shows used to.

      • I Dont Get It

        Sorry. It was a theater production where they were in character playing actors in a radio production playing various roles in IaWL. Or something like that. The guys making the sound effects were supposed to be hilarious at least the first few times a door slammed. They were off to the side and looked like Burt and Erie without the Gay Bro charm.

        • Thanks! I appreciate the description. And now I’m really looking forward to hearing about the “On Ice” version! 😉

          • Allison

            It’s going to be a theater production where the actors are in character playing actors in a radio production who are playing ice skaters in a production of IaWL.

        • I saw a “It’s Wonderful Life” radio/stage adaptation in the Williamsburg area a few years ago. It is indeed terrible. My condolences!

  • Rant: Time for that unpleasant this isn’t going anywhere serious convo with the woman I’ve been seeing.
    Rave: Tournament this Saturday.
    Rave: Being able to get to work as early as I want/leave when I want.
    Rave: Contact putting my info out there for jobs.

    • Sorry to hear that :/ what do you think the problem was in your opinion?

      • The biggest issue right now is neediness in conjunction with things that would be an issue for the long-term: not wanting to have kids/get married in the next 5 yrs [asked about her 5 yr plan, and marriage and kids were not mentiond], letting her dog run her household, etc. While these issues could be corrected, I do not want to feel I’m changing someone to fit my ideals.

        • Bear

          Just to give a woman’s point of view – many of us are conditioned to think that if we mention marriage/kids too early in a relationship that most men will freak out and run. I don’t know how long you’ve been together or if you’ve made your expectations clear, but keep in mind that just because she may not have mentioned it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want those things.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think anon 1.5 is a woman. So that very salient point about being afraid to scare a man off with talk of marriage might not apply to the same degree. There’s an old joke along those lines, come to think of it…

          • I’m a woman; although this situation could certainly be the case notwithstanding that fact. She wants kids for sure, but a lot farther out than i do. If our timelines being off was the only issue, I’d certainly play it out a bit longer, but alas it isn’t.

          • Old jokes are always appreciated, do tell!

          • Q: What does a gay man bring on a second date?
            A: Second date?? What’s a second date?
            Q: What does a gay woman bring on a second date?
            A. Two cats and a Uhaul.

          • Surprisingly my ladyfriend hadn’t heard the term Uhaul, and I told her almost the exact same joke.
            For gay men, I’d say poppers. 🙂

  • Rave: New job means my nights and weekends are finally free! Love spending more time with my family, but would like advice/input on weekend activities with a toddler when its cold out.
    Rave: I’m reading again after (sadly) taking a year and a half off. I think I want to join a book club – how do I find one?
    Rant: New job has not caught up to the 21st century and is not keen on telecommuting. Ugh.

    • I don’t have a toddler but my friends do and we went to the National Building Museum and enjoyed both playrooms (adults and kids both) plus the main atrium is awesome to hang out in with the cafe as well.
      As for a book club, I used to be a part of one (that I found online by googling my neighborhood) but fell out of attendance when I moved abroad and now feel weird reinserting myself.
      Maybe a Popville book club is order…?

    • Meetup dot com is a good place to find a book club or a bookstore might sponsor one.

    • Same activities as when it’s warm out, but with a snowsuit on.

    • Second the building museum.. The playspace sells out quickly but even just letting them run around the great hall is worth it. Also, the atrium at the portrait gallery is great too. Put rain boots on todder and they will have a blast in the water.

    • I just learned that The Heights has a Tuesday night book club (info on their website)

    • Library story times–or just hanging out in the kid’s area? Hanging out at an indoor pool (Wilson’s pool is supposed to be great, but I haven’t checked it out yet myself)? Bundling up & playing outside in the cold?

      • Thanks! This is all really helpful. I didn’t know meetup.com could be used for book clubs (for some reason I thought it was for dating – maybe I’m confusing websites). I’m hoping for something relatively close to where I live (Shaw) so I am more motivated to attend. A Popville book club is a great idea too.
        We bundled up this weekend and headed out to the parks – Westminster, Stead. The renovation turned out nice! We also tried Gymboree, but that cost adds up quickly. Building Museum is a great idea, and I’ll the Portrait Gallery too. Any other museums that are toddler-friendly?

        • Meetup is for everything. Running, language practice, you name it.

        • If you have a car, I can highly recommend several places in Baltimore: The B & O railroad museum is wonderful, and even more wonderful when the weather is nice so you can spend time outdoors in the train yard; the aquarium is awesome, especially if you can go at an off-time when there are fewer school trips (late afternoon on a weekday is nice); the Science Center is hands on, but maybe not at level of making a special trip; and Port Discovery. I should say that my impressions of these places are based on trips with kids a few years ago, so maybe others can provide updated information.

          • Many kids like doing everyday things. Some of the best outings that I’ve had with kids have been things like taking the Metro from the beginning to the end of the line sitting in the front car — kids like going into and out of the tunnels, going over water, and seeing the signal lights; some of the escalators — Dupont Circle north, Wheaton, and Judiciary Square — where you come out facing the Building Museum, have been big hits with kids of the right age.

          • The B&O museum is amazing! Just went this summer. Tip: If you make a day out of the Inner Harbor, it’s easy to park and take the (free!) Circulator bus out to the museum and back.

          • My nephews also loved taking the metro! Forget the museums – their request was always to take the bus to the metro, take the metro over the river and past the airport and then home again.

    • Allison

      The Politics & Prose bookstore hosts/offers a number of different book clubs.

    • The MLK Library is so conveniently located via metro and has a wonderful kids room. There are all the books, of course. But there’s also a play room. And they do good activities on weekends.

    • Check out rec centers in your area- I know there’s an open gym at the rec center on Girard in Col. Heights, as well as at Sherwood rec center in NE- you just walk right in, no ID, no proof of residence. Mats, toys, balls, etc.

      Toddler yoga classes, Playseum on 8th St. SE, some of the malls have play areas, Barnes & Noble storytimes, National Children’s Museum, Botanical Gardens…

    • You can join a book club already meeting, or you can think about founding one yourself. The advantages of this include having a larger voice in the kinds of books you read, how seriously to take the books, and how book-focused vs social-focused you want the meetings to be. It seems like you have the potential makings for starting a group here in PoPville!

    • The Heights restaurant has a great book club – moderated by Keith, one of the bartenders. A really mixed group. I never did a book club before, but like this one a lot.

    • Weekend activities for a toddler – National Gallery of Art – you can ride through the “star tunnel” for at least an hour. And the little ones can be surprisingly interested in art. (You do have to hold them up for most paintings, as view from the stroller has too much glare to see.) Also the Botanical Gardens.

  • Rave: Ordered 5 pairs of “try at home” glasses from Warby Parker, prompted by the fact that I
    Rant: Stepped on an expensive pair and broke them. Who put them on the floor anyway?
    Rave: Dinner at Kokeb – food was really good and I’m happy to see they were busy. We got into a conversation with the owner about how shiro is prepared (and why it is more expensive than other vegetable dishes) — he went back into the kitchen and brought a dish of shiro for us.
    And rave: first Gin and Gardening gathering last night 🙂
    Pup rant: She’s not litter box trained = cold wet walk this morning

    • Emmaleigh504

      The dog put them on the floor, always blame the dog. In my case, the dog really did steal my glasses and put them on the floor. My mom found them by stepping on them. She also used to steal my fabric covered brick (to keep the door open) and my makeup. She cuddled the brick, she hid the makeup. weird dog.

      • And I have an image of this poor dog cuddling with a brick wondering if you’ll find the makeup stashed in the back of the closet….

        • Emmaleigh504

          Don’t feel sorry for her! She stole my glasses when I was being sick right after a bad job interview! She was a sweet dog though, even if she stole my things.

    • My glasses end up on the floor nightly. That’s why I buy indestructible glasses (kids section)! Good luck with Warby Parker. I wanted to love them and then found out my prescription is too high for them to work for me…

    • I second your rave for Gin & Gardening! It was lovely to finally meet some POPvillagers in person, and thank you to you & victoria for being so patient and helpful with my beginner gardening level. I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂

      • I wrote a follow up email that listed some of the resources we discussed. You have my address, right? I’ll forward you the info : )

        • Yep! I was going to wait til I get home and can take a picture of the mystery tree … just glancing out my window it didn’t look like a tree of heaven/hell.

          • I had to chuckle at “tree of heaven/hell.” 🙂
            MPinDC, I took a photo of the Mystery Tree last night (the one whose dead leaves contain a single dark-brown spherical seed) — will download it at some point and send it to you for identification.

    • G & G was great – thanks for organizing. I look forward to our next meeting.

    • pablo .raw

      I’m waiting for the Warby Parker store to supposedly open in DC at some point

  • Andie302

    Rant: Didn’t sleep that well. I had more crazy vivid dreams. This time I was shopping for real estate in some far-off beachfront locale and managed to let the sellers pet great dane outside by accident and then I was chasing it around the property and trying to get it back inside before an impending storm hit. I got bit by a dog in the rain last night in my dream.
    Rant: I followed that with having to go out with my dog in the front yard this morning instead of her going on her own in the back because she is a princess and doesn’t like to get her feet wet. Luckily the tree cover out front was enough that she could get her business done and I’m not worried about her going in the house today. (Well, not #1 anyway…#2 is always a possibility on a rainy day with that one.)
    Rave: The office is quiet today and it should result in some productivity.
    Rave: Great weekend!
    Rant/rave: I’m not good at waiting. Professionally and personally I’m waiting on information to make decisions…and it’s driving me crazy. It has the possibility to be great though, so it’s at least a partial rave.

  • rave: parent of a student with special physical needs just came in for a chat. the whole family is so positive, hopeful, and upbeat- and they are dealing with such a hard situation. inspirational! i will spend the rest of the week striving to be more like them 🙂

  • Rave: Surprise call this morning for a phone interview for a job I applied to 4 months ago
    Rant: interview is in an hour
    Rave: short lead time means I can’t really beat myself up if it doesn’t go amazingly
    Rant: Would be a major, major shift–nonprofit to for-profit, work that is very meaningful but seriously underpaid to work that would be less meaningful but way way better paid. Trying not to get ahead of myself and just focusing on nailing this interview, but really wondering what I would/should do if it comes down to it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      good luck!

    • Wtf??? I would never want to work for a company that gives me 2 hours’ notice for a job interview.
      That is the height of rudeness and U professionalism, IMHO. Tread carefully, as it appears they don’t respect their employees’ time.

      • edit – Unprofessionalism

      • to be fair, she asked for sometime today and I suggested my lunch hour. However, you make an interesting point; I think I’m so used to working at an org where everything is last minute and these kinds of demands are a dime a dozen that I’m totally desensitized to it.

      • Happened to me– and then the person forgot to notify me of my offer. The offer letter was sitting under a pile of paperwork on his desk when I called to follow up a couple weeks later.
        It actually ended up being a good job and I stayed there for 8 years.

        • Allison

          I once had an organization call me three times to set up an interview when I’d already told them I’d accepted another offer. They just… kept… calling… Get your act together HR!

    • been invited for a 2nd interview at an interview “event” tomorrow afternoon. I feel SOOO in over my head! I have absolutely no experience with hiring panels and fairs of giant corporations; I’m used to the way more intimate, small, nonprofit situation, that while competitive, is less upfront about it.

  • rave-second time making it to the 6am crossfit. I am NOT a morning person but I really think I can do this. Home before my toddler even wakes up. If feels good to be working out again. Mentally I feel 100% better coming into work today.
    rave-went to a really fun baby shower this weekend. Yes, its possible. Add in tons of booze, a DJ and dancing. Well done.
    rant-this week is only going down hill. Major deadline on Friday and still waiting for management to get edits back to me. Def anticipate some late nights due to other peoples slacking.

    • Congrats on the pre-toddler-wake-up work out! It can be so hard to get that ball rolling, but it is SO worth it!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Weekend Part I in Atlanta was awesome.
    Rant: Weekend Part II sucked. Parenting teens isn’t always easy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I should get a bigger apartment so you can send them over here when you get tired of them.

      • If I had teenagers and a kid sister willing to provide respite, I would subsidize her bigger apartment in order to get that deal.
        Come to think of it… My mother used to ship me away during the teen years to spend summers with her kid sister. It was really a wonderful arrangement, and I have a close relationship with my aunt to this day as a result.

  • Rave: Super fun weekend. Two potlucks, fun hiking date at Great Falls, which I’d never been to before, roommate’s birthday… Busy busy busy!
    Rant: Cold and rain. The temperatures this week are no bueno. I just want to sleep through the next 3-4 months…
    Rave: New winter jacket and fuzzy boots.
    Rant: My silly dislike of talking on the phone. I have to gear myself up just to call to make a hair appointment. SO DUMB. I’m a lot better than I used to be (admin assistant requires lots of phone use) but I still hate doing it for personal things…

  • Rant: I had to pay full price at my local pizza and beer joint. I’m a regular there, and usually the bartender comps me a beer or two. What a ripoff this time! No more big tips from ME there!
    Rave: Still pretty damn good pizza and beer.

    • The bartender might have gotten in trouble for doing too many comps or they are trying to work out inventory kinks. Places do this all the time when inventory seems to be dipping uncharateristically. I hope he/she never comps you again with that entitled attitude.

    • skj84

      Agreed that comps are a privilege not a right. Most places I worked at had budgets for comps. If we went over or did too many too close together management wouldn’t approve.

    • But if you’re a regular and are ALWAYS comped, what’s wrong with once in a while paying full price?

  • Rant: On Find My Friends, watching everyone move from DC out to the ‘burbs during the weekdays. Does anyone find jobs in the city anymore or have they all moved out?

  • Rant: Froze while watching the Irish lose to Northwestern.
    Rave: Spent my birthday reliving the good old days with awesome college friends. So tired.

  • skj84

    Rant: creeper messages on Okcupid. Guy sends me an incredibly vulgar welcome message the other day. I don’t get it. Do people actually expect them to work. I almost cussed the guy out, but decided that would probably open a can of worms.

    Rant: I forgot to wear my rain boots today and my feet are wet. Wet feet is my biggest pet peeve. I’m wearing tights so I can even take then off to dry. Now paranoid about getting pneumonia.

    • Probably a good idea not responding..what is the best way to approach messing (a female) in your opinion? Any tips 🙂

      • skj84

        Not open with a request to engage in a sex act! Honestly I like it when men try to connect to me as a person. Ask about my interests and such.

        • that sounds pretty reasonable haha…i just got back on the site, how much stock do you put in if you “like” someones picture. Thats a new feature…a really cute girl liked mine (and i hers) but i dont know if that means i should message her or not (we are a 90% match and only 1% enemy). She lives all the way out in arlington, but is really really cute so that might not be a deal breaker 🙂

          • If you’re asking a question like this, you’re not ready (in my Kevin Hart voice). Liking photos to me=I’d like to talk, but I’m shy, so write me. Yes, you may need to travel 20 mins away to meet a nice lady.

          • skj84

            Just message her. There’s no harm in saying hello. If she liked your post obviously she has some interest in you.

          • justinbc

            Seriously. It takes more effort to make this post here than it would have taken to message someone who at the very least you’re physically attracted to.

        • I read things like this, and think (1) how can someone really think that will work? and (2) Oh God, all too soon my daughter will be dealing with crap like that. Someone stop time.

      • binpetworth

        Actually read her profile. Find something you have in common and don’t just comment on her looks. Say something about yourself in relation to her interests. Ask questions, but not too many.

      • Leave biology out of it. She’s a woman, not a “female”. Calling her a female implies that it’s her biology (genitalia) that you’re interested in, not her personhood.

    • male entitlement can run deep and dark. sometimes its less about expecting them to work and just about making someone uncomfortable. if they somehow do expect it to work in some way they need to have their empathy drives replaced. still sucks about creeper messages

      • Related Rant: After ranting with a male friend in DC, I’ve noticed different potential pickup approaches in the 3 cities that I’ve lived in the longest. In Baltimore, guys start nice conversations, and end them nicely: ie. “Can’t blame a guy for trying, right? Stay beautiful. Maybe next time..” In DC I’ve had the nastiest pick-up approaches, including guys that start conversations, and when I’m less than receptive, responded with something like: “So why’d you talk to me then, b#tch?!” In NYC, I’ve had some very great conversations and some very disgusting, even violent ones. In DC, the comments often seem to be more about power plays than anything else — in a way that reminds me of trolling. “What’s your name? Are you married?”, and speaking only after I’ve walked past them — as though my turning around means that I noticed them, and would be attracted enough to turn around and walk back. I think the creeper messages are an exaggerated form of this — like they’re getting off on their own behavior to the point that making a connection might not even be on their list of priorities.

    • justinbc

      Take some solace in the fact that this guy will likely almost never get the privilege of having that luxury for most of his life, while you will go on happily dating (hopefully) sane people.

    • You should shame him by sending it to one of the many blogs devoted to exposing creepers

  • Quotia Zelda

    Additional Rant: Today, the cold air in the office has infiltrated both my wrap and my huge chenille blanket. Next step is to add my jacket. Sadly, I forgot my hat and gloves this morning. I shall not make the same mistake tomorrow.
    Followup Rant: No one seems all that interested in making the office less frigid. I think I’ll bring in a thermometer so I can add some hard data to my complaints. The nearby thermostat reads 73, but my nail beds have turned blue.

  • Rant: Being forced into getting Affordable Care Act medical insurance which costs twice the amount I’m paying for insurance now, doesn’t include dental or eye care and all the insurance companies are not participating in. How is this helpful?

    • #obamacare

    • It’s not helpful for you, assuming you’re young and generally healthy. Nor is it intended to be. It’s hugely helpful for the older and/or chronically ill folks who were previously uninsurable and thus used ERs for their primary care. Give it time. And accept that as a member of society, sometimes you will get the short end of the stick. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that you already have more than enough privilege to make up for it.

      • this doesn’t make any sense…

        • Um. I’m sorry…? I hadn’t really anticipated leading a 101 level discussion on how insurance pools work. I’m sure google can lead you to some resources that will clear things up for you.

  • rant: family dog on his last legs. can’t get up on his own right now. the end is near and it’s sad. great dog. made it to the Pets of PoPville once.
    rant: still fighting a cold.
    rant: 5:15 meeting

  • Dear Anon 3:47, so sorry I read your comment late at night. I am older but healthy and very insurable but I’m far from privileged. I just meant that I have completely adequate insurance that I wish I could keep. Your comment was unnecessary.

    • Why are you being forced to switch? I have my same pre-ACA plan albeit it’s more expensive but certainly not double.

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