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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Aglets

    Rave: Podcasts! To harken back to the Friday question- I started listening to them when I was working in a situation where people could drop in on me, and I felt self conscious about my music (also ASCAP stuff) so i started listening to podcasts and I think it’s awesome. It makes me feel like I’m multi-tasking and learning something. It’s also made me want to become a writer. Or try improv….

    Rant: a gross part of my job has already reared its gross, wet, head today. Bleh

    • For me it was when I started Metro commuting, long stretches underground where radio and streaming data aren’t an option. I just couldn’t listen to straight music all the time, and I have no patience for audiobooks (can’t stand being read to). Podcasts are downloadable and engaging, perfect for commuting.

  • Rant: been sick since Monday night, unfortunately right after my flu shot, so my immune system was like “time to just chill for a bit…” Out sick again today with a sinus headache, cough (that seems to be clearing up), and congestion.
    Rave: technically, it’s the weekend for me?
    Rant: headache is preventing me from being productive at home with non-work stuff.
    Rave: PJs ALL DAY!!!!

  • Rant: Rep. Norton’s office, which has been very slow in responding to my constituent service request. Took them a week to get back to me, only to ask for an additional form. Haven’t been able to give me any info since then (which was 10 days ago now). Has anyone else here had experience with her office?

  • Bear

    Rant: Thought I was getting better enough to come into the office, but now that I’m sitting here I realize I should have stayed home again. I was totally getting cabin fever though!
    Double rant: Massive sinus headache last night, so bad my teeth hurt. Sinus issues may be spreading to my ear, it is starting to hurt too. Decongestants don’t seem to be helping much.
    Rave: Proposal draft went out to our reviewers yesterday. It needs work, but it’s words on paper, and given the week I’ve had that is good enough for me!
    Double rave: This time next week the proposal will be done and I’ll be off for the whole week of Thanksgiving. I’m driving down to see family in Atlanta, planning to stop somewhere halfway-ish in the mountains for a couple nights to just chill. And maybe take some pictures, I haven’t pulled my camera out in months.

    • I like to take Motrin when I have a sins infection, the anti-inflammatory properties help relieve some of the congestion and pain.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Go to the doctor and get the big guns to knock out that sinus problem. Feel better!

      • Bear

        I’m debating it, but I really don’t want to go on antibiotics if I don’t have to! Planning to put extra hot sauce on my lunch today…maybe that will help.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Not antibiotics (unless you really need them) the big gun decongestants etc. The Rx make you more comfortable meds are worth trip!

    • Allison

      I ate an extra crusty super toasted english muffin this morning, just so when I swallowed I could feel it scratching my sinus on the way down. Ahhhhhh itchy sinuses.

    • Are you taking pseudophedrine? It’s available over the counter, but literally over the counter. You have to ask the pharmacist for it, and show ID and sign a book, because it’s used to make meth. It is much more effective than the stuff you can pick up off the shelf. I like the ibuprofen + pseudophedrine, for the anti-inflammatory properties jeslett mentioned.
      Also, Afrin. Only for three days, but it will reduce your congestion to nothing. You want to keep congestion down, to prevent infection. Though if your teeth are hurting, it’s probably too late.

  • RANT: The absurd $2 billion, 20-year plans from the Smithsonian to re-purpose the castle and gardens south of it. I’m tired of pie-in-the sky proposals; they’re a dime a dozen in this city (i.e. the Union Station/Amtrak overhaul, the Maglev that will never happen, 2024 Olympics etc.) More serious proposals would garner more serious buy-in from the broader community.
    Rave: College basketball is back tonight!!

    • Seriously. And the renderings sure made the iconic brutalist Energy building disappear.

    • All the Smithsonian plans lately have sucked. The American History Museum renovation is awful; hard to navigate, all the good stuff is gone or hidden, and the corporate money on display is just embarrassing.
      The zoo closed down its invertebrate house and plans to spend many millions on a “Hall of Biodiversity”, which sounds interactive (I’m betting screens, not animals) and corporately-sponsored, and no where near as cool as a tank full of blacklit jellyfish or an ant complex spread over half a building.

      • Allison

        Yeah, I’m normally not one who forms firm opinions about architecture/design, but the American History Museum feels like a colossal waste of space in the middle with everything of substance relegated to the corners/sides. It’s bizarre. I get it, empty space is important in design, but so is where you use it.

    • Agree. I work there, and I think it’s effing ridiculous. First, properly manage the A&I building. Idiots!

  • Rave: Friday! Friday! Friday! Even with a day off this has felt like a long week. I’m so ready for the weekend.
    Rave: Had a very random but delicious breakfast: chocolate zucchini bread, chicken sausage, a pineapple spinach coconut smoothie, and coffee.
    Rant: Spending my Sunday at my little sister’s baby shower. I’m excited for her, but I’m less enthused about all my aunt and their “when are you going to have babies” inquiries. Oh, I have a number of smart a** retorts I’d like to use, but as my best friend cautioned, it is probably just better to have a polite but firm non-answer.
    Rave: No plans for Saturday other than sleeping in and doing some baking.

    • Maybe an “I’m not quite ready for kids of my own, but I’m so excited to meet my niece/nephew. Why don’t we celebrate my sister some more?” to get the focus off of you?

    • Recently read a somewhat snarky (but also appropriate) response to “when are you going to have a baby?” Response “Nine months after I get pregnant”

      • epric002

        ha! i vote for snarky comments. if you’re asking someone that kind of question you deserve a snarky response 🙂

      • OMG, this one is so good. I think I’m stealing it.

        What I really want to do when people ask me this question is ask, “Do people still ask that question?” I have just known too many friends who have dealt with fertility issues or miscarriages to ever presume to ask. And it just isn’t the business of anyone other than the people planning to have the kid.

        • I think that would be an entirely appropriate response. And if it’s someone who asks repeatedly (like the M-I-L mentioned below) I would mention the infertility issue, even if it isn’t actually the reason. She doesn’t need to know that, she just needs to stop asking.

      • Yes – Carolyn Hax, yesterday, I think~!

    • my stock response is: “I don’t know yet, but every time someone asks me I will wait another month before I start trying. We’re edging into 2018 now!”

      • epric002

        i might have to steal that one…

      • It’s a little more aggressive than I’d recommend for a casual acquaintance, but when your mother-in-law has been asking every time she sees you, it buys you a little time 🙂

        • Omg, I feel so bad for you. That definitely deserves some serious snark.
          I realize more and more every day how lucky I am that my mother doesn’t press the marriage thing and keeps her opinions to herself. I don’t think she pressured my sister about kids either.

          • Eh, it could be worse. She is a really nice woman who just REALLY LOVES grandchildren and wants AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. My husband is the youngest, so she’s basically trolling for more babies. It’s said with a smile and she usually laughs and it buys me a month or two. On the other side of the scale, MY mother doesn’t even think I’m responsible enough for the dog I’ve owned for three years. I guess it evens out?

          • Allison

            For a long time I thought the mother/mother-in-law who pesters people for babies was merely a television trope. I didn’t realize until a few years ago how many people actually have this problem, and it’s insane to me!

      • I like it – a salute to GRRM – when asked when he’ll publish the next book, he jokes that he’ll kill another Stark.

    • “Not sure, I’m too focused on being a great aunt for now to worry about that”. But yeah, it’s WAY easier to be snarky. I used to say, deadpan, “when I see your kids get less annoying”.

      • Wow. I’ve read a lot of nasty responses to that question, but I think yours takes the cake.

        • hey, when a coworker asks you all the time when you’re having a kid, you eventually have to fight fire with fire. Especially when you’re in the middle of a round of IVF. Just sayin’.

        • especially when they never ask the males in our small office the same thing. Only me.

          • To stand up for yourself and say “That is too personal to discuss at work,” or “Please stop asking me that question” is fine. To attack someone’s children because you can’t stand up for yourself? I’m surprised you’d admit to the behavior. I’d be ashamed of myself if my emotions got the better of me to that extent.

          • gertie_wickler

            I think that’s a PERFECT response to a nosy coworker with annoying kids jindc. Not nasty at all. The idea that everyone should have kids, and that everyone wants kids is just naive. And if you do want kids and you’re struggling to conceive, the stupid questions are not helpful.

          • Anon at 12:13 – come on, it’s not attacking someone’s kids. It’s not meant seriously. It’s making it perfectly clear to a clueless coworker who hasn’t taken a multitude of other more subtle hints that this is a terribly intrusive question to ask. And if someone does take it seriously, that’s a perfect opportunity to inform them that you didn’t mean it, but it’s the only return comment of equal rudeness you could think of.

      • Props to you. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable response – especially after multiple asks! People are way too nosy.

    • Tell your aunt, ‘We’re trying. In fact, right after I finish this cocktail.”

    • “why do you ask”? Said with your sweetest smile. Works every time. Puts them on the defensive without ever being accused of being rude.

    • I really prefer the non-answer – things like ‘Oh we’ll see…” or even “That is a great question!” work best for me.

  • justinbc

    Rant: OMG this winter is going to be cold as F@#%.

    • Ally

      Last year was a 1-pipe-burst winter. I’m predicting 2 for this year.

      • Thank you for reminding me to drain my outdoor pipes (for watering the garden, etc)! We burst 2 pipes, one of them twice, last year. I’m hopeful that it will be a zero-pipe burst year this year because we had extra insulation put in for the twice burst pipe in the spring (spray foam, so it’s the good stuff).

        • And… that may have been the most boring thing I’ve ever posted in R&R…

        • Bear

          Uh-oh, I had not thought about that…this will be my first winter owning an actual house. How does one drain an outdoor spigot?

          • Turn off the water from inside the house, then open the outdoor spigot until the water in the pipe drains out (then shut the spigot).
            Also take the time to drain your hoses. Otherwise water inside will freeze (and expand) which may crack the hose.

          • Actually turn on the warer outside, have it run and then turn off the inside valve. Otherwise, the water stay in the pipes like liquid in a capped straw.

          • Or if the spigot doesn’t have a separate water supply (it probably doesn’t have an external pipe in that case), get one of those little covers for it.

          • Aaargh… this reminds me that I need to call my plumbing company. When I had them install a hose bib (as my house didn’t have one), they installed the turnoff lever in such a way that the lever opens _outward_. So you can’t turn off the water for the hose unless you leave the entire cover panel off, which creates a nice draft.
            I didn’t realize that this was the case until my kitchen contractor pointed it out to me.

        • If the pipes were that vulnerable I wouldn’t count on the extra insulation solely. You might want to put a valve upstream of that location and isolate it. Until we actually tear off the back of our house and rebuild the walls, I know that our downstairs half bath service line is vulnerable to freezing during any extended cold snap. It’s peace of mind to be able to cut off water supply to it for a couple days and drain even if it means losing the bathroom. For all of our hose bibs I moved the cut off valves as far back to the interior of the crawlspace as I could, and found one that I could actually cut off from inside the conditioned area of our basement. It’s the little things, but I sleep better when nights get into the teens or single digits now!

          • I’m crossing my fingers that it will be enough- we had the insulation professionally blow-in and the company was confident that it would solve the problem. If not, I guess that’s the next step (or just adding onto our house so that the kitchen doesn’t overhang the bottom level).

      • justinbc

        Good reminder to go out and seal up my spigot when I get home today!

    • gotryit

      Well, at least there won’t be a lot of snow. I know this because I caved and bought a snow blower.

      • saf

        We all thank you for your contribution to the cause of snow reduction.

      • Thank you! In that spirit, I bought a warmer coat and I’ll unearth my ice skates from whatever box I stuffed them in a year or so ago. I’ll also dig out my emergency Peruvian hat collection.

      • I’m sorry guys– the cold is my fault. After fours years of searching for a fall jacket I finally found one that fits. And now it’s time to pull out the winter coat.

      • Ha! I bought a nice new snow shovel last year and it didn’t snow at all after that. Unfortunately, buying a leaf blower didn’t stop my yard from filling with leaves. I need to gas it up and make sure it’s still working some time this weekend.

      • Ha! Yes – we have you and your purchase to thank for what is now bound to be a less-snowy winter! Love when that happens! There’s always 2016!

      • I hope you live no where near me!

  • Ally

    Rant: Have a cold and am not supposed to take medicine because of the impending kiddo.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I have &pizza on the agenda. That makes everything better.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Love &pizza – the farmer’s daughter is the bomb.

    • Ally, do you ever use a neti pot? That might help with some of the sinus congestion since you can’t take meds.

      • Neti pots terrify me. I know, somewhat irrationally so. I saw a used neti pot in the free section of Craigslist yesterday. Uuugh.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The squeezy bottles from the drug store are way easier to use IM). But it is freaky the first few times.

          • This is what I use and yes, the first time or two it was very strange. But it seems to help so I’ll probably start this again soon. The bottles are available at Target

          • You can also buy the bottles at CVS, where you should almost always have 25% off coupon.

          • Allison

            For those who can’t get on board the neti pot or squeezy bottle train, I like the sterile saline sprays that come in a compressed-air like can with a nozzle. It doesn’t really rinse your sinuses clean, but I find a blast or two can dislodge some stuff.

    • Can you drink something like ginger tea? It might make you feel — and breathe — a bit better.

    • Ally

      Thanks, all! Luckily this cold is pretty low on the cold totem pole, so I’m more gross than miserable. Appreciate all the suggestions, though — both for remedies and for pizza toppings!

      • KSB

        Ugh, I had crazy colds with each of my pregnancies. Wasn’t until the second one that I realized pregnancy colds are a “thing.” I second the sinus rinse and I slept curled up next to my humidifier with Breathe Right Strips for most of my second and third trimesters. The pizza will definitely help too 🙂

  • Rave: Mike Tyson Mysteries. This looked like the stupidest show ever made when I first heard about it, but I’m glad I gave it a chance. Very weird and funny show. And it’s nice to see Norm Macdonald getting some work.

  • Rave: Getting together this weekend with great friends I don’t see nearly enough for some gambling, college football, and hanging out. The last time the three of us did this was in Times Square, New Year’s Eve, at the turn of the millennium. Wow, how lives have changed in 15 years.
    Rant: All of this taking place in Detroit/Windsor. During a polar vortex. Brr.

  • epric002

    rant: running a few minutes late to work this morning.
    rave: since i was late, i just barely missed the wanding/bag search security measures at my entrance. 🙂
    rave: chewy.com – am finding better prices on a good number of doggie items than amazon subscribe & save
    request: am having a holiday open house and want to hire someone to help out- replenish food/drinks and just generally help out so that i can actually talk to our guests. any suggestions on who/how to do that? sites such as thumbtack only have an option for catering- which i don’t need. if i knew any teenagers i’d ask one of them to do it, but all of our friends’ kids are way too young. any ideas???

    • I wonder if someone on Taskrabbit would work for that kind of thing?

    • When is this happening? I’m actually really good at this stuff and might be interested….

      also, I also JUST missed the security check point at work. Then again, I was late….I’m pretty sure they are waiting to bitch at me for always being late (nevermind that I work through lunch and stay late) but it’s very difficult to get out of the house in the 5 minutes I have between when my nanny arrives and when I should leave, esp when we have stuff to discuss regarding my offspring

      • epric002

        ooo really? are you free 13 dec?

        • I’m always free! What are the times? see if Dan will give you my email address (he’s got it). It’d be nice to have a little extra funds – if it’s worth my while – for holiday time.

          • oh and if I can’t do it, I might have friends on FB who would want to – but I have years of practice ‘working’ my mom’s Jews on Christmas Eve party. But one year I finally broke down and hired someone to do it (clean up is the worst) and in Philly it was about $250 from start to finish. Well worth it to NOT have to clean up!

          • epric002

            it starts at 4:00 and last year i think everyone was gone by 10:00. i’m not sure i need someone to stay all the way to the end (it’s usually just a couple people by then anyway), but mostly i’m looking for someone to point people towards the drinks, replenish the food/drinks as it gets consumed, and maybe tidy up plates/cups that people leave around. trying to do all that while greeting/chatting with people last year just left me running around like a crazy person. i will email dan and ask for your email address. thanks!

    • Your building’s security measures depend on the time of day?

    • skj84

      Task Rabbit is a good resource. Also try craigslist in the gigs section.

    • epric002

      thanks for the suggestions- i found someone!

  • Rant: the guy two seats down is chewing his bagel with cream cheese with his mouth open. Why is this one of the most disgusting noises ever? And why can’t I let it go? It’s making me angrier and angrier by the second.
    Rave: Great HH last night to say goodbye to the former roommate. Sad to see her leave DC, but happy for her great opportunity.
    Rave: Awesome spin class this morning, but boy was it cold at 6:45am.

    • open mouth chewing sets me off like styrofoam rubbing and balloon squeaking. its horrible.

    • I second your rant! Related rant is someone talking while eating. And my added rant in this vein is sitting next to someone on the bus who is smacking/cracking gum non-stop.

    • My officemate does that too and it’s really grating. I think he must have sinus problems and can’t breathe through his nose. But I can’t stand the loud chewing sounds. I try to time my schedule so I’m out taking a walk or something when he eats.

    • Loud/open mouthed chewing is my absolute biggest pet peeve – or maybe it’s too big ‘thing’ to call pet peeve – it drives me nuts and has for years. I just bought new ear buds for the office since one of my office-mates is not only a loud chewer but she snacks constantly.. .and one thing she likes it to eat peanuts, shell and all! She just grinds though the shell and nut together, like a garbage disposal. Makes me crazy.

    • Rant: My iPhone6 is here….without a SIM card. Apple?!?!?! Why do you always have to leave stuff out? I dropped full price coin on this BS and now I have to go to the store and pay $10 for a SIM card because in true Apple style, it’s not compatible with my current SIM card.
      The AndriodiPhone switch is not off to a good start. Also, this phone is sort of hard to hold onto.

      • I lied, there was one but for whatever reason it wasn’t showing up in the settings.
        I feel so lost, I have no idea how to use this phone. I’m getting too old and crotchety for this switching platform thing. I’m already thinking about returning it :-/

        • Don’t you get 14 days to decide? For my first week of iPhone 5s ownership, I was totally regretting it and wishing it were somehow possible to resurrect my kRzr. By week 2, I was enjoying some of the features and, hopefully figured out how to keep the features that I don’t want inactive indefinitely until I understand the implications. I.e I’m doing all of my texts as SMS /mms messages instead of using iMessages and the data based apple network for texts with iPhones., I’m avoiding the cloud, and I haven’t hooked into my itunes account.
          You have my sympathy jeslett! If you want to commiserate with a Luddite – just let me know!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: breathing is difficult.
    Rant: New, loud-sex neighbor. I actually feel sort of bad for new loud-sex neighbor. The previous loud-sex neighbor is a tough act to follow. It’s like he was F***ing for the neighbors entertainment as much as for his own and his partners’.
    Rave: afternoon meeting cancelled!

    • HAHA we had neighbors like this in our OLD building’s 1st floor. I’d come back from walking the dog and I’d be like “really? just stop. Seriously”. Communal living at it’s finest.

    • the loud sex omg. I think it’s the unit below me- jack rabbit at 5AM last weekend and last night. Not even the music could drown them out.

    • Ally

      I wish it was possible to somehow field test the neighbors apartments — before you move in — to see just how loud and gross you can be without affecting those in the apartments next to you.

      • Ally

        neighbors’ (before I offend all the grammar folks)

      • Emmaleigh504

        I thought I was safe, corner unit, kitchen between my living spaces and the person next door. The loud people are above and below. At least there’s a pretty high turn over rate (young residents, small apartments, etc).

    • I haven’t had the loud sex problem in my new place, but our upstairs neighbor and the one across the hall are musicians. T_T The guys upstairs apparently used to have drum circles at 11 pm on Sundays… and for several weeks they kept playing saxophone until midnight on weekdays. Whyyyy…

      At least it’s not as loud as my old roommates (and the reception desk will go shut them up if we call) so I can deal with it, but c’mon people…

      • Emmaleigh504

        I always had fantasies of going upstairs to loud sex guy #1 and giving him a pillow for the chick he was with, but it was always late and night and my bed was comfy. New loud sex guy is not as loud or as prolific. I used to have a party chick downstairs, she was the worst. Loud ass boring convo with a million people til 5 am. The one time I did tell her to be quiet and was disappointed that they weren’t even doing drugs. Loud and boring.

        • At my old apartment, my next door neighbors were a couple who fought a lot, screamed really awful things at each other (maybe as foreplay) and then had really loud make up sex. Every night. I got fed up and banged on the wall one night. They kept going and very obviously finished and then came over immediately after to introduce themselves and tried to shake my hand. “No thanks…I’m pretty sure I know exactly where those hands have been… :/” Haha. They moved out shortly after so I didn’t have to hear/see them anymore but it was super awkward for a bit.

  • rant: i’m not designed to wake up before 7, I’ve learned through this really tough week.
    rant: no one expected me to show up this morning for our last day of the conference but I did anyway since I didn’t get the memo.
    1/2 and 1/2: house party this weekend hosted by a friend I’ve known for almost ten years now, since school. trouble is all her friends were kind of jerks in high school and I don’t really like them now as people either. The twist is that a lot of them are my bf’s friends from college so he and I know these people in vastly different contexts I think. I’m really trying not to stress out but these events my friend hosts (at her parent’s mansion pool house type deals) tend to set off my anxiety like crazy. My strategy is to numb myself with drink and look really hot as a bit of an f you. I know I should just nut up and let all this stuff go, but some of this kind of stuff runs deep. The fundamental question is that I don’t understand why my bf likes any of these people and wants to hang out with them, but he has his own hang ups regarding not having friends etc so I want him to have a good time.

  • Rant: Lacto-fermentation failure. The sauerkraut I was hoping to have ready for Thanksgiving is now sitting in my cold compost pile. Back to the store for another head of cabbage and another try.
    Future Rave: Reminder of the Gin and Gardening gathering this Sunday, 6:30 at The Heights (Columbia Heights metro). No gardening experience needed!

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Best part of having emergency surgery last week is all the love I’m getting from great friends and family!

    Rave: Second best part is I’m able able to rest my legs for a bit until the start of the next marathon training season.

    Rant: Not-so-best part of having emergency surgery is not being able to run for a few more weeks.

  • Rant: The woman on the Yellow line last night calmly devouring her Chick-fil-A immediately under one of Metro’s new anti-eating posters. The scene was so perfectly framed, but I couldn’t quite get an angle to snap a picture.
    Rave: I was hungry and it smelled awesome, despite the fact that I try to avoid Chick-fil-A.
    Rave: Looking forward to seeing an old friend tonight who’s been out of town for months. Based on timing and where we’re both coming from, thinking of meeting at K St Busboys & Poets around 9PM. Is it usually jammed that time on Fridays? May need a plan B.

    • binpetworth

      Your rant reminds me of being on the green line a few weeks back. Two teens came on and started consuming their full McDonald’s meal when the train sputtered and jerked back and forth. One girl said,”Damn! How we supposed to eat?”

  • Rave: Serial! I began this morning and haven’t stopped – currently on episode 8
    Rant: I’m so far into Serial because I woke up at 4, about 2 hours earlier than I wanted to get up, and couldn’t get back to sleep

    Happy Friday!

  • Rave: filled the last room
    Rave: got my Chromebook
    Other: defending the use of spellcheck. So many kids get stuck on their writing because they don’t know how to spell a word. Hopefully that will get some over that hump. Also the quality of writing is more important than spelling
    Rave: date this weekend
    Rant: this week has been dragging

    • Emmaleigh504

      I as an old who could never spell, spellcheck is a wonder! It used to drive me batty in school when I would ask for help spelling something and the teacher would tell me to look in the dictionary. so not helpful when you are trying to spell pharmacy or kite or basically anything. the other problem is not being able to see the mispelling<–Misspelling there looks right to me, so does availble.

      • As someone who went through school with undiagnosed dyslexia and came to spellcheck later in life, it has made a huge difference in my desire to write. People who believe that learning to spell is of vital importance have helped to steer away many intelligent and creative people away from intellectual pursuits.

    • I’ve gotta disagree about spelling. Quality of writing includes using the correct spelling. The world is not PoPville, where spelling and grammar corrections are verboten. In addition, relying on spellcheck can lead to some truly hilarious/disastrous errors. (My best friend in high school wrote (and submitted!) in one of his college essays that Ishmael “singed on the domed ship. No, he did not. As far as I remember, Ishmael never burned anything, and whaling ships didn’t have domes. In fact, he “signed on the doomed ship.”) School is the place to learn all sorts of things, and “it’s too hard for some kids” is a truly terrible reason to start skipping important items (that they will inevitably have to learn at some point).

      • I have to agree with you. The problem, and to me it’s a big problem, with spellcheck is it doesn’t catch misspellings that are actual words – there/their/they’re, singed/signed, shift/shit (yes, this one really happened). Spellcheck is a tool which is useful (like a calculator) but I still think you need to be relatively competent without it first.

        • I have a feeling there’s going to be a generational split on this point.

          • It already happened. The split is late 20s. Also the cutoff for being able to read/ write cursive.

          • I’m definitely in the older generation camp — and believe that learning to spell correctly, and to recognize when you really do know more than spell check is an essential skill. At the same time, I’m in the camp that would de-emphasize correct spelling at younger ages. I think it’s more important to learn the skill of getting your words out on paper and on computer screen, even if you record them or dictate them first, then it is to focus on correct spelling. Once kids can write reasonably fluently — say around fourth or fifth grade, I would then press for correct spelling, in the spirit of noting that correct spelling is necessary to communicate one’s thoughts, feelings and observations accurately and “correctly”.

        • I work at an agency. Years ago one of our documents went out with public spelled incorrectly – with the “l” removed. So something was in the [—–] interest. It was kind of funny, but I still think that they should take that other word out of the agency’s Word dictionaries so that it will be picked up on a spell check.

          • Yes, making “pubic statements” can, indeed, be problematic. 🙂

          • I had a professor recommend taking that word out of our Word dictionaries for that very reason – we certainly weren’t writing about pubic transportation systems!

        • pubic/public is one of my favorites

      • Spelling is important. Kids are not just learning to spell – they are training their brains to notice patterns, to see detail, make connections – a whole lot of brain training going on. For kids with learning disabilities – how are you going to find out if you say Oh, that’s hard for you? don’t worry about it. The consequences of lazy teachers who said “Word problems in math are hard? Oh, not important, don’t worry about it,” haunt me to this day.

        and obviously, how can you use spell-check if you can’t spell?

        No one’s writing is perfect at first. Producing a finished piece of writing is an iterative process. Kids should know that going through many drafts is normal – it’s not “you made all these mistakes” but “how can we make this even better?”

        • Emmaleigh504

          “how can you spell check if you can’t spell?” the computer does it for you. when I see the squiggle line I right click and get the correct spelling. Unless I’m so off that the computer can’t tell what word I want. Then I just try a few other ways to spell the word until the computer recognizes it.
          If it’s a really important document I have another human look at it to catch those public/pubic situations that the computer and I miss.
          As for the kids, I guessing they still have vocabulary lessons that involve spelling tests.

        • Kids will get exposed to correct spelling in their reading assignments — which will include identifying correct words –“him” vs “hymn”. I’m not arguing that spelling is unimportant, just that the focus should be on learning to express one’s thoughts fluently in writing, and reading skills at least in the early years, rather than focusing on “correct” spelling as being the most important thing in a writing assignment. That’s very different from saying “Don’t worry about it.”

  • Rave: No full work weeks in November! Off Monday (hopefully there’s no rain), then Thanksgiving.
    Rave: I seriously LOVE thanksgiving
    Rave: The stephen hawking movie – it’s getting amazing reviews.
    Rant: I probably won’t be able to go see it 🙁

    • The Hawking movie strikes me as one that will lose very little from being seen on a small screen at home when it comes out on DVD.

      • Haha, I was just ranting about that below. I can’t make it to the showings at E Street tonight, and Bethesda/Fairfax are just too far away.

    • saf

      I saw it. Good acting, excellent score, excellent cinematography. Weak script, very shallow.

      • hm that makes me feel better.

        And I don’t have a DVD player – when I had a newborn, I would keep a list in my mind of all the movies I wanted to see on Netflix when they came out. Then that got pushed out of my brain with all the other crap I need to remember. And now I’m SO behind. We saw Fury in theaters (my nanny gifted us a night of babysitting) and I LOVE movies in theaters.

        • saf

          As do I – my AFI Silver membership is one of my favorite things. But for this one, well, it will get a lot of Oscar buzz, and maybe some awards, but I think it was weak.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in the world! Quotia Zelda is hosting this year and she’s an amazing cook. Next year I hope to start going back to my grandpa’s where the food is mediocre, but the company is awesome. (not that Quoatia isn’t awesome, but I can see her all the time)

      • I want to make so much, but I don’t have time or ability. We always go to my moms. I’m making banana pudding for our office pot luck. I just love the food and am glad we can go home this year (last year, baby was too small). I can’t wait to live nearby and maybe host at some point when my mom retires. One year, she dropped the turkey pulling it out of the oven. “good thing I washed the floors this morning – and no one eats the skin anyway”.

  • Rave: The celebratory dinner with my dissertation director and his other students was wonderful.
    Rave: Said dinner happened in conjunction with my favorite conference. The book exhibit is just about my favorite thing ever.
    Rave: Also, lots of men in bow ties. I love bow ties.
    Rant: It is so freaking cold.

  • Rant: Want to see The Theory of Everything but it looks like it’s only playing in the ‘burbs?

  • Rant: everyone keeps telling me not to have kids. my friends, who “miss their old lives” and tell me they hate being parents and not to do it. my coworker just back from maternity leave with her first, who spent monday in my office telling me how hard it is to be a working mom and how much she regrets it. Another friend who is on mat leave and miserable. I already have apprehensions of my own, but being in my mid-thirties and already a few months pregnant (too early to tell any of them) it’s really not helping.

    • I won’t lie – it sucks. I mean, it’s great because you have this amazing creature who is so adorable (usually) and truly loves you and depends on you. But, it is very true that over night, your life change. I am still not adjusted to it – not including the complete lack of sleep I’m running on even a year later. And yes – being a full time working mother is exceptionally difficult, especially around DC (long commutes, everything is really expensive). I find my anxiety is incredibly high almost all the time. That said, DC also has great serices for new moms from the Breastfeeding Center’s new mom groups to post-natal yoga (I recommend Yoga District on 14th St with Bethany). Stay off DC Urban Moms and, honestly, take everything with a gain of salt. You’ll be fine – it’s definitely not easy, especially if you’re going to work full time. trying to be present with your kid is hard when you’re working. But it’s worthwhile because your child’s smile and laugh will make you melt like you never thought you could before.

    • I was pretty miserable during my maternity leave. And wasn’t super fond of my often-cranky, always-needy baby for much of the first 6 months. It got a little bit better at around 4.5 months, and then more better at 5.5 months when she could sit by herself. Once she started crawling at around 8.5 months and beyond she’s gotten to be more and more of a delight. She’s now almost 1.5 years (YIKES!) and just so much fun most of the time. I may change my mind once we get to the terrible 2s or 3s, but it’ll just be a phase.
      What I mean to say is: the first few months can be really hard between sleep deprivation and the constant needs of an infant. But it gets better. It really really does. I’m excited to leave work and pick up my kid from day care, and I miss her on the few evenings we get a babysitter and go out. So tune out the friends/coworkers in the early months. And even tune out the ones who supposedly hate being parents–not sure how old their kids are or what their situations are, but they’re likely just venting & unloading.
      Congratulations on the pregnancy!

      • seems like we had a similar experience – all the cupcake and rainbows crap I read made it difficult to come to terms with how it’s not like that everyone. My L&D was bad and made things worse in recovery. I wish people would be more realistic about the good and the bad

        • anon above: put your fingers in your ears/don’t read 🙂

          Yeah, I had a somewhat emergency traumatic get-the-baby-out-now c-section. (through NO fault of my midwife–she did everything she could to avoid that, and then fortunately suggested the epidural very calmly, which meant that I didn’t have to get knocked out for the section) And then had nursing challenges (failure to latch, weaning off the nipple shield, reflux that led to screaming during nursing….). Fortunately I recovered really well physically, but had some pretty bad anxiety for awhile. And my daughter did NOT want to be put down unless she was dead asleep, EVER. So that was a little exhausting. Later, we decided she just wanted to be upright & able to explore the world; I think that’s what made things better once she got bigger. Sitting & crawling made huge impacts on her demeanor. That and sleep training that allowed her to get more restorative sleep. My wife is already on my case about sleep training earlier the next time around & we haven’t even started trying for #2!

    • As a counter, I love being a mom. My maternity leave was awesome- got to spend really nice time with my son, saw a lot of friends, etc. I work full time and have a really good balance. I definitely don’t see friends as much as I used to, but am not doing too badly in that department. My son is 2.5 years and there have definitely been some rough patches, but, overall, it’s really awesome.

    • Thanks, everyone. I should say that I do appreciate that my friends feel like they can confide in me without worrying about me judging them for their very honest (and private) thoughts. And I’m sure that when we tell them we’re expecting they will be thrilled (maybe with just a bit of schadenfreude…). I’m under no illusions about how hard this will be (and my friends’ kids are all very young – about 12 mo, 6 mo, and 3 mo – so I know they’re straining to see the light at the end of the tunnel), but since we’re already well into this whole baby thing and I’m not backing out now, I’m trying to balance being a good listener while mentally putting my hands over my ears and yelling “LALALALALALA.”

      • Are you single? I can’t imagine how hard it would be to raise a baby alone. But with an involved partner, and just one child, it’s not hard at all. We had a fussy, barfy, non-sleeping baby, and it was terrific, honestly.
        Of course, she’s in elementary school now, so I have firmly repressed most of the bad. I recommend you do the same, at each stage. I love being a parent. My child is not only mine, but she’s an interesting person, a good companion. It’s very cool among the 20 somethings to loudly dislike children, and insist that children are not in the cards. I pity those people for not being able to see to fun. And I envy you, anon above, for just starting out!

        • It was terrific even during the fussy, barfy, non-sleeping stage? You either have much more patience/need less sleep than me or you’re really repressing the bad 🙂

          • Two parents, one baby. It’s that simple. jim_ed gets me! I agree with everything he says below.
            I get pretty fed up with the competition over how bad people have it.

          • Did you miss the part where I said I love being a mom now & have a great time with my kid? I still think the early months were a slog for me and for my wife. I struggled during maternity leave, and I struggled when I was back at work full-time. I didn’t whine & complain the whole time, but I did see a psychiatrist for post-partum anxiety. It got better and we’re in a great place now, but your experiences aren’t everyone’s experiences.

        • No, not single. I have a spouse who I know will be a very engaged parent — which, I know, is lucky and makes it much easier.

        • epric002

          you really don’t need to pity the childfree. unless you’re just looking for pity in return. not to mention- just because you and your partner had a really easy go of it (lucky you!) doesn’t mean it will be that way for everyone else.

        • saf

          “It’s very cool among the 20 somethings to loudly dislike children, and insist that children are not in the cards. I pity those people for not being able to see to fun. ”

          Then there are those of us late-forty-somethings who don’t much like children for whom children really weren’t in the cards, and think we have plenty of fun, thank you very much. I’m glad you like being a parent that much. A lot of people do. Now please respect that it isn’t for everyone.

          • Why are you reacting to a comment about 20-somethings, if you’re a late-40-something? It clearly doesn’t apply to you.
            Youths who declaim about the future like they know everything are silly, and deserve to be laughed at. When they’re 6 and announce that they will never touch a boy cause all boys have cooties, we laugh at them. When they’re 16 and certain that they will love Harry Styles 4ever, we laugh at them. And when they’re 26 and announce that they will never give up the party life or tie themselves down to “pop out a kid”, we should laugh at them then, too.

          • saf

            Why am I reacting? Because when I was 20 something, I got treated like that. Look, would you say to a 20 something who wanted kids, “You’ll change your mind?” No, you wouldn’t. Have some respect that people might know themselves no matter their age.

    • jim_ed

      I’m going to be frank with you – your friends (and anyone) who complains about how difficult having one kid (assuming no major health issues) is when you’ve got two parents engaged and you’re not desperately poor is just a whiner. Yeah, you sleep less, and you don’t go out as much, but jesus, people make it seem like its some sort of cross to bear. It isn’t. I was scared of how difficult it would be, but its not, and its also the most rewarding thing thats ever happened to me.

      Honestly, I think most people who do all this complaining do it because they’re boring and need something to complain about in their comfortable, repeatable middle class lives. Even when the kid comes and you realize its not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be, you’ll hear “Oh, you think its easy at X months? Well just you wait until you hit Y months!” And then you’ll get there, and the changes will come naturally, and you’ll enjoy the hell out of it.

      • Oh come on. We’re talking largely about the early/baby stages (see the response above that notes friends’ kids ages). Sleep deprivation can be brutal, and so can post-partum issues. It’s good to put things in perspective and realize that things things are phases and will get better, but that doesn’t mean that someone isn’t truly struggling or is just a whiner. Looking back, I’d be really tempted to smack someone for stating that I was just a whiner in those first 6 months. It’s lovely and not that difficult for many – I have friends with those sorts of experiences, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard and somewhat miserable for others.

        • jim_ed

          Post Partum issues are a whole different ball of wax, and I have a ton of sympathy for people who deal with them. That said, the rest of it IS whining. I’m honestly envious of people whose lives have been so charmed up until this point that a healthy newborn is the biggest adversity they’ve ever faced. Our daughter was born 6 weeks prematurely and spent her first month in the NICU. Trying to work full time while spending every free moment at the hospital with a baby hooked up to machinery was awful, but it still wasn’t as bad as some people make parenthood out to be. And it certainly isn’t as bad as people whose children are really sick, or people facing raising their children in poverty or by themselves. I think its the lack of perspective of how good most of us have it in raising our children that bothers me. I have a hard time engendering sympathy for people who want to wail to anyone who will listen (or to no one in particular in the case of facebook) about how tired they are because little Braxton or Persephone woke them up 3 WHOLE TIMES last night.

      • I’ve always taken these complaints to be somewhere between competition and a humblebrag.
        But to be honest, I MUCH prefer the friends who gripe sometimes about how all of the catastrophes happen simultaneously over the ones who get every dirty diaper bronzed because every aspect of parenthood is just that magical.

      • I think most of us have a tendency to look at our present and future circumstances as daunting, but regard the past as not being as bad as we feared. I also had a lot of trepidation about parenthood and ended up staying home with my daughter from 6 – 12 months, which really changed my life. It forced me go all-in on parenting, to let go of what I had wanted, and trust in an unknown future. For me, doing this worked well and I ended up reevaluating virtually everything in my life, for the better. But this is only one man’s experience…

  • Rant: Found an ailing wren right outside my door this morning. I wrapped the poor little thing in a tea towel and brought him inside, then took him back out again when he started flapping around. I set him down in the garden, but he just limped around, dazed. His wings seemed to be uninjured, though, so that’s encouraging. I hope he recovers, but if not, at least he’ll be in a sunny, secluded spot. I wish/wonder if there was more I could have done. 🙁
    Rave: My dog is doing just fine, and there were plenty of hale and hearty pigoens, doves, sparrows, and squirrels out this morning.

    • He might have flown into a window and concussed himself. We used to get those all the time in a previous house. If they survived the initial impact (and some didn’t) then they almost always recovered.

      • He might have flown into my upstairs neighbor’s front window (I’m in the garden level of a row house). It’s so sad seeing animals injured or in distress, and it’s frustrating to be of limited assistance to them.

  • Rant: connecting flight was late and I’m stuck in the middle seat between two dudes. Will have to fly from Atlanta to Tampa leaning forward with shoulders hunched.

  • Rant: It is so cold in my office! I need to buy a fleece blanket for my bottom half so that I can continue to wear my down parka on my upper half. Grr…
    Rant/Question: I’ve made two batches of applesauce this fall and canned them. For some reason, I didn’t check the processing times for the boiling water canning process, so I boiled them for somewhere around 10 minutes. Maybe longer? The recommended processing time is actually 15 minutes. Do I have to throw all of these out? Caveat- I’m knocked-up, so it’s not just an issue of me getting a little sick…

  • Ranty rave: Azealia Banks’ album is good (even though 212 is crazy old) just too bad she’s so problematic

    Rant: car in shop until Monday. clear sign this is going to be $$

    Rave: dog sitting and no accidents so far.

  • Rant: So I have decided, along with advice from others (I am taking it) that I should not provide any dating advice to anyone on PoPville…or any dating advice in general. While i feel like i have a good amount of “starting a relationship experience”, I am not good at “finishing” and “sustaining” which really is everything…

    Rave: Got a call about a job that applied for at Grant Thornton (the only reason i got called is because our family friend is a partner at the firm and pulled some strings), I would be really happy to work for them and I know my skills and experience almost directly matches what they are looking for…but also part of me is like “I want to earn my job and do it on my own”. Our family friend was suppose to pull strings about 2 weeks ago when i originally applied but got busy…I had pretty much given up on it, and then i got the call from him yesterday and later an HR person from GT. My dad texted me after i told him and said “good luck and always stay positive in life…it is more enjoyable that way!” Much easier said than done when seemingly the world is against us but I am going to try harder to be more positive and optimistic about what the future holds for me.

    • Never be ashamed to use your network. Just work twice as hard once you’re in the job to prove that it was worth it.

    • Allison

      It’s admirable that you want to earn your position, but if you have a golden opportunity thrown at you this early in your career, TAKE IT AND RUN SON! The unfortunate reality is that today’s economy does not favor the self-made man. You can earn your next position on your own.

    • Honestly, in some fields (perhaps many?), you almost need connections to get jobs. You can prove yourself if/once you get there–and that will be earning the job. If you insist on doing it on your own, you may not get near as far.

    • Regarding the job, I used to be really hesitant to use connections. But I slowly got over it. I wouldn’t have gotten my first job after law school without a connection that got my foot in the door/got my resume looked at. Try looking at it this way — you still have to interview and get the job on your own merits. And keeping a job once you have it is entirely up to you, your abilities, and your performance. Does looking at it that way make you less hesitant?

    • The family friend gets you the interview, not the job. To get the job, you will have to show your worth in the interview.

    • skj84

      Dude, work that connection. Most people would kill for a golden opportunity. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • Take advantage of your network. If you don’t, you’ll regret it later when you’re working for someone who networked into a job they are not qualified for.

    • If i had a network to take advantage of, I certainly would.
      especially for a decent job.

  • Rave – Heading to NYC tonight to see family and go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister.
    Rant – I’m kinda nervous about dress shopping. I’m not really a dressy person and I’m afraid I’ll hate everything I try on.
    Rave – Downloading some new podcasts to listen to on the train ride to NY! Thanks PoPville 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      ooh wedding dress shopping is fun (I”ve only done it as an observer)! Be sure to try on a few dresses that aren’t’ your style, you may be surprised, plus it’s fun for the spectators. Enjoy!

    • epric002

      don’t be afraid, have fun with it! also, don’t let anyone talk you into a dress you don’t like (watched a friend go through that earlier this year, and then she had to buy a second dress- ugh). i wore a cocktail length dress when i got married and i felt much more “me” in it 🙂

    • My best friend just got hers – she’s a jeans and long sleeve t-shirt or yoga pants and a sweatshirt kind of girl. You get really into it. If you start to panic, get out of the dress, pull on your jeans, and take a minute to find yourself again. Enjoy 🙂

    • Good luck with the dress shopping! I was lucky and got mine online, and then went to the brick and mortar store to see if it was still what I wanted (I refuse to say “the one” because that’s ridiculous to me). I ended up keeping the online purchase and love it 🙂 The best part was my mom was with me and I kept joking about the show “say yes to the dress” which she had never seen, she went home and watched it and then called me saying “they’re all NUTS on that show!!!” gave me a good laugh!

      have fun!

    • just know that no matter what it’s super weird when you put on the first dress because all of a sudden you look like a bride and it takes a minute to sink in, if you’re going to a good no pressure shop they’ve seen this a million times and will ease you into it! ultimately I’m sure it will be a special and fun time with your mom, have fun!

    • Allison

      I have some advice on this that was provided by a friend recently. She tried on a few dresses, and had someone take a photo of her in each of them. She didn’t decide that day, but rather after looking through the photos. She said seeing what she looked like in third person (i.e., what other people would see on her wedding day) provided a totally different perspective, and she picked a different dress than the one she was originally leaning towards while wearing it. (That being said, if you fall in love with something, just go for it.)

      • epric002

        IIRC, a lot of shops won’t let you take photos of you in a dress.

      • I just did wedding dress shopping with a friend that I’m a bridesmaid for. White Swan Boutique in Fairfax was fine with us taking photos (they also have a great sale section). If you can take photos, it really does help – I know the bride was fairly sure which dress she liked best, but she liked being able to look the photos over later.

  • Rant: Snow season means another year where I do virtually all the shoveling for my household. I did manage to force the downstairs folks into helping once (better be clear by time I get back worked wonders), but I really shouldn’t have to do that every time it snows. No offer to buy ice melt either.
    Rant: Roommate leaving I don’t know what..ink maybe all over the bathroom sink. Black on a white surface is easy to see. Come on!
    Mini-rave: Tummy troubles are going away slowly but surely, but not clear if I need to finish the bottle of meds or not.
    Rave: First bike riding adventure on Sunday. I just learned how to ride, so I’m excited.
    Rave: Mother taking my advice to heart.

    • Allison

      Could you maybe divvy up the shoveling duties in advance so there’s no haggling the day of? Like “I get first snow, you get second snow, etc. etc.”

    • Mascara on the sink?
      Ice melt purchases should be made with the same general fund method you use to buy shared items like toilet paper and utilities.
      You’ll have to organize it, but do the same with the other units – collect their money and buy a season’s worth up front, then remind everyone how to use it. Don’t assume they know, even if they grew up in a cold climate they may never had been expected to help with shoveling, etc.
      I would also remind everyone that clearing the walks is a responsibility shared across all units, and if they don’t want to do the work themselves they have to be active about hiring someone to do their part.

      • Maybe my straight male roommate wears mascara, but he’s a photag which is why I guessed ink (or other photo chemical).
        I live in a duplex, so there are no shared items. Yes, divving up in advance will hopefully work. I guess the real issue is the sense of entitlement I get from the downstairs folks. The same women who garden and make the backyard look like narnia have not once offered to help out. They even allowed friends to sleep in our backyard (think huge tent plopped in the middle of the yard) without telling me then caught attitude when I questioned its placement. I never assumed they knew as I didn’t know we had to do it right away, but if you see an orange shovel and a tub of kitty litter everyday, yes, I’ll assume you’re aware this situation needs to happen.

    • When I lived in a group house, I always ended up doing the shoveling too. Apparently I was the only one who gave a crap. Ultimately I decided it was not a battle worth fighting, since the shoveling was actually easier than having the same conversation over and over (and ice melt is too cheap for me to spend time collecting money for it). Now that I own my own place, I still have to do all the shoveling myself, so it’s all the same to me in the end. I will say that your neighbors probably know who is and who isn’t doing the shoveling, so you probably have their appreciation FWIW.
      I know this approach won’t sit well with everybody but it’s what worked for me, so I figured I’d pitch it out there.

      • I used to do all the shoveling at my condo as well until I put my foot down and said no more. I haven’t actually had the conversation yet, so maybe it’ll go better than I expect. My prime issue was having to work after shoveling for 1-2 hrs which I shouldn’t have to do now because I switched from restaurant work to an office gig. Pet-friendly ice melt is a bit pricier, and no, the money isn’t a huge deal, but it’s the thought that counts. If you’re going to sit on your butt during the snow, at least buy the ice melt. Alternatively, we could easily get one of the 5-10 dudes roaming the neighborhood to shovel for us.

        • To be honest, one of the big reasons why I bought a condo (I could have afforded a single family home in the same neighborhood) was because I didn’t want to cut grass and shovel snow. I’d rather pay for it in common, and then just wake up to clear sidewalks and trimmed hedges. Maybe that’s their attitude, and they’d be willing to pay to hire someone (if you have landscaping service, many offer snow service, as well).

          *The other reasons were safety (I felt safer as a single woman having multiple locked doors between mine and the outside and neighbors in surrounding units) and size (I didn’t need 1400 ft2, nor did I care to pay the utility bill for and clean that much unused space).

  • Andie302

    Rant/Rave: I was late to the set-up happy hour last night. When I arrived the friend that was supposed to be getting set up was on one side (friend 1), and her single friend (friend 2) who RSVP’d yes at the last minute was chatting away with the guy we were setting friend 1 up with. I don’t think any of this was intentional, friend 2 may not have known it was a set up because we kept everything very low key, and afterwards friend 1 texted that she liked the guy and friend 2 together and that friend 2 could use some action. I’m interested to see if anything comes of this. The guy didn’t get friend 2’s number because he knew he was being set up with friend 1 and didn’t want it to be weird. He never even really got to speak to friend 1. These things never go as planned!
    Rave: I was late because I was with a client writing an offer that was submitted this morning.
    Rave: If the offer is accepted then closing for this place and the one I’m buying would be the same day.
    Rant: I dreamt that my dog got left in the oven last night. What was weird was the oven was sort of like a kennel, it wasn’t turned on, and when I took her out of the oven she was just happy to see me. Where does my brain create these scenarios from? I’ve had a lot of strange dreams lately!
    Rave: Invited to a Friendsgiving. I might be making another chocolate cake.

    • Where does anyone’s brain come up with this stuff? Two nights ago, I woke up screaming because the Secretary of Health and Human Services was shooting at me through the bathroom door. Except that the Secretary didn’t look like Sylvia Burwell, more like Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador. I’m not making this up.

      • I once dreamed that Arne Duncan came to inspect how I’d organized my closets. He was very careful to stress that he didn’t become a member of the cabinet with messy closets.

      • Ha, that sounds awesome. Robert DeNiro and I once were doing duets at a piano bar on an infinite plane (sort of like Tron) when the cops finally caught us. They’d been chasing us for awhile in our giant woolly mammoth that was actually a pink elephant float (or vice versa). I’d already died earlier in the dream (rampaging zombie-ish murderous seven year-olds) so when a cop shot me, I was like “pshh, whatever, I’m a ghost! But that means your bullets might go through me and kill one of these hundreds of people who are really enjoying me and Bobby’s set.” I think someone had been shot through me – but I “woke” to the middle of another dream where I was in Brookville Market (the old one on Brookville Road, pre-renovation) and all the prices were really really really high. Like Apocalypse-gouging high. This matched the very beginning of this whole four-part dream sequence with the Brookville thing, but something was off. I figured zombie epidemic, cause, you know. But I didn’t want to wait around to find out, so I hopped in my car and drove and drove and drove. When I found a seemingly serene abandoned locale (felt a bit like the Alps in the Sound of Music), I grabbed my backpack and started hiking. People start fleeing past me in fear – heading away from some god-awful terror but I keep on keeping on. I get to a clearing and I see a T-rex. So, I was like OH SNAP and high-tailed it out of there.

        • Yeah, but that dream’s like Lucy-in-the-Sky-with-Diamonds awesome. Mine was just dumb. I mean, why the Secretary of HHS? Why the pres. of Ecuador?

          • KenyonDweller — Your dream incorporates the Oscar Pistorius case in an interesting way, though.

          • Oh how funny–I hadn’t thought of that angle. So now have three unconnected famous people bouncing around in my dreams.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Last night I dreamed of IDGI aka Fomerly Broken Jaw. He was on a hunt for gold bars made out of sleeping bags and I joined him. We found quit a few before the sleeping bags turned into watermelons.
        I only dream about local celebrities.

    • I wish I had a friend like you that was female and had single female friends (multiple from what it sounds like) to be set up on dates! Very jealous of your guy friend 🙂

  • My Thanksgiving party has entered attained nametag-requiring proportions. Very excited to cook for 20 people! Borrowing enough chairs, plates, and flatware is going to be a challenge. But I got the wineglasses covered. 🙂

    • I’ve requested people bring their own place setting before. I live small, I can only serve 4-5 with what fits in my kitchen, and I feel like disposable is asking for a disaster (of plate bending/breaking proportions), especially since more than 4 requires pulling up a spot at the coffee table/end table/bar. No one seemed offended that the invitation said “bring a plate and something to drink” and everyone complied. I just made sure the dishwasher was empty before the party started, and ran everything through during the after-dinner drinks.

  • What up Popville? It has been such a long time. I hope everyone is well. So many rants and raves over the months that I have been off of Popville but I just wanted to share a few.

    Rave: My daughter is 18 months now and is growing nicely. It is so amazing to see her grow and she surprises me everyday. When I count aloud she often times will say the next number, same with the alphabets. I think it is so cool that she knows her body parts and her right from her left (most of the time anyway). I love her so much.

    SUPER DUPER RANT!!!: I am going to try and make this as short as possible but we all know that won’t happen. Last week we (my brother, his fiancee, myself, my wife and my daughter) took our aunt out to eat (she recently lost her husband and wanted to get out). My brother and his lady picked the restaurant, Bistro Bis, because his neighbor is the EXECUTIVE CHEF and they are real cool. My first thought is why are we going because I know that is not the type of spot my aunt eats at and I know for sure my brother ain’t about that life, though I have my ideas but I digress. So we get to Bistro Bis, they say they are going to take extra good care of us as guest of the chef…the hostess seats us and starts to give us our menus but then our waiter comes and says not to give us menus because the chef has prepared a special dinner for us. So we are all like “OK that’s what’s up” and roll with it, thinking nothing of it more than they know we know the executive chef so they want to make a great impression. My brother continues to mention that the their neighbor is the executive chef (though he was not there that night) and that he created the menu this and I know his father that…Now I will say my brother did say that all he told him is that we were coming to his restaurant so I don’t think he thought anything of it, just a mention we were going there. Long story bearable, the dinner was good, service was good, we were full, all was well. So we ask for the check and we were VERY shocked to find that in it was a freaking bill for $550!! WTF? What just happened here? I didn’t flinch, played it cool though I am pissed and simply told my brother we should just split it and give $50 each for the tip making each of us responsible for $325 and then get the hell out of there. Now some of you I am sure will say what is the problem, you ate the food, you pay…The problem is that I feel like I was set up and got GOT! Maybe it is just me but when I go somewhere and I am a “guest of the executive chef” and menus are taken away from me so I can’t order what I want and a “special dinner” that has been prepared is forced on me so that I have no choice on what I am eating that means to me that it is likely going to be gratis or somehow taken care of. I fully expected to pay for the drinks or maybe even half the bill but I did not expect to pay all of that money for food that I didn’t order. I say this from experience and by the way and the way I roll, guest don’t pay. I just feel like it was all very disingenuous to say the least on the Chef/Bistro Bis’ part. There was no talk of prices or anything, just took the menus came back with an amuse bouche and charcuterie platter and then told us that we will be having a 5 course dinner…This reminds me, I need to check in with my brother to see if he has spoken with the executive chef because that was some bullisht. Never in my life have I been gotten so bad.

    • Rave: The fact that I can pay for it with no problem and move on but still, I wasn’t planning on that.

      • I really wish people would read. I did not go in expecting anything because quite frankly I didn’t know. My brother did not set anything with the chef up, he simply told him we were going to the restaurant. The chef took everything upon himself to find our reservation and set the rest up.

        • I could see this happening and agree that it’s not right to stick you with such a bill. But maybe your brother and his neighbor understood the conversation they had very differently, in which case maybe the misunderstanding goes back a level.

          • Literally, all my brother told him was that we were going to check out his restaurant. We aren’t the type to ask for hookups or discounts. If they come our way fine but never would we ask for something like that.

    • Allison

      I think this would be a very interesting story to submit to Tom Sietsema for one of his food chats on the Washington Post. He is the king of restaurant etiquette, I suppose.

      • Great idea. I think I am going to do that. Never in my life would I have expected this.

        • Allison

          You should definitely edit for size and content, though. I’m not sure if Tom has a person who edits questions for him, or if they just take them as they come.

          • Will do. By the way, Thanks for actually reading what I wrote and making a great suggestion. I am sure these folks on here would be taken aback if Tom happens to totally agree with me, now way could Kam be right. (not saying he will or won’t agree).

        • “I need to check in with my brother to see if he has spoken with the executive chef because that was some bullisht.”

          Assuming you did not change the name of the restaurant, I’ll wager that the Executive Chef already knows about this. It’s a small town and PoP has a wide reach 🙂

    • Accountering

      Agree and disagree, they should have let you know you were looking at 100+/person, plus drinks. That is crappy. I don’t agree that just because your neighbor is the executive chef that you should have expected to eat gratis – that is a pretty tenuous connection at best. I doubt an executive chef is even allowed to give away $550 meals!

      • Not my neighbor, that would never happen on my watch. Let’s be clear. LOL! Also, not sure if you are following me, never did I expect a free meal based on my brother knowing the neighbor (very tenuous, agreed) but when you don’t give me an opportunity to choose what I would like to eat, force a meal on me and then give me a check of almost $600, yes, there is a problem. Hell that dinner could have ended up being $1,000 but I’m responsible for it? Also, the “Chef” was the one that set it all up (sans the reservation) and picked the food we were eating. To me it was very clear they had a heads up and knew exactly what was going on.

    • If I worked at or owned a restaurant and my neighbor asked me to arrange a special dinner for him, I would not expect that my neighbor expected for the meal to be free unless I explicitly told him that it would be.
      But I would not assume that my neighbor’s plan for a special dinner meant he wanted the most expensive meal that could be served.

      • Please read what I wrote. Nowhere did I say that anybody asked anyone to do anything. If you read more carefully you will see that I wrote “Now I will say my brother did say that all he told him is that we were coming to his restaurant so I don’t think he thought anything of it, just a mention we were going there.” That is totally different than the scenario that you created.

        • Accountering

          You also said: “Maybe it is just me but when I go somewhere and I am a “guest of the executive chef” and menus are taken away from me so I can’t order what I want and a “special dinner” that has been prepared is forced on me so that I have no choice on what I am eating that means to me that it is likely going to be gratis or somehow taken care of.”
          I think that is what people are responding too. With that said, I agree, to spring a HUGE bill on you for something like this is horrible. If you were going to Komi, you know to expect a bill like that, but if they don’t even give you a price, that is bad.

          • Yes I did say that but I think people are taking it the wrong way. Basically all I am saying is that say you and I are neighbors and you mention that you are going to X location and I say, I will give you a ride and then when we get there I tell you that you owe me $150. You didn’t ask me for the ride but once you were on the way you would expect me to deliver me to your location correct? Never in your life would you expect a $150 bill because my car is new or whatever.

      • And if you had any moral/business sense, you would have explained the price – or price options ahead of time.

        • Was that directed at me or the restaurant? If they had simply said tonight you will be dining on our 5 course chefs menu at $XXX then, that is a totally different subject.

    • I’ve been in that situation before. Invited to a restaurant by the owner, who instructs someone to “take care of us”, had dish after dish served to me without ordering (or agreeing), and generally felt like I was getting some awesome VIP treatment… and then gotten a big bill. Had I known I was being charged full price for everything, I would have put a stop to it! It’s incredibly awkward.

      • Exactly, very disingenuous. Also it is hard to say something when put in that position, especially when you are in a nice restaurant because it comes off very gauche and could be perceived as a slap in the face based on my experiences. If someone of a position of authority invites me to something, I am ready to pay of course but would never expect to. Just like if I invite someone to something, I would never have them pay. Just tacky.

    • I think it would have been appropriate for them to charge the price of the average entree+appetizer for each person. I definitely don’t think it was appropriate to charge full price for the chef’s menu because you never requested it. Perhaps this was a mistake?
      Did you have wine? Did they choose it or did you?

      • I could deal with that, no problem at all but to hit me over the head for full price for everything when I did not order it is pretty ishtty. I do wonder if there was a breakdown in communication or if the restaurant tried us because the executive chef was not here to get it straight. I mean what do you do in that position, you can’t act a fool… Yes, we all had drinks but that is not here or there, that was not the issue. He only made recommendations on what to drink. Four of us had cocktails and one person had a glass of wine.

        • My guess is that there were multiple breakdowns in communication, starting with your brother’s chat with the neighbor. Many chances for misunderstanding here so I wouldn’t assume anyone was trying to take advantage.

          • If my brother tells me that all he told him is that they were coming to his restaurant, I have to believe him. Now if he gave me some long story how we are going to be taken care of and this and that, that would be different. Again, he would never want to spend that kind of money, especially while he is planning a wedding. My guess is that the breakdown may have been with the chef and restaurant. Given that he was not there to straighten it out, they may have taken advantage.

    • a few of my good college friends are chefs at fancypants nyc restaurants, and when i go to their restaurants, they will usually come out, say hi, and send an appetizer or main my way for free (or maybe a round of drinks), but i never go in expecting anything, and i have never had my entire meal comp’ed. i would expect even less if i were just acquaintances with someone who knew the chef.
      that said, i would also never have expected them to stick you with a ginormous bill like that without tell you, especially after having taken your menus away.

      • Again, nothing was expected. It was only expected once we were in the mix. It is akin to me saying to you (if I knew you), “I will give you a ride to the next city”, have a great conversation, listened to some great music and then tell you that you owe me $150 for the ride. HUH? Or you taking a cab and them charging you a huge premium because the cab is new.

    • Did you try the French onion soup? It’s really good there.

    • Two things. First, I think there was a lack of experience on your part — not surprising, few people have experience going “off-menu” in a swell restaurant like Bis, and so you didn’t know that it’s not unusual to for a “special dinner” to be especially pricy. Flip side: probably they should have been clear up front, though I think it’s considered “bad form.”
      Second $550 for five people isn’t wildly expensive for a place like Bis. . Three courses are going to set you back $55-60 anyway, sides are extra, two drinks are another $30 (their wine’s by the glass are quite pricy, as I recall) and throw on $10 for tax per person ad you’re pushing $100 each, anyway. Not sure what you drank, so that’s a variable.
      If only he’d just “taken care” of you by sending out a couple of rounds of free goodies — a much less dangerous way to go about things.

      • Far from a lack of experience on my part. I am not going to get into all of the restaurants that I have dined at, just know I have VERY nice dinners all over the country, hell outside of the country too.
        I actually shouldn’t pay your comment any mind because who are you to tell me where the hell I have been and what experience I have. No shit going off of the menu is more expensive, I just got ate off the menu in Juni in NYC and it was not a problem at all.
        What you failed to understand is that nobody asked about going off the menu, the chef set it up. Bad form would have been to start asking a bunch of questions but I am sure you knew that already.
        I don’t understand where some of you learned reading comprehension. The issue is not the price per person. Listen, the money isn’t an issue, my wife and I alone spend $400 for dinner we go out by ourselves though it is not a frequent occurrence.
        I don’t even know what the hell you are talking about with your last point. Please read the post again because you are way off.

        • People are offering reasonable alternative interpretations of your experience, and you’re jumping down their throats about their reading comprehension (and to be fair, you could help that by using some spaces and editing). I’m not sure what you expected by posting here, I know it’s for ranting but if you’re going to shout down everyone who replies (and you know by posting here that there will be replies) I think there are better outlets for you.

          • Irving Steete did not offer a reasonable explanation to anything, simply said that I basically had no dealings in fine restaurants and that I wasn’t used to find dining. So yeah, that did piss me off. Outside of that whose throat did I jump down?
            Sensitive much? Thanks for your suggestion, if only you had been around 6 or so years ago when I first started posting here I would have saved myself much trouble.

        • So are you upset because you spent more than you otherwise would have spent, or upset because you spent what you would have spent anyway but had to spend it on what the chef decided to serve you?
          If there wasn’t much of a price difference between the 5 course meal and the standard appetizer, main course, dessert meal, maybe the guy just assumed (albeit wrongly) that you would be cool with getting the “better” experience.
          You put a lot of emphasis on the word “guest.” Most restaurants consider every diner to be a guest. The fact that the staff refers to you as a guest of the Executive Chef, or anyone else, doesn’t indicate that the meal is going to be free, in whole or in part.

          • I posted above about having been in the same situation once. For me, it was the lack of choice in the matter. When someone takes over, it seems natural to expect them to TAKE OVER. If I’m paying the bill, I should be deciding what I want (or at least IF I want it).
            It’s like this: I’m a florist, and I live next door to you. You say to me, “I love flowers!” I say, “Would you like some flowers?” You say “Um, sure!” The next day, you find a ginormous bouquet of irises on your porch. Irises are not your favorite flower, but you give them to your mother and she is happy. Then you get my invoice for $250 worth of irises. It’s not that you can’t afford it. It’s not that you didn’t get any use out of them. It’s that you didn’t pick them and you didn’t agree to the price of them. Perhaps you even told me “I would like to buy my mother a really nice bouquet.” But you were thinking roses, and you were thinking “really nice” = $75. So you are not happy that I imposed $250 worth of irises on you, even though they’re really nice and even though you wanted flowers.
            I don’t see how this is a controversial subject.

          • Wow. It is a number of things. I am annoyed because we got played. I’m annoyed that I spent $325 on a dinner that I didn’t ask for. If we had just had a normal dinner there it would have been like $50 or so a person not the $130 we paid (that is an $80 difference, enough for a decent dinner at a lesser restaurant). I am annoyed that the chef who was not there took it upon himself to do all of this without letting my brother know (he surely would have said HELL NO!! esp because he is planning a wedding). I am annoyed because there are plenty of other things that I would have chosen off of the menu but never had the chance to.
            I realize that restaurants call everyone their guest (worked in the industry for a few years). But there is a difference when you are the guest of the executive chef and he put together a “special dinner” for our group. Even that being said, you are correct it does not denote a free meal nor was it expected but when you take the menus and start bringing food out that we never asked for, in my experience it does mean it will likely be complimentary.

          • @2:51
            I hear what you are saying but buying flowers is not the same thing as dining out. I can understand someone who works at a restaurant, upon hearing that a friend/colleague/neighbor will be visiting the restaurant, taking it upon his or herself to arrange for the best dining experience, assuming that it is not appreciably more expensive than what the visitor would normally expect. Sure, it’s a bit presumptuous; or even extremely presumptuous if there is a large difference in price. Given food allergies and the general persnicketyiness of most people, I would think that some discussion of what the 5 course meal contained would have been in order before bringing it out to the table. Who would bring a charcuterie plate to a table full of vegetarians? But I would not construe it as a deliberate attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting diners.

          • Anonymous 2:51 NAILED IT!!! I am glad that there are a few people who understand where I am coming from.

          • Anonymous 3:25 but it is the same thing. I think your point was that if the price was not a lot higher it should not have been an issue but in fact it was as explained previously the difference of about $80 a person x 5 = $400 which is nothing to sneeze at. Instead of $250 (including tip) out the door it was $650 out the door (including tip). And I didn’t order any of the food. You get me now?

        • I guess I thought you were upset about the price because you whined so loudly about the price: ” So we ask for the check and we were VERY shocked to find that in it was a freaking bill for $550!! WTF? What just happened here?”
          I guess in acquiring your immense sophistication, you didn’t master the art of saying something like “We’re sadly not so hungry tonight and prefer to order a la carte” up front, before any food was served — rather than bitching about it afterward. Or the art of graciously accepting what our friend thought was a favor rather than accusing him publicly of setting you up.

          • Agree. Kam, you’ve been away awhile, and I for one have NOT missed your holier-than-thou, richer-than-thou, classier-than-thou attitude. So you can afford $550 on a meal for four (big effing deal), and it wasn’t going the way you anticipated. Either say something on site, or suck it up. Don’t come here a-whining, all the while blow-holing about how YOU think the matter should have been handled.

          • To your first point oh wise one, let me ask you this. If you tell someone you are going to X location and they say to ride with them and then when you get there they hand you a bill for $200, would you not be like WTF? What just happened here? Same difference.
            Also if I was planning on spending that amount of money on dinner, it damn sure would not have been there.
            And in acquiring my immense sophistication, I have learned that it is a slap in the face of the chef or whomever is running the show to alter (unless for medical, religious reasons…) or question the menu. And I was hungry so that throws that little jab out the window.
            Friend? And I missed the favor part, what was the favor? And I never said the chef set us up, it wasn’t like the money went in his pocket from ours.
            I don’t know how much better I could have handled it. We paid the bill, tipped well and left. If I want to come here and sound off, where is the problem.

          • Yeah, Irving Street, while I always enjoy your comments, I did feel that your reply to Kam was pretty condescending, and made a lot of assumptions about his level of experience and/or sophistication. I mostly agree with your interpretation vis a vis the breakdown of costs, but I can see why Kam is annoyed with your response.

          • Sorry, but if a restaurant took away the menu and told me it would be the chef’s menu without going into any detail whatsoever, and I had some kind of connection to the place, I would figure I would get some type of deal. Perhaps not free, but not full price either.

            I agree with Kam on this 100%. It’s a bit of BS. Not the worst thing in the world, but he is justified in being annoyed at least.

          • [email protected], yep that’s me. You know me so well. And who is bragging about being able to afford a $550 meal? I simply said that I am glad that I was able to pay it vs. not being able to pay it. What is wrong with that? Irving is the one that brought if I could afford to be at the restaurant.
            Tell me on wise Florista, what would you have done?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Florista, You call it whining, I call it ranting. Rants and Raves, that’s why we’re here.

          • Anon: I felt I was uncondescending until kam’s first response, but point taken.
            Kam: I wonder where you got the idea that you were going to eat free? You might have some ground to stand on if you expected to pay “regular price” and get some freebies — not an an usual thing. But veer into the imperfect analogies that live in your transport world, if I pay for coach and get bumped up to first class, I still expect to pay the coach fair, not ride for free. Did someone say “I can get you a free meal?” Because I don’t see anything in your comments today suggesting that any reasonable person would have been expecting that. Also, having worked for and gotten to know a couple of pretty good chefs, I haven’t known one who wouldn’t accept a reasonable question or comment from a customer, particularly if it’s a practical one, as opposed to a critique .I once turned down an “off-menu experience at one of DC’s best because my wife just couldn’t eat that much food. Guess what – the chef’s still a friend!
            Sorry, not friend, your brother. Your brother apparently thought he was doing a favor and setting up a big night at a nice restaurant. Why else would he have done it? (“I know the chef, we’ll take Auntie out, he’ll take care of us.”) Maybe, lacking your immense sophistication, he didn’t know what to expect, but SophistoKam surely did, correct? But you neither warned or thanked him, just accused him: ” I feel like I was set up and got GOT.”

          • Irving Street – I too normally enjoy your writing but you did come at me sideways and that is something that I don’t do well.
            I also NEVER went into this expecting anything to be free, I am not sure if you are trolling me, being obstinate or not clearly understanding me. I went to dinner with the full intention of paying, I had no clue anything was going to happen. Once everything started happening (taking the menus, bringing out charcuterie, saying we have a “special dinner prepared for you, not telling us what we were getting until it was in front of us…). I got the impression (based on a number of previous experiences) that when this happens, you are TRULY being taken care of. What if it turns out that I am not allergic to duck but I hate it or any of the food they brought out. Please point out to me where I said that I WENT INTO THIS expecting anything to be free.

            Your coach/first class analogy is a fair one and I agree. Not sure if you missed it but I already said that I would have no problem paying for what some suggested – the average price of an app, entree and dessert. That would not have been a problem. Back to your point, using the same analogy but differently. If you were in coach and then told to sit in first class, served a great wine and dinner and then when you got off the plane or got home they charged your card an extra $1,000, would you not have BIG ISSUE with that? That is more akin to my situation, it wasn’t about going in thinking anything was free, more about my choice being taken away, treated like it was all a part of some super VIP treatment and then being hit over the head with an unexpected bill. You see what I am saying now?
            Dude, you clearly aren’t reading. My brother didn’t set anything up, he didn’t set up a “big night”, he didn’t ask for any kind of hook up, he didn’t ask for any special table. All he said is that we are coming to your restaurant neighbor. The chef took the owness to do all of this other stuff, none of us had anything to do with it.
            Good for you that you declined because you wife wasn’t hungry. We were hungry so your point is what, decline food when you aren’t hungry. Thanks for that enlightenment.
            It is funny how I go from never having gone anywhere to SophistoKam, pick one and stick with it.
            Also, who did I accuse? Feeling got is not an accusation, it is a feeling.
            And how could I have warned him if neither one of us knew what the hell was going on.
            So many flaws in your tired argument. You are normally sharper than this, get some sleep.

          • I get what you’re saying, Irving Street. One person’s condescending is another person’s helpful, and so much nuance gets lost when you’re posting comments to a message board. I actually really like this analogy:
            “if I pay for coach and get bumped up to first class, I still expect to pay the coach fair, not ride for free.” If a waiter took away my menu and told me that a friend of the family had arranged for a special experience, I wouldn’t have expected to be paying extra for the premium service. I think it would’ve been a bit tacky for them to mention the price; it’s just like when you’re eating out sometime and they tell you what the specials are. If they don’t mention the price, sometimes I’ll ask, but for some reason, I always feel unseemly doing that. If you’re pulling out all the stops and doing this tasting menu (especially when the customer didn’t even ask for it), I think it’s not cool to put them in the spot of having to ask. I think this situation as a whole would’ve been less of a mess had their friend actually been working that night. They could’ve just whipped a little something special to send their way and avoided this altogether.

    • i wouldn’t have been able to afford it, but it doesn’t sound like a bad deal.
      that you had no choice was a bit odd, but what do you think the cost would have been had they not take you on that route?

      • Nobody is disputing that $100 a person for a 5 course tasting menu isn’t bad but when never ordered it, didn’t get to choose what you wanted to eat and were not expecting to pay that amount it is a horrible deal. The entrees are normally $25-$30. If all of this had not happened we likely would have gotten a couple apps at let’s call it $13 each and say we went with the higher priced ($30) entrees the food portion would have been $176 add a round a drinks as say $13 each, it would have come to $241 and then tax at 10% would have put the dinner at $265.10 which is a $53 a person average which would have been just fine. Probably would have left a $50-$60 tip depending on the service. That seems much more in line with what I would have expected.

    • i agree it does seem weird. definitely a breakdown in communication and not fair to you. if my neighbor was the executive chef, and they took the menus away, i too would have expected a different outcome.

    • This is very disappointing to hear. I have been to Bis many times – I have friends who often stay in the Hotel George, so we hang out there a lot, by default – and I have always felt well treated. But I agree with Kam – had I been in the same situation, I would have reacted the same way. It’s one thing to walk in, not expecting any special treatment but once you are told by the staff that you were the ‘guest of the chef’ that changes things. I hope that the Bis management does hear of your post and fixes you up ASAP. Please update us if there are any further developments.

      • Thanks Planner. I am trying to not be condescending or an ass but it is totally amazing to me that so many people don’t understand this simple concept. And on top of that, you have no choice in anything that is happening. Sure I could have said this, that and the other but in my opinion, that would have been truly ungrateful/tacky especially if indeed the meal was supposed to be complimentary.
        I would love for a chef or GM of a restaurant to chime in on this one.

      • PS. I will be sure to keep all posted if anything comes of it. I doubt it will plus I’ve moved on, just wanted to put that as my rant because I thought it was crazy but apparently to some I am whining and crying…SMH.

  • skj84

    Rave: Not sick. I’ve managed to avoid whatever bug is going around and I fully intend on keeping it that way. I’m drinking OJ like it’s going out of style.

    Rant: I can’t find my big winter coat. I have a lighter coat that i’ve been wearing, but I think it’s time to break out the big guns. I did find my tacky white fun fur vest yesterday. I will be rocking it this weekend!

    Udpie how did you enjoy the show yesterday? I always get excited when I hear people I know are coming!

    • Late to the RnR today, sorry. It was beautiful! Like I said yesterday, I’m not an opera aficionado but my husband and I loved the production. I gasped at the beginning of Act 3 (and at the end too as the change to spring happens) because of the beauty of the setting. I chuckled through most of Act 1 until I was moved to hold hands with my husband as Mimi and Rodolfo fall in love. And I definitely cried! It was so much fun, so accessible to an opera newbie, and everyone was so talented!

      • skj84

        I’m so glad you enjoyed the show! As much as I love being in it I do wish I could see things from the audience. I’m onstage for the 2nd act change and love hearing the applause at the scene change. Same for Act 3.

  • Rave: I finally have a reason to post and stop being a lurker. 🙂
    Rave: This weekend! Emporiyum tomorrow and then Atmosphere in B’more.
    RANT: My awesome boss is leaving the company.

  • Rave: Great start to the morning at the barn (except cold weather makes for crazy, bucking ponies). Plus got in a really important and exciting job application.

    Rave: Beautiful performance last night of La Boheme. The sets were gorgeous and the singing beautiful. So much fun! skj84 – not sure which role you play but everyone was superb so bravo to you!!

    Rave: Got out of an awkward meeting for this afternoon so now have afternoon to be productive.

  • RANT: Ugh. Someone just walked into the bathroom, threw up in one of the stalls (standing over the toilet with the door open), then just walked out and went back to work. Didn’t wash her hands or anything. I can only hope she’s pregnant and not sick. I do not want to catch a stomach bug.

    • skj84

      oh the grossness of it all. She at least flushed?

    • I am going to guess they were incredibly hungover.

    • Or maybe an eating disorder or a day drinker? Regardless, unless I was deliriously sick, I would have an overwhelming urge to both wash my hands and brush my teeth.

      • epric002

        right?! not only is that gross for everyone else, but it’s gross for the person puking! i’m one of those awful, ugly pukers in that my eyes water, my nose runs, and i’m pretty much just oozing fluids out of every part of my face. and all i want to do afterwards is brush my teeth, take a shower, and go to sleep. the only upside to being an awful, ugly puker is that you learn REALLY quickly not to drink so much that you puke 🙂

        • I suspect pregnancy. I suspect she has gotten used to it, which is kind of sympathy-worthy. (I have friends who got really good at quick surreptitious barfing.)

          • Yes, I would guess pregnancy too and I bet she didn’t realize you were in there. Although, I at least rinse my mouth out in that situation. Ick.

          • It sounds gross – but at most of the places where I’ve worked, putting water from the faucet in your mouth is not going to make anything better, and could well make your life a whole lot worse. I hope she had some mints and bottled water at her desk. Running to the loo to puke doesn’t give you a lot of planning time.

  • Rant: Someone has been stealing my The Economist issues for the past 6 months. It gets delivered to my building (like newspapers). I’ve received 3 or 4 issues since. Company won’t switch it to US mail (which gets delivered to my locked mailbox), even though my last subscription was sent this way. They keep extending my subscription for the missed issues but this is useless if they never come!

    Rave: Friday!

  • Rant: I brought the wrong Tupperware container to work and had to eat a giant bowl of broccoli and cauliflower for lunch.

    Rave: I’m actually not hungry.

    • DAMN YOU, VEGETABLES!!!! A container full of broc and cauliflower would make me not hungry…and I happen to really like both…as a side dish!

    • That’s like a normal lunch for me! Roasted and drizzled with tahini, ideally. 🙂

  • Rant: I’ve now had two guys just never respond after I text to say thanks, I had fun and would like to go out again, despite the previous date seeming to go well. Just say sorry, not really feeling it or something rather than no response at all… Don’t think I’ve had that happen in the past.
    Rant: Hello there confidence issues relating to the above.
    Rave: I got a delicious red velvet cupcake from a hotel rep this morning, and I have a fun, busy weekend ahead!

    • Allison

      Well, you wouldn’t want to be with the type of guy who isn’t man enough to say “thanks but no thanks” anyway, right? And in a totally straight female platonic way, you are super cute and fun so those guys are stupid.

    • pablo .raw

      Litlen, I have a question/request for you, could you please e-mail me? pablodotrawatgmail thanks!

    • Understand your frustration. I had that experience with ladies as well. I just figured it was no worse than them saying, “I had a nice time too” then shooting me down when I asked them out on a 2nd date 🙂

    • Frustrating! I’ve had several experiences where people have blown up when I’ve responded that I’m not interested – why is this happening, it seemed like it went so well. They probably don’t know you well enough to know that you could handle hearing that response and assume that disengaging will be easiest.

      • That’s true (and it’s why I don’t respond to online messages if I’m not interested – I’m afraid of that happening). And I have to admit that I wasn’t always the best at that when I was younger and less experienced with dating. But bah, I learned and it’s mid-late 20s now, people should be better at it!

    • I went on a date with a guy, he took off for a work trip for 2 weeks, set up a second date, he cancelled (it wasn’t a definite – it was a let’s see what our schedules do), then said he’d get back in touch when he got back from Europe (or wherever). Never happened. I was kind of frustrated, but you don’t want to be with that type of jerk anyways. Hang in there! (also, we should have a Dating in DC Sucks club. I feel like that’s a common theme here and with my friends…)

    • Agree with Allison – it would have taken them little effort to respond to your text. The fact that they didn’t reply says more about them than about you.

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