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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • binpetworth

    Rave: Overcame my persistent dental phobia and got a cleaning after (ahem) a few years going without. No new cavities!
    Rave: Perfect excuse to eat half-price candy corn; thank you, CVS.
    Rant: I have had the 30 Rock theme song as an earworm going on 3 days now. I want to harmonize everything I say to do-do do-doodle-oo-do-do do-doodle-oo-do.

    • 30 rock was one of the more formative tv shows for me and the themesong can be stuck FOR DAYs

      • Now I have it in MY head!

      • “30 rock was one of the more formative tv shows for me”
        This makes me feel really old.
        Unless, of course, your parents banned you from TV until your mid/late 20s.

        • No kidding! Or maybe we’re talking about different kinds of “formative”. When I think of my formative TV shows, things like The Cosby Show and Friday Night Videos come to mind….

          • Emmaleigh504

            90210 4evah! Have a problem or need advice? Come to me and I will tell you what 90210 episode to watch. Particularly good for dealing with drug addiction, cults, and birthing babies during natural disasters 🙂

          • Headbanger’s Ball, on MTV. Yes, youngsters, MTV used to play music videos.

          • Emmaleigh504

            120 minutes was my life as a wee tyke

          • 120 Minutes and MTV’s Amp were my first forays into interesting music.
            I used to load weird electronic music videos via the Amp’s website on AOL dial-up back in 1997. Pretty sure they were among the first streaming videos around (anyone remember Real Player?!?) 😮

          • Oooops……that was me that just posted. 😀

    • You can get candy even cheaper at the dollar store.

    • Congrats on your first rave! I can’t stand the dentist and put it off for two years… just had 6 fillings. Ugh.

    • pablo .raw

      I can’t remember the theme song but now my brain is distracted looking for it!

    • maxwell smart

      I went 10 years without seeing a dentist due to lack of insurance coverage during my period of cheap employer followed by graduate school followed by post-graduate school unemployment followed by taking 3 years in DC to find a dentist. Luckily for me, my teeth might be crooked but they keep themselves clean. No cavities!

    • Great rave! I also went a long time (7 years!) without going to dentist because of lack of insurance and persistent dental phobia. It was huge relief to get it over with!

  • Has anyone ever traveled to Quebec City in the winter? Doing a surprise trip for my significant other and I’m tacking on Quebec City for 2 nights on top of Montreal. We’re adventurous, open to outdoorsy events, urban, and somewhat on a budget but could splurge if it’s worth it. Thanks Popvillers!

    • I’ve only been in summer, when it’s adorable, but I’ve heard it’s absolutely charming in winter! Try to visit the Hotel Frontenac for tea if not to stay. Lunch/dinner at Aux Anciens Canadiens. The shops in various squares are very cute and apparently well decorated. Also, ice skating is everywhere in Canada in the winter! Especially at Place Youville, I think. Bring long underwear, though. Actually – that’s the perfect reveal. Give her a gift that’s just a set of silky long undies and when she is puzzled, tell her where you’re going!

    • I went in February during the Carnaval and it was freezing. Beautiful but windy-sleeting-freezing. A fun way to stay warm is xc skiing around the Plaines d’Abraham with ski rental right in the park.

    • epric002

      no, but visited ottawa in early november a few years ago. flieswithoney is right- was REALLY COLD. wool coats and regular boots did not cut it. break out the serious winter gear, and have fun!

    • Hotel Frontenac is great, but make sure you really are prepared for the weather – it’s bone-chilling cold. I visited in the winter and could only go a few blocks at a time outdoors, despite wearing ski gear for walking the streets. If I ever visit Quebec again it will be in any season BUT winter. There, you’ve been warned. Have fun!

    • Accountering

      Quebec was very cool in the winter (both literally and figuratively!) The flows of ice flowing down the St Lawrence were SO awesome! Lot of cool outdoor stuff to do, but bring TONS of clothes. It is VERY cold.

    • JRPenguin

      I went in February for the Winter Festival. I second the other recommendations, skiing on Plains of Abraham, Hotel Frontenac, Aux Anciens Canadiens for dinner. Drink lots and lots of Caribou!!

      I hate winter but with enough layers I was fine.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

  • In the never ending saga of my employment quest… I had a 2nd interview with another firm (firm 2) yesterday and they gave me an offer the same day. It’s a good offer and I’m psyched. The only thing is that I still haven’t gotten an offer form firm 1, and firm 2 wants to know by tomorrow, and I actually prefer firm 1 over firm 2. Most if not all of my worries are moot (so I will spare you popville readers) until I get an offer from firm 1, so here’s to waiting by the phone today. But still, at least 1 offer in the bag! So that’s a rave
    Bonus rave: Had a really fun night with my old friend last night, got a little trashed, talked about a lot of stuff and it was generally much better than I imagined. It’s nice to have those people where there isn’t really awkwardness in person, and its more or less like old times.
    rant: goldfish crackers for breakfast because I’m incapable of taking care of myself during periods of high anxiety

    • Allison

      In my experience, it’s appropriate to call or e-mail the HR representative at Firm 1 and tell them you have an offer in hand, and that your answer is expected by tomorrow.

      • Allison

        Also, it doesn’t hurt to mention that they are your first choice, and that’s why you’re letting them know about the offer.

      • Absolutely. I was going to suggest this as well.

      • Thanks Allison! Firm 1 was pretty consistent in asking me to tell them if I got an offer so I told them right after and tried to subtly phrase that Firm 1 is my first choice. Maybe I should have been more outright, but their HR said they requested a final decision be made by COB today so I’m hoping that they stand by it and I can make a decision.

    • Mike

      First, congrats on the offer! That in itself is pretty awesome. But so frustrating that you’re still waiting on these people from Firm 1!
      My two cents (as someone who interviews and hires fairly often) is this: don’t feel bad or awkward about sending a brief follow-up to your POC at Firm 1 letting them know that you have another offer on the table but you would prefer working for Firm 1. I’ve received one of these before; *if it’s short and worded right*, it does not come off as “being outside the bounds of professional etiquette”. After all, the job search, offer, and acceptance processes are all very volatile; sometimes the timing of things simply needs to be addressed.
      I’d also be interested in hearing what others would have to say about this.

      • Thanks Mike. I tried to phrase my preference for firm 1 delicately in my email to them. My only worry about telling them that I would prefer firm 1 is that it might get me a lower offer? I have no basis in this thinking other than my own guess. If firm 1 matches firm 2 or is in the same ball park of the offer, that is the best case scenario in my mind.

        • If Firm 1 comes back to you with a lowball offer, definitely stand your ground, tell them your offer from Firm 2 and that you expect them to match it. It’s good to be respectfully firm in your stance. No one respects a sucker.

        • I agree that you should contact firm 1. Don’t be wishy washy. State clearly that they are your first choice, and that you have a second offer with a deadline. They will appreciate knowing this. As others have said, if Firm 1 does come back with an offer lower than firm 2, negotiate. This is the way it works, and they should not be offended.

    • You could also ask firm 2 for more time to make a decision. 48 hours is a little bit pushy; I’d ask for a week. Although I do think the appropriate time to ask for more time to consider their offer might have been as soon as the offer was made.

      • Allison

        This happened to me once. I got an offer from a firm in the late afternoon and was expected to give an answer “by COB tomorrow.” That in and of itself was a turn off, and when I asked for more time they said something to the effect of having people lined up down the block for the job. I walked away, despite not having an alternative offer at the time. Best decision I ever made.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’ve done this twice in a different field when they wanted an answer right away. I know they want to hurry and fill the position, but it’s way easier for them to get a new person than for me to get a new job. I want to make sure it’s the right fit!

          • Allison

            Agreed. And I pity the poor fool who now works for a firm who can’t muster up the mutual respect required to not conduct a “one-sided negotiation,” which IMHO is not a negotiation at all.

          • Agree with Allison. In my experience, “one-sided negotiations” and statements suggesting candidates are a dime a dozen suggest that management really doesn’t value employees they have. I’ve accepted one of those jobs and was really unhappy most of the time I was there. I felt undervalued from day one.

    • Great news on an offer!!!! Amazing, and good luck with firm 1!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Me.

  • Rave: Classpass — it’s gotten me to work out regularly for the first time in months. Such a terrific idea and well executed, so far.
    Rave (again): Serial. I get so excited when I see that a new episode is available and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I’m already overly eager for next week’s installment.
    Rant/Rave: Now that there’s the election is over, there is some potential for development of the lots at the corner of 7th and P, or at least that’s what our ANC rep says. I’ll believe it when I see it and am trying to figure out if there’s anything I can do as a regular citizen to help speed that process along.

    • literally everyone in my office listens to serial! I really need to find time to get into it. I have such an addictive personality though I have to make sure I have a lot of freetime so I don’t drop work haha

      • It’s not a huge time commitment at this point, honestly. We’re only seven episodes in and the episodes range from 28 to 53 minutes, with most coming in at 30-40 minutes. I listen while I’m getting ready on Thursday mornings.
        The only real time-suck is if you start reading the associated Reddit threads and Rabia Chaudry’s blog and listening to things like the Slate Spoiler Specials on each episode. I’d recommend all of those things because I’m obsessed, but it’s totally possible to listen without going down the wormhole I’m in.

        • I’m right there with you in that wormhole, Shawess!

        • I’ve avoided most of the excess but last night discovered the Slate podcasts. They’re not very compelling, but they did catch or make connections I’d missed, and they’re only about 15 minutes long.

    • Is classpass specific to your gym? Do tell!

      I’ve been trying to collect at least 2 eps of Serial at a time because listening to only one and then having to wait is too much! Not sure who on Popville first recommended Serial a few weeks back, but I thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • Classpass is a sort of open pass to nearly all of the small studios in the DC area. You can go to an unlimited number of classes around town for $99/month and the biggest limitations are that you can only go to a single studio 3 times a month and not all studio classes are open to Classpass members. Even with those limitations, it’s really great. I’ve had nothing but good experiences in the month I’ve been a member.

        • But check out the classes that are offered through class pass. I almost signed up for it, but my favorite class at Ride DC isn’t offered through class pass, so I passed.

          • It may be worth checking back. When I first joined, there were no pilates reformer classes and now there are a bunch, all at times I want to take them. I think the studios are still figuring out which classes to include and may even add or drop classes as their own demand changes. For sure there are some classes that just aren’t available — you’ll never get peak class times at popular studios — but the selection is still pretty good, IMHO.

          • I checked two days ago. That’s not a bad point though, I’m sure the offerings change over time.

    • I always wake up so excited on Thursdays because of Serial. I’m excited to learn more about Jay in next week’s episode!

      • I KNOW. I want to hear all about Jay. They’ve been teasing us with this episode for weeks!

      • I also want to know a LOT more about Stephanie and Jenn.

        • Agree! Particularly Jenn!

          • Jenn is definitely hiding something. I also can’t help but wonder if the fact that this all happened on Stephanie’s birthday may be significant. For some reason, I keep thinking about the fact that Adnan bought Stephanie a gift and Jay didn’t. And I wonder if there is a reason Jay was hanging out with Jenn and Adnan, not Stephanie, on Stephanie’s birthday.

          • I’ve wondered about that too! I also just can’t get past Jenn and Jay both changing their story (Jay multiple times).
            I forget, are you in the Adnan is innocent camp? I’m in the same boat as SK in wavering between being pro-Adnan and wondering if he’s a sociopath and I’m a sucker.

          • I haven’t said yet, but yes, I’m squarely in the “Adnan is innocent” camp, especially after this week’s episode. At this point, I also think the killer is more likely to be someone that Serial already mentioned, and they already know (more or less) whodunit and how the crime happened. I know they keep saying they don’t, but I also know This American Life and really doubt they would move forward with this series if they didn’t have a pretty good sense of the full narrative arc before they started. They are some of the world’s best storytellers, and I sincerely doubt that they are mostly winging it here.

    • Aglets

      my rave to! oh man is it compelling

  • SFT

    RAVE: I just tried the cheddar jalapeno sqagel at Cosi. Sorry all other bagels, I’ll never eat you again!

    • palisades

      That sounds like..something..

    • They used to have those at Panera and I was heartbroken when they were discontinued. I’m so excited to hear that Cosi has them now!

    • One of the silver linings of jury duty for me has always been that 1) it’s near a Cosi and 2) there’s usually a break early enough in the day where I can get to the Cosi during breakfast hours. I LOVE the T.B.M. squagel sandwich.

  • Rave: kiddo happily waved bye to me when I left instead of screaming at me. It works so much better when I can leave while she’s still eating.

    Rant: Decided not to run in the rain this morning. Must drag myself out of bed for a run tomorrow. Determined to get back into shape!

  • Rave: I have been in such a funk this week. I woke up this morning determined to change my attitude.
    Rave: I just purchased two tickets to see Glen Hansard in February. Looking forward to a date night with one of my good friends.
    Rant: Allergies.
    Rave: Ticking off some of the items on my to do list before 10:30. Productivity helps alleviate my grumpiness.

    • Glad to hear that… you are the source of your own happiness
      enjoy the new attitude!

    • rave: thanks for the glen handsard reminder
      rant: presale is already sold out 🙁

    • I saw Glen I think 2 years ago at 930. I didn’t know much of his stuff but when you’re good -no, when you’re great – you’ll always sound amazing at 930. Maybe I’ll treat myself to an early b-day gift and buy a ticket!

      • I saw him a few years ago with the Swell Season in Baltimore. I think it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. He’s that good. I hope you get tickets!

      • I saw him a few years ago with the Swell Season in Baltimore. I think it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. He’s that good. I hope you get tickets!

  • Rave: running times are getting even better… almost cracked into tha 7:20’s this week @ 7:33/ mile over 3 miles
    Rant: Left calf has been sore for about two weeks now, not to the point that it bothers me while running but i feel it all day walking around. That may mean thaty i just need to take a week off and let it heal? possibly pulled or strained a muscle im guessing

    • binpetworth

      That’s terrific! Don’t worry about taking time off. I had to take a two-week hiatus due to a strain earlier this year and came back with a vengeance quickly. Rest does a body good.

      • Thanks
        yea thats my problem lol
        im addicted to running now so i dont give myself enough time between runs to let it heal all the way
        that plus all of the cycling i do around the city as well

    • If you can feel it all day then you should probably rest it. You can do that 1) by taking a few days or a week off, or by 2) running less often and not running so fast. Your times may be getting better but it sounds like your body is telling you it’s too much.

    • You can take a day or two off, but the issue may be your non-running shoes. Try a small shim/lift, even just 5 trimmed post-it notes. Then, when running, walk 3 blocks or so at the start before you run.

      • I run in dedicated brooks running shoes
        my sister tore me a new one when she saw me running in NB 992’s a while ago when we were on vacation

        • I think the original poster was trying to say that the shoes you wear when you are not running could be contributing to the problem. Take the time off that your body needs. You can use the time off from running for other exercise (yoga, rowing, weight lifting, etc.) to stay in shape, but listen to your body!

          • ah ok i see… i typically wear hard soled dress shoes most of the day
            & im limited to lower body and core workouts right now because i am still getting over an injury from a motorcycle accident

      • This is very true. I added a slight heel lift and orthotics to my running shoes after I started having a hip issue. Made a huge difference.

    • Mug of Glop

      That’s pretty good! To help with soreness, it’s good to have every other (every third? fourth? At least once a week) run or so be a slower recovery run. That really helps with too much strain. When I was at about that schedule, I’d do one or two fast, short runs (3-ish miles), and then a longer recovery run (5-6 miles) at a more leisurely pace.

      For the calf, try adjusting your stride a bit to keep your foot flatter and not push off with your toes on that foot so hard or so predominantly. I get that same thing happening every now and then, and I know I’ve been doing too much propelling with my foot and not enough with my upper legs/glutes.

      **Not a doctor or even an elite runner. Just learned all this the hard way after training up for this stupid marathon.**

      • Thanks, ill deff focus on that my next time out
        yea ive never really called myself a runner (even though i ran track(only sprints) and one season of cross country that was intended to get me in shape for other sports) but after my motorcycle accident that was all i could do after having to sit for about three
        now i cant stop

  • Mike

    Rant: Everyone in the office is working on upcoming deadlines.
    Rave: Earbuds and an awesome playlist to tune out all the hysteria.
    Question: Have to buy two different 1st bday gifts between today and tomorrow; one for my coworker’s son and one for Better Half’s coworkers daughter. We’ve never met either child, though we do work pretty closely with their parents, so we don’t want to be super lazy. Any suggestions?

    • I always believe a kid can never have enough books.

      • I feel that way about good music. There’s a lot of good kid-targeted music that is not the Wiggles and won’t drive parents nuts. Look for kids albums by favorite adult musicians. Johnny Cash, Dave Grisman & Jerry Garcia, several Putumayo CDs.

    • Check out the Melissa & Doug stacking/nesting alphabet set. (I’ve gotten them from amazon, but this is the first link I found: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1596703/Melissa-Doug-Alphabet-Nesting-Stacking-Blocks.jsp?ci_mcc=ci&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=43-7172903-2&CID=shopping15). My daughter really enjoys playing with them, and has for a number of months. And it doesn’t take up much space! We also love the book “Dear Zoo” and other books with flaps. The Bizzy Bear books are also a big hit.

    • Anything from Hape – they have great block sets and activity center type toys for all budgets. Or “baby lit” books – we love them (great art)

    • Allison

      I suggest something soft, colorful, and with a face on it. (Kids that young are fascinated by faces. Nevertheless, they don’t understand their own and tend to smack their face with toys, making hard toys possibly dangerous.) Also no toys that make noise because the parents will hate you forever.

    • Books are always good, and Melissa & Doug toys are usually universally appreciated. My preference is always to buy things at Target and include a gift receipt – if the parents don’t like the item, or they already have something similar, they can get store credit and kids ALWAYS need stuff from Target.

      • SFT

        +1 for Melissa and Doug. I love their big stuffed animals – they have a shark, t-rex, sea turtle, and penguin all in the $20 range. And when I say big, I mean 2-3 feet long/tall. Kids go crazy for them! Scroll down towards the bottom of this page:

        • Allison

          I dunno, as a parent I think I wouldn’t be super happy if someone got my kid something that’s three feet large. Especially if you aren’t sure the size constraints of the child’s home/bedroom.

          • Allison

            and by “as a parent” I mean “thinking as a hypothetical future parent.” Not a parent now.

          • SFT

            Agreed…totally space dependent. I know that my son loves his big turtle, so I would figure out how to make room, but that’s just me, other parents might not be so appreciative of such a large gift 🙂

        • Allison

          Is it bad that of all the things I am dreading about having a kid (all of which are ultimately outweighed by my desire for a kid of course) the clutter that comes with them is a big one? There’s just so much… KID STUFF. EVERYWHERE.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But there doesn’t have to be that much! Instead of tons of toys, give them some quality toys and then sticks and rocks to be used outside. Sticks and rocks were some of my favorite toys. And trees. I was making up elaborate worlds for my stuffed animals in the good tree climbing trees.

          • SFT

            Before my son was born I said that we would never be one of those houses that when you walk into it, you immediately know a kid lives there. Cut to a year later and we are totally that house! There is kid crap everywhere. And I know that he doesn’t need all of it, but it makes my life so much easier when he is able to play with toys and I can cook dinner or go to the bathroom by myself. I am a minimalist, I hate clutter, and it drives me crazy, but I have no idea how to control it!

          • Oh god yes. Our nieces/nephews are drowning in plastic crap. I can only hope that when we have kids we can keep the clutter to a minimum and focus on creative toys. I know that’s not always going to be possible with grandparents around, but then we will be donating a lot!

          • I hate clutter – you just have to not want clutter. One thing comes in, one goes in the donation bin. Clothes too small? I fold them and put them in a plastic bin in his closet. And every night, we put stuff away. So if you try to keep it low on the clutter, you can do it (we only have a jumparoo because the kid in our nanny share loves it – we got it for free and honestly I’ll be SO glad to freecycle it on our neighborhood list serve. It’s so ugly but he loves it, which is priceless!)

        • I saw a bunch of Melissa and Doug toys in Amazon’s Countdown to Black Friday Deals and Gold Box Lightning Deals earlier this week. I don’t see any today but it’s worth checking back. I think they were 50% off.

    • Mike

      Checking out Hape and Melissa & Doug right now – thanks for the suggestions!

    • I am an old crank, but the idea of buying a gift for a 1-year-old is ludicrous to me — especially one you don’t even know. The idea of parents throwing an party for a 1-year-old and shaking down friends for gifts is nauseating. It’s a once year old yuppie puppy — he or she has everything he or she needs, and more than most of the adults in the world.

      • I guess I’m an old crank too because I agree with you!

      • Evil *giggle* at the term “yuppie puppy” 😀

        • If you want to buy a “birthday gift,” either buy the kid a savings bond or buy the mom a massage. Parents probably need less crap and clutter at that age.

        • That was me. People did bring gifts, but I did not ask nor expect – I told people we were doing a mini diaper drive. If they wanted to contribute, they could. And a birthday party is more for the parents, not the kids. Celebrating a year with your kid is lovely – and having an excuse to have your friends and their kids all together is fun.

          If you’re cranky about it, it’s because you’ve never been to a nice, chill birthday party (mine was supposed to be at a playground, but the weather stunk so it was in my small apartment)

          • Different scenario entirely. The one I went to (the only one) was a day of worship and fealty to the little one, who had a banquet table of gifts laid out before them. After that, I boycotted. I was never invited to a diaper drive, and I’m always in favor of a good party, but your effort seems to be the exception and not the rule.

          • Props for use of the word “fealty” in a PoPville post.

      • Someone on Popville was recently saying they did a diaper drive for their kid’s first birthday. I think that’s way more appropriate, especially for one year olds you are not related to.

        • SFT

          That’s a brilliant idea. We donate diapers and formula samples to the DC Diaper Bank. There are representatives all over who collect diapers, bottles, unopened formula, etc at their homes. It makes for easier donations. Check out: http://www.dcdiaperbank.org

        • Tammy – thanks for your donation!!! We are taking stuff in the next couple of weeks when they are open for donations and we can fit it in our schedule. We have a large plastic tub full of donations (diapers, formula, baby supplies, ect)

      • I once thought about going to the first birthday party of a colleague’s kid, but when the invite said, “Tyler has an Amazon wishlist” I made other other plans.

      • Mike

        So I agree with all of this too. My next door neighbor had a strict “no gifts” rule when her kid turned 1. The world did not stop! In this case, neither party is instituting a similar rule, so we don’t want to show up empty-handed, nor do we know where to start, as we have no kids of our own, hence the call for suggestions.

        • I would NOT care at all if someone showed up empty handed – I’d prefer it! However, I do think a book (which can range from $6-10) is a nice gift that a child will actually enjoy and especially at a year they really seem to LOVE turning pages and sitting down to “read” – at least my kid does). I told people no gifts, but they ignored it, which isn’t really on me. I’m just glad I could help out the diaper bank

      • pablo .raw

        I want to join the old crank association 😀
        If I had to ask for a gift, it would be a donation to an organization that is doing good work, or money for the kid’s college fund.

    • I always go for books or board puzzles with the little knobs to grab the pieces (there has to be a better way of describing these puzzles). Puzzles have always been a hit with the kids a babysit for– whether they are actually doing the puzzle or just carrying around the pieces.

      • Allison

        They have a bunch of adorable giant-piece puzzles for babies at Labyrinth Games (right next to Eastern Market metro station.) I like the dinosaur ones!

  • Rave: Leftover caramelized onion soup for a late breakfast
    Rave: My father’s 85th birthday is today – he’s in better shape than he was 20 years ago (yoga twice a week, walking every day)
    And rave: PoPville party tonight 🙂

  • Rave: Rain stopped enough this morning for my morning bike commute.
    Rave: Official PoPville HH tonight!
    Rant: Moving on Sat, so much I need to pack…

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: working at the office today. Usually that’s a rant, but I’ve been surveying a building that I think was used as a brothel.
    Rave: Popville anniversary party

  • skj84

    Rave: MY washer and dryer are back! I was able to get a small load in before bed last night.

    Rant: Lost my favorite umbrella on the bus today. It was kind broken, but had sentimental value.

    Rave: Official PoPville Happy Hour tonight! I will probably be on the later side, but can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Feeling really good about the election results from Nov 4. Very disappointed in how everything shook out, but very much so moving onward and upward – despite virtually all of my preferred candidates losing. Very happy I am able to move on without the bitterness and racism the other side exhibited in spades on Nov 5 2012, and the dunking the ball that the other side is currently doing. Life is good, perhaps taxes are going down (hahahaha) and maybe the purple line does get built after all!
    Rave2: Taking tomorrow off and heading down to the river with Andie to spend the weekend with my parents and brother and wife. We are doing a 9 course beer dinner (salad, 2 apps, soup, 3 entrees, and 2 desserts) all paired with beers. Andie and I are taking care of an app, an entree, and a dessert. It is going to be an awesome weekend!
    Rave3: Very excited to get quote 1 back on the Shaw house today. Will have a much better idea of total costs shortly! Very excited to move to the neighborhood!

    • “Very happy I am able to move on without the bitterness and racism the other side exhibited in spades on Nov 5 2012, and the dunking the ball that the other side is currently doing.”

      It’s called spiking the ball and believe me, your team has done plenty of it (and I’ve seen plenty of bitterness over the past 36 hours as well). DC is the only place I’ve ever lived where after someone was declared president people opened their windows and screamed like banshees to let the whole world know how they feel. Absolutely bizarre. Tuesday night I was satisfied with the results, but all I did was smile and go to bed. It’s an election, it’s over, and life goes on.

      • I don’t think that’s an apt comparison — Tuesday’s election wasn’t historically significant.

      • Accountering

        I was thinking I was screwing up that saying haha. I agree, I am sure the dems have done plenty of it. I am sure there is plenty of bitterness on my side as well. I was simply speaking about myself. That was my point exactly, it’s over, and life goes on.

      • justinbc

        You should have seen U Street in 2008. Opening windows was the tip of the iceberg.

  • Rant: My almost 9 year old Macbook Pro finally gave up the ghost. Hafta buy a new one.
    Revel: I got 9 awesome years out of it, it worked very hard, no viruses or problems. Did have to replace the battery 2x but that’s to be expected.

    Question for the commentariat: I’m thinking about buying a certified by Apple refurbished laptop. Any downsides to doing this? Would it be an issue that it would not ship with the new OS, Yosemite? Has anyone purchased a refurbished mac? It would save me about 500 bucks I think.

    • saf

      Huh, that happened to me the other night too. Just totally died all at one. I’m heading out to the Apple Store today to look at computers and see if my hard drive can be saved. Mine is only 7 though. I think.

    • I wouldn’t sweat having not having Yosemite pre-installed (if that’s even the case), it would be a free and relatively quick upgrade if required. If you’re gonna hold onto this one for another decade, it may not be a bad idea to just get a brand new laptop with the latest and greatest hardware though. If the budget allows of course…

    • I’ve been considering the same thing- my 5 year old Macbook is starting to die, and I’ve only heard good things about the refurbished ones when I was doing research on it a few months back. Also the new OS is available for free download, it popped up on my current laptop for download but I haven’t done it yet since I’ve heard mixed things about it.

    • I have a 7-year-old Macbook Pro that is getting painfully slow at this point. I too am going for a refurbished one this Xmas. It seems like you can’t go wrong.

    • I just got a refurbished Macbook Pro a month or two ago and I have absolutely no complaints. (Okay, one minor complaint is that it didn’t come in as shiny of a box when it came in, but that’s okay I think :-)) I don’t know what OS will be preloaded, but Yosemite is a free download and a really simple process that requires no real input on your end.
      Regarding getting “the latest and greatest”, the most recent Macbook Pro upgrade was relatively miniscule. Same general processing speeds (okay, maybe up a percent or two), same general power efficiency. Normally I would agree about getting the latest/greatest tech if you plan on holding on for a while, but not with the current Intel is releasing their next gen processors late-summer/fall of 2015; which should be a major upgrade that would be worth buying new, but the previous generation of Macbook Pros is all but identical to the present.

  • Rant:One of the peddles came off my stationary bike during spin class at WSC, got banged up. The manager of the facility took my name. That was it, I was told I signed a waver when I joined, they are not responsible. Period. Not even for defective equipment. No accident report, no are you ok. Nothing. The take away, you get what you pay for.

    • I was once at the gym when a woman broke her leg during step class. I didn’t get a sense that mgmt cared beyond reminding everyone that you sign a waiver when you join.

      Hope you’re OK soon!

      • Allison

        I think this is probably management taking the advice of their lawyers a little too far. They’ve probably been told never to admit fault for an accident or even come close to doing so, but there’s nothing wrong with asking “are you okay” and offering some ice or something.

    • Just curious – what kind of reaction were you hoping for? I frequently encounter broken equipment at the gym because of the heavy use it gets, and usually get a “thank you” for notifying staff, but I take even getting banged up a little as the price of working out (it doesn’t help that I’m super clumsy…).

      • I dunno, if I got hurt because a pedal fell off while I was in a spin class, I’d appreciate some concern over whether I’m alright and apologies for the broken equipment. It’s one thing for something to not function when you try to use it, but quite another for a pedal to fly off when you’re spinning pretty quickly. For example: a weight machine not functioning such that you can’t use it vs. breaking in the process such that you get hurt from something slamming.

        • fair enough. I was just thinking maybe it wasn’t clear that the pedal was broken during the class and that Moon was injured as a result. I agree that “are you ok” would be nice, but I’m still not sure what an accident report would accomplish.

          • The pedal came off during the class. Defective equipment. If I knew that bike was not in good working order, I wouldn’t have used it. The accident report would make me feel that they are going to try to address the issue in the future. I know things happen, it would be nice to know it won’t happen to another poor fool because management didn’t check the other bikes.

  • For those with questions about my online dating life: I never asked the first date guy to hangout (I really don’t have that much free time). We’ve both been dating other people (unsuccessfully) and busy with work and friends. Haven’t found the time for each other. DATING IS SO HARD.

    • What you said doesn’t make sense. How do you have time to unsuccessfully date other people but not have time to hang out with first date guy who is also unsuccesfully dating other people? As someone who has managed dating with a more than FT job, hobbies, etc, I can assure you the time is there if you wanted to make it. Dating is easy; figuring out you’re not ready to date is hard.

      • Indeed! I agree 100%.

      • Everybody is different, you know. I’m trying to figure out what i want, and he said the same. I can’t really explain in a forum what that means. With that, I stand by my statement that dating is difficult for me.

        • Dating can be difficult, yes. It’s a time and energy commitment and can be scary. I’m with ya on that one! It can also be a lot of fun and you can learn a lot about yourself and other people. But, anon 1.5 makes a good point, and I’m a bit baffled by the initial offering of information to the POPverse and then pulling back. Regardless, it actually sounds like you’ve got some sort of something for this guy that you do need to figure out. Or perhaps you already have it figured out but are just scared to make the jump or move…to which I say suck it up and jump!

      • I’m not the OP, but I can understand how you can find time to go out with other people but not be able to make it happen with one in particular. Some schedules leave more mutually convenient times, it can be easier to meet up with people who live in the same neighborhood b.c it doesn’t require a lot of travel time, etc. There’s also individual quirks, I have some friends who are happy to go out with 5 minutes notice, and others who need several days notice (just their nature, they don’t like being spontaneous).

    • If you don’t have time to date, please don’t try to date. It sucks when you meet someone, like them, and then they don’t have time for you even though they knew this all along.

  • Rave: finally feeling motivated and inspired at work again.
    Rant: i don’t think i’ll make it to the HH tonight
    POPville recommendations for a tattoo artist/parlor? I have a few tattoo projects I’d like to get done (only been thinking about these for decades…), but not a clear picture of exactly what I want, so I’d like someone who can take my words and translate that into a vision. Definitely one custom piece, and perhaps a coverup, and perhaps a small detailed piece.

    • magpies

      One of my friends and his friends recommend Susan at Jinx Proof. I’ve been going to Tom at Tattoo Paradise in Adams Morgan, and they also get some super rad guest artists in (I’m getting a Twin Peaks tattoo next week aaaahhhhh so excited!). And I’ll be going soon to see my artist from Florida at Lucky Bird in Annapolis. But of course it definitely depends on what style you want!
      The DC tattoo expo’s coming up, which is a good way to check out a bunch of different artists in one spot. Maybe you’ll find someone from nearby or within a broader radius whose work you fall in love with. 🙂

    • I had my first tattoo (ever!) done yesterday by Kim Ewell at Cirque de Rouge, and I couldn’t be happier with it. She’s incredibly talented, patient and flexible. We bounced ideas and motifs back and forth and she produced a stellar piece for my arm. I get the sense she’s in high-demand, as I waited almost 3 months from the initial consultation to the actual tattoo day, but it was WELL worth the wait.

    • second anyone at Cirque du Rouge – everyone there is amazing. Cyn did my large back (cover up) piece – I just said “something that incorporates this, and then whatever artistic spin you want to put on it” and it’s gorgeous.

      • magpies

        It seems like a lot of people on here have talked about Cirque du Rouge. I’m going to a taxidermy class there on Sunday — looking forward to checking out their portfolios!

  • Aglets

    Rave: Serial. That really is a captivating podcast. I’ve started listening to it when i making stuff in my studio after work.
    Rant: How do you make it to being a grown-ass adult, much less the ED of an organization and not cover your mouth when you cough?!?!?

    • this always reminds me of that episode of 30 rock where Tina Fey dresses up as an old lady on the subway and intimidates people by saying she coughs “like the president taught me,” into her elbow

  • justinbc

    Rant: Having to cancel my agreement with the booking company who was handling everything for our month in Morocco. After going through all the planning we finally get to the invoice stage and she informs me they won’t accept my form of credit card, which I want to use for added travel insurance and rewards, and that paying with any other credit card will incur 2% fees on their end, plus whatever international fees the card itself applies for converting to pounds (it’s a UK based agency). The decision was made a lot easier this morning when I checked a handful of the different hotels on Booking dot com and found several to be about $100 a night less there. It will be much more of a headache arranging all the accommodations myself, but I should save a significant amount of money.

    • For what it’s worth, we traveled around Morocco last Christmas (Casa, Marrakech, Fes, Meknes). We made all the arrangements ourselves and traveled independently and it was a breeze.
      If you are staying in riads I would recommend booking with them directly rather than going through hotels.com or a similar service. We just bought train tickets at the station a day or so before we were to travel and that worked out perfectly.
      Inside the medinas (particularly when we first arrived and were trying to find our riad) we just paid some local youths a few dirham to take us there. In fact, the riads recommended we simply get a taxi to a nearby landmark and then get a local to show us the rest of the way – obviously a cab can’t negotiate the narrow streets of the medina.

      • I rarely get lost when traveling and generally have a god sense of direction, but I was hopeless in Fez. Yes, getting a kid “guide” is needed. Meknes and Marrakesh were easier…

        And yeah, Morocco was the first developing country I visited (14 years ago- yikes!) and found it pretty easy to travel around. Definitely helps to speak French though…

      • justinbc

        I wish we could take the trains! Unfortunately, even though we’re going to most of the major cities (Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh) we’re also staying in lots of places where the trains don’t go (Zagora before heading into the Sahara, Ouarzazate, Ouallidia, Essaouira, and a trip up into the Atlas Mountains). So, I think I’m just going to rent a car and do the driving all myself. It’s a bit hectic, I’m sure, and hopefully we don’t get lost, but I’m sure there will be some interesting stories out of it.
        Btw, your namesake destination is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen photos of, can’t wait to see it in person!

        • What time of year are you going? If you’re planning on renting a car and driving through the mountains in winter, be careful! Just be aware that they can and do get snow, and sometimes lots of ice. I went in early Feb about 10 years ago, and there were 4x4s overturned on some of the icy mountain passes.

        • This trikes me as the sort of country where renting a driver is better (and probably at least as cost effective) than renting a car.

          • Car and driver is a great option bc it would let you enjoy the scenery and relax a bit, and your driver will be more familiar with the area and know good places for stops/good views, etc. I was recently doing some research for a return trip and it looks like there are plenty of car and driver options in all of the tourist-frequented areas. Have an amazing trip!!!

          • justinbc

            Yeah that’s another avenue I’m exploring. It seems like the total cost will be about the same either way.

  • Rave: Perfect fall day. So nice walking to work this morning.
    Rant: Estate lawyers. Ours have not gotten the memo that they are supposed to be making things easier for us, not more stressful.
    Rant: My knee problem may be worse than I thought. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t mean surgery.
    Rave: First long vacation in years coming up after the holidays!

  • Rave: I’m receiving a decent amount of interest in the rooms
    Rant: not having the parking spot is a deal breaker to many. Why does everyone feel entitled to keep their out of state plates?

    • Mike

      For me, it was less about the out-of-state plates and more about eliminating a parking search from my day if I could.

      • Allison

        Also it’s a safety issue (especially for the ladies). If I’m coming home late at night I don’t want to have to wonder how long I might have to walk from my car to my home. I like knowing I can just walk inside right away.

      • They’ve all mentioned Maryland tags and this is Woodley park, not Adams Morgan.

    • justinbc

      What neighborhood? Are you in an area where parking is actually difficult? If I were moving back to Logan Circle now, for example, it would have to be a place with a parking space (if I were someone who needed a car for work that is), because when I left 2 years ago it was already a disaster.

      • This is filling the rooms in her Cleveland Park house. There’s tons of street parking, so these folks probably want parking spaces in order to avoid changing their license plates.
        iindsay, if these people want a space so badly, then charge them for it and give up your spot. You’ll be able to easily find a spot on your block 99% of the time. And the extra money will help to offset utility costs.

        • I think it is in woodley park and not cleveland park. Parking in the former is a pain in the butt, especially compared to the latter.

    • One of the negatives of living farther away: more people have/need cars. Do you have to have your spot? Maybe giving it up would be worth it if it will make the search much easier.

    • Don’t stress about something you can’t control (availability of parking spaces). You’ll find roommates that either don’t have a car or can deal with on-street parking.

  • RAVE: Tickets for the Foo Fighters + tons of other bands 4th of July extravaganza at RFK go on sale on Saturday morning!
    RAVE: Fleetwood Mac tix for Jan 30 @ Verizon Center go on sale on Monday!
    RAVE: Naughty SnowBall tix go on sale tonight! Need to start planning my outfit 😀
    RAVE: Deep Sugar with Thomas Dolby this Saturday night in Baltimore!
    RANT: I’m gonna be a poor man after buying all these tickets 😡

  • Einstein + Eddie from Boardwalk Empire in a bathrobe = ???

  • Rant: I bought a computer in April and it has already been in the shop 2 times. It is really buggy. Just ugh. They think it might be an operating system problem. I’m using all the protection I’m supposed to. I think I just got a lemon computer. Why did Consumer REports steer me wrong?

    Rant: something is wrong with my eyelid. It is super swollen and painful. The eye itself is fine. I look like I’ve been sucker punched, but without the bruise. It is really attractive.

    Rave – I finally ordered my new dishwasher (needed) and stove ( a double oven stove that is definitely a splurge-y want). Very excited for both to be delivered. I’ll finally have a dishwasher that works and doesn’t constantly drip and smell like mold. And I’ll have two ovens – TWO. Plus the range itself is better than my current one. I am so excited.

    • epric002

      might the eyelid thing be a stye? a warm compress with a clean (hasn’t been used) washcloth morning and evening might help. also might want to abstain from eye makeup (if you wear it) until you figure out what the issue is. gently cleaning the eye area w/baby shampoo can also be helpful.

      • Stye was my thought too, but I don’t see one. I’ve had a few before and I’ll usually have one red spot that is really swollen, then the rest of the lid is swollen. I did do warm compresses last night and this morning, and I’ll keep at it. And definitely no eye makeup – that would hurt way too much to put on at this point and would kind of be like putting lipstick on a pig. 🙂

        • Allison

          Sounds like it might be an infection (possibly perpetrated by your eye makeup?) I would see a doctor if it is painful. You may need antibiotics, and you don’t want it to spread from your lid to your actual eye.

          • Thanks. I think that is the plan. One more day/night of hot compresses, but if it isn’t better by tomorrow morning I’ll head to the doc. Don’t want it getting worse over the weekend.

            At least it isn’t the eye itself. I’ve had pink eye and that @#$# is nasty.

        • I’d toss the eye makeup too. If bacteria got into it, you’re just going to reinfect yourself,

  • Rant: Bum lead on a hair stylist from poPville. I’ll be suffering the consequences for months.
    Rave (not really): She basically shaved my head, so I’ll save a lot of money by not having another haircut untl at least April.
    Rant: Will have to spend that money on therapy and/or hats.

    • Woah! Spill the beans. That sounds really harsh. Pixie cut gone wrong?

      • Yes. I said many things like:
        * I just want it cleaned up around the edges so I can grow it out.
        * No, not like Michelle Williams, that’s way too short.
        * I’m over the pixie and want to grow it out, so don’t want much length taken off.
        * I don’t want it to look like it’s been shaved.
        But still my head is basically shaved (it’s a lot shorter than my boyfriend’s hair, and he got his cut 4 or 5 days ago *with a razor*). It’s so short you can see my scalp over most of my head, except for a slightly longer bit in front that makes me look like TinTin.

        • So sorry to hear this – It sounds like s/he didn’t listen to a word you said about what you wanted. I’d also be interested in knowing where you went that resulted in this bad haircut (ie where to avoid)

    • Yikes. So sorry you had this happen. It’s not the end of the world….but it would definitely upset me! A lot! Makes me think twice about going to someone else at my salon just because my guy’s prices keep going up and up. Chin up! Rock your new style like no one else!

      • Thanks! I’ve realized I have to own it even if I hate it. Also that crying about it is not really an option, with hair this short any puffy eyes will be even more obvious than usual!!

  • Rave: aparently we can get mason dixie biscuits at union market starfting this week thurs-sun through Nov.
    Rant: that could be a slippery slope.

  • Rave: Looking forward to the PoPville Anniversary HH tonight!
    Rave: The new Harris Teeter in Navy Yard. I took a late afternoon break with some coworkers yesterday to check it out and we were really impressed. I’m thrilled to have gluten-free options in the neighborhood.
    Rant: My dog has become uninterested in his food and this food seems to be sitting well with his stomach (when he eats it). Can’t win.

    • My dog had about a week of being really uninterested in her food. She would eat out of my hand, but not out of the bowl (and I tried several different bowls). After about a week she got hungry enough that she started eating it again and she’s been fine ever since (and it’s been months). I’d hold out a little longer if this food sits well with him!

      • epric002

        +1 in the meantime- are there any yummy additions that don’t upset your dog’s stomach that you can mix in: the canned/wet version of the same food, yogurt, canned pumpkin, etc.?

    • Andie302

      I’ve had good luck with Verus brand (both chicken and fish formulas) after taking my last dog off of prescription food. Good luck!

    • Thanks all! I’ve been adding yogurt to his food since the vet suggested more probiotics and he generally eats it right up. I’m hoping he’s going through some weird phase and will get hungry enough soon– as SKT experienced. Thanks for the food recommendations– if he doesn’t get over this I will give Wellness and Verus a try.

  • Question related to a few discussions recently: how would you describe the male version of a “basic”?

    • I like to treat “basic” as gender-neutral.

      • Right. I feel like the term can apply to both genders, but I’m curious what you would picture if you were imagining a male “basic”; i.e. If a female basic was a girl wearing tights, uggs, and a North Face fleece drinking a pumpkin spice latte, then a male basic would be…?

        • Allison

          Plaid and/or pastel shirt, shorts, sperries, neon sunnies?

        • I would replace plaid with gingham (even though I like it). Also lumbersexuals pull off wearing plaid differently than basic bros do.
          Lol @ that potato quality imgur pic. But so true.

          • “Lumbersexual.” Ha! Did you just make this up?

            @Allison, below: I thought Bros was it, too, but guys seem to claim it in a way women don’t.

            I think it’s about time ladies reclaimed “basic”, actually; there’s nothing more “basic” than giving a crap about whether or not other people think your ugly, super-comfortable boots or sweet coffee drinks are sufficiently unique.

          • Haha I can’t take credit for “lumbersexual.” Gearjunkie had an article about it: http : / / gearjunkie. com / the-rise-of-the-lumbersexual

          • Bwahahahha. I’m totally stealing Lumbersexual, aka the Official Uniform of San Francisco

          • I am dying over lumbersexuals!!

            Agree about the gingham. I’m glad I like blue gingham shirts because I see them all the time.

        • I think only women are basic. It’s just a function of misogyny, women are ridiculed and labeled bitches for liking totally normally things. Bros are more behavior based and are a brotherhood. While there is backlash against Bros it seems that the label is broad enough that it’s a bit more ambiguous. Any woman can be basic because it’s a just a check list of your likes, it’s not an overarching behavior or group based label.

          • Yeah, I was thinking about this a while back — it seems like “basic” is always used in a pejorative sense, whereas “bro” seems to be more neutral.

          • jim_ed

            Eh, I don’t think “bro” is used any way but pejoratively outside of a frat house anymore. I suppose the difference is that bros own and embrace the word, while basic girls usually run away from the idea of being basic. Bros are pretty happy to bro out and “totally CRUSH some coronas, brah!” whereas girls would never call making margaritas and listening to coldplay as “getting basic”.

          • I agree with the “basic” misogyny, but in my friend group “bro” is an equally harsh pejorative.

          • Mysogyny created by women, that is. While everyone pretty much knows what “basic” is by now, I seriously doubt that the image was created and/ or populariized by men, most of whom would natually read nothing into Uggs, brunch and pumpkin spice lattes.

          • Oh, I don’t disagree that a ton of “basic” bs is women hating on other women. But I think there is a certain aspect of this that is a male perpetuation of the “anti-cool girl.” A Basic bitch is not a cool girl because a cool girl does stuff men loves and a basic bitch does stuff women love, but totally mainstream stuff, stuff that a lot of women would like to think of as “guilty pleasures” even though they like that stuff. Basically it makes you feel bad about your preferences, and yourself because your preferences are part of yourself. But when are women (and I mean that as the huge, global women) not hating on other women?

    • Allison

      I thought “bros” were male basics. But my sense of pop culture is usually way off.

  • palisades

    Rave: So many things to look forward to this weekend: Beach Fossils at Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday. Stachowski’s on Saturday (FINALLY GOING), and Founding Farmers for brunch on Sunday with mother. So excited.
    Rave2: Patriots and Redskins have bye weeks which means less stress. Lots of time NOT going to be spent yelling at my TV for one week.

    • justinbc

      Go for the meatball sub. The others are great and it somehow gets overlooked, but it’s easily the most satisfying of everything I’ve had there.

      • palisades

        Duly noted. I’ll make my friends get other things so we can try a few sandwiches

      • The meatball sub is good, as is the pastrami. My favorite is the butcher shop dip, which is an excellent take on the french dip. It’s also significantly smaller than the other sandwiches – not small, but the others are monsters. Helps if you have a problem (like me) stopping eating when somethign is truly delicions.

  • Query for the PoP-tariat: I haven’t heard back from dream job I interviewed for on Oct 28, this was after a phone interview the week prior. YoYoTan suggested I follow up, maybe tomorrow. Should I do this? If so, what would I say? Is tomorrow a good time to follow up or should I give it more time? I feel like no news is bad news. 🙁

    • Mike

      It’s been a week – definitely follow up. At very least, you deserve the closure so that you can plan your next step. Fingers crossed for good news for you, though!

  • Allison

    Rave: that moment when you’ve been working on the draft from hell forever and you can finally click “Accept all changes and stop tracking” in word. DELICIOUS.

  • question for the hive-mind of POPville: does anyone have a handyman they recommend? my schedule is kind of tight so looking for one to come in on Tuesday, which is Veteran’s Day.
    rave: finally getting off my lazy behind and tackling my apartment. i moved in two months ago and depression has been eating away at me, which means i never really organized my stuff and the mess just grew and grew. i sent all my laundry out to be washed and folded and have actually started to clean! just gotta take things one day at a time.

    • It may not feel like it, but you’re making good progress. I mean, clean clothes! Major victory there! Keep it going!

  • Rant: Tired. So Tired.
    Rant: Donna Martin has to go home. She will be happy. I will be sad. Punch will also be sad; they shared a bond.
    Rave: When I was a kid, my mother the hippy would buy us this yogurt with wheat berries. We loved that stuff, but eventually it went off the market. Chobani now makes yogurt with oats that is very similar. It’s like having a little bit of my childhood back. Also, there is a cranberry flavor, and I love cranberry anything.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Now if we could only get Mayfield ice cream and ranger cookies…

    • Oh man I just discovered the Chobani with oats a couple weeks ago. Pricey, but it’s really good…

      • You can make the same thing by adding oatmeal to some yogurt the night before. Not pre-packaged like the chobani, but if you’re eating at home or taking a tupperware to work, it’s just as good and you can customize to your own tastes!

      • justinbc

        Chobani makes a chocolate variety now that has either mint, banana, or raspberry with it. You can find it near the puddings. Great “healthier” bad snack 😉

  • I’m doing a photo project Monday night beginning just before 10 pm in Mt. Pleasant. If you would like to be in the photos, please be able to stand/sit/lay still for a couple of minutes. There will be chalk markings on the sidewalk and in the alleys for you to use as marks.

    I will NOT be using a telephoto lens and I will be using long exposure times so your identity will likely be obscured, especially if you are in costume.

    9:55 pm in the alley next to Sportsman’s Liquors and on the sidewalk in front on Mount Pleasant Street. I will take photos from 10:00 pm until 10:10 pm. If you are in a group and there is another group, work it out with them as to who poses when.
    10:15 pm in the alley north of Lamont St. To get there, walk down Lamont toward 17th from Mt. Pleasant Street. After crossing 17th, make a right at the alley. This alley is well lit, but obviously, you’re in a city, so exercise good judgment. Make a left at the next alley and proceed to the first streetlight on the left next to the two garages. I will take photos from 10:20 pm until 10:30 pm.
    10:40 pm. Meet at the Raven for drinks.

    Remember, you’re in a neighborhood, so be neighborly. There is no compensation for this other than fun.

  • Rave: I picked up a speech spot on Tuesday and gave the speech at Toastmasters today and I killed. It turns out I like to get up and speak in front of people.
    Rave: I went to a wonderful alumni event last night. Champagne, good conversation, excellent speaker.
    Rave: PoPville Happy Hour tonight!!!
    Rant: I’m worried that the outcome of a project at work is going to change quite a few things about my job. I finally like my job, I don’t want it to change.

  • Question: Our smoke detector started chirping so we changed the battery. It continued to chirp so we put in a different battery thinking the other one was bad. It’s still chirping! Does anyone know how to make this stop? For right now we have left the detector disconnected (took it off the ceiling) with no battery in there. Obviously this is only a short term solution but we do not know what else to do.

    • Also, our smoke detector is only 1 year old so I don’t think that is the problem.

      • Try blowing at it, so as to dislodge any dust that might’ve gotten into its workings.

      • 1) Try cleaning it out by blowing at it (as textdoc said) or blasting it with a can of compressed air.
        2) Try holding the button(s) down for many seconds to see if that somehow “resets” the detector. (It will probably cause the alarm to ring when you do this so cover your ears.)
        3) Check for the owner’s manual online and see if it says anything about troubleshooting.
        4) Go buy a new smoke detector. They’re not that expensive.

        • And they’re now built to be more or less disposable after the built-in batteries go. If it’s a lithium battery instead of a 9-volt, just get a new one.

    • Allison

      Did you try pressing the test button after putting in the new battery?

    • You might need to get a new smoke detector- even a year-old one could be defective. This same thing happened to me a few months ago- they replaced the batteries twice, and it kept sporadically chirping (which was driving me absolutely crazy!). Anyway, the building management finally just gave me a new detector- problem solved.

    • Not the cheapest solution, but use this opportunity to get a Nest Protect. It will never tell you to change the battery in the middle of the night and it will warn you before the alarm goes off so you can silence it before suffering through the auditory pain if it’s a mistake. It also detects CO.

  • Rave: Best friend from childhood is in town!
    Rant: I thought she was spending the weekend with us but she just told me that we can only hang out Friday night and Saturday day – and she’s going to stay with another friend the whole trip.
    Rant: Can’t help but wonder if it’s because I told her last week I was pregnant. Seems like a huge coincidence to go from let’s make all these plans to let’s only hang out twice.

    • If that is the actual reason, I hope you won’t take it personally. I had a miscarriage this summer and at the time all of my girlfriends were announcing their pregnancies and it made me feel even more depressed and alone than the miscarriage itself did. I don’t know what your friend is going through, but she’s anything like me she may just have a hard time being around happy pregnant ladies right now and that’s no knock on you at all.

      • I also had a really hard time when all my friends were getting pregnant and I just wasn’t at the same place in life. It made me feel really lonely – like I was getting left behind and they didn’t have time/energy/space in their lives for me anymore (and in some cases it was true). She also may not want to burden you if she’s worried you’re going to be sick/exhausted the whole time. I would agree it’s not personal — just make sure that your time together is full of awesome fun stuff that reminds her how close you guys will always be!

      • I thought about that. She’s not trying but single and in a very different life place. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to tell her before she got here so I didn’t spring it on her.
        I guess the other part of the Rant is the realization this has caused about how much future bebe will drastically change my social life and friendships. Which I wish didn’t have to be the case – though I get why it is.

        • I might be projecting my own experience onto the situation too much, but still doubt it’s personal. Maybe she’s unhappily single and jealous of your pregnancy on some level? Or maybe she’s very happily single and is annoyed that her friends aren’t in the same place in life that she is in anymore?

          Either way, I think future bebe will change your relationships, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. I think any big life change puts pressure on relationships, but it also shows you who your real, long-term friends are and it opens you up to new relationships.

          I’m sorry if your friend may be having a hard time with this and think Anon2:47 is right. If you have fun and show her that your life still has a space for her, she might end up staying a very close friend.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Inspection this morning and met with a couple contractors over the past few days. So far nothing has been too scary
    Rave: Looking forward to the river this weekend
    Rave: Popville HH tonight
    Rave: Hanging out getting some things done at home with the windows open and the rain coming down. Nice surprise 🙂
    Rant/Rave: Wondering if artemis knows who I am!

  • Rant/rave: talk about privileged problems. I am trying to figure out where I am going for my vacation. Charleston, SC in December? Good idea? Bad idea? An additional trip to Dominica? Is there an island I should visit instead? I’ve been to PR and DR and the Caribbean coast of Panama. If you know me, you know my complexion is not beach friendly, so hiking/natural beauty/history/culture are my preferences. I speak pidgin Spanish and French.
    Rave: slowly getting a hold on organizing my apartment. Θπ Anon can attest that it needed some work. I think I need shelves. Or drawers.
    Rave: creative projects have been going quite well for me lately, though I don’t feel like I’ve hit any out of the park.

    • Your separators today make me think of a seating chart for a boardroom meeting.

    • Now you’re just showing off with the greek letters!
      I went to Charleston and Savannah in January a couple of years ago, and it was great! A little cold and rainy a couple of days, but warm and pleasant the other days. I found the mix perfect, I went out sightseeing on nice days and sat in cool little places drinking hot toddies on the not-great days.

      • That’s what I like to hear. I think I’ll try to finagle four days down there. Did you need a car to get around?

        • If you stay in the main downtown area of Charleston you can get by without a car, it’s walkable distances (and the bus system is easy to figure out). Take one of the hop on-hop off tours to expand your radius. To get to some of the areas outside of the historic district (like Folly Beach, some of the better non-tourist restaurants) you would need a car. For a 4 day trip, a one-day rental would probably be enough.
          Don’t miss the old slave market that’s been turned into a museum, it is really well done but easy to miss.

    • You could use some shelves for your gear. My buddy in NYC just re-shelved his studio setup in his tiny East Village apartment and it looks awesome. He got a custom-built setup for all his analogue gear.

    • I go every December. Nothing like walking barefoot on the beach the day after Christmas. It is usually pretty warm – much like the weather we are having today in DC. If it’s cold, that means highs in the 50s. In other words, not really cold. Barely coat weather. Lots to see and do. One year we rented a house on Folly Beach, and had the best time ever. If you need recs on neighborhoods or restaurants, let me know. Oh, and you definitely need a car.

    • msmaryedith

      Charleston in December is usually balmy and warm. I recommend it! Not so sure about Dominica–a friend went and didn’t have much nice to say about it. The weather mostly sucked, and the hikes were treacherous. She got horrible jellyfish stings when swimming. They were trying to keep things cheap, but the hotels were awful and they struggled to find anywhere to eat. There wasn’t a lot to do. This is a pretty laid-back friend who has lived in South Africa/doesn’t need posh accommodations. Nothing she said made me want to go!

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