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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I’m trying really hard, but I can’t find a single thing to be happy about this morning.

    • they said yes on 71?

    • Smilla

      I feel the same way. A Republican-controlled Congress is going to be hideous. Shades of 1994’s Contract on America, but without the explicit contract. I fear what they’re going to do to the economy and on social issues. Here’s hoping that they delude themselves into thinking that their base represents the majority of Americans, ramp up their wars on science, women, and people of color, and implode in time for 2016.

      • Erm, as a woman of color and a scientist, I hope you don’t get your hope. While I hope that the Republican party implodes, I don’t want to be part of the “collateral damage” that you think it takes for “the majority of Americans” to realize what they’ve put into office.

        • Smilla

          Well, I’m counting on gridlock to make sure none of their agenda actually happens. In the meantime, I hope they’ll be making stupid statements and introducing bills that show their true colors (like Akin’s “legitimate rape” in 2012).

          Unfortunately, too many elections have made me think that this is the only way to wake up Americans.

          • like democrats have never said anything controvertial? Way to generalize an entire party by one ignorant statement…way to go.

          • Smilla

            @Anonymous at 11:54 am

            I never said that the Democrats never say anything “controvertial.” Akin was just one of many examples of Republicans saying something stupid (his statement wasn’t even controversial, it was plain dumb). Combined with terrible bills they try to enact, I think I’m plenty justified in generalizing the GOP the way I do.

          • @smilla …. you can think of the GOP as that way if you like, just watch out when we take down democrats in 2016 while you all are stuck in the past and ranting about comments such as your example below. Let freedom rain today, beautiful day in america. God bless it

          • Serious question Anonymous: how will you personally have more freedom come January 3rd compared to today?

          • What is freedom rain? Is that a euphemism for cluster bombs? Kind of like enhanced interrogation?

          • I think “freedom rain” might have something to do with waterboarding…..

          • It’s like acid rain, only not so nice.

  • Aglets

    Rave: writing a cover letter for an interesting opportunity and had that ah-HA! breakthrough moment in writing the letter….At least I hope I did!
    rant: Have to work saturday
    Rave: The job the cover letter is for wouldn’t require working saturdays.

  • Possible rave: Does anyone know if Room 11 has happy hour?

  • Accountering

    Rant: Muriel Bowser, AK, KS, GA, NC, KY, CO, IA, AR, MT, SD, WV.
    Rave: VA and NH I guess.
    Rant2: Maryland voting for Hogan. Real head scratcher for me. It sounds like this means the purple line is toast, and if so, Maryland has earned and deserves the next two decades of gridlock on 495 between the AL bridge and BW parkway – all because everyone was so offended by an impervious area tax.
    Rave2: Brianne Nadeau, Charles Allen, Elissa Silverman and Muriel Bowser is no longer the W4 CM. That is all great news!
    Rave3: Life goes on, and is going incredibly well right now. Wishing Muriel the best for sure, and certainly hopeful she does a great job for the city I love.
    Rave4: You can bet I will be here to say I told you so if and when she screws up – hoping for the best for her, but can’t say I am super confident!

    • I (and many others) have had enough of 12 years of O’Malley and new taxes. The dems got what they deserved. I couldn’t believe the news when I heard that Hogan actually won! What a wonderful morning for me and my state!

    • Also, I don’t drive to DC. I bike and take Metro. Purple line won’t affect me at all. However, it did take away a good friend’s house. (eminent domain)

      • At least that person got paid really well for that house. Without the Purple Line, my mom will be underwater on her house, and I’m not going to be able to adopt needy children because I’ll have to take care of her instead.

        • maxwell smart

          Are they still planning on running the Purple Line along the Capital Crescent / Georgetown Branch trail? Because that was a terrible idea.

          • Why is it a terrible idea? Or to ask a different question, where else would they put it?

          • maxwell smart

            The Capital Crescent Trail is one of the most heavily utilized multi-use trails in the US. And it connects to Rock Creek Park, making it an incredible area for runners, cyclists and people who just want to get outside and feel like they’ve escaped the city. Eliminating the trail to put in a metro line seems incredibly short-sighted and to call-back an earlier story this week, puts more runners and cyclists back on city streets.

            Where else to put the metro line? Well for starters, put it along the beltway. You avoid any NIMBYism that’s associated with trying to run an above-ground metro line (because we are now too cheap to build below-ground) in areas that are actually, quite literally, in someone’s back yard. Symbolically it would put the Purple Line above EXACTLY the thing it’s designed to replace – 495. Additionally it would push the station connections it would be making a bit further out on the lines, which seems like the places that might use them the most. Bethesda especially seems problematic – the Purple Line would more or less be boxed in at that point, meaning future growth to Northern VA would be impossible.

            I get why they want to use the CC trail – it was a rail line at one point and it’s a quick and easy path. I just think it’s a terrible location for it.

          • maxwell smart

            Additionally I want to add that spending an incredible amount of money to add additional lines to a metro infrastructure that already can not keep up with ridership and is being held together with gum and duct tape also seems like a poor allocation of money. Wouldn’t the money being spent on the Purple Line be better served making our existing metro more reliable? How much of the beltway gridlock is due to people who frankly have given up on the high cost and unreliable of WMATA and have opted to drive instead. Multiple sources have pointed that the pricing system of WMATA actually encourages people in the suburbs to drive – financially it’s cheaper.

          • Thanks for responding.
            First, the purple line doesn’t eliminate the trail. The trail will still be there, adjacent to the rail line. Obviously that’s not going to be nearly as charming as it is now, but there will be a trail. As an avid runner, I use the areas parks very often, so I’m not generally in favor in decreasing the amount we have. But I think we need to do a lot better with transportation infrastructure in this area.
            Second, the beltway isn’t a good place for it. It wouldn’t go through (or even near) the main dense residential/commercial areas it needs to serve: College Park, Silver Spring, Bethesda. It’s not going to work if people have to first bus/drive to get to the purple line and then bus/drive once they get off to get to their destination. The point is to connect places where lots of people are (or need to be).
            Also, the purple line is not designed to replace the beltway, it is designed to provide additional transportation options. To me those do not mean the same thing.

          • I agree with running a purple line along the beltway, rather than the Cap Crescent. I’m a big fan of all sorts of public/alternative transportation, but when you run the line along the trail, you just crowd out one form of non-car transport for another.

            And yes, I know the Cap Crescent would still technically exist, but it would be narrower and have an at grade crossing at Wisconsin Avenue that I worry might become Montgomery County’s equivalent of Rosslyn’s intersection of doom.

          • maxwell smart

            The existing trail area does not seem nearly wide enough to provide space for 2 rail lines PLUS a multi-use trail, nevermind that running or cycling next a 30+MPH train will be f’ing terrible. And they have already indicated that the existing tunnels will only accommodate the train and that they are just going to route pedestrians into the neighborhood.

            As for the bus/drive to scenario… that’s why people in the suburbs are driving to begin with. Rail public transit by design does not work in suburban areas where there is not a dense population to support it. This is part of the reason that the West Coast, in general, does not and will not utilize mass transit. It’s inefficient.

            At the end of the day, the design of the DC system is hampered by the spoke based system it is using and a loop connector would speed things up. I just don’t think this is the best place for it. But you know, whatever. I’m not living here forever so burn the forests, boil the sea.

    • Totally shocked by the Hogan win. The MD suburbs around DC voted for Brown, but the rest of the state went to Hogan. So depressing. The problem is: Hogan ran on the platform of “not being Brown”, anti-Purple Line, and against gun safety laws that have been passed already. Good luck with the Dem-controlled state congress, guy.

      • Yeah, I hope the Dem congress stops everything. Otherwise Hogan is going to take away my mom’s health care insurance and house.

      • Hogan said repeatedly he had no interest in repealing laws, such as the gun safety ones already in place.

        The Purple line benefits one small section of the state that already has the benefit of other metro rails, and who happen to be probably the wealthiest in the whole state. A better option would be a line that goes further northwest into Montgomery County or further northeast towards Annapolis.

        • Agreed. I travel the MD burbs by car and grew up there. There really isn’t regular, daily, supportable ridership on that route to justify the expense and environmental degradation that will result if the purple line is built. It’s a pricey boondoggle of epic proportions and most Marylanders know it – thus win for Hogan..

          • Accountering

            Your commentary isn’t even remotely accurate.
            -The people who do this for a living say there would be the ridership – I suppose you think people on the beltway/Wisconsin/Connecticut and EW highway every morning and evening love their commutes?
            -Other lightrail lines across the country are regularly exceeding ridership projections.
            -The people who would be impacted by this line (PG and MoCo) voted for Brown.

        • Maybe the Purple Line will be as successful and efficient as the Intercounty Connector. Oh wait…

        • Accountering

          Those wealthy people also pay the most in taxes… Are you arguing that the state taxes collected in PG and Montgomery aren’t enough to pay for it?
          Not trying to be condescending, but I am curious why you think the better options are what you mentioned. I hate to say this, but do you know something that the traffic engineers and all of the people who do this for a living don’t know?
          There is also the corridor cities transitway heading from Clarksburg to Shady Grove. Hogan wants to kill that one too.

          • I just know I have a one hour commute each way, and considering the number of people on the road with me at 6 a.m., the Purple line wouldn’t do one bit of good for me. I vote for my own interests.

          • Accountering

            Hehe, sure thing there. I suppose the people on the train at that time would be ghosts or something similar? No thoughts that maybe, just maybe, some of the tens of thousands of people riding it would leave their cars at home, hence giving you less cars between your home and office?

          • I don’t go in that direction or take the beltway, so my commute would not be affected. I don’t know if you think you know more about my commute than I do?

          • Accountering

            I sure don’t know more about it than you do, but even so, this all has a knock-on effect. More people take the purple line, frees up a little more space on the beltway, so more people take the beltway, which frees up some space on whatever up county road you use. Not really interested in guessing, you have made your mind up, and that is fine. Commuters across the state will now suffer needlessly as a result of this election.

        • I would benefit tremendously from the Purple Line, both in terms of my property value and commute, and I am certainly not wealthy or close to it.

      • Honestly, having grown up in a wealthy, well-educated part of Maryland and still frequently finding myself as the token liberal amongst my friends and classmates, I’m not particularly shocked that Hogan won this one. People outside the state don’t really realize that it’s got a lot of deeply conservative areas, and given that Brown was a pretty weak candidate, the swing parts naturally go to the guy who says he wants to lower your taxes. I’m still disappointed, especially with the potential impacts on the Purple line and Baltimore’s Red line, but holding out hope that the Purple line is far enough in its planning to happen and that he sticks to his promise to not meddle with abortion right and overturning gun-control laws.

  • pablo .raw

    Rand/Rave: waiting at the Dr. to get some stitches out of my head and hopefully know some results.
    Rave: Listening to some rock music to lift my spririt.
    Rave: Online friend from overseas who I’ve never met in person and she has been very nice and supportive.

  • SFT

    Rave: I saw Phantom of the Opera in Atlanta this weekend – it was nothing short of spectacular. And then dinner at Richard Blais’ restaurant, The Spence. Awesome weekend with awesome friends!
    Rant: My friend who checked her phone through the whole show. Why spend $150 on tix and then not pay attention!?!
    Advice to self: Take advantage of the Kennedy Center, Shakespeare Theatre, and other venues around town. I forgot how much I love live performances!

    • pablo .raw

      “Think of me” makes me a bit emotional. It brings back some memories…

      • I love Atlanta. I thought about relocating when I saw the shiny new condo I could buy in Midtown. It had a view, parking, pool, theatre room, game room, gym etc. It was walking distance to the Fox, Piedmont Park (Belt Line) etc. I guess I just love DC more.

      • SFT

        I love Think of Me! Emmy Rossum did a great job as Christine in the move (10 years ago??) too!

        • … Was the movie seriously 10 years ago? *googles* ……. dear god I feel old now.

          • SFT

            I know, right! I remember going with a friend and having chocolate martinis before the show. It seems like just last week. The old adage of ‘The days are long but the years are short’ has never seemed more true!

        • Yep. I spent two years after it came out fantasizing about Gerard Butler. Then he got mainstream famous and did a bunch of dumb bad movies and I lost interest.

        • pablo .raw

          I have a secret crush on Sarah Brightman. (she doesn’t know) I know, I know, she is a love her/hate her singer. The story is long, and I can explain it another time.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Yes! I saw Fiddler on the Roof at Arena this past Sunday. I have probably seen it three or four times growing up. Seeing it as an adult is very different. It’s a really good production – I give it three stars.

      • maxwell smart

        I was there on Sunday too! It was my first time at Arena Stage and I loved it! Theater in the round is amazing – such an intimate setting and being able to drink your glass of wine in with you – bonus points! I thought the show was good – the cast felt a little uneven in terms of being able to carry off their parts – some were better then others. It was also only the 3rd night (?) of the production, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          That’s why the preview tickets are the least expensive! I sit in the first row and always get splashed. Check out the blog, sometimes they write about what they will change going forward.

    • Neither you nor anyone else gave your friend a smackdown for checking her phone throughout the show??

      • Allison

        An old boyfriend did this once. Got me tickets to the symphony because he knew I liked classical music, and then checked sports scores on his phone the whole time. TO THE CURB WITH YOU!

      • Seeing someone’s blue phone screen in my peripheral vision when I’m in a darkened theater sends me from zero to RAGE in about 5 seconds.

      • SFT

        Oh yeah, we kept telling her to put it down. I’ve never been so aggravated by someone in the theatre before – she talked, checked her phone, moved around, kept pulling things off the floor. It sucked. She just kept saying “I guess I’m not very artsy-fartsy”. I told her that’s ok, just be respectful of others who are. Didn’t work!

      • Don’t worry! The actors can’t see those blue screens or hear your phones buzzing. No really, we can’t. Nope! We also don’t judge you. We’re too busy acting to do *that*…

        So go ahead and continue, because if you’ re lucky, there will come a time when someone on stage will stop the show to call you out and it will be HILARIOUS.


  • Rant: slightly feverish and body is achy. I think the four hours out in the cold for the Tweed Ride on Sunday might have something to do with it.
    Rave: Still had a load of fun.

  • Rant: At the office until 2am, back in at 5am. Need stronger coffee.
    Rave: Family in the area who can watch my pup on short notice.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Voting yesterday was a 7 minute in-and-out breeze thanks to the paper ballot tip. Thanks PoPville!

    Rant: Poll workers who were unimpressed when I proudly brandished my Halloween #2 pencil.

    Rant: My ballot preferences were a spectacular fail with only two victories.

    Rave: If you see the new Ward 1 Council person elect smoking a big fat doobie today you have me to thank.

    Rant: My former state, Kentucky. Oh how you disappointed me yesterday!

    • So disappointed in Kentucky. And in Texas for voting down Wendy Davis. I was really looking forward to seeing what Grimes and Davis would have done in office.

      • Davis ran a crap-tastic campaign. She really could have won, but shot herself in the foot. It’s a shame because she could have been a good governor. And that wheelchair ad, yikes.

        • No, she really couldn’t have won. It’s TX, and someone whose claim to fame is abortion rights is not going to win there.

  • Rant: The election results, and so much of the country seems to be so pissed off at Obama for the results of what the GOP has done-or not done, as the case may be. I can’t see how anyone could have been even halfway paying attention to the news (excluding Fox, obvs) and have come to the conclusion that the gridlock is O’s fault. The GOP has said clearly that their only agenda is to obstruct him, so all of this Obama hate just seems like victim-blaming to me.
    Rave/Rant: Obama still has the veto, but given his record I’m not sure he will be OK with using it as much as it will need to be used with all of Congress under GOP control.
    Rave: We survived eight years of George W Bush, so I’m confident we can survive this, too. And hopefully seeing the way the GOP will manage things will get all of the people voting their Obama hate to wake up to the fact that it could be so much worse.

    • you are still blaming George Bush? Give me a break…

      • pablo .raw

        IMO, the consequences of the actions and decisions of a Presidentt of a country as big as this one does not disappear in 4 or 8 years. The consequences of the actions of Reagan i.e. are still affecting a lot of people, me included (long story)

        • How are Reagan’s action still affecting you? Not trying to snark, its just an intriguing statement and curious to here about it!

          • binpetworth

            If I recall correctly, Pablo’s from Nicaragua, so I would imagine Reagan’s support for the guerrilla Contras probably has long-lasting repercussions for him & his family.

          • Do you have student loan debt? If so, then Reagan’s policies are affecting you. He massively slashed federal student loans. Also, if crazy, homeless people yell at you on the street, you are impacted by Reagan. He shut down all of DC’s mental health facilities. So, yep, actions have consequences that last for more than 4 years.

          • pablo .raw

            binpetworth got it right; I’m from Nicaragua and like I said the story is too long and even to painful to remember.

      • Accountering

        Yes, Bush was responsible for a choice war in Iraq. It is projected to have costs in excess of three trillion dollars by the time all is said and done. The blame for this unforced error lies solely at his feet.

      • I think he’s blaming Congress. And quite legitimately so.

    • We didn’t survive W. SCOTUS is his mess.

  • Rant: David Catania lost 🙁
    Rave: Republicans took the Senate, several governorships, and are increasing their numbers in the House! 🙂

    • Your rave is a huge rant for me. Excellent, let’s just be stagnant for the next two years and not make any kind of progress as a nation (and this is the best case scenario. Worst case is we actually revert back to the 1950s).

      • “Worst case is we actually revert back to the 1950s).”

        This is why I can’t take you seriously. In any case, I look foward to the same people who have been whining about obstructionism and gridlock suddenly cheerleading for Obama’s use of the veto pen.

        Hey people, as I recall the last time we had a D President and R Congress things weren’t so bad! Calm the F down.

        • “Hey people, as I recall the last time we had a D President and R Congress things weren’t so bad! Calm the F down.”
          Except that time they tried to impeach the President on trumped up charges and were too distracted with that bit of political theater to do their jobs . Oh yes, they also passed the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, which repealed Glass-Steagall laid the ground for the Financial Crisis. Helluva a job, Brownie.

    • Agreeing with your rave. We’re not all crazy, “legitimate rape”-spouting, abortion- and gay-hating people. Go figure, there are a lot of socially-liberal but fiscally-conservative people out there (like me). And a lot of them went to the polls yesterday. Here’s to hoping.

      • Would you describe the Republicans that have been elected as socially liberal and fiscally conservative? I’m genuinely curious . My sense is that the current crop is socially conservative and fiscally liberal — when it comes to funding projects that they support, but I haven’t really done any serious information gathering.

      • I’d describe myself as being pretty far to the left on all issues, but damnit, we need more of your kind of Republican out there. Here’s to hoping the social issue nut jobs will learn that small government means not legislating what happens in my uterus or bedroom.

      • Yes, there are lots of rational republicans. Unfortunately, none of them run for office. Yet they still vote the R, and send the fringe loonies to Washington.

        • To me, this is almost worse. The Rational R’s are smart enough to know that taking in the fringes is not in the best interest of the country, but they do it anyway.

          • Exactly… the problem is voting between the bad guy and the bad guy. It’s extreme vs extreme. And half of the time, the people running are just….. slimy.

        • That’s my problem with making the distinction between “rational Republicans” and the nasty kind. Whether you personally believe in the fringe ideas and oppressive policies or not is not really relevant to me. If you will continue vote to help the GOP keep sending us the loonies, then you are part of the problem. The GOP will never change until they are told clearly (via lack of support) that their behavior is a dealbreaker.

      • “Go figure, there are a lot of socially-liberal but fiscally-conservative people out there (like me)”

        So you’re a Democrat, then?

        • YES!!!

          I’m sorry, but Republicans like that need to wake up and smell the coffee: they are represented by Dems in Congress, not Republicans.

          • I think people have really outdated views of the Dem & Rep parties, I think. It’s not Dukakis vs HW Bush anymore, it’s Clinton vs Ted Cruz.

      • Fiscally conservative policies have clearly not worked in the EU and a number of states in the USA.

        I used to be fiscally conservative, but then the last 5 years converted me to a full blown deficit spending advocate.

  • Revel: I passed the bar exam!
    Rant: People on buses who hover over an empty seat rather than sitting down then won’t move out of the way when you try to take the seat.
    Rant: Overly aggressive training partners. First time I’ve ever seen an instructor tell someone to take it easy.
    Rave: Putting the above person through the ringer immediately after.
    Rave: 7 weeks until belt promotions…I think I’m on the right track.

  • Rant: I can’t believe that Scott Walker won again in WI. What is wrong with my state? And his f’ing victory speech talking about his opponents bringing in fancy out of state money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in a Koch brothers sandwich every night. Man I hate that guy.

    • Accountering

      I especially enjoyed McConnell’s victory speech. On one hand he mentions the word bi-partisan, than talks about how people are tired of the democrats, people are losing their insurance, and how “change” is needed. Sounds real bi-partisan Mitch!

      • The worst speech – by far – was the new Senator from Iowa.
        She’s itchin’ to be the next Sarah Palin with her talk about castrating pigs and how she’s “Gonna make those folks in Washington sqqqqqueeeeeaaaaaaaaaallll!” 😡

        • I didn’t hear her speech, but I think that her ad was brilliant — and I say this as a very left leaning liberal.

          • It’s a brilliant ad in the realm of political theater where you need to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
            Unfortunately, this is the kind of crap that swings votes. I don’t think we’ve had an election cycle based on debate of substantive policy differences since the creation of television.

          • I quite agree with you Anonymous 12:52. And the sad thing is that ideally, television should have made it easier for the average person to get a more direct sense of political candidates and their viewpoints and policies. Instead, it has devolved into photogenic soundbites.

    • +1 for disappointment in my homeland. Walker is scum.

    • He’s won 3 times. Maybe people actually like him.

      • They clearly do. I just cannot understand why. Taking away bargaining rights, nothing short of environmental rape in the north-east with strip mining, and his shady politics (listen to the This American Life where his nominee for the Board of Regents was pulled at the last minute because the kid signed the recall petition) are easiest examples that I can come up with. But the state hasn’t seen economic growth under him and I just don’t see how he maintains his popularity. I don’t think it would change my opinion of him, but I would be interested in what people see in him as a Governor.

        • +5000000000000000000000000000000000000

          And don’t forget the pension “reforms.” He is awful, completely sold out to special interests and ready to throw the little guy under the bus at every opportunity. What could people possibly find appealing about him?

        • Maybe they care about different things than you do?

  • Rave: Feeling a bit more motivated about the job search. Funny how getting out of the house, back in the office, and discussing your field and your interests can brighten the jobsearch and help a bit on the self-worth/self-confidence side.
    Rant: The few jobs (including the one I found yesterday) I find interesting and are good fits for me are at orgs with notoriously long hiring processes…. plus holiday season is coming up.
    Rave: Biked to Alaska Ave yesterday and loved the gorgeous trees I passed in the parks.

  • At a Republican party with an open bar last night – rave then, rant now.
    Rant: in super early to do results/analysis memo for the bosses.
    Rave: sweet, sweet coffee

  • (Future) Rave for Gin and Gardening – a gathering to talk about gardening while drinking gin or other beverage of your choice.
    Textdoc, Victoria, Emilie, Quotia Zelda, Caffeine, AVEnue, Tall E, Anonymouses & others — mark your calendars for NOV 16th (Sunday) at 6:30 pm, venue tbd but it will be in the Columbia Heights area.

  • Rant: Trying not to be over analytical. It’s been 8 days since I heard anything about dream job I interviewed for. Waiting is the hardest part.

  • Rave: Being in love.

  • rant: generally lousy elections outcome

    plea: as you are walking about this week, perhaps on your way to work, the coffee shop or to have your vintage beard comb refurbished, please take a moment to tear down a few of the ubiquitous and no-longer-needed campaign signs and through them in the nearest trash can.

    rave: those Faith for mayor signs are cool

  • Rant: the person I didn’t want for DC mayor won.
    Rave: all the other people I also didn’t want for DC mayor lost.

  • Rave: fancy alumni event tonight at Hay Adams.
    Rant: still paying off the fancy grad degree that got me that invitation.
    Rave: Voting was convenient and fast.
    Rant: Caps. Come on guys.
    Rant: I offered to pick up a speech spot at Toastmasters on short notice. I have a whole speech to write tonight.
    Question: I live on ______ Place, but the street is ______ St in other places. It is the correct letter in alphabetical order, it’s not a half block, but my portion of it is definitely non-contiguous. Any thoughts on why it’s Place and not Street? My polling place is on the same street and has the incorrect address, it lists it as ______ St, but it’s on ______ Pl.

  • Andie302

    Rant: All the conservative southern Delawareans on my facebook feed this morning.
    Rave: So many friends (many that I wouldn’t expect) shared that they voted yesterday. The solidarity is refreshing.
    Rave: There will be a much better sense of a budget and what can/can’t happen with the renovation in the next 48 hours.
    Rant: Roaches. Not enough to scare me off, but enough for me to know it could be an on-going issue.
    Rave: Meeting a future new neighbor and their family unexpectedly last night…and eye-balling their staircase
    Question: What’s the best spot for HH in Chinatown? I think I’m really asking for the best HH deals – the group is just excited to get together…it doesn’t have to be anything fancy (although I hesitate to go to Bar Louie because of the slow service). Thoughts?

    • Andie302

      Rant/Rave: Just realized the HH for Popville is tomorrow night. Two nights in a row could be tough for me.

    • I’d probably say ironhorse (but no food in-house, bring what you want) or RFD.

      • +1 for both. RFD usually has plenty of room in the main room, plus a back bar. Nando’s does half price pitchers of sangria (last I checked), and I used to like Fado’s – haven’t been in a while but might be worth checking their HH offerings.

    • Andie, are you from southern Delaware? That’s my home state. (And during the last presidential election, I had to take a lot of my family members out of my FB feed. It was just essentially for harmony around the holiday dinner table.)

      • Accountering

        I defriended so many fools in 2012. Talk about how O is from Kenya – boom – defriended. Conveniently enough, when friends started complaining about the racist fools talking about how Treyvon Martin and such deserved it, I didn’t see any of that crap, as I had already defriended all of those people.

      • Andie302

        Yes – I grew up in Milford. The family reunion is always an adventure 🙂 Luckily much of the extended family doesn’t know how to use the internet yet. My brother, wait for it, DOESNT HAVE EMAIL.

        • Um, what year did you graduate from MHS? I’m from MIlford too! The world just got so much smaller. Also, I think I only know one other Milfordian in the DC area. This is exciting!

          • Andie302

            And meant to say…super exciting!

          • I graduated in 1996, so we probably overlapped for a year of high school. 😉

          • Andie302

            Oh man, I just want to start throwing out names!!!!! Are you coming to the HH tomorrow?

          • I unfortunately can’t make tomorrow’s HH but am going to try really hard to make the next one. It would be a fun hometown reunion. I have a feeling the overlap of people we know is probably pretty significant.

          • Andie302

            It HAS to be. How about this: I dated a guy with the nickname “poop back” for four years, starting your senior year in high school. (God kids are cruel, he had a big birthmark on his back.) Both of his first initials start with “M” and he was an inconsistent baseball pitcher. He drove a bronco, and then a red jetta. Any luck?

    • City tap house is pretty cool.

    • Though it’s not specifically in Chinatown (it’s just around the corner at 5th and K), Mandu’s HH is really tough to beat. $4 rail drinks (and their rail includes KettleOne and Bulleit) and $3 drafts. Their mandu is delicious and only $4 for 6 pieces. Wings are pretty good, too!

    • I had dinner at Silo last night (because of a Groupon) and they have a good happy hour – a decent crowd and a nice big space. The standard brick-wall “industrial” design makes it a bit loud, but the food was really good, and much of it discounted for HH.

    • Ugh, we’ve been battling roaches for the last month or so. Their numbers seem to have dwindled, but we’re still killing at least a half dozen a day. Is it worth calling an exterminator instead of trying to handle the issue on our own? I have a toddler and three cats in my house, so exterminators make me nervous….

    • Andie302

      Thanks for all the recommendations! A lot of these weren’t even on my radar.

      • Victoria’s recommendation for Silo is a really good one. It’s a low-key, neighborhoody place with surprisingly tasty food. This is reminding me that I should go back there myself!

        • And their HH burger WAS a great deal, unfortunately, I think they jacked the price up so it’s less of an enticement for me now (but probably still pretty tasty).

        • Andie302

          This may at least be a first stop. I work nearby and I’ve never been!

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Voted in person for the first time in twelve years of being eligible (and voting absentee). It was pretty good, actually. I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t get to experience all the voter intimidation or mismanaged polls or see the rampant fraud by illegal immigrants or whatever the fear-mongers are always complaining about. The Greenpeace people in Columbia Heights are more vigorous in their heckling than the various campaigners on the sidewalk outside my polling place.
    Rant: Not terribly happy about the results nationwide, but it’s not like anything less could possibly get accomplished Federally than was already the case…
    Amusement: Eighteen voters in the District were so high that they voted both for and against marijuana legalization, and about 40% of voters in the District didn’t seem to realize that you should select two candidates for at-large council seats.
    Rant: I wish the weather would decide what to do already. Is it going to be winter today? Or should I wear a t-shirt?

  • Rave: Breakfast this morning: strong coffee, avocado toast, and a fried egg. I love those mornings when I wake up in time to make a proper hot breakfast.
    Rant/Rave: The results of this election cycle is a rant, but at least this means the political ads are over.
    Rave: I slept really well last night.
    Rant: Dealing with personalities at work. Sometimes I just don’t have the patience.
    Rave: Yoga tonight.

  • Rave: Friend(?) from home staying with me for a couple days. I include the “?” because we met my senior year of college once or twice but have largely kept up with each others’ lives through social media. It’s really interesting to catch up given we never really had a physical friendship in the first place.
    Rant: 3 of us polished off a bottle and a half of white wine with dinner last night and I have had a terrible headache all morning. I’m getting so old.
    Rave: Mom coming into town this weekend. Reservations at Le Diplomate and Red Hen. Have never been to Red Hen; what’s good?

    • Accountering

      Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love Le Dip. Enjoy!

      • Yeah! Me too. There’s so much hate for Le Dip on PoPville sometimes, so maybe I’m just a simpleton, but I think the food is delicious and it’s something special that I don’t get to do very often given the price point. It makes me pretty happy.

        • There is? I’ve missed it. Everyone I’ve talked to has really enjoyed le Diplomat. What are folks complaining about??

          • Performance falls noticeably short of the hype. A perfectly fine (mostly, I’ve had some clunkers) neighborhood place, but who would stand in line for it? Plus, that fake nicotine-stained ceiling drives me crazy.

          • I wasn’t super impressed with my dish, just the combination of things actually made it hard to chew and the flavors didn’t even combine that well. I haven’t been back yet, I’d like to, but the whole being packed thing turns me away.

    • topscallop

      I’ve had great scallops at Red Hen. Their vegetarian pasta dishes are really good too, as are the appetizers- I like their ricotta crostini with truffle honey brown butter fanciness on it, and the crispy Brussels sprouts. They aren’t super great on the dessert front, but their sommelier is good.

      • Yesss to the crispy brussels sprouts! So good. I had their braised rabbit rigatoni but I’m not seeing it on their current menu. All of their cocktails are delicious, as is their orange wine.

    • I had the saffron zucca earlier this fall and it was delicious!

  • epric002

    rant: election results, other than the marijuana initiative.
    rave: killer sore throat has subsided. that might have been the worst sore throat i’ve ever had. thank goodness it was only about 36 hours.
    rave: should be adopting foster puppy this afternoon assuming our final vet appt goes well. next: foot surgery!

  • Rant: Have been trying to only buy clothes made in developed countries and it’s difficult and expensive.
    Rant: Tired of initiating/maintaining every online dating conversation. It seems like things are going well, but I always feel like I’m driving the conversation, and I can’t tell if they’re not interested and are just being polite in answering my questions or if I’m not being “aggressive” enough.
    Rave: Back in the weight room, nothing is more humbling than deadlifting.

    • Re: online dating messaging. It’s a tricky balance. I personally don’t like maintaining email/text buddies for significant periods of time, so my interest tends to fade unless the other person asks me out (and in certain situations I may ask them out. I’m female btw). So, assuming you’ve been messaging long enough to have established some level of rapport, why don’t you just ask to meet for a coffee or whatever date? Part of the joy of online dating is that any potential rejection is buffered by distance and technology.

      • Yeah, I don’t know how much talking is generally appropriate before attempting to meet in person… I was talking with one girl and asked if she wanted to meet up, and she said she wasn’t comfortable yet and wanted to get to know me better first. When we’re mid conversation things seem to go well, but she has never initiated conversation…
        More often than not I’ll have a brief conversation that feels like it’s going well and then just fizzles out and I don’t want to seem needy/pestering by repeatedly initiating conversation if she’s not interested. Dating is dumb.

        • I’m totally in the camp of very little chatting. I’ve always had great success with 2 messages from each party -> if I like them, meet in person for something easy and low-commitment (a drink, coffee). It’s so easy for things to fizzle with online conversation- I’d rather just meet and see if there’s chemistry.

  • Rant: Elections. Oh boy, I am so f*cking upset. I feel like crying and raging at the same time.
    Rave: At least CO and ND voted down their personhood amendments
    Rant: But damn Tennessee didn’t.
    Rave: …Question 71, I guess?
    Rant: Can’t find a date or even a fling. OKCupid & JDate are busts, not meeting anyone in law school. I feel like a failure. I don’t think I’m extremely ugly, but maybe I am. Being a 27-year-old single girl with no prospects sucks.

    • Andie302

      How do you feel about a low cut shirt and having one too many beers? This always seemed to work for me. Good luck and fingers crossed for you.

      • “How do you feel about a low cut shirt and having one too many beers?”
        This also works for 99 out of 100 straight men.

      • Yep, the low-cut shirt thing and having one too many beers thing has happened on several occasions but…nothing. It must be me. Maybe 1% having some sort of standards, but 99% me.

        Thanks, guys, for letting me get this out. I feel like I bitch about this too much to my friends and I don’t want to be a selfish whiner.

        • Allison

          Come to PoPville anniversary party tomorrow?

          • 5:45-7:45pm class every day…but maybe after….;)

          • Andie302

            There will be people there afterwards and they’ll have had at least one too many to drink (well, some of them)! This also worked for me 😉 I did find dating in law school harder than after getting out in the work environment. You spend a lot of mental energy and focus on your course material…maybe there just isn’t quite enough to go around. I also have some amazing single girlfriends who have similar complaints to yours…you are not alone.

        • I feel for you. This was me in grad school. I was not (am not) bad looking, but rarely had a guy buy me a drink at a bar. The one time I did, we went on one date, had nothing in common, and he kissed like a fish (open and closing, but no suction). I once tried to pick up a guy in a bar asking if he was from my home State (he was wearing a campaign tee with a person’s name on it) and he looked at me like I was insane, said “no,” and walked away. Even my straight guy friends were puzzled by why I was single. Don’t worry, though, I was still getting sexually harassed by the creepy old dudes at my workplace.
          My recommendations – keep hanging out with friends (their couple friends will break up and re-settle a few times in the next couple years), look for friends of friends, and maybe take some time off online dating and come back with fresh pics/material.
          And take a deep breath – it’s not you, it’s them! Boys are stupid sometimes 🙂

    • I feel like fall/winter is really terrible for dating in DC for some reason. I don’t really know why.

      Also, re: election results, someone pointed out that voters apparently want a higher minimum wage, legal pot, abortion access (except you, Tennessee) and GOP representation Okay then…

    • Ask friends. Seriously – I let a few friends know I was open to meeting someone serious, and did they know anyone. I’m sure with people in law school, roommates, and friends from work, etc. someone knows someone you might hit it off with. Or just say you’re trying to expand your circle and would a friend mind bringing you along to a different group outing? Join social sports or clubs if you have time (although law school…).
      Dating in DC is tough. But when you find someone the self-doubt just melts away 🙂

    • magpies

      Twinsies on your rants and raves! Just substitute Florida in general for Tennessee.

    • If you have the time to sort through the crazy, tinder is pretty awesome, as a girl. Yes, there will be grossly inappropriate and amusing messages but there are also some decent guys on there as well that you’d maybe never cross paths with in person.

    • It’s really hard meeting peope when you’re juggling school and work (I think you’re also working too since you have night classes); when are you going to have time to date? Join some social groups, meetups, etc. I think there is some activities thing for singles. Not dating persay but the idea is to meet new people. I really don’t think you have the time right now, but hey, maybe you’re a better manager than me.
      Also you’re being really hard on yourself which may lead to you uninitially giving off some negative vibes. Get comfortable being single then work on finding a mate. You don’t want to waste time with zeros for the sake of company.

      • Eh, externship, but not a real job.

        And hell, I’d take a fling or hookup or dating right now. Meh. But you’re right, I don’t have a ton of time these days.

        • My statement went more toward when you could see someone while studying and such. Fling/hookup sure, but beginning a serious relationship, no way! Have you gone to mixers? My school did mixers with the other grad programs. I’ve been in your boat for a while, but I worked on me first then dating became so much easier. In the mean time visit the Brixton. Full of douchey guys who will take you home, I’m sure.

  • I am pleased that Bowser won. She wasn’t my favorite from the outset, but I think the District is on the right track and doesn’t need a radical change and she’s someone that is smart and a prudent decision maker, and very accessible by people who have less influence or income; good enough. Catania would have been a bitter leader, antagonizing and dividing, and we can do that ourselves.

    However, the Republican congress is going to destroy the local and national economy. Federal budget cuts and stagflation, see you soon.

  • Hooray for legal weed. Now here’s a vexing question: since property owners/renters are responsible for the curbside planting box in front of their properties, can we grow weed there too?

    • I think the law says you must grow it in your home. Besides, it would get stolen very quickly if you grew it outside (either by squirrels, pothead adults, or teenagers).
      One major issue is property owners/investors. There’s a lot of absentee/investor landlords in DC and inevitably you’ll get a tenant who wants to grow pot. It will also be interesting to see what happens when people with security clearances are living next door to someone who grows/smokes weed.

      • epric002

        why do you say that? last i checked the eQIP didn’t ask you what your neighbors are doing…

      • Security clearance forms have been updated to reflect legalization (I think they always said did you do illegal drugs). Doesn’t necessarily mean you can smoke it, but your roommate growing it shouldn’t be an issue as long as they’re following the law.

        • Nope. This is pretty bad advice. The security forms ask about illegal drug use. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level no matter what D.C. does. If you have a security clearance I would not start smoking, nor would I allow your roomate to start growing. And you would still have to answer “yes” to illegal drug use questions.

          • I’m not so sure about that one esp. in DC. Congress has to approve the statute to make it legal in DC…can’t get more federal than that one. Now if they wanted to just knock everyone smoking in a legal jurisdiction, why do they provide an explanation area for the questions? Also the feds have chosen not to enforce in those other jurisdictions, so I have a hard time believing clearances are going to be so hardline on the matter (I mean being in proximity only; I do believe they’ll restrict usage during employment as always)

    • tonyr

      Being a Nazi, or running up huge debts aren’t illegal either. Neither will reflect well on your application.

      • I’m sure most people esp. on the higher levels aren’t going to open the door to weed plants or smoking weed. My assertion was simply that it may not stop you from getting a clearance…former more than latter. Specific drug use may preclude you from some jobs, but generally it’s the lying that gets you.

  • Rant: The nationwide election results. Oy ve.
    Rant: Office has no heat until next week (and has been without it for a few weeks already, they’re renovating the whole system). It’s warmer outside than in. Everyone has blankets and jackets and scarves.
    Rant: I really really really do not like dating. 🙁
    Rant: Depression/SAD are really kicking me bum. I am a little puddle of sadness lately and it’s really frustrating. Fortunately my new roommates are keeping me busy/are great to vent to, so that helps.
    Rave: Hyperbole and a Half is great for a laugh. I need to get the book.
    Rave: PoPville happy hour tomorrow! Should be able to make it.
    Rave: My parents are visiting this weekend, will be great to see them again. We’re really close and it’s been a while since they visited me in DC.

    • Andie302

      I totally get the SAD thing. Sorry you’re dealing with it too. Glad the new roommates are helping and hope to see you tomorrow!

    • I just deleted my online dating accounts a few days ago and it’s been pretty great for my mental health. Maybe take a break from dating until you’re feeling more up to it? Dating should be fun!

      • Haha I might end up doing that for a bit, but I’ve always hated dating – and last time I was doing it for a year and a half before I met my recent ex. It’s just draining. I hate having to either turn people down or be turned down, worrying that I’m too picky, and in general all the emotional ups and downs. :p Sometimes it can be fun (last night actually I went out with someone and we mutually agreed at the end that neither of us were feeling it but we would like to be friends – first time that’s happened) but mostly I find it stressful.

      • I just deleted my online dating account too. It wasn’t fun anymore. I actually still text the guy I went on my first online date with. Literally daily because we have similar personalities. We’re definitely friends., but we don’t hang IRL. Modern age text friendship. Whatever. Am I supposed to suggest we hangout in person again? I wouldn’t mind.

        • I actually text daily with a girl I went on one date with when I was in LA last year. She’s attractive and we’ve stayed friends, but we are on other sides of the country. We mostly just trade dating war stories, talk about the people we are seeing, our respective sex lives, and work crap (we generally work in the same part of the financial industry and thus can understand the intricacies of each others job). The conversation flows easily between us.
          We’ve only hung out once in real life, but we divulge way too much to each other. It’s sort of like having an online therapist. Works for us.

        • This is the same guy you mentioned before, right? I thought you were going to ask him out for drinks, as friends, to try and gauge if he has interest in being more. (Sorry if I’m thinking of someone else!)

  • Allison

    Rave: Getting lots of sleep lately.
    Rant: I had a dream last night that my boss made me defend one of my legal opinions in front of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice also asked me to make him pad thai. So I had to both cook and give oral argument at the same time. I think that dream is an allegory for my entire life.
    Rant: The results of the election are about to make my job even more difficult.

  • Rant: Maine election. Not happy that LePage won again, but I don’t vote/live there anymore so I guess all I can do is whine a bit and shake my head.
    Rave: Boy and I are going to a wedding this weekend. Both of us are excited (first trip together). Staying at his parent’s house after the rehearsal dinner and meeting his parents for the first time… is a homemade coffee cake too much of a “please like me and thank you” plea?
    Rave2: Homework doesn’t seem as bad for this weekend so I can try to relax!
    Rave3: No more election mailers, which means fewer cut/wasted trees!

    • Crap. Amidst all the other bad news, I didn’t realize that LePage won again. (For those of you who don’t know him he is – by far – the most lunatic conservative sociopath currently a governor or senator. Some in the House may have him beat, but it’s a close race.) Well, this’ll give my parents something else to rant about for the next 4 years.

      • Ha, exactly. Michaud conceded last night. Looking at the exit results, if Cutler had really taken his name off the ballot, Michaud had a stronger chance (Cutler took 8% of the vote, last count had LePage only up by 5%).

    • Your trip sounds so exciting and I think a homemade coffee cake is a lovely idea! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a gesture to show them you care about them liking you — quite the opposite, actually. I think it’s a really sweet thing to do.

      • epric002

        +1 if you can bake, it sounds like a lovely gift. much more personal than a bottle of wine. not that there’s anything wrong with that, i love giving (and receiving!) bottles of wine. 🙂

    • I always bring homemade baked goods to “meet the parents” and it tends to go over extremely well. I say go for it!

  • RANT: People who’ve lived in DC for 5+ years and still need to vote in their home state. Some of you have even lived here for 10+ years and you’re not voting. There’s entire group houses of young people all over the District who don’t even bother. I did a little experiment and asked about 10 different friends in their late 20s/early 30s if they were voting. 2 said yes, the rest said that they were still registered back home and couldn’t vote here. Despite paying lots of taxes in DC.
    Let’s face it – you’re never moving back to Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, or wherever else you came from. You left home at 18, went to college elsewhere, traveled the world, went somewhere for grad school, and now you’ve spent years working here. Why are you voting in a place where you don’t live?!? Don’t you want to have a say in the policies that most affect your day-to-day life?
    These are well educated people; it makes no sense.

    • And the correlation between “well-educated” and having “common sense” is…..?

    • There are two sides to this – for many people (especially in DC, where national politics reign supreme), they’d rather be able to vote for House members and Senators. It’s not that they “Don’t . . . want to have a say in the policies that most affect [their] day-to-day life,” it’s that it’s MORE important to have a say in national politics. If they are Republicans, it makes even more sense, since they can’t vote in the Democratic primary and even the most inept, pandering, vacuous Democratic candidate (apparently) gets elected mayor of DC. [Sorry, I went a little off topic there.]

      • Is it even legal to vote in your “home” state if you’re not living there or paying taxes? That’s got to be breaking some sort of law.

    • It’s worth a lot of money to maintain your residency in one of the no income tax states. It’s a rat bastard move, though.

      • Allison

        I’m not super familiar with tax law, but I don’t think where you pay taxes has much to do with where you vote.

      • Accountering

        Good luck telling your work that you live in Iowa yet somehow manage to commute to work in Dupont every day. Your DL is in Iowa or whatever, but your tax residency is almost certainly in the district.

        • Allison

          Yeah, I recall one year where I worked in both Texas and D.C., but technically lived in Virginia. Figuring out what taxes I owed where was confusing. Thanks turbo tax!

        • Where you live and where you’re a resident need not be the same for any number of reasons. Employers are not checking where you live; they aren’t responsible if you do something wrong, so why bother?
          Allison: Usually (I might say almost always) where you vote and where you pay taxes are the same. One doesn’t control the other, but similar rationale for them.

          • We’re not talking domicile here. For tax purposes if you sleep in DC for more than 183 days while earning income here you’re a resident. And here’s where it can go wrong: your DC employer is going to ask if you live in DC, VA or MD. If you say none of the above they’re going to hand you a DC Form D-4A (certification of nonresidence). In that form you certify under oath that you don’t reside in DC for more than 183 days of the tax year. Down the road if there’s any proof to the contrary (parking tickets, traffic citations, etc.) you’re opening yourself up to an audit and possibly worse. This is especially dicey if you don’t still have a family home or lease, deed, etc. to claim in whatever state you pretend to still live in.

          • If you work in DC, you’re liable to get DC parking tickets and citations. Maybe there is a better example? Put it this way, I’ve known it to happen, and I know an awful lot of people. On the other hand, DC tried to get me 3 yrs after I bought my home in Sept (moved in on Halloween). Certainly less than 183 days. Luckily, I kept all that stuff, and I didn’t owe anything. Talk about a pain.

          • Never known it to happen, rather.

  • Rave: the movie Snowpiercer.
    Rant: Snowpiercer. It’s intense.

    • Wow. I had such a different take on this movie. For me it was as if they had just strung together mildly evocative but tired concepts and characters: Like the pages of a comic book with a very weak cord running through them. It made no kind of necessary sense needed to make it a even a vision of a mildly dystopian future.

      • I had to pause it a bunch cause of the violence – that usually doesn’t get to me.
        On one hand, the futility of the plot is silly, but I found it engrossing, too. Have you seen The Host? Same director and about as cartoonish.

    • Snowpiercer could have been great with a little more continuity. The acting was solid, but the story just seemed so random and disjointed. It was fairly fun, but a bit of a disappointment.

  • Rave: Big meeting today. It was interesting, and I was honored to be a part of it. All of the other internal folks were senior staff.
    Rant: This introvert is now exhausted.
    Rant: Crappy morning that involved a lot of teen drama. Said teen drama made me late enough that I had to forgo my usual morning walk. Stressed and under-exerted is no way to start a day.

  • RAVE: I’m pregnant! Been a long two years…

    Rant: Miscarried a few months ago, so extremely nervous. Just found out from the doctor’s office and my husband isn’t home yet to jump up and down with!!

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