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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • janie4

    Rant: It’s cold! And going to get colder this weekend. I’ve been putting off turning the heat on, but I had to this morning. There goes the dream of a few weeks longer of no heating/cooling bills. And now I have to drag my coat out, and do all the winter related events.

    • I cannot praise space heaters enough. I was able to keep the heat off last weather through the strategic use of space heaters.

      • Agree. I have one of those Dyson cool/heat fans – it is awesome, albeit quite pricey. It does double duty throughout the year. Have managed to minimize the use of both my A/C and heat since I got it.

      • +1 Me too! Much cheaper and they heat a room up pretty fast.

  • Rant: My mom is without power due to the big storm up in Maine. Might not have power until Wednesday or Thursday. A foot of snow, already? Definitely going to worry a bit about her this week.
    Rave: She’s safe, with a gas stove and our family dog to curl up with, and has an SUV in case she needs go go out.
    Rave2: Gorgeous weather here in DC. Something to be thankful for.

    • Rave: Just got a text that, despite predictions the power would be back on later this week, she has power again! Still bad for people in outlying towns and more rural areas…

  • Revel: Last regatta of the season and we won out event — special joy in beating another boat from our club with an average age at least a decade younger than ours.
    Revel: Friend we see to rarely came around for dinner last night brought an excellent Cabernet and told tales of a drunken Ben Bradlee while I whipped up something swell.
    Revel: No 4:30 alarm!
    Rant: May break up with girlfriend over discussions re: final details of home renovation. Just when we reach a truce on paint, lighting in the master bedroom rears its ugly head.

    • Let us help with your lighting dilemma! What’s your take and what’s hers?

      • It’s a high ceiling — tore out the attic floor — and a largish room, so we have to find a way to light the walls/corners high up, or the place will look like a cave. She wants to construct a hollow beam around the existing roof beam (not as off as it sounds) and drill spots into the beam to reach into the gloomy places. I like the beam — there is no space to mount anything in-ceiling — but think that the spots will look silly shooing out of it.

        • put LED strip lighting up there. get the kind that is dimmable for maximum versatility. I recommend purchasing from Light In The Box – best prices anywhere. We did this in one of our rooms – blew through the ceiling, boxed around the beam, and put LED strip lighting up there. It highlights the ceiling, lights up the dark corners, and no pot lights glaring down at you.

        • Forget the beam – think sconces. They come in many styles and sizes, and attach to the walls. Hate spots.

        • I’d keep it dark and install some hunching gargoyles up there.

    • First, you are stymied by putting away clean laundry, and now, paint colors in the bedroom? I wish you well on your relationship, but this is turning into a very mundane reality show for us spectators.

      • It odd that anyone would think it’s a regular poster’s job to ‘entertain’ anonymous trolls.

      • I will try stir up some more dramatic drama! The trouble is that the real tensions — we have put the laundry behind us — are the stuff the stuff of subtitled euro-dramas with lots of smoking filmed in black and white, and thus even less interesting. You know, stress, angst, insecurities, guilt. Until we can fan some of that into a public screaming match or maybe a squalid affair or two and subsequent tearful goodbyes, the crises are pretty humdrum, I confess.

      • Hilarious

    • Or, you could make the reno decisions about your house without her input.
      Problem solved!

      • True. But having lived in her house house the last six months after many decades in residences reflecting my own — and my wife’s — taste (or lack thereof), I’m acutely aware of how it feels to inhabit someplace that is not in any way “your own.” Given the potential — decorating spats aside — for an actual combining of households, I’d like her to feel that the space is in some sense hers. Not just that she simply tolerates, say, the living room decor but that she likes it and even helped to pick it out. I’m trying to play the long game here. Plus, especially regarding design, she’s just better at this stuff than I am. Hell, she was better than the architect, so it’s well worth the hassle to bring her in, even if it generates the occasional PoP rant. And if we break up, I’ll have a cooler bachelor pad for her input. It’s a win-win.

    • My parents’ old house was designed by Sunset Magazine and lots of beams, exposed wood, and fancy wood paneling. In the living room there was a “shelf light” that ran around two walls. It projected out from the wall, had a rectangular wood frame, and a frosted plastic or glass rectangles let the lights above shine down diffused through the plastic and up towards the beams, so giving light in both directions.

      • Oooh – what about one of those 70’s christmas tree lights – the kind that sat on the floor and had a revolving 4 color wheel that slowly turned – I loved those! (We never had one – it was sheer covetousness and marvel.)

  • Rant: I couldn’t sleep last night. I have daylight savings.
    Rave: Fall! I’m enjoying the cooler weather — it means boots, tights, layers, and warm, cozy coats.
    Rave: I got to chat with my best friend yesterday and spent the whole days reading, cooking for the week, and enjoying the couch. Bliss.

  • Question: Does anyone have a recommendation for a masonry company? We have a fireplace that needs some masonry work to regain function. We got one quote but they don’t seem very responsive and it gives me pause to move forward. Thank you

    • Renaissance Development was great to deal with. We had a unique masonry job for them (filling in two windows in our window well), and talked to 4 companies. Renaissance was the only one who provided us with an honest assessment and recommendation, and everyone, from the Christina to the workers were extremely professional. Highly recommended!

  • Rant: Annoyed at my drunken self for not paying attention to Uber’s surge pricing on Halloween. $56 for an 8 minute ride! Gah.
    Rave: I somehow spent $0 at the bar, so I guess it’s ok.
    Rave/Rant: 50% off Halloween candy at Rite Aid.
    Rave: Chopped off 10 inches of hair to donate! I really liked Zhen at Spa Logic — thanks for the recommendation, Andie! I think I’ve finally found a stylist that I’ll keep going back to.

    • Andie302

      YAY! Zhen cut my hair off last November for donation. She’s wonderful! Also, that bumble and bumble straight blow dry is totally worth it. I woke up Sunday and had to do very little to my blow out to touch it up. Normally I would need to shower and start over again.

      • Oo I’ll have to give bumble and bumble a try! I read some reviews online that said it smells like men’s aftershave… does it? (I don’t necessarily mind).

    • justinbc

      Yeah, I think when we were looking around 2 or 3AM in Logan Circle it was something like 5.8x the rate.

    • RAVE: took 5 minutes, hailed a regular DC taxi on the street in Dupont at midnight, and got to our friend’s party in Le Droit Park for $10 (thank god for Rhode Island Ave – skipped the mess that was U Street). Didn’t even bother to open my Uber app, as I knew it would have cost us $50.

    • Accountering

      It was 6.0 when I looked. We caught a normal cab and it was $10 from Dupont to Mt. P. Read about some woman who took a ride from Dupont back to MD and it was 9.0 times. Her bill was $356, and she used GoFundMe to raise the cash. No clue why anyone would ever donate to someone stupid like that. I saw 6.0, and decided I wasn’t going to use it. If you see 9.0, and are broke, why you would still hail one is beyond me.

      • “saw 6.0, and decided I wasn’t going to use it. If you see 9.0, and are broke, why you would still hail one is beyond me.”

        …..’cuz alcohol 😀

      • This was actually up in Bmore, not DC. The Uber surge pricing was 9.6 times around bar closing time. I ended up taking a Lyft and while Lyft was also in “prime time”, I only paid $20 for a 20 minute ride. Moral of the story…Uber sucks

        • Accountering

          It doesn’t suck – they were matching demand to supply. Can’t get higher supply (I am sure 100% or damn close of Ubers were on the road) so they reduced demand. I think its a great service… If you need it, you can get it, but know you are going to pay. Otherwise, plan a head a bit more, or walk. Its not that difficult.
          If you want a ride from downtown Baltimore to the suburbs at 1:00am on Halloween, and want to go RIGHT NOW – pay the $360 and be thankful that you were able to go RIGHT NOW.

        • 100% agree with anonymous @ 1:22. I just hope more people realize this before all the cabbies switch to Uber and Uber begins surging all the time. Nights like Halloween are why taxi prices are standardized. People need to know in advance how much transportation will cost.

          • Yes, great plan. And just like in every other price-controlled market ever, this will create shortages and no one can get a cab (like in NYC when it rains). But thank goodness they knew how much it would cost!

        • maxwell smart

          Uber tells you right up front if there is surge pricing, so I don’t understand why people get up in arms about it. The price model they are using is no different then airlines that surge ticket prices during periods of peak demand. You see the surge price, you have a choice – do I need to get there right now or can I wait? What are my other options? Sure the cabs have a standard fare, but you know what? Most of the time in DC I get refused cab service because they don’t want to go outside of about a 2 mile radius of downtown.

    • Over New Year’s I spent closet to $100 going from Dupont Circle to Mt Pleasant. Never again. Love uber, but not during the holidays.

      • That’s the way I look at it. Uber is a great and extremely convenient service but I’m well aware that I’m paying for that convenience. If I can’t afford it, I just don’t use it – there are alternatives.
        Buyer beware.

        • What happens when there aren’t alternatives anymore?

          • People don’t realize that this is the end game for Uber. In their dream world, every time you want a cab on a Friday night or a holiday, it’s going to cost you an exorbitant amount of money to get across town. Run enough competitors out of business and eventually you’ll have nearly total market control. It’s the Comcast model of doing business (but at least Comcast owns/builds their own infrastructure; Uber really is just a rent-seeking middle man).
            Within the next few years, I guarantee that we will Uber heavily lobbying municipal governments to disband the formal taxi services. Buying a local legislator is cheap and Uber has plenty of money.

          • Could not agree with you more, Anon at 2:50. Comcast is an even better example than Walmart.

          • Why wouldn’t there be alternatives? Comcast is not a good example. Comcast owns the physical infrastructure, and the barriers to entry in that market – laying cable across an entire city – are extremely high. All you need is an app for ridesharing, though – low barrier to entry.

          • Anon at 3:20, tell me more about these low barriers to entry for the cab/ride sharing world. So you’re saying it’s cheap, fast, and easy to create a ride sharing platform? And to find drivers? And to market your new business so enough people know about it when you find all of these drivers?

          • How can there not be an alternative? Are people forgetting DC has an established taxi system, the same one we used to before Uber came around.

            I really don’t understand all the complaining about Uber’s pricing – it’s quite straightforward, you don’t like it, you close the app and hit the street to hail a cab. Not everyone has to use it. It’s a luxury, kind of like first/business class on a plane. You can’t pay it, you ride coach. If the prices are too high and people stop paying it, the market will correct itself and Uber will lower the prices.

    • I love Spa Logic!! I had Tracy cut off my hair too. They sometimes have sweet nails/hair cut combo deals (I once got my nails done for $5 after a haircut.)

    • +1 for Zhen – I have been going to her for years. She is great!

  • Rant: Dog does not understand the concept of daylight savings’ time. She was up and ready for her walk about an hour before my alarm.

  • Rant: Metro this morning. I missed the major delays, but still hit some that added about 20 minutes to my commute. And if I had left about one minute earlier, I probably would have avoided them.

    Rave: Hearing Junior Kimbrough and Blind Willie Johnson on The Walking Dead last night. Pretty good epsiode too!

  • Rave: my friends helped me remove my sink and replace it with a vanity! I know, I’ve been annoying you all with this, but it is in and it is beautiful! I am so thrilled to put my hair products and hair dryer away! I don’t have to wedge my head under the medicine cabinet to wash my face anymore!!
    Rant: just after I woke up I got a headache and it’s still here.
    Does anyone know a good stone cutter? I got a list from Community Forklift, but they’re not in the best locations for me.

    • Andie302

      Congrats! I used Abka in Rockville twice and had good luck with them both times. You can go and see what they have available and if it’s a remnant it should be priced significantly lower. I hope we get to see before and after pictures!

      • Thanks! That’s not too far from my office and is way better than all the PG options I had. Stone cutters are surprisingly hard to find on the internet.
        Once I change out the pull on the vanity (it only came with satin, I need polished) and get the marble sill cut, it should be done. I am still on the fence about the black paint. The vanity is dark, so I would have to do white wainscoting and black on top. I’ll live with this for a bit, then decide. I’m a bit jealous of your impending renovation, I love that stuff. Have fun!

    • Your query makes me think of this:

  • Rant: Maryland drivers, even in their natural habitat. I was in downtown Silver Spring on Bonifant St, I think. A car opposite me was parking, and I was driving in my lane. The car behind the parking car decides to go around him, I hit my brakes pretty quickly and glare at her. Of course the logical thing to do would be give me the finger. Jerk.
    Rave: No school today for a teacher work day (I’ve got all my papers graded, I just need to post my grades and I’ll do that at a colleague’s house later today).
    Rave: The county had this event for teachers Saturday. They advertised it as a “grade-in”, but it was more of a networking event/pep rally, complete with cheerleaders from one of the high schools, a scavenger hunt, freebies, and roundtable discussions. It was really nice, even though no grading happened.

    Question: I finally got the dimensions of the bedrooms in the new house. I’m trying to figure out how to fairly price the rooms (and give myself a discount for taking on a lot of the responsibilities/risk). How does this breakdown sound for a house that is $4,450 3 blocks from the Woodley metro?
    70sqft – $750/mo
    108sqft – $825/mo
    187sqft – $950/mo
    247sqft – $1150/mo
    187sqft (the room I plan to take) – $775
    Am I giving myself too much of a discount? Is $750 too high for a tiny room that’s just barely the legal size for a bedroom? Does 1150 seem excessively high for a very large room but a shared bathroom? None of the rooms have their own bathroom – there are two full baths, one half, and then in the basement we have a toilet with no sink that I didn’t even know existed until the other day when I went to see the house. Is there anything else I should consider in the pricing?

    Does a Costco membership make sense for a single 20something? Could gas alone make the membership worthwhile?

    • My friends and I went in on a BJ’s membership. Most of them lived in a house together, and I lived a few blocks away and would bum rides. It’s almost worth it just to bulk up on paper stuff (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, tissues….) and some dry goods.

      • Yeah, I’m thinking between that and cheap gas (I work 11 miles away from where I live now, which will turn into 16 soon), it may be worth it.

      • I live alone and have a Costco membership. I don’t stock up on paper goods because I don’t have enough room for that many rolls of toilet paper, but I buy a lot of produce and wine. They also have my favorite makeup remover wipes and I think buying those when they had an instant rebate already made up the cost of the membership.

        • I am very surprised to hear that you live alone and buy “a lot” of produce from Costco. Even in a two-person house, we have to be careful how much fresh stuff we get there; it comes in such large amounts that it’s not always that easy to get through it all before it spoils. When I lived alone it was always the non-perishables that made my trips worthwhile.

          • I can power through some berries and I get bags of lemons or limes for summer cocktails. But I do have a hard time making it through a tub of greens.
            I get eggs and salmon there too. Things that you can freeze are great- bacon, croissants, fish. I parcel them out and freeze them in smaller servings.

          • I remember being very excited when I went with my friend and was able to get a big clamshell of raspberries for I think $3. I’d buy raspberries every day in the summer!

          • OK, maybe we just have different concepts of “a lot”. We power through berries as well but I think it’s tough to get through more than 2 or 3 of their produce items before you start throwing stuff away. Things you can freeze (which I lazily included in non-perishables) are definitely key.

          • I live alone and I also buy a lot of produce from Costco. I find that it is better quality than what I can get from the Giant near my house and lasts awhile. Plus, I’m a pescatarian (mostly eat vegetarian foods, with a little seafood every now and again), so I eat a lot of veggies. About every two weeks I get a bag of carrots, a bag of Brussels Sprouts or green beans, a thing of apples, a bag of spinach, and maybe something else. I also buy frozen strawberries and broccoli there. Plus my soymilk is much cheaper, which I use almost every day for smoothies. I’d bet 2-3 trips makes the cost worthwhile.

            I also buy wine, vodka (really great when I’m making a big batch of vanilla), and beer (sometimes)

            I don’t buy paper goods because I find that they’re really not all that much cheaper.

          • A quick plug – try FreshPaper! Great product, great back story: http://www.fenugreen.com/

    • re: distribution, I think you’re getting a little too much of a discount, and the smallest room is paying a little too much. You’re going to have a hard time filling it unless someone sees that it’s really a deal. How about the following:
      70sft: $700
      108sft: $825
      187sft: $925
      187 sft (you): $825
      247sft: $1175

      That still puts your most expensive room before $1200, and you can say that you’re giving yourself a $100 discount below the other room of the same size, which I think is still significant but not too much of a disparity that people will be annoyed about it. And your tiniest room is a steal at $700.

      • Does $1175 seem too high for a room that doesn’t have it’s own bathroom?

        • Not to me since it’s such a big room – another 60sft bigger than the next biggest rooms. I think that gives you a little more leeway. But I defer to other commenters…

        • I have the largest room in my house (a little larger than your large room) and share a bathroom with one other guy. I pay $1050 and I’m a 5 minute walk from the U Street Metro. No way I’d pay anything over $1100 in a group house in Cleveland Park and not have my own bathroom. That’s absurd. Over $1100 and I’d be looking for my own studio, which you can find in older buildings in Shaw, Bloomingdale, and even CP/Woodley.

          • What’s the house like? How many people? Has it been renovated recently?

          • Huge house next to Cardozo HS on top of the hill overlooking the city. Has had some updates over the years, but not a full modern renovation like your place. I’m on the top floor of the house, so I get a ton of light and overlook the city. Similar number of residents as your place. Once the rent for my room hits $1100-1150, I will either buy my own place or jump to an older studio.

          • Accountering

            I am the big room in my 3-person house in Mt. Pleasant. Better neighborhood, less roommates, and I pay $1100 to split the bathroom three ways. My bedroom is 256^2 and has a HUGE bay window. There is no way you are going to get $1150 for that room. I think the tiniest bedrooms can be closer in cost. It is not the size of the room, it is the fact they get a room at all. I would absolutely give yourself a $300 or $400 discount. I would also make clear that old roommates are responsible for finding new roommates, and make sure you get a security deposit from everyone!

          • I don’t think any of these three neighborhoods are really any “better” than the other. I think that Woodley has some features that appeal to lots of people. Although yes, I recognize that 5 people is kind of a lot in the house.

            Anyway, I was thinking about a $150 discount for myself, but now I”m hearing this is too high. Accountering, how would you structure the rates then? I don’t want to price any of the rooms so high that I can’t fill them, because then any discount I have doesn’t matter.

          • +1 to everything Accountering said. I think you’re going to have trouble filling the big room at that price. Make it $1050 and spread the difference between the other rooms (including your own). Though, I think giving yourself a “$300 or $400” break would be too much, if you’re expecting old roommates to put in the legwork on finding roommates and managing the place.
            PS – everyone pays for parking. No free spots. You can get $75-100 month in that location on the Craigslist open market. If it’s a roommate, I’d charge $50/month. Otherwise go onto the open market and rent them out. The parking rent should go straight into utilities to subsidize everyone’s monthly cost/common expenses.

          • Fwiw I’d rather do the legwork of replacing a departing roommate myself, so I can have more control over who I’ll be living with.

        • Accountering

          I would do the following:

          70sqft – $800/mo
          108sqft – $875/mo
          187sqft – $1000/mo
          247sqft – $1075/mo
          187sqft (the room I plan to take) – $600
          Parking Spot: $100

          You are taking on some significant financial risk, and you are likely going to take it on the chin once or twice over the next couple of years (missing rent payment, someone bails in the middle of the night etc) so you should be compensated accordingly.

          • You think I’ll be able to fill all those rooms at those rates?

          • Also, what do you think would be the best way of advertising it? Making a separate CL ad for each room and having people “apply” individually or making one ad for everything? It seems like the latter would be more efficient, but also has the potential to be messy…

          • I’d put an ad for all the rooms and ask people to indicate which room they would be interested in. I would NOT take any one who is applying together with friends (they will be cliquey).
            I think $600 is way too low to charge yourself. It will cause resentment in the house and they will eventually find out what you’re paying.

          • Accountering

            Perhaps $600 is a bit low, maybe make it $700 for you?

            70sqft – $800/mo – Definitely
            108sqft – $875/mo – Definitely
            187sqft – $1000/mo – Yes
            247sqft – $1075/mo – Probably
            187sqft (the room I plan to take) – $600 – Of course, its you.
            Parking Spot: $100 – Maybe? Not certain what parking spots here are worth.
            No way should you subsidize the cost of parking. If you cut a roommate a deal at $50, you are just overcharging everyone else by $10 each. Let everything stand on its own.

          • Question – Are you going to tell your roomates about your discount? That may impact the size of it . . .

          • Not sure that I’d agree with that. A roommate renting the parking spot will guarantee stable cash flow, which has a value in itself. We currently rent out a spot behind our house in Columbia Heights and while the extra income is nice, the cash flows have been unpredictable. Spot renters drop us when it’s inconvenient for them or their money is tight. It actually takes us quite a while to find someone who wants to rent our spot, it hasn’t been as easy as we imagined. We also need to setup times to meet with potential renters, which is annoying. Street parking is also plentiful in Cleveland Park, so I doubt she will get more than $100 for this spot and demand is already a fraction of that in CoHi.
            I’d provide a discount to a roommate who will be there for one year just to guarantee a steady income stream.
            One issue iindsay might want to think about is the “vibe” of her house. The way she’s setting this up leads me to believe that this is going to feel more like a boarding house than a proper group home. If she’s fine with that, great. But be prepared for people to treat this like a hotel and not be as invested in the “community” aspects of the group house. It will also be difficult to get people to invest in communal property if iindsay makes it clear that she’s “in charge.”
            We had an issue with a roommate this year who was treating our house like a boarding house rather than a “home.” We asked her to leave the house, as she was becoming very problematic and it was creating a very stressful situation.
            Just some food for thought.

          • Does it make a difference if there are two spots and I plan to take one?

          • I would like a group house rather than a boarding house vibe. I’m just trying to protect myself at the same time and that’s why I’m here, to figure out how to go about it.

          • Also I’m not sure if I should mention the discount or not.

          • I apologize if I’ve messed up some details, but as I understand it, here’s the situation: You used to live in a group house with these people, you all moved out some reason, and now you want to get the band back together. To accomplish this, you are doing the legwork, and are taking financial responsibility for the entire house.
            If that’s correct, I think you absolutely have to disclose the discount. These people are, if not friends, at least people with whom you have a relationship (and want to live). If I were one of them and found out about the discount later (and they will find out), I’d be really aggravated that you were getting a sweetheart deal (and one of two parking spots for free, when the other one costs $100 per month!) without disclosing it. Just my two cents, but I also have no experience with group house dynamics, so I may be completely off base here.

          • I’d vote to disclose what everyone is paying in rent up front. If they don’t like the way the rent is divided they can choose to live elsewhere

          • DCD – I’m actually starting over. All of the people I lived with have found a new permanent place to live, so I need to find all new roommates. If it were the old ones, it would be less complicated, because the risk would be lower and I wouldn’t give myself much of a discount (if any)

          • Accountering

            I have changed my opinion, and agree with TBRIMH. Stable income for the 12 months is better than someone who wants it for a month and the extra work etc.
            @DCD, my understanding is that it is all new roommates.

          • @TBRiMH, can you please further illustrate what you mean by “treating it like a boarding house”? I am not at all trying to create that dynamic, I just don’t want to be in trouble when things go south.

          • Here’s a few examples that we dealt with when we kicked out a roommate who was treating the house like “boarding house”:
            -Not participating in any form of social activity with other roommates (aka stay in your room all times that you’re home)
            -Not willing to clean or care for common areas, take out garbage, etc
            -Not willing to maintain external premises around the house
            -Not will to contribute monetarily to common household investments (furniture in common areas, artwork/decor, cleaning supplies, cleaning services, etc.)
            -Not willing to contribute to communally used supplies (paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, etc.)
            -Frequent subletting of room to random people without gaining approval of other roommates (“It’s my room – I can do what I want”)
            -Unreasonable expectations regarding noise levels (or lack of allowed noise) in common areas in the evenings
            -Unwilling to share burden of staying home to deal with maintenance workers, utility workers, landlord inspections, etc.

          • @thebigroom You allowed strangers to stay in your house multiple times? Was there no lease? I guess you’re a much nicer person than me because the first time it happened I’d have called the cops and had the person removed. Except for #1 (which I feel should never be “required”), everything else should have been discussed upfront to avoid any confusion about responsibilities and the like. Did a conversation happen before you rented to the person? Last, is it common to buy artwork and furniture together in a group house? The guy/gal seemed pretty transient, so I understand why they’d avoid doing so, and what happens when someone leaves, but they’ve helped buy a big ticket item?

    • Andie302

      I might take $50 off of the largest bedroom and the smallest bedroom and then charge $100/month for the one extra parking space to whoever wants it and you take the other one for free.

    • Not sure about the breakdown as a whole, but re: the tiny room, I would probably be a little put off knowing that my roommate is paying about the same as me for a room twice as big. I understand wanting to give yourself a discount because of risk, etc. but somehow such a steep difference says “This is my home, not yours.” (Please don’t interpret this as me being judgey! I can tell you have the best of intentions.) I would assume you want them to know that this is going to be as much their house as it is yours, unless of course that’s not the set-up and it actually IS your house and they’re just tenants. But it sounds like more of a group house? I dunno- maybe break it down by $/square footage, then juggle the numbers from there?

      • +1 when i lived in a house with 3 other women, we all split the rent equally except the one bedroom that had its own bathroom — the other 3 rooms were roughly equal in size, although mine was put up using a temporary wall so was noisier than the other rooms, and was furthest from the bathroom. even though the one roommate did all the legwork in finding the apartment, and her name was on the lease, she didn’t get any sort of discount because we all felt like we were “in it together.” if she was getting a substantial (like more than a $50/mo — the total rent was around $4k/mo) discount i would have felt that i was more of a boarding situation vs a group house. when small things broke we would all pitch in to get them repaired, repair them ourselves, or take turns being at home for the super/repair person to come by. if i were living somewhere where the organizer was giving themselves a couple hundred dollar discount, there is no way i’d volunteer to be at home to meet the cable person, a repair person, super, etc. i’d assume that discount came with all of those added responsibilities, and i’d treat the place more like a hotel than a group house.
        so i guess for me the prices would also help determine the dynamic.

        • Yes, I’d expect to be the one doing all of these things. I was thinking more along the lines of $100-150 or so. I’d feel awkward (and possibly unable to rent out the other rooms) with anything greater than that.

          • I would not tell anyone about the discount, free parking, etc. As long as you keep room prices in line with the market, then it ultimately shouldn’t matter. If rent is paid late by someone else, you’re stuck coming up with the money (been there). If someone breaks something in the house, you’re ultimately responsible (been there)…yes, you can sue the person who did the damage, but that takes time and is essentially you putting money upfront in hopes of being reimbursed.
            I would, however, allow people to assist in finding another roommate with you having final say as it takes some of the weight off your back but still allows proper vetting.

        • I’m a little confused as to why a say 75/month discount (assuming a sole leaseholder) would entitle all other roommates to sit back and enjoy the ride? The leaseholder in this scenario is already absolving you of liability for 4k/month and potentially getting you into a place you couldn’t qualify for (if you had lower credit or income), that is surely worth something. Actually, I think you deserved a discount for the temp. wall, but that’s just me.
          Maybe I’m just lucky that my neighborhood is so expensive that my personal discount still places the 2nd room well within market rent.

      • Nope, I’m a renter too. But I am doing almost all the legwork and assuming a lot of risk if things go down.

        • End of the day so you may not see this — but this seems like a bad deal for you if you are the ONLY person on the lease. You’re responsible for $4,450 each month and the other four roommates are each responsible to you for a share of that. But if one of the rooms goes vacant for a month, are you financially able to pay that share of the rent? What if two rooms go vacant?
          It seems like you are taking a huge financial risk, regardless of any monthly “discount” on your rent.

        • +1 I have to ask even as someone who hates to move with a passion, why are you going through all this work to secure this place? This is an off-time for renting, so you’re in a good position to find a place elsewhere.

    • Here’s a handy method for making sure everyone is happy with what they end up paying:

  • Rant: Back to college this weekend for a bachelorette party – taking care of the binge drinkers as they puke their brains out…

    Rave: At least I could take care of them and send the rest of the party (with the bride) on their way to enjoy the rest of the night!

    Rant/Rave: Exhausted from having to share a bed with a pukey, moaning drunk on Sat night, I passed out at 9PM last night and slept so well.

    Rave: A busy week with interesting (unpaid) work. Plus, off to the barn tonight!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Tweed Ride was great and long, I believe 16 miles
    Rant: The whole time I had cold wind in my face, wishing someone would appear out of nowhere and offered me some hot cider!
    Rave: Very strong punch at the Tweed Ride after party, the three of them!
    Rant: Bike accident because I decided to bike while a bit drunk. Nobody was hurt but my hand 🙁

  • RAVE: DCFD coming out in force to extinguish the fire in the Komi building.

    For the person that mentioned their friend opening an new eyebrow place on U St, has that happened yet?

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Ran 20 miles yesterday at just faster than my marathon goal pace, and felt pretty okay about it. Three weeks to go!
    Rant: It was super windy and super cold. Not a very pleasant experience.
    Unsure: Going to vote tomorrow in person for the first time in twelve years of being registered, and in my first DC election. Mayor is a pretty easy choice of who I think I’ll be least disappointed in, but what about the rest of the positions. Who are these people? Who do I vote for? I’m still too new to the District to know much about the incumbents or issues. Local elections are always such a pain like that! I guess it’s research time tonight…
    Ward 2: Logan Circle, if you actually want to offer advice.

    • I live in Brookland / Edgewood and I received a political mailer that included these quotes ‘A vote For Muriel Bowser is a vote for Adrian Fenty” & “Ms. Bowser has been endorsed by Mr. Fenty, and we see her emulating his…approach to government.” I early voted anyway but this may not work the way it is intended. Some voters are deciding if the differences between Catania and Bowser are worth not voting Dem. I have not seen many Catania signs in Ward 3. He would need to run solid or strong in Ward 3 to beat Bowser no?

    • Vote411 is a great resource – if you enter your address it will show the relevant races in your area. You can choose two candidates to compare their education, qualifications and responses to a few questions (for example, the candidates for state board of election responded to questions on educational challenges, school boundaries, etc).

      • +1, I just used it this morning to research candidates as I filled out my absentee ballot. Extremely helpful when parsing the hyper-local races, like ANC. It was especially helpful in making a determination for Council seat, which has a ton of candidates.
        RAVE: Khalid Pitts. The more I read about him this morning, the more I liked him. Happy to cast a vote for someone who has a lot at stake in the community. 🙂

        • I Dont Get It

          Yes I’m voting for him also for the same reason.

          • saf

            Despite the fact that he didn’t bother to register to vote here until he wanted to run for office? 19 years!

          • I Dont Get It

            I had not heard that.

          • …and so? It’s his choice what he does with his vote.
            This town has been a rubber stamp for the Democratic party for decades; Khalid is an Independent and probably didn’t feel all that compelled to cast a vote for candidates he didn’t like/agree with. There’s a lot of people like that in DC.

          • Accountering

            Just like it is mine/all of our choices what to do with my/your votes. I certainly think choosing not to participate in the process for 19 years disqualifies you from receiving my vote.

          • Pitts isn’t really an Independent. He was a registered Democrat, and changed to Independent to run for the set-aside seat, just like Hagler, Silverman, Snowden, etc.

          • saf

            Sorry OP Anon, but I disagree. If you don’t care enough about the city to vote here, to work for change here, to see yourself as part of the city, you should not run for office here.

        • jim_ed

          That’s a weak explanation. In 19 years he couldn’t be compelled to vote once? There’s a lot of hubris in asking people to vote for you when you couldn’t be bothered to do so once in two decades.

  • Rave: Took advantage of the free classes this weekend at the new exercise studio in Columbia Heights (From the Core). Loved the jumpboard pilates and cardio bellydance classes
    And rave: Getting back into shape after a too-long injury related hiatus – sore but not too sore from these classes plus extra long walks with pup. My muscles are talking but not yelling : )
    And rant: PIcked the last tomatoes from my garden this weekend.

  • Aglets

    Rant: No heat in my apartment building. When you call the emergency maintenance number, you get an answering service (which is maybe a step up from the cell phone of one of the maintenance guys). But no one can tell you anything other than “they’re working on it”. However a trip to the basement and a visit to the unlocked boiler room show otherwise.

    Rave: this weekend looks like it might be nice which would be great because the last three weekends have been windy as balls.

  • Rant: Was laid up all day yesterday with terrible morning sickness. Luckily, it was only the second day of really bad illness (and I’m 9 weeks!), but, man, it’s taking awhile to recover. But, I still had to come into work, so I’m mostly sitting in my cubicle sipping ginger ale.
    Rant: No caffeine yet and it’s making me tired/stupid. I don’t think my stomach is ready for tea yet, though.
    Rave/rant: Got an email from a friend today that I haven’t heard from in a little bit! But, then, it turns out he was thinking about me because he had a sex dream about me last night. weird.

    • RE: your rant/rave:
      Um, are you married? That is an insanely weird thing to write to (A.) a friend whom you have not spoken with in a while and (B.) is partnered/married.

      • I am married and probably won’t mention it to my husband. It is really weird, although my friend is kind of weird anyway.

        • Accountering

          This is an interesting (questionable?) call on your part IMO. Why would you keep this secret from your SO? I would happily share this info with my partner – for honesty sakes at a minimum.

          • epric002

            why would the partner/spouse need to know this? unless the OP and OP’s spouse have some sort of ongoing issues with extramarital/trust/boundary stuff, i don’t see not sharing this as a dis-honesty by omission/keeping a secret type thing. why *would* you share it?

          • On the other hand, she didn’t solicit the message so it’s not like SHE did something, so I’m not sure this necessarily merits a mention. Just like she probably doesn’t mention any of the other spam messages she received on any given day.
            (Based on info posted here. Obviously we don’t know what was in the last email the old flame received from her).

          • Accountering

            You both make good points. She certainly did nothing wrong — I just don’t see why keeping this a secret is a positive thing. It need not be an admission, more just a mention that an ex sent a weird e-mail.

          • what’s the point of sharing, even for honesty’s sake? It just opens a can of worms and could cause friction in the marriage/relationship. I would just ignore it and if she’s uncomfortable with it, she should tell the friend who sent the message to relax and not share their sex dreams – especially when she’s one of the protagonist.

          • epric002

            i just don’t even see it as “keeping a secret” there are all kinds of things that happen during the course of each day that i don’t tell my spouse- it doesn’t mean i’m keeping secrets from him, just that they don’t merit mentioning. what benefit is there to telling the spouse of this (apparently) one-time, random, weird email?

          • We are all friends (including my spouse) and the friend that sent the email makes questionable decisions like this sometimes. It’s just how he is. And we just shake our heads and ignore it, because the friend is a good person. I just think it might be awkward for my spouse. It certainly wasn’t an advance (and it wasn’t an ex- platonic friend only), so it just seems like one of those things that doesn’t merit mentioning.

  • Rave: dating again! And having moderate success with tinder (for actual dates, not just tinder-dates). No success on hinge, though.
    Double-rave: coming across old hookups on tinder and happily swiping (left for one, right for the other).
    Rant: Needy, overcommunicative guys. If I told you I enjoy your company and want to see you again, please trust those words and stop texting me all day every day.

    • Associated Rant: Sorry, I’ll stop texting 🙁
      Rave: awesome Halloween night with Tinder lady-friend! 😀

  • Rant: I am on one of my important client’s bad sides right now due to a couple mistakes/delays (some my fault, some not). I know I just need to put my head down and go above and beyond to win them back but it feels like one of those “when it rains it pours” situations, like setbacks just keep piling on. I’m tired of saying I’m sorry.
    Rave: Ehhh. Not feeling very rave-y today, it’s Monday, it’s cold, my client is mad at me, I ate poorly over the weekend and didn’t exercise much at all. I guess, rave that I saw quite a few friends over the weekend that I haven’t seen in awhile.

    • Some friendly advice, if you don’t mind.

      When something bad happens to one of my client’s projects, the first thing I do is admit our mistake, tell them we are working on correcting the mistake, and explain how we are going about doing that.

      Don’t make an excuse and work your hardest to correct the mistake. We’re all human and mistakes happen. If you are humble, diligent, and take responsibility, then that’s all anyone expects you to do. Just remember that we all have bad days when we think we’re fucking everything up. Stop beating yourself up!

  • epric002

    rave: weekend with the in-laws went really well, including a formalish dinner for his grandmother, who will probably not have the opportunity to visit us again.
    rave: bistro la bonne for brunch. we even ended up with a french speaking waiter, which the french grandmother really enjoyed.
    rant: pretty sure i’m fighting a cold that my MIL had. stupid sore throat.
    rave: halls vitamin c losenges and earl grey tea. loading up on zinc and echinacea. i don’t care if it’s the placebo effect or not.
    rave: foster puppy was pretty well behaved despite all the visitors and his restricted access to most of the house. i think he was a little sad, but he got extra play time after everyone left sunday.
    rave: bought the dogs some “tummy warmers” (lightweight fleece sweaters) from voyagers k9 apparel- highly recommend! they offer all sorts of different products based on breed, so if you follow their measuring instructions you can get an excellent fit. our corgi wears an XL beagle, and the pit puppy wears an XS boxer 😛

  • skj84

    Rave: Jam packed weekend! Halloween parties, opened my show, tweed ride party and finally the company party for my show. I had a performance yesterday and couldn’t attend the tweed ride itself, but the after party was loads of fun. Got a bit of swing dancing in, which I haven’t done in a while!

    Rant: I’m burning the candle at both ends. Between show and work I haven’t had anytime to myself. ANd I won’t have anytime for at least another week. Today is the one evening I had free and I’m supposed to go to a work party. I may just tell them I’m getting sick and bail.

    Rant: My laundry situation has reached dire straits. I’ve made peace with the idea of washing stuff at the laundromat, but I have no time to clean! I’m almost at the point where I’m going to have to use swimsuits as underwear. We are waiting for the results of the demolding to come in, and it can’t be soon enough.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: A nice Halloween on the couch with a bottle of bourbon, a bag of Brach’s S’Mores Candy Corn and the DC Voter Guide.
    Rant: Still unsure about Attorney General.

  • Rant: Did something to advance my career that should not have had any negative consequences. Some collateral damage due to carelessness of others.
    Rave: Still have a pumpkin I didn’t carve for Halloween.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Great fall weather weekend.
    Rave: Wound up going for a run and then out for a long night of drinks on Friday, avoiding all the Halloweeners.
    Rant: A less thoughtful me attempted to get into a bottle of corked Scotch with a very sharp knife, resulting in a rather large gash all the way down my thumb.
    Rave: At least it’s the left hand!

  • Rant: Silver Spring has their street light wreaths up already. Too soon!
    Rant: Jack5 – did you see the latest iteration of the traffic island at Georgia and Newton? The island is still there, as are the original lane markings and the new markings that look like a 5 year old drew them with chalk. DDOT, in its infinite wisdom, took down the tall crosswalk sign that at least sort of indicated that there was something weird in the middle of the street and replaced it with four traffic cones that can’t even be seen in a sedan, let alone an SUV.

  • Rave: Can’t believe my son is a year old. Halloween birthday will be always be fun; he loved his first taste of cake; and even though we had to move it from the playground to our apartment, it worked out pretty well.
    Rave: Pablo Raw took amazing pictures, as he always does. Glad I hired him to snap the birthday party so we could all spend less time behind a camera and more time enjoying. He was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely again.
    Rant: Time change is kicking my tush.

  • Revel: After all the discussion about Halloween, I realized Friday night walking around my neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant that I could not tell if people indulging in the Halloween festivities were fellow Mt. Pleasanters or had come from further away, and that it didn’t matter.

    • Accountering

      Agreed! I loved it!
      The only part that sucked was having to park over on Klingle as I couldn’t find parking anywhere near my house. Driving around for 20 minutes, and then parking a mile from home was kind of lame!

  • Rant: Jacket+scarf+hot tea = still miserably cold in my cube. No one else around me has a problem with the temperature, but I’m freezing.
    Rant: The end of Daylight Saving Time. I’d rather get up in the dark than leave the office in the dark.
    Rave: Not much right now. This is the time of year when I lose the will to live and don’t regain it until April or so.
    Oh, but I did think of a Rave: Thanksgiving. It’s my very favorite holiday, and I will cook SO MUCH good food. I can’t wait!

  • I’m still waiting to hear from first pick job. They updated me this morning saying they were trying to get me a “definitive answer” as soon as they can, BUT I already let them know I have another interview today (to give them a heads up about calling me) and because they didn’t hint at maybe I should cancel it or something, I feel like its going to be bad news. Paranoid or is this just part of HR protocol? I’m still going to go to my other interview today obviously, but I so wish I knew already. So so so wish. also its fucking freezing.

    • HR protocol. It’s not appropriate for them give you advice about whether to have another interview with another company, whether they’ve made you an offer or not. For all they know you want that other job more, or want both offers as bargaining chips, etc. But mostly they just don’t care and are moving along at their own pace.

    • I feel you! I interviewed a second time last Tuesday at a job I’ve wanted for a long time. I am dying to know! Patience is something I’ve never been good at. Good luck yoyotan!

    • Hate this. Interviewed two weeks ago, said they would try to decide in two weeks. Waiting is tough. Want to call or email just to find out what’s up, because hey, if they hired someone else and were just too rude to send me an email to let me know, it’d be good to know that so I’d be more motivated to send out more resumes. (Maybe the previous Anon got the second interview I’ve been waiting for.)

      Usually I keep setting up interviews until I get that offer firm and in writing. Oddly, a number of times the interviews/offers come at the same time, even after months of looking, – its wham, now, which leaves me making decisions between two things. Am I the only one who looks back and wonders how my life would have been different had I pursued the next place’s interview on to an offer after the first one finally came through? I always cave and take the first one, the bird in the hand thing, afraid it may go “poof” if I delay. Not that I’m likely to get another interview soon this time, in such a bad market for me, I’m talking history here – though maybe it will repeat itself and I’ll get a nice run of hearing from employers.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Spent 20 minutes looking for parking, and then parked 0.8 miles from my house on Friday. That was the only negative of halloween in Mt Pleasant for me!
    Rave: Had an AWESOME party on Saturday. Fun getting to meet all my roommates friends, and we all had a blast. The pinata and the 64 liquor filled chocolates (from Costco!) was an awesome touch and definitely was a bigger hit than the other candy we filled the pinata with!
    Rave2: Keeping my fingers crossed for voters in NC, AK, IA, GA, CO, and most importantly DC! Lot of important elections tomorrow, and hoping my candidates can pull them out!
    Rave3: Life goes on either way. Muriel Bowser as mayor, and a senate with 53 republicans, life still goes on, and it is going pretty damn well at the moment!

    • And WI! I would be so, so happy if Wednesday morning came and that scumbag Walker was out of the governor’s mansion in Madison.

      • Accountering

        Seems unlikely, but I would certainly enjoy seeing that one too. If I was listing Governors races I hope go my way tomorrow (and are up in the air) I would have listed half of the country though – FL, RI, CT, WI, PA (in the bag… Corbett you are done!), IA, KS etc etc. Going to be a long night!

      • My roommate is in WI as a lawyer for the DNC on voter ID and poll watching issues (so much disinformation being sowed through robo-calls, false mailers, etc). I think they are already gearing up for the recount, it’s going to be an extremely close race.
        Other friends working at the FEC have already told me that this midcycle election is the dirtiest they’ve ever seen. So much unaccountable money, violation of non-profit laws, dishonest ads that run afoul of laws (i.e. outright disinformation on ID rules), etc. Hopefully some people end up in jail.

    • You forgot MD. I voted early for Hogan.

      • Accountering

        That’s unfortunate. I don’t know how anyone who lives in the DC metro area could vote against the purple line.

      • Accountering

        As someone who drives on 495 daily, I can say I will be particularly pleased when Hogan is defeated.

    • jim_ed

      Bright Side: If Muriel is elected Mayor, she won’t be Councilmember for Ward 4 anymore.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Super fun three day weekend hanging out with best bud from New Mexico. Nonstop fun, from seeing Fleetwood Mac on Halloween night, to watching St. Vincent to checking out the Lincoln Cottage for the first time. Lots of food and drinks along the way!

    Rave: Awesome DC friends welcomed her with open arms. Great to know that I have such a great network here!

    Rant: Seeing grouchy faces on the Metro this morning after having such a great weekend.

  • rave: the weather this morning. I’m glad it’s cold for some reason.
    rant: folks who think it’s funny to embarrass a stranger in public. Um, it’s not. Saw a dude nearly get hit in the head as a result of such actions.
    rant: coworker pushed her way onto my project, rewrote my report only to totally screw it up and I have to fix it.

  • Becks

    Rave: Lovely relaxing weekend.
    Rant: Didn’t get coffee until 10:30 today!
    Rant: Department has merged with another and am now required to be able to respond to questions I have never been given guidance or training on.
    Rant: My hours on a specific project have been slashed in half! I takes two hours a day for a month to complete my spreadsheet, but now I have been told to use an hour a day!
    Rant: I can’t find another job.
    Rant: My office complained that it was too cold and now they turned off the air. It smells like a gym in here!

  • Rant: I haven’t been home for Halloween for a score and a fortnight.
    Rave: I more than made up for that this weekend!

  • Rant: couldn’t sign in.
    Rave: picket fences
    Rant: tire tracks
    Rave: railroad tracks
    Has anyone here been to Dominica or Montserrat? I’m thinking of spending a week at one or the other (or both) in a month but am not sure if it’s worth it, especially with a whole wide world out there.

    • I’d be interested to hear this, as well. Both places look fascinating.
      Though, the last time I checked, it was cheaper to fly there from France than the US. So odd.

    • jim_ed

      I spent some brief time in Dominica on my trip to see if I liked cruise ships for vacation (I found I do not). Dominica has stunningly beautiful nature and very friendly residents, but the island lacks anything more than the most basic infrastructure. Roseau is a pretty grungy town with little to see or do, and although by all accounts its very safe, a lot of it doesn’t feel particularly safe. I’d say Dominica is a great location if you’re looking to get off the grid and hike and explore nature, or want to stay at a small boutique and lounge around all day. If you’re looking for something with diverse restaurants and shopping and great beaches, I’d look elsewhere.

  • Neither a rant or rave, but a question to fellow gardeners: My pepper plants have set new fruit in the last few weeks. I have other plans for the space and need to pull them up, but don’t want to pull them up if I’ll have another crop of peppers. I’m thinking it’s getting too cold and they won’t develop fully/ripen, so I should just go ahead and pull them up. But I’m honestly not sure. Anyone know?

  • Rant: Bargirl texted me last night
    Rant:…apparently she passed the bar and has started her new job…I am happy for her and not surprised in the least (she is a complete type A-workaholic overachiever). We exchanged a few text and she hopes I am doing well (I am not actually doing any better than when i ended things with her about 2 months ago). I know I shouldnt be doing this but would it be a bad idea to ask her to get coffee and catch up? This sounds lame but I could use another friend…however i dont want to lead her on because i dont really have any interest in dating her but like we could watch a football game and grab a beer sometime…
    Rant: What am i doing with my life

    • Allison

      If you do ask her to meet up, just be upfront about the fact that you aren’t interested in dating but would like to be friends. Who knows, maybe she’ll be relieved and thinks of you the same way!

    • “Rant: What am i doing with my life”
      Whenever I read your posts, I ask the same question about your life, lol 😀
      Dude, do you even have a plan here? You’re just winging it.
      As for Bar Girl, leave her alone if you’re not looking to date her. She’s probably busy enough with the new job and doesn’t need the stress of dealing with your weird mixed signals. I guess if you don’t have a lot of friends in DC, then maybe pursue it. But it just seems odd to try to force a friendship this far in adulthood with people you’ve previously dated via online dating, meeting in a bar, etc.

      • I agree you are probably right about not acting on it, but she is the one who reached out to me, so maybe she is willing to be friends. Its not like we had a bad break up, i just felt like we were more friends than lovers. That being said I am still seeing friday girl, but things arent going so well really, so the timing of bargirls text is just making me “think”. I am also trying to be a nice person….i dont dislike bar girl we just did not click intimately…not trying to give off weird mixed signals…she texted me. Would be nice to see her and catch up reguardless but i guess its not worth it.

        • and i am 26 thats not too far into adulthood…

          • That’s the problem: 40 is the new 30 which means that 26 is the new 16. I’m sorry to report that neither is true! The years fly by faster the older you get, so stop making excuses and figure out what life you want.

      • I don’t know, I am much older and became friends with a couple of people I met while online dating. Just b/c you aren’t interested in dating doesn’t mean you don’t share common interests, etc.
        HOWEVER, only contact her if YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that you want to be friends. Do not, under any circumstances, call her and hang out with her if she does not know this. I can’t tell if you really do want to be friends or are telling yourself this b/c you really just want to keep an option open, but making sure you tell her is one way to make sure your motives are not suspect.

    • palisades

      I agree with Allison. Set some clear boundaries from the start and hope for the best.

  • Rant: Morning sickness (aka all day sickness) has set in pretty consistently. We’ve decided not to start telling people yet, so I can’t ask any of the women I know who have dealt with this what has worked for them. Does anyone in PoPville have advice for combating morning sickness?

    • I’m sure people here can help, but I’d imagine there are forums for pregnancy on the interwebs, right? I hate to say Google it, but that’s what I’d do if I was sick all day. Good luck!

      • I have done some googling, but I know there are a lot of women who post on this board who are either pregnant or have kids, so I thought I’d see if there is anything in particular that worked for them.

    • Peppermint tea? Ginger candies? Some have said that the sea bands for motion sickness help….

    • Eat. Constantly. I figured out my morning sickness was set off by sweets, so I ate a lot of saltines/crackers/pretzels. As much as you may not feel like stomaching food, I felt so much better when I was munching on something. Sea bands didn’t really work for me. But I’ve heard about the ginger candy and peppermint. And also “preggie pops,” which you can order on amazon. Tums sometimes help. Ginger ale – and not seagrams/canada dry, but ginger ale with real ginger.
      Some of the forums/sites like DCUrban Moms and Scary Mommy are full of terrible people who seem to enjoy making you feel terrible about your life and choices. BUT I am a big fan of the babybumps site on Reddit, which is full of super friendly, semi-sarcastic ladies who have lots of suggestions and funny stories.

    • Honestly, not that much. Lots of white foods and lots of sugar. Pancakes were staples, as were crackers. For my first pregnancy, jolly ranchers and gummy worms were all I ate on the worst days. This time, even the idea of gummy worms is making me ill, but I did have one day this time where jolly ranchers were my saving grace. Ginger products work for some- for me, it just made me associate ginger with being sick. Sorry I don’t have much more to offer!

  • Rave: Fun Halloween weekend! A little too fun… Friday is a little blurry. Saturday I went to a house party and it was much more low-key. Happy with how my costume turned out too.
    Rant: My office is freezing. AC and heat are being replaced so no heat until sometime next week. Feeling silly sitting in my winter jacket, but I hate being cold…

  • That family costumed as the Addams Family wins this Halloween! Fantastic and everyone looks in character.

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