“parking lot at the intersection of 14th/Kennedy/Colorado approved for a weekly farmers market starting in late spring 2015”

Potentially good news for 14th/16th Street Heights/Crestwood/Brightwood (Park)/Upper Petworth:

“A few of us from the Kennedy Street Development Association have been working on bringing a farmers market to our neighborhood.

We have approval from Dr. Corder to use the parking lot at the intersection of 14th/Kennedy/Colorado for a weekly market starting in late spring 2015. We’ve reached out to a few different folks to manage the market. Finding out if there is neighborhood buy-in is an important next step in the process in order to secure a partner organization to run this. Starting a market is always a big financial investment and we want to know if our neighbors want this and would support it.

This is where we need your help. Please take a moment to share this survey with your neighborhood listserves. We hope to get at least a couple hundred responses!

Your input is appreciated!”

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  • Everybody wants a farmers’ market around the corner from them, but doesn’t this stretch the available vendors pretty thin? Unless this one’s gonna be on Mondays or something like that.

    • While your point is true, 16th Street Heights doesn’t have a lot of amenities as it is. There are no bakeries or coffee shops or really anything you can walk between Decatur and Missouri west of Georgia to aside from a Rite-Aid, a dry cleaner, a laundromat, and a cross-fit box. The corner market shut down because the owner was murdered in an armed robbery. So, having something to walk to, see the neighbors, shop for produce, etc. is a positive thing for the neighborhood.

      • The market at Georgia and Upshur is very close (at least for me), definitely closer than where this one would be.

        • That’s an entirely different neighborhood you’re talking about it, Petworth.

        • This is, I think, a development that is perhaps 5.731 times more exciting than the idea of a restaurant opening across the street. First of all, it really serves the needs of the immediate neighborhood, in the most central possible location for the neighborhood. I’m of the opinion that the restaurant will fail miserably, simply because it’s not convenient to get to, there’ll be no parking for outsiders (upon which the previous area restaurant was reliant), and the rampant violent crime now afflicting this neighborhood, compounded with the crazy men stalking the streets day and night. Who the heck would come up to that area at night?

          The farmer’s market, on the other hand, is a great idea that is best for the people who actually live in the neighborhood, and far less likely to be affected by the area thugs and crazies seeking to victimize normal folks.

          • jim_ed

            rampant violent crime and crazy men stalking the streets day and night? Have you been to the neighborhood since 1992?

          • While the two recent attacks have been alarming (the corner store robbery in July and the stabbing at the market across the street a few weeks ago), I think they qualify as “random” rather than “rampant.” I live on this block; there are not any sit-down restaurant/bar options within easy walking distance. While I am concerned about the restaurant’s impact on parking (I park on the street and can generally find a spot close to home), I think having an active business that generates foot traffic on a daily basis will be great for the neighborhood. I was surprised when they installed the Capital Bikeshare rack at this intersection last year, but it seems to get a fair amount of use; I think that bodes well for the success of a restaurant. If the restaurant is family friendly I’d expect many of the families at recreational sporting activities just a block away in Rock Creek Park may walk over for lunch on weekends. A farmers’ market might further energize the neighborhood, but a restaurant will provide a reason for visitors to return to the area on non-market days.

  • This is awesome. I’m going to buy all the food here.

  • I worry about how successful this will be. The Petworth market seems to be doing fairly well, but the vendors are still somewhat scarce.

  • Maybe we can think a little differently about this farmer’s market to attract more people. Include pop ups that can vary by the week or month. A pop up could also serve to introduce someone looking for locations for a brick and mortar to the neighborhood. A mini Food truck-palloza could also attract people to spend money at a farmer’s market.

    • I like these ideas! And I filled out the survey! Thanks to the Kennedy Street Development Association for getting this momentum going.

  • This neighborhood will be a tough one to turn. Every time I visit, I feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it is just because it gets so quiet.

  • If this farmer’s market had good breads and cheeses, I would be there *every*single*weekend.* We do our main shopping at Safeway for cost and convenience, but those are two items where the big chains fall way short. I drive past this corner on my way to the store and would gladly pay more for the farmer’s market versions.

  • ps – Any news on that restaurant? I’m excited about it (particularly for brunch). It’s hard to see anything with the windows covered, and I’m wondering if there’s a new ETA.

  • I think the Brightwood farmers’ market would succeed if they had it at a different time than most of the other farmers’ markets. I used to go to Petworth Farmers’ Market all the time when it was on Friday evenings, but have gone rarely when it was moved to Saturday mornings because there is so much competition for things to do on Saturday morning. What I’m saying is that if it was on Friday evenings I would be there all the time.

  • As an EBT user (disabled), being able to purchase with my card would be essential.

  • Thank you to Dr. Corder!! Not only is she an AMAZING pediatrician, she’s a good neighbor and community member.

    So glad to have her as my kid’s doctor (and basically her favorite person of all time!).

  • Agreed that it could be a success if held during different hours than all the other markets – ie not Saturday morning. At current, there are 3 markets within walking distance of my house at that time. (I still go to Dupont as frequently as any of them because it has more variety.) So a 4th farmers market in the area seems like they could have challenges.

  • Petworth used to be a Friday late afternoon/evening market, but it has definitely been more successful as a Saturday market. The reason markets are mostly on Saturday and Sunday is because that’s when there are more people available to attend them. Unless you have a very dense area, weekday markets are harder.

  • The greatest population density is at the east end of Kennedy Street. It doesn’t make sense to me to have it all the way at the west end of Kennedy.

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