Next Up in New Retail coming to CityCenter- Arc’teryx Outdoor Gear

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And this one I’ve heard of too! Washington Business Journal reported the news and adds some interesting details about choosing CityCenter over Georgetown:

“The brand originally set its sights on Georgetown for a D.C. outpost, Goldmeier said, but the mix of retail at CityCenterDC was ultimately a better fit.

“With no disrespect to T.J. Maxx,” Goldmeier said, “but when that starts to be the big face in Georgetown as opposed to what was originally proposed as a Bloomingdale’s, it does affect an outsider’s view of what’s going on there.”

They say this Arc’teryx location is aiming for a December opening at the corner of 11th and H St, NW.

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  • ooh, burn!
    to be fair, the TJ Maxx in georgetown is very upscale, and I find it (actually being somewhat affordable) to be in the minority there. Most things are outrageously overpriced and unaffordable.

    • Gtown has a real mix of affordable and extravagant. Zara, Banana Republic, Gap, Loft, H&M are all quite affordable (especially since they run more or less constant sales).

  • WBJ also reported today Fig & Olive restaurant coming along with David Yurman (which I think you reported before) and Caudalie boutique.

  • I guess when your product is overpriced, you have to do anything to attract attention, like positioning yourself around other luxury brands (the retail equivalent of only going out to the club with attractive people to boost your status), having a dramatic window display and being close by to tourist traps.
    I personally have nothing against Georgetown or TJ Maxx. Georgetown has plenty of high end shopping, my guess is the rents were too damn high.

    • tonyr

      Or hanging around with obese friends makes you look thinner.

    • It’s expensive, but I wouldn’t say overpriced, rather very well made. I backpack all seasons and have arcteryx gear going on 10-15 years now, still as serviceable as the day I bought it. I definitely wouldn’t spend that kind of money for stuff to wear just going to and from the metro that’s for sure.

  • I think the North Face and Patagonia stores are perfectly happy in charming Georgetown as opposed to boring CityCenter..

    • Yeah, but those are discount brands…in the sense that you can get the exact same thing from Patagonia or North Face for half the price of Arc’teryx. I didn’t even realize there was a brand more insane than Helly Hansen in price until now.

      • Hardly. Patagonia occupies verys similar price points for clothing. Arcteryx is quite a bit more expensive than NorthFace for packs (I own two Arcteryxes), but North Face really abdicated the big backpack field long ago, The fundamental problem with City Center is that hasn’t evolved for 40 years like Gtown and doesn’t have a strong upper middle brow volume draw like Apple or Nordstrom.

        The stores they have at City Center aren’t all that unique and don’t seem to be doing that well. When I went into Allen Edmonds, the service was like being at Famous Footwear–they didn’t know the merchandise. I don’t splurge on shoes often but ahoes in their class can be rebuilt–I went to Alden’s instead, where they knew their stuff.

        • Patagonia is frequently 50% or more off online. Arctryx is infrequently discounted. So it is considered a more upscale brand.

    • I’m sure they will soon find themselves moving to City Center once that becomes the shopping destination for people with loads of money to spend.

      • Absolutely. All the poo-pooing of CityCenter on here (not just in this post) is WAY premature. Once it gets fully open and established, I think it will be extremely popular.

  • I had no idea that there was a TJ Maxx in gtown. When did that happen?

  • For the record, these guys have some of the best outdoor clothing in the industry.

    • I spend a lot of time out doors and all clothing wears out, some a bit faster than others but nothing really survives wear and tear of daily use for more than 6 months to a year. Better to buy the mid priced stuff with strong warranties.

  • Anyone know how sales have been at the CityCenter retail so far? Never seems very busy to me, but I’m always there after 8 when everything is closed.

  • there was a story in the washingtonian this month about affording to live in d.c. with a blurb from a woman who pays $5K to live here and enjoys going out and such, but apparently has to put her rent on credit.

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