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  • Maybe they could also work on keeping more registers open? It takes forever to check out because the lines are crazy and they only have about 2/3rd open during rush times.

  • I’ve never had an issue with lines at checkout.

  • I’ve had a few longer waits checking out, but overall I think this is one of the best Safeways in DC. Granted, that’s a pretty low bar, but other than wishing they had a more upscale butcher & deli as well as being more proactive keeping the sidewalks clean; no complaints.

  • west_egg

    The new Safeway has been a disappointment. I don’t mind running in for the occasional shelf-stable item. But the produce isn’t great; the bulk spice display was initially promising but isn’t maintained; the prepared foods are occasionally spoiled; and the staff (with a few notable exceptions) is clueless and unhelpful. I live a block away but still drive to the Teet in Adams Morgan just like I did before Safeway opened.

    • Couldn’t agree more on spoiled food. Why does every Safeway have this issue? It’s disgusting. Even foods that are clearly labeled with expiration dates are left on shelves too long. A few weeks ago, every one of their organic string cheese packages was six weeks expired.

    • burritosinstereo

      I disagree about the produce (I think I have Giant-induced PTSD because their produce was always bare bones, in my experiences), but I agree with you on the prepared foods. A few weeks ago I bought a rotisserie chicken from there, in order to provide for my sad single person weeknight dinners, and I got SOOOOOO SICK. It ended up lasting like 4 days, so there’s a chance it was an ill-timed stomach virus, but good god, rotisserie chickens are now ruined for me, and that’s a damn shame.

    • maxwell smart

      Agreed about the produce. I will drive past multiple Safeway’s to go anywhere else for produce. Actually I’ve just gotten to the point where I buy my produce at Whole Foods.

  • I am very happy with the new Safeway. The produce is good, the prices are somewhat fair, and haven’t had trouble checking out. So it’s good to know that I can go there whenever I want to.

  • Yes the Safeway does have a few short comings in terms of choice, but it’s super convenient to have, especially since it’s now open 24/7. It’s a great asset to have nearby.

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