New Map Lets Folks “view activities that impede pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular traffic in the District”

See live map here

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) today unveiled an online tool that will help residents, visitors and businesses view activities that impede pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular traffic in the District.

DDOT’s Public Space Occupancy Map displays existing construction projects, emergency utility work and special events. Icons that represent activities, which temporarily affect public space, show more details when selected, allowing users an opportunity to examine these activities for more information. For instance, the public can view public space permit numbers, and beginning and end dates for a project or special event.”

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  • This will make it much easier to track who isn’t complying with the new regulations about blocking cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Am I the only one not seeing the sidewalk closure on M St NW from at 20th? That closure effectively (although not officially) converts the cycletrack into a pedestrian path.

    • Actually, it doesn’t. There are signs on both sides of the construction telling pedestrians to cross the street, and a sign by the bike lane, instructing cyclists to still use it. So my options there are to blow through the pedestrians, or risk in with traffic.

      Sorry, but as a cyclist who actually tries to abide by road rules, this is infuriating.

  • There’s a classic on Mt. Pleasant Street now.
    All pedestrians file into the traffic lane please!

  • palisades

    This is not nearly up to date. The pavement they mention for MacArthur right after Canal was apparently done last year. Also, there is a huge construction project on Canal road right now that is not on here.

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