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  • They will be greatly missed by the neighborhood.

  • Once again, I get to read about a long-time favorite establishment closing because of some f**king greedy landlord. I would love to have them called out each time these announcements are made.

    • You know, it might also have something to do with the bad food and bad service. These things drive away customers, which in turn lowers profits, which in turn saps the ability to pay one’s rent (or one’s newly increased rent).

      First time I ate there: best meal of my life. No joke. SO GOOD.
      Every other time? mediocre to bad food accompanied by lousy service. So I eventually stopped going there, and walked the other direction on Conn. when I wanted a pint.

  • I was excited to live near Murphy’s when I moved to the neighborhood last year. But they quickly cured my excitement, alas.

  • Please come to Kennedy Street! Murphys and Duffys!

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