MPD Chief Lanier “Video is a force multiplier for MPD” – Capital Shield public/private Video Sharing Partnership Launched

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From MPD:

“Members of the Metropolitan Police Department today announced a new citywide initiative called Capital Shield, which is designed to enhance Washington, DC’s overall public safety and security through a public/private video sharing partnership between the MPD, Kastle Systems Security, and local businesses.

The Capital Shield program will allow participants to enroll their existing security cameras or request a recommendation on how to better equip their businesses with a new video system which, in turn, can be enrolled in the program. The participant owns and has access to video from any new cameras provided by the program. MPD will have access during critical incidents.

“Video is a force multiplier for MPD,” said Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier. “It gives us an extra set of eyes by allowing us to provide much needed situational awareness. The Capital Shield program is an important new step in working with private enterprise to enhance public safety throughout the city. I would like to extend a special thanks to our inaugural members and to Kastle for its donation to help the city make this a reality.”

Kastle Systems will add 300 cameras to join MPD’s existing network. Additionally, Kastle will donate 1,000 cameras to businesses interested in participating in the Capital Shield program.

“The role of video security has never been more important or more evident in cities across the country, said Kastle Systems owner Mark Ein. “Modern video technology saves lives, catches criminals, deters crime, and accomplishes something that we all value – a safer city. Kastle is proud of the role we are playing to help DC.”

In additional to Kastle other participants in the Capital Shield program include Douglas Development, Vornado Realty Trust, PN Hoffman, First-Potomac Realty Trust, The Tower Companies and Tishman Speyer -partnering in 60 locations to start.

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  • I normally despise government conspiracy stuff, but sheesh, that’s one of the most Big Brother-y press releases I’ve ever read.

    • It’s so that they can have evidence to convict people of crimes AFTER they’re comitted… That way you’ll still get murdered and mugged, but they’ll only have to have one cop on duty watching 1,000 cameras.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Creepy. They should be forced to disclose which businesses agree to this.

  • Accountering

    Looks great. You don’t have a right to privacy on a city street. If someone in an office can keep an eye on 50 street corners, that is certainly a force multiplier. I like it!

    • I like it too. Video is a great took for spotting and finding people who committed crimes. This seems like a good way to have more footage of more places without making taxpayers pay the bill.

    • I think it sounds great too. Cuts down on unnecessary police legwork of going to request security tapes – assuming a business or homeowner voluntarily enrolls in the program. Also real time, immediate surveillance- a crime gets reported and the officers watching the cameras can check a several block radius for people matching the description.

  • There are already so many cameras, it’s hard to feel like there aren’t eyes on you already when you’re out in DC. At least this way there will be video evidence of crimes, so that they can be prosecuted even if there are no witnesses who feel like they can brave stepping forward.

  • Video multiplied by zero MPD action still equals zero.

  • This is actually great – wish it could extend to homeowners. We’ve had frequent drug dealing problems in the alley and rec center in our area, and one of the ways that Vice has said we can help is to put up cameras….but that requires someone acknowledging their home as the source (which most people don’t want to do in drug cases). If this someone aggregated the camera data and it just came from “Capital Shield,” it’d be great.

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