Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Forest Hills/Van Ness

4007 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 4007 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“This cozy, elegant and charming studio is located in Tilden Court and Forest Hills Community. It has high ceilings, large windows a separate dining nook, shelving in closets, extra storage in the basement, a gym, laundry room and bike room in the basement. close to metro stop. All utilities included and basic cable.”

You can see a few photos here.

This studio is going for $1,350/Mo.

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  • I had a client inside this building once…it feels very old, has no central AC, limited closet space. I’m not sure how a studio would be worth this much, other than the cachet of living in Upper Safetyville.

    • It’s a pre-WWII building what do you expect? People live in old buildings because they like them and frankly a window unit is cheaper and less trouble than having a heat pump/a-c. Have had both–a window unit can easily cool a decent sized one bedroom with surprising efficiency. I’d also rather have the steam heat you get in an old building.

      I looked at several units in this building–one nicely redone, one probably untouched for a few decades, and some in between. Narrow kitchens seems to be typical for 1 bedrooms, although there are several different layouts. The location is very convenient–near Metro, Giant, etc. and not an awful walk from Cle Park. There’s no parking, but it’s not like trying to find a spot in Adams Morgan, MtP or Logan.This is actually a good deal, esp. given that it’s not in a basement.

  • The apartment is small, and the neighborhood seems a little sleepy for my taste. But being that close to Metro with a gym, extra storage, included utilities and basic cable, that seems like a good deal.

  • This is a good deal purely for the kitchen – you never see ones that big in studios. It would almost make living in Van Ness worthwhile… almost.

  • maxwell smart

    Ugh. Major eyeroll at all of the negative Upper NW commentators on this posting / website. Guess what? Not everyone wants to live on 14th, U or H Street, okay? Some of us actually enjoy going home to some peace and quiet. “Upper Safetyville?” Jesus. Yes, because I totally want a feature of my neighborhood to be that it’s really stabby.

    • Yeah, not everyone wants the same thing. I’ll always take convenience and a short commute over peace and quiet, but I can see why some people would prefer the opposite.

      • And this is three metro stops to Dupont, five to Farragut and six to Metro Center. Oh, and about three blocks to a grocery store, four blocks to a business district with a dozen or so restaurants. Sounds convenient and a short commute to me.

    • I agree – I really don’t understand why someone would dis a place for being safe – unless you’re a young thug looking for some street cred. Seriously though, Van Ness is a pretty awesome neighborhood and totally underrated as you can see. Being looked down upon by snobs like DC Resident makes the rents pretty affordable too. Where else in the city can you get a studio for $1350 that’s within walking distance to a Giant, Metro, restaurants, bars, and other cool stuff like the Uptown theater and Politics and Prose.

      • Accountering

        Van Ness is not underrated. It is a boring neighborhood, with nothing going on. It is rated exactly as it deserves. That of a sleepy area that is good for families, with convenient access (via Metro or Bus) to downtown.

  • maxwell smart

    Upper NW Haterade is tired, weak and not appreciated.

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