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  • This is most likely due in part to the fact that iPhones are no longer a hot item for thieves, because in most cases you can no longer just grab it and expect to sell it.

    • That must be it, because I definitely haven’t noticed a decrease in people wandering obliviously eyes glued to screens.

  • I tackled a guy last year who stole a woman;s phone at the Fort Totten metro and held him until the cops picked him up. Plenty of people stood around taking pictures… I never got to see any of them.

  • ridership is down

  • It’s down because of a concerted effot by metro PD not to file reports of theft in order to lower the statistics and meet their targets. Someone stole my phone on the platform and the officer refused to take a report, saying I had probably lost it.

  • The “steal-grade” to the iPhone 5S was not worth it over your already stolen 4S or 5. Wait until next year.

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