McClellan’s Retreat opens at 4pm in upper Dupont – A Look Inside and at the Cocktail Menu

McClellan's Retreat, Washington, DC
photos courtesy of McClellan’s Retreat/Scott Suchman

From an email:

“We’re excited to announce the opening of McClellan’s Retreat TODAY at 4pm. The former Veritas space on the corner of Florida Avenue & S Street NW has been transformed from wine bar to a cozy neighborhood watering hole complete with craft cocktails, a curated list of bourbons and ryes, beer and wine. A menu of bar snacks by Jan Van Haute, which includes finger food, spreads and charcuterie, complements the drink list. The full list of cocktails is available here.”

McClellan's Retreat, Washington, DC

McClellan's Retreat, Washington, DC

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  • Looks really nice – hope it can do what I wanted from Bar Charley. Just a good cocktail bar in Dupont. Charley is a great idea but it so small and takes way too long to get a nice drink when they are crowded.

  • Well, I hope it’s better than Veritas. My friend and I had a bad experience there. We ordered glasses of Pinot Noir and it had a bad smell like it hadn’t been stored properly. We tried to tell the waiter that, but he was very rude and gave us a hard time about giving us a refund. He said we should taste it and we said no, it smells spoiled and we don’t want to get sick. The whole decor is not appealing to me. It’s kind of dark and too masculine, old word. I like bars that are more light cool and modern. So this place better be great to wipe out my bad memories of Veritas.

    • I agree about Veritas, I never had a good experience there. Worst wine bar in the city, IMO. This looks WAY better, so hopefully that is a good indication of things to come.

  • Let’s hope this place lasts longer than it’s namesake!

  • justinbc

    I love the look, reminds me a lot of Seven Grand in LA. I’ve known the chef for years and his food is always outstanding, can’t wait to see what he cooks up for these guys!

  • It looks like a better use of space than how Veritas was set up, and I like the dark décor. However, to me, cozy neighborhood watering hole + craft cocktails, spreads, and charcuterie = does not compute.

  • Looks like they fixed “DuPont” on their door!

  • a) glad they fixed the spelling of Dupont.
    b) no drink prices on their menu… not a good sign
    c) a private caterer for the food? not a good sign this will be reasonable
    a neighborhood watering hole… we’ll have to wait til the prices come out to see

  • Love the renovation. Sazerac at the top of the cocktail menu makes me pretty happy too.

  • Really like the decor, very cozy feel to it. As for the prices , we shall see.

  • Did anyone go? How was it? What are the HH specials?

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