Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser Statement on Grand Jury Ruling in Ferguson, MO

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Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser Statement on Grand Jury Ruling in Ferguson, MO:

“We cannot address gaps in understanding in our cities without peace. As Washingtonians, let’s stand with Michael Brown’s family in their call to find meaningful solutions to long-standing inequities. While the Brown family searches for comfort in their hearts, we should support them by acting peacefully, working tirelessly for change and living to better understand one another.”

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  • Why does she even need to have a public opinion on this?

    • Because she is a public servant and this could be a potential public safety issue if we don’t react in a peaceful manner. Why are you so dense chief?

    • Umm maybe because D.C. has a large black population that could retaliate against white people? She doesn’t want folks to go violent and start looting and robbing yuppies out of anger towards the Ferguson situation. Back when Trayvon Martin’s verdict became public white people were being targeted in assaults and robberies, dude were screaming “this is for Trayvon!” before committing the crime. Hispanics were targeted as well. Slavery anf Jim Crow really fucked America up for generations to follow.

      • You know what? If you didn’t include that last sentence, this would sound REALLY RACIST.

        • I’m not racist by any means and I’m black myself. I’m just being real. America still has a lot of racial resentment and divide on both sides. Unfortunately I don’t see this ever changing its too embedded into fabric of this country. Because of history, black people in America as a whole are the permanent under class and white people generally will always be more affluent and yield more power. The inferior complex is real, so is white privilege and system was never really meant to protect African Americans. Add in constant racial profiling and this is why things are the way it is.

    • She is the elected leader of a city with a large African American population, commenting on a key issue that has African Americans upset enough to hold protests across the country. Including one on U Street last night. Considering the smoking wreck that is Ferguson this morning, she would be stupid to NOT issue a statement acknowledging their concerns and pledging to do better.

    • No reason other than to get her name in the news. I am proud that my fellow Washingtonians have been peaceful since the verdict. It’s a real shame that people in Ferguson are destructing their own community and damaging the lives of business and property owners

      Personally I’m conflicted about the lack of an indictment because I do see both sides of the argument. The fact that the prosecutor just laid out all the evidence rather than just a smaller sample to let the jury make a decision should be applauded. I think it’s silly to argue that the jury had too much evidence to make an informed decision. What happened to Michael Brown is tragic because in our society, I think we resort to violence far too quickly, but there’s also a lot of people out there with no respect for authority, no respect for others, and no respect for themselves. That being said, I can’t help but think that if this had been a white kid shot by a cop of any color, the story would have been relegated to a small corner of the local section in the paper and quickly forgotten.

      • This was all a bunch of nonsense. What are you even saying? The real tragedy is not people like Bowser giving a statement, it’s every yahoo with a computer and internet connection “weighing on” on issues they know nothing about. At all.

      • That cop of color would have been thrown in jail immediately.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Nice statement.

  • That’s actually really well done. Nice job.

  • Well said Muriel.

  • Wow. Good statement. David Grosso could take a lesson from this.

  • SFT

    “we should support them by acting peacefully, working tirelessly for change and living to better understand one another” should be our mantra always!

  • Accountering

    This whole situation is so sad. Regardless of what you think should have happened to the police officer, the city is being torn to shreds, and will never be the same. Last I heard the police department has spent $2,000,000 on riot gear, and I am sure tens of millions more on overtime, as well as defending the inevitable lawsuits and property value decreases. At the end of the day this thing likely winds up costing the city and state 100,000,000 or more. How much better would that money be if spent on schools and such.
    Such a sad state of affairs over there. Feeling for the whole community right now.

    • I’ve seen the picture of his “injuries,” and he’s not getting charged. Let’s get one thing straight – it is clear that NOTHING happened to Darren Wilson.

  • A respectable statement.

    Every DC protest I’ve been to (for this issue and others) has been peaceful. Pretty veteran protesters around this town.

    Next step is jumping on board the move to de-militarize the police. DC particularly has a huge federal law enforcement and military presence. If MPD has gear anything near what Ferguson has, we need to sell that off ASAP. We could better put those dollars into improving our schools than have MPD sitting on tanks it will never have to use (and, if things get that bad, MPD has plenty of backup from the feds ready to go at a moment’s notice).

    • anywhere near*

      Sorry, typo, sleepy.

    • +500000000000 There is no need for community police to have such resources. Something is really rotten in Denmark when you have military veterans observing that the Ferguson police have better riot gear than they did while in a war zone. And that they seem to never have been trained in how to use it or how to control tense crowd situations without escalating them or resorting to violence. I hope that there is a serious push for accountability and reform in the Ferguson PD and justice system, and a nationwide push for officers to wear body cameras at all times.

  • Empty statement from an empty head

  • That she didnt say anything in support of our mpd and did say stand with his family strikes a bit of taking sides……

    • What are you talking about? Our MPD has absolutely nothing to do with this case. Why would she bring them up? What’s wrong with her conveying sympathy for parents who just lost their loved one?

  • “We cannot address gaps in understanding in our cities without peace” This sentence makes absolutely no sense.

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