Loose Dog, Smokie, Spotted on Quincy Place, NW


A reader sends:

“I was walking to my car this morning in the alley behind Quincy pl nw [North capital on one end and 1st st nw on the other end in Bloomingdale] and I saw this dog with tags running around. The dog kept running from me when I tried to get close to him so I couldn’t grab him. I did get close enough to see that his name on his tag was Smokie. I had to get to work so I ended up calling animal control but hopefully the owner sees this so they can pick Smokie up and get him home!”

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  • epric002

    shared on lost & found dogs DC metro area FB page.

  • I live on that block, and am 95% sure that’s the dog that belongs to the residents of 15 Quincy Place NW (the yellow house on the North side).

    • Agreed about the yellow house being the home of the dog. I’m on this block frequently and the dog is always running around the neighborhood and into the street. The owners have been told repeatedly to keep the dog on leash or indoors. They don’t care. An old friend threatened to call animal control, and that didn’t even phase them.

      • epric002

        please call animal control and let them know this is a chronic issue. their # is 202-723-5730

        • Yes, and if the dog is not registered, when ACC gets him, they will likely be fined (at least that is what ACC told me). Maybe then they will start taking this a bit more seriously (if not for the safety of their dog, then for their wallet).

    • This is correct. The dog lives on this block and its owners frequently let it outside to do its thang. The dog is friendly (if a bit skittish), but hasn’t yet been taught to pick up its own poop. The owners are also friendly folks.

  • There’s a good chance I saw this dog get hit by a car and then run away last week at the intersection of Irving and Park. If anyone knows the owners, please let them know. He might be hurt.

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