I-395 near 7th shutdown by Ferguson Protestors


@spruzin tweets us the photo above just before 1:30pm:

“I-395 as it goes under 7th Street. Assume it’s a protest, and wow.”

@dcalerts tweets:

“DDOT reports I-395 near 7th and Frontage is closed in both directions due to protesters on the highway. MPD reports Special Operations Division units are on the scene. Please avoid”

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  • I am legitimately curious what the end goal of the protest is

  • An end to police militarization, brutality, and fake prosecutions, required body cameras and citizens review boards, stronger federal civil rights oversight into local prosecutions and policing, and visibility/respect for black lives? Those are some of the end goals.

    When some bull happens in society, you protest. Been happening since the beginning of time. Just because you don’t care about this particular protest, which says a lot about you, doesn’t mean it’s a flawed process.

    • well put. i don’t necessarily care, but I respect it.

    • Anonymouse basically gave my response to this. I understand all of these issues and sympathize with them, but blocking a major highway on a day when most people are coming back into town seems to me to not be helpful. In fact, I think it would be counterproductive because it will turn a lot of people against them.

      • There were probably some people who wanted to drive over the Edmund Pettus Bridge on March 7, 1965 but were inconvenienced by not being able to.

        • Not even close to the same thing.

        • Not a very similar comparison. I believe in the Edmund Pettus Incident, the protesters were marching somewhere, and not shutting down the entire road for the sake of shutting down the road. I have to imagine they WANTED people to drive PAST so that people could see their cause and how many supporters they had and join. While the Alabama March was noble and tragic, the protesters shutting down highways today are megalomaniacs – they are just doing it for themselves – they can’t believe it is a good way to build support or positive recognition for their message “this is why we need less powerful police, because it really sucks when they are working to keep the roads open and safe!”.

    • And how is blocking a major highway going to help accomplish any of this?

  • Don’t mess with America’s love of single occupancy vehicles and the Interstate highway system…..

  • I get protesting. But why protest in a way that disrupts the lives of others? You’re not going to engender sympathy that way, just hostility. And saying “this is a petty inconvenience compared to X injustice” isn’t an argument that makes sense – no one’s trying to argue that being stuck in a traffic back-up is the same or worse than alleged police brutality.

    Seriously, why protest in this way?

    • What way would you suggest? Letting the legal system handle it has not been effective. Trusting to the better natures and judgement of our fellow Americans has not been effective. Using traditional media has not been effective. Efforts to integrate schools and neighborhoods so that we can know and care about each other as fellow citizens and human beings has largely been unsuccessful. So perhaps civil disruption is worth a try. The truly sad thing from my perspective is that most Americans seem more concerned about Black Friday sales than about equality and justice for Black Americans.

      • Trust me, this is not effective.

        • I didn’t say that it was effective — I asked what might be, and so far, no one’s answered. I will say that weeks, months, years, decades, generations of anger and frustration and, yes, turning the other cheek have to be channeled in some fashion, and non-violent protests seem preferable to many of the alternatives.
          As to people who have noted that disrupting traffic loses potential supporters, I doubt that anyone who is truly committed to social justice will be “lost”, just as I doubt that anyone who is not committed to the issue will notice and switch gears. I think this is much more meaningful for the protesters than it is for the observers.

          • “I think this is much more meaningful for the protesters than it is for the observers.” So in other words it’s just self-indulgent behavior. That I agree with.

          • Please don’t twist my words. If your behavior, actions, and values matter more to the “observers” than they do to you, yourself, in my view, at least, that’s neither a healthy nor a well-lived life. And yes, I do realize that twisting words and ideas, particularly those that they can’t fully appreciate or understand is just one of those things that Anonymous posters on the internet DO.

          • No twisting necessary. You said those words yourself. And, believe it or not, many of us are fully capable of appreciating (in the literal sense of the word) and understanding your words and ideas yet still find them silly.

      • There were protests at 14th and U and the Capitol that brought this issue to my attention just as effectively as the one on 395.

        I support protesting over the issues that matter to you. However, when you do it in a way that seems less about the issue itself and more about making people upset and angry at YOU because you’re upset and angry at something, it’s really non-productive. It comes across as tit-for-tat, and loses you potential supporters.

        It raises hostility that distracts from the very issue you wanted to bring attention to.

  • Anyone illegally blocking a public highway should be arrested and charged with creating a public nuisance.

  • Ok, lets try to draw positive attention to our cause by illegally shutting down an interstate on the busiest travel day of the year. Didn’t really think that one through did y’all?

    Since they are clearly staging an unpermitted and illegal protest, while simultaneously putting many innocent lives at risk, I am not sure why they weren’t immediately arrested and removed from the highway.

    I don’t care what your politics are, or what you are protesting, learn from this as it is the absolute wrong way to go about it.

  • It’s a neck and neck race for most counter-productive protest between these idiots and DC taxi drivers.

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