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  • This row on New Hampshire Avenue was built in 1979 and this house was not likely ever used as other than residential.

    • I’m pretty sure the question is about the odd, cubbyhole-like space between the two rows of windows. I think a few houses in that row have them, and I’ve also wondered why they’re there.

  • Of course! Duh. I wield a hammer, so the question looked like a nail to me.

    Judging by the awkward elements above the doors on the neighboring houses I’m guessing that they are merely decorative. But not very! The one other similar element in the row that I can spot in photos is finished differently, which is odd and does not support my theory. But I cannot think of a useful purpose for such a floor-spanning break in the front wall. Maybe an ACTUAL architectural historian can tell us.

  • Wonder if something like coal could be delivered there. Was there a furnace thereabouts or at least an easy path to one?

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