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  • I rather like the mailbox? if that is what it is. Small packages can be dropped though.

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say! Of all the things, I love the mailbox. It works because the whole front of the house is fenced, which while you could still climb it and steal a package if you really wanted to, so it would probably discourage that behavior. Plus the area behind the mailbox is solid, so you’d really have to be looking for something back there.

  • justinbc

    I always hate the photos of this place, I think they make it look terrible (especially the toilet paper thing). But I finally walked by a few months ago and was happy to see that it looked significantly better in person.

    • justinbc

      Oh, and there’s a plaque on the front, or the door, or somewhere that references exactly what they call the house, but I can’t recall the name as it’s been a while.

    • maxwell smart

      haha. Toilet Paper thing is the perfect description for it. At first I was like “hmm.. they really f’ed up the louver thing they were going for… oh wait, those are intentionally supposed to be wavy? Hmmmm”

  • Emmaleigh504

    I am a fan.

  • Wacky and wonderful, I really like how they have the address coming out of the building and the mailbox is neat too.

  • The toilet paper part looked awesome before they painted it. Should have left the metal exposed.

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