Holy Garden Haul – 145 peppers from one poblano plant!


Obviously the summer garden haul contest is long over but this is awesome – a reader writes:

“My husband and I picked these from one poblano plant on 11/14. Last haul of the year. 145 peppers. Plus a red tomato and a few serrano peppers.”

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  • Awesome. What’s your secret? Where do you buy your seeds/seedlings from?

    • Hi! I picked those peppers! Those are the seeds off a poblano plant I bought last year at the National Arboretum plant sale. I started them indoors during the winter and planted them once it was warm enough. They had a slow start, but picked up by August. Secret? Compost, they get intense south and western sun during the summer, and a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer.

  • You gonna pickle them?

  • You should make some chiles en nogada — my absolutely favorite Mexican dish.

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