Heritage India’s P Street Location has Closed in Dupont

1633 P Street, NW

Heritage India opened in the former Skewers space above the then Cafe Luna back in Oct. 2012. [Cafe Luna briefly became Malgudi’s and then Cafe Mirasol.]

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“HERITAGE INDIA on p street nw has closed for good 5 days ago!”

I called Heritage’s Glover Park location and they confirmed P Street had closed but didn’t go into detail. Will update when more info is known and/or a new tenant opens up.

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  • I really want someone to clean up the patio of Mirasol by putting the patio furniture away.

  • Both Mirasol and Heritage have been closed for over a month (I live basically across the street; Almost had rehearsal dinner at latter, dodged a bullet).

  • Noticed when I went to vote on Tuesday that Cafe Mirasol had that long-abandoned look as well. I really liked Skewers–it was good for a nice, inexpensive neighborhood lunch. Never visited the replacement.

  • I work across the street from there. Cafe Luna was terrible, and I never tried Mirasol. It would be nice if a decent restaurant could open in that space. I’m really tired of the lunch options around there.

  • Cafe Luna used to be good 15 years ago, although admittedly I only ever went there on Sundays for half-priced pizza night. Ate at Heritage once and a roach crawled across the table and I never went back. Not shocked by this at all.

  • We ate at the Heritage India P St. location a couple of times. The food was relatively good, but seemed overpriced for the ambiance and sometimes erratic service, and had numerous strange upcharges. (Malgudi was actually the more interesting of the two restaurants.) We would happily patronize a good Indian restaurant in the Dupont/Logan area — too bad one doesn’t open amid the profusion of Italian and Thai establishments.

  • Heard something about health code violations but I really hope that’s not true.

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