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  • Everyone should get out to vote, all elections are important!!!


  • No lines at Garrison this morning around 7:45am

  • jim_ed

    Surprisingly busy at Truesdell Elementary this morning around 7:30. Looked like they were initially having a problem getting the ballots fed into the machine which was causing a bottleneck, but they seemed to have gotten it all worked out quickly enough.

    • Accountering

      Voted early. Didn’t enjoy 2012 and standing in the freezing cold outside Truesdell to pad O’s winning margin by an extra vote hehe. Go Catania!

  • Folks, choose paper not electronic voting. Pro tip, bring your own #2 pencil.

    Line at Banneker was 5-10 deep for 2 electronic voting booths, probably a 10 minute wait. Meanwhile I got in an out, filled in my bubbles on paper in about 1 minutes. About 50 ballots had been counted by around 8am.

    Works even better during the presidential election. Last time I filled out the bubbles in a corner, skipped any wait at all for a booth or pencil.

    • +1 to paper ballots if you want a shorter wait. At the Kennedy Rec Center early this morning, there was almost no line for the 8 paper voting booths and a long line for the 2 electronic voting booths.

    • I’ve voted electronically ever since 2008 when a poll worker looked at my ballot, noticed i left a line blank (I didn’ t -and still don’t -like the incumbent and didn’t know enough about the challenger so I skipped it) and told me I had to pick someone. No, I don’t, and stop looking at my ballot.

    • I Dont Get It

      And I have some #2 pencils left over from Halloween!

  • No wait at King Greenleaf Rec in SW at around 7:30 – any of the waiting was for the electronic voting machines (there were two) or to feed in your paper ballot. Took all of 10 minutes but as I was leaving I saw the line was getting longer.

  • Very short lines at Kalorama Baptist Church this morning (though one of the women in the campaign gauntlet outside was yelling about how long the lines were so we may as well stop to chat). Once you got inside, paper ballots moved quickly but touchscreen voting had a loooonnnnngggg line.

    • Yup – I was initially in the electronic voting line since it looked shorter from the first room, but quickly jumped to the paper ballot line when I saw how long it really was. My total time was about 20 minutes.

    • There really should have been more than 2 touchscreen machines.

      Also, they should have directed the lines for the touchscreens so that the people using paper ballots actually had privacy.

  • about a 20-25 minute wait at HD Cooke this morning.

  • There was a long line at the Boys and Girls Club on Shepherd Street at 7am because the polling place did not end up opening until 7:10. It took about 15 minutes once it opened. Hopefully, all the backup is gone now.

  • Who else got comical anti-marijuana literature this morning on their car windshield? Trying to figure out the targeting strategy (as if there was one?).

    • Where was your car — and what kind of car do you have? i.e. Are they targeting certain neighborhoods, certain kinds of cars/emblems that they associate with certain demographic groups, something else, random?

      • There was one on every car parked on my block in Petworth, but as I walked to our polling place I noticed other blocks didn’t get them.

        I’m mostly joking about targeting. I assume it was a neighbor.

    • austindc

      Can we call people who put those marijuana flyers on the cars “potholes?”

  • Garrison around 7.45am had a moderate line.

    Voted for Catania and yes to legal pot.

  • I live in Maryland, vote in Montgomery County. Early voting is so smooth and perfect there that I haven’t voted on actual Election Day in almost 2 years.
    Props to the election judges who volunteer for early voting, voting center set-up, and Election Day–you all rock! 🙂

    • I have not stepped foot into a voting booth in 8 years, when I lived in NYC and the lobby of my building was my polling place. Absentee ballots FTW. I like Oregon’s voting rules; all voting is done via mail. If you can’t afford a stamp, they have public drop off boxes all over their cities (similar to blue USPS boxes on the street). They’ve rid themselves of polling booths, poll workers, confusion regarding the rules/IDs, no need for the elderly or disabled to leave their homes, etc.
      Physical voting is an archaic and needlessly expensive relic.

    • I’m out of town so voted early in DC. I wish ll never vote on the day of again so long as wary voting is an option. It was so much quicker and more pleasant to vote early.

  • about 15 minute lines at Rita Bright on 14th st. I think one of their electronic machines was on the fritz…but everything else went smoothly.

  • About a 10 minute wait at Foundry United Methodist in Dupont at 7:15 this morning. Very helpful staff there too!

  • Anybody notice that the buffer zones seem to have gotten way smaller this year? Electioneers were almost on top of the door at Mt. Roma Baptist this morning.

  • Short line at Anacostia Library, but a steady flow of voters.

    I have encountered several people who said they voted early. I think this election will see a decent turnout.

    If you don’t vote, don’t complain….

  • how later are these polling sites open til? I assume after work will be very busy also, I am hoping to go to marie reed on 18th street around 4:30

    • The polling sites are open until 8 p.m.
      I typically go after work and can’t recall ever running into much of a line.

  • Come on DC, get it together. I updated my address promptly when I moved, 2 years ago, at which time you issued me a driver’s license with my correct address, and shortly thereafter, also a voter registration card with my correct address. Don’t tell me I’m at the wrong precinct and tell me to go back to my old one or cast a special ballot when I show up at my correct precinct–update your stupid voter lists to match the information on the voter registration card that you yourself mailed to me. And if you, too, had to cast a special ballot this morning, call 1-866-DCVOTES next Tuesday to make sure they actually counted yours.

    • I updated my address months ago – checked it online last month and then was told today I was still registered at my old address. I double checked online and yup, the reverted me back. Since the move was relatively recently and I’m lazy my ID still has my old address so not only did I have to vote with a provisional ballot I also was told I have to go into the DC Board of Elections to verify my voter registration. Not an ideal start to the day – though glad I was able to vote at all.

    • I updated my address twice and it didn’t take. Unacceptable.

    • KSB

      Same 3
      This happened to me twice before (I moved five years ago.) I was finally able to vote in my new polling place last year, so I’m hoping I don’t run into any glitches this evening. I have very little faith in the “provisional ballot.”

  • 25 minutes in and out at HD Cooke in Ward 1 this morning. This is the first time in 10 years I remember waiting in a line that was more than 3 people, though.

  • Any bars on the Hill with election coverage (and HH specials?!)?

  • No line at 7:30 for Spring Valley (at Metropolitan Church).

    I voted for Kodos. Join me in writing in Kodos for Shadow Senator and Shadow Representative. Supporters of Kang will be sent to a detention camp.

    • “My fellow Americans. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball; but tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!”

    • jim_ed

      my wife made a voting for Kodos joke on facebook this morning and no one got it, which makes me think we need new friends and family.

      • That’s terrible to hear. What is it with kids these days?

        On the bright side, at least her joke wasn’t about “Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.”

      • Several years ago my (college prof) spouse and I shared a moment of sad silence, realizing that the incoming college freshmen were younger than Maggie Simpson.
        I guess now it’s the incoming PhD candidates…

  • Short lines at Watkins Elementary (SE). It was a little messy and hard to figured where to go first. I was in & out quickly (paper voting) in 5 mins total. The BF got stuck waiting to clear his name (he has a common name) and then electronic voting line. He was there for probably 25 mins.

  • I love voting by mail! Especially when I saw the crowds at Reeves Center, my polling place.

  • There was about a 10 minute wait at Payne Elementary in SE at 930. I had a peek at the vote counter at it looked like 250 people had voted before me.

  • No line at E.L. Haynes in Petworth, went very quickly, in and out in 5 minutes and the people volunteering/working were competent! Very impressed.

  • No line at McKinley Tech for paper ballots. A pretty short line for electronic voting and a longish line for provisional ballots.

  • Not a soul at St. Thomas at 8am. I walked right up to both sets of tables and was literally the only person at either one (with about 6-8 election officials). When I went to the cubby to fill in my paper ballot, I encountered one other voter. I was expecting a much bigger crowd.

  • Mike

    Miner Elem. in NE / Ward 6 was ok this morning from 7-7:45. One of the two electronic machines wasn’t working, so you needed to wait longer to vote electronically than to vote by paper ballot. Still worth the wait.

  • Quick and easy at AMC Zion at 16th and Oak! Waited about 3 minutes to register. Then opted for a paper ballot, because the line for electronic was 10+ minutes. I fed my own ballot in to the scanner, and was out less than 10 minutes after I walked in.
    Agree with someone upthread that the buffer zones are smaller, or less enforced, maybe. I thought it was supposed to be 50 feet. This was more like 12.

  • Voting at Dunbar took 45 minutes at 8:30 a.m. Just two voting machines. Probably a dozen spots to fill out paper ballots, but there was a bottleneck at the station to receive your ballots. Hallway was completely full of people waiting to vote. Needs more voting machines!

  • 5 minute line at Jefferson Middle School (Ward 6) around 9AM this morning. 5-10 person line for the electronic booth but smooth sailing for the paper ballot process.

  • Vote for anyone but Bowser!

  • The Ward 1 polling center was very busy on Saturday. Many of the commenters here who noted that there are long lines at the polls today are in areas leaning towards Catania – Wards 1, 2, 3 and parts of 6 – according to the City Paper.

    Maybe the mayor’s race will be closer than predicted. .or even an upset. .. .should be interesting!

  • I’d be interested to see the distribution of voting machines by precinct and Ward.
    Does this information exist? How are machines allocated?

  • I voted at the Mt. Rona Baptist Church at 11th and Monroe – the scantron machine for the paper ballots was out of order and they were allowing people either to vote electronically or to fill our a paper ballot and they’d feed it through later. I waited for the electronic voting.

  • I got in and out of Banneker quick at about 10:00 am this morning. I was vote #121 according to the paper ballot scanner.

  • Even though DCBOEE has me registered online (verified again today!), my name wasn’t in the computer at my polling place. Had to cast a provisional ballot, which took forever. Very disappointed. Already wrote to DCBOEE, but just super frustrated because I ensured I was registered at my new address many weeks ago, and even confirmed again last week. 🙁

  • No line outside the Reeves Center at a little after 7:00 a.m. Once inside, there was a short line for the two electronic voting machines, but no line for paper ballots. One of the easiest voting experiences I’ve ever had, though I dislike the symbolism of having to go through a metal detector to vote (it’s required for building entry normally).

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