Former Health Store becoming an E-Cigarette and Vape Lounge on H Street – 2nd One Coming to #HSTNE

646 H Street, NE

Last month we learned that H Street was getting it’s first E-Cigarette store and Vape Lounge – Dumbcloud Vapor on the 400 block of H Street, NE. The 600 block is getting one too. This is the former home to (ironically?) Aspire Health Care. District Vape’s twitter page says:

“Soon to be open. D.C.’s premier full service vape shop. We carry a complete line of E-juices, starter kits, tank upgrades, RDA’s RBA’s clones & authentic mods”

DC’s first vape lounge, DC Vape Joint opened in Adams Morgan underneath the Pharmacy Bar in March.

405 H Street, NE

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  • this is exactly what h street doesn’t need.

  • At least this one has a much better name.

  • justinbc

    So that building and Hikari must have different ownership than the ones that are being demolished for the Apollo project and the other condos that are going in on the other side? Going to look odd with two huge bookends sandwiching in these little businesses.

  • Vaping is easily the dumbest habit ever. it actually makes a regular cigarette look cool. If you are vaping to break the nicotine habit then do it at home. I honestly can’t believe grown folks do this shit.

    • If you don’t vape, don’t go there. It’s really that simple

    • The only people I know who have used e-cigs are those who are trying to quit. It’s worked for some, not for all, but it’s better than smoking cigarettes either way. It’s not about “looking cool.” And if that’s what it’s about for some people, then yes, they are just as dumb as your comment.

      • This is a niche market with a demand. For people trying to quit tobacco and use vaping, there are limited options in DC. As an “grown folk” I like to have the option to go to a specialized store where I can learn about the different products available to me prior to making the switch. I wish nothing but best to this small business.

      • Even for those not actively quitting yet, it’s significantly less offensive than cigarettes with no second-hand smoke and smell.

        And seriously, we gave up on looking cool in middle school.

  • I’m surprised there’s a big enough market for one of these places, much less two of them. I guess we’ll find out. . .

    • That was my first thought. Not just two but two withing a few doors of each other. I suppose that the people who this is tarted to would venture to H St s??? but two? I am not a potential customer and don’t know anyone who would be so I honestly don’t have a clue.

    • Maybe they’re trying to get in place ahead of the marijuana legalization taking effect.

      • That’s what I was thinking.

        Anyway, glad to see more retail units filled and I don’t vape but got no problem with those who do. More jobs/taxes/streetcar patrons

    • When I was in Texas this summer they were ALL OVER THE PLACE. Saw quite a few in Miami too. I think they’re kind of like the new fro-yo. People are seeing a trend and everyone wants to get in the game, but this too shall pass.

  • I have already begun the closure countdown clock for any establishment that has the words “vape” or “vaping” in their names. Just writing those words makes me want to poke my own eyes out with a fork.

  • I don’t what the big deal is. Doesn’t seem as much a lounge as a retail store. But I’m all for anything that gets people off of deadly tobacco. I am concerned one is being put above a dry cleaners. Seems to me if it settles down to the floor there’s a good chance of nicotine contamination on peoples clothes. I wonder if the heath department knows this.

  • I agree with others that we really don’t need any vape lounges on this part of H St. However, one of them does seem to be more of a retail store and retail is closer to the type of thing that the “H Street plan” promoted by the DC Government envisages for this part of H. For this part of H (or between 4th and 6th) residential is meant to be the mainstay. Between 6th and 10th goes retail (although we know a lot of residential is planned to go in there too) and from 10th up the numbers goes entertainment. I don’t think either of these places will last very long so I can’t get too worried about them…

  • I’m surprised that nearly two dozen comments have been posted and no one has commented on the fact that a health food store is being replaced by a store offering something decidedly bad for you.

    • Bad for you? Seems like if you smoke it’s good for you. All I can think of is all those smokers at the bus stop on H & 8th st. And how my health insurance cost would plummet if all smokers went digital.

      • It is not “good” for you. You may not experience the same negative health effects as inhaling burning chemicals, but I wouldn’t categorize inhaling nicotine to be in the same category as exercising or eating a vegetable every once in a while.

        I doubt that your health insurance premiums would decline if everyone switched from cigarettes from something else. First, it takes years and years of smoking a large number of cigarettes to develop the truly deadly problems. Second, you’d be assuming that there won’t be any negative side effects from using vaporized nicotine.

  • As a guy who switched from smoking to vaping years ago, I look forward to being able to just walk down the street to buy juice, coils, wicks etc without having to wait for stuff mail order. However, I don’t think the neighborhood is going to be able to support 2 of these shops. One will close within 6 months. Whichever one is most welcoming to newbies who are just looking for something to get them off the cancer sticks is the one that will survive. Just my two cents.

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