GDoN? “Stunning original details” edition

1911 Park Road Northwest

This house is located at 1911 Park Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Exquisite turn of the century townhouse in Historic Mount Pleasant. Stunning original details including parquet floors w/ inlaid mahogany. Expanded kitchen w/granite counters, stainless steel appliances, & island. Three spacious bedrooms. Tumbled marble bath. Unfinished basement w/space for rooms. Rear patio and parking. Deep front porch. Central air.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $789,000.

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  • That was lovely, until I got to the basement photos. Oooof, it needs some work. But still, it is a nice place, good location and I definitely think they will get what they’re asking for.

    • Looks like the basement ceiling is pretty low. Digging it out would be expensive. You could still finish it for some usable space, but would be better if it was deeper and you could turn into a rental.

    • I wonder if this might not be a bit of a plus for some buyers. Flippers often max out a property leaving nothing for the news owner to add to the value for those thing of increasing the value as resale.

      I wouldn’t have a basement that looked like this. It looks like they painted and cleaned it up so it isn’t scarey dungeon but the new owners can add a rental if they want to spend the bucks, fix it up a bit, or leave and use as is.

  • This is a very, very good deal and will not go anywhere close to asking. It’s in boundary for Deal/Wilson, too.

  • guessing this goes for about 100k over asking.

  • Probably $100-$150k above list. It is the slower time of year for real estate. A finished in-law suite would add a lot of value and probably take it into the $900k’s.

  • I agree this will go for well above asking, but think that the 1.5 baths might limit how high it could go. We have 1.5 baths in our 2br house, which we got this summer, and we’ve already had plenty of cases where that has caused logistical headaches. Our agent told us this could be an issue and she was absolutely right!

    • What kind of logistical issues? When you have guests? We have 2 bathrooms–one in the basement and one on the third level. It’s definitely annoying to have to go upstairs (or down) to use the bathroom. Outside of that it doesn’t bother me.

      • It’s totally fine when it’s just the two of us — we always figure it out and it doesn’t cause serious problems. But when there’s a guest, we just have to budget a lot more time for getting ready in the morning and I always assume that one of our routines will be thrown for a loop.

        I know there are worse problems to have than sharing a bathroom. But I do think this house’s value may be capped because of the inevitable give-and-take needed to share one full bath between three bedrooms.

        • Yeah, I’ve thought about adding one in the future, maybe a small master bathroom. We may just settle for a powder room on the main level though.

  • Have to give the agent high marks for staging with such heavy furniture. What an effort. Maybe the piano is cardboard.

  • That’s a whole lotta beige!

  • Wonderful to see a renovation of an historical home where they didn’t feel the need to rip all the walls out and create the dreaded “open concept.” As someone who is in the first stages of planning a renovation on my Petworth rowhouse, I’d rather take design ideas from this house than most of the others we’ve seen.

  • Seriously poorly laid out kitchen. I’d want to move that sink ridiculous placed in the corner so it faced out the window. And remove that hulking island so I could put a table in there. Even though I would use the next room, or perhaps the front living room, as a formal dining room.

  • PDleftMtP

    Deal. It’ll go for more, and that’s a great block.

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