GDoN? “Semi-Detached Porch Front on 4 levels” edition (reader request)

2304 North Capitol Street Northwest

This house is located at 2304 North Capitol Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Fully Renovated, Semi-Detached Porch Front on 4 levels that includes loft space (sleeping area, rec room). Wood floors Great Natural Light. Sunny, Large Den off Kitchen. Space for 3 cars: Off-street parking plus Garage (that could be finished into Basement Living Space or In-Law Suite).Central Location.Next to McMillan Reservoir Development, convenient to NoMA, Cap Hill, Catholic & Howard U.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $599,500. The OP wonders why it’s been on the market so long?

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  • ‘The OP wonders why it’s been on the market so long?”

    North Capitol Street

    • justinbc

      Nah, I’ve seen houses in similar or worse condition get nabbed up right away because of the impending development.

    • +1 having a house on North Capitol is a major downside

          • Anyone who’d buy on N. Cap st–especially near that busy RI intersection–would likely have a weak understanding of real estate desirability.

          • like being close to a major new development, 3 universities and a hospital center?

            the arguments against it, except for the one about the speed of traffic, all seem to be quite suburban mentality arguments to me. arguments that we once made against other parts of the city that are now considered desirable.

            there is sense that busy streets should only be commercial and residential streets should only be quiet. it’s like people don’t actually want a city.

          • Noise is noise is noise. People generally like to be close enough to major streets for convenience, but not to be directly ON those major streets. The idea that residential streets don’t have to be quiet might be a given in Manhattan… but not really anywhere else.

          • Darryl Bennett often “wisdom-ized” my team with similar thoughts

  • justinbc

    It looks like it’s been listed half a dozen times or more since selling in 2009. That many potential buyers must be noticing something that the photos don’t show.

  • N. Cap. St.

  • My guess is that the ugly siding must be hiding some serious structural issues.

  • Not sure if these are the reasons it’s not selling, but:
    – The front yard looks terrible.
    – What’s up with the siding on the second floor?
    – It looks like the current real estate agent has reused the previous agent/company’s photos, and blurred out the name/image on the yard sign. They couldn’t be even be bothered to take a new photo of the front??

  • We are buying a house, and we looked at this one. It’s just…odd. Frankly, the front porch was the best part (and even that wasn’t awesome when there was traffic backed up on N. Cap and honking like crazy). The layout seemed really choppy – no openness to it at all. The kitchen is tiny, the bathrooms are blah, and the loft space was unusable due to some crazy stairs leading up. I didn’t even go into the basement level (my husband said not to bother); we don’t have a car, so the parking/garage space was useless to us. It definitely wasn’t the worst house we saw – but it was going to require a lot more work to make it what we wanted.

  • I live close to this house and have seen the inside. It’s priced too high for it’s condition. Most buyers would probably want to do some minor renovations (remove some walls, re-do the kitchen, etc.), and at that price, you’re not leaving much room for that. Lower the price to account for the additional work needed and this place would sell. As for N. Cap, I’m on N. Cap as well and after installing laminated double-pane windows, the noise is very minimal.

  • The step down from the kitchen area to the back room is a huge red flag. why wasn’t that leveled? what is hiding under the floor? If you look at the back yard picture, the garage door looks crooked. I bet the whole back section is sagging. Inside fixtures and cabinets look old. nice job with the paint though. underneath that new paint is a whole lotta work.

  • It is simply overpriced. Its been on the market for the better part of 4 years, 4 years mind you that DC has been “boomtown” and everything sells, quickly.

    Looking at whats sold around it, two houses within a half block have sold since August, one pending and the most expensive was almost 150K cheaper than this (and really didn’t need much updating). The noise from North Cap is loud as heck, and per the agent reviews of the place on Redfin, the layout is weird and the renovations cheap. They want to bring it down 60-70K, someone will probably bite.

  • it’s prolly haunted.

  • The same reason any house sits on the market too long…it’s overpriced. That’s how a market works.

  • i often see people criticize N. cap as a bad location.

    i’m curious about that since i live 2 houses away from north cap for a decade and never thought it was a problem.
    the issues are traffic and ambulance sounds i suppose. all main arteries have this issue but those complaints about location don’t arise when the street is 16th, 14th, Connecticut avenue, military road, Wisconsin, rhode island or Pennsylvania.
    what’s the difference?

    • Basically the same is true of all those streets as well. Single family homes on busy streets with some commercial districts such as 16th, 14th, Florida, and Conn don’t get as much as similar houses on neighboring quieter streets. Even if you can reduce noise, it’s just not as pleasant to live on a busy street. If you have kids it’s potentially dangerous. Plus, with the McMillan development traffic is only going to get worse on North Cap.

    • There are more rich people in the areas you mentioned.

    • A lot of North Capitol also feels very unfriendly to pedestrians because of the grade separation. Because N. Cap feels like a highway in many portions, drivers act as though it’s a highway, driving more quickly than they do on other arterials, which makes it more dangerous for people. The houses are also not set back at all, so my assumption is that inside the houses on N. Cap it would really feel like you’re living right on top of the street. Plus, it’s very close to 2 major hospitals, so the ambulance noises are likely worse than on your average arterial.

    • North Capitol is a huge thoroughfare, lots zooming traffic. While those other streets you mentioned are also busy, they generally don’t have a huge cemetery on the other side of it as well.

    • I have also lived just a few houses away from N Capitol. I absolutely understand why people would not want to live directly on a major thoroughfare.

      That said, I don’t agree with others about the price. A completely unrenovated much smaller house than that one just sold on my block for $570k. A flip job about the same size as that house sold for $900k. We are about 4 blocks south of this one. Something else is going on here, because N. Capitol isn’t responsible for that large a price drop.

  • Cause everyone knows NW is a little “sketch”

  • location. location. location… then everything else people mentioned.

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