GDoN? “Private Patio + PARKING FOR TWO + bike storage” edition


This unit is located at 1118 Monroe Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Fantastically located 1500+ sq ft duplex in heart of Columbia Heights! Beautiful 3br, 2.5ba is city living at its finest-Restaurants galore (Coupe/Meridian Pint) just around the corner, dog park, playground, grocery, coffee & METRO just steps away. Renovated 2 levels shine-cherry cabinets, granite, hardwoods. Private Patio + PARKING FOR TWO + bike storage! NEST thermostat.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $619,000 ($300 monthly fee.)

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  • I like it other than the three entrances (4 if you include the patio entrance). There’s literally a door to the outside in every room.

    They will get that price, if not more.

  • I’m surprised it’s not listed higher. This will definitely end up in a bidding war.

  • Nice, but “3” br with no bathtub in a market aiming for potential parents? Am I missing something? Can readers with little kids but no tub chime in here about how this works?

  • This doesn’t seem that nice for me. The rooms seem very narrow and lacking in light. I hate the bars on the windows. It’s basically a basement apartment for $620K. Location is great and right across the street from a park. But not a good deal for families who would need a tub in the bathroom.

  • Great location, but note that this is a condo (doesn’t include the upper two floors). I’m surprised that they’d come to a $300/month fee with a two-unit setup.That’s about another $60K in potential purchase price on a single family home, spent in condo fees.

  • The kitchen cabinets hurt my eyes.

  • I don’t really like it. The layout is weird- tiny living room and no other lounge-y spaces if you need to use the third bedroom as a bedroom instead of a tv room. I always think bedrooms on different floors are weird too, unless you have older kids (which would lessen the need for a bathroom). I wouldn’t want a bedroom right off the kitchen, nor would I want a patio table that is right next to the garbage cans.

  • I like it much better than I expected to when I saw it was a lower duplex – expected dark bedrooms downstairs. Like that both floors get a lot of natural light (for a lower duplex.) Assuming you could secure the doors adequately with alarms and the like (an if, as I far prefer bars, and might have to add them to the doors), the two downsides for me are 1) lack of bathtub (hate this trend of no bathtub, which seems totally unnecessary when you have TWO full bathrooms to lay out, and I’m an adult without kids, I just like to bathe occasionally), and 2) while the layout of having a bedroom on the upper floor is nice, the large size of the kitchen left a living room that is not long enough for a full living room/dining room set up on that floor, which I like for entertaining. I don’t care if the LR/DR is in one long room, I rather like that, I just wasn’t enough room, say 20′, to have a living room and full size dining table. I suppose you could make the upstairs front mainly a dining room, but that leaves your main living room in the large bedroom downstairs, where they have the tv/rec room setup, and I don’t like my living room below ground.

    • +5000000000000000 Given adequate square footage, I expect at least one bathtub. I get that having only showers saves space, but I really consider it a negative.

    • I read this posting in a Milton from Office Space voice. Made it funnier.

  • Just out of curiosity, is a Nest so awesome that it is highlighted in the listing? Its in all caps, which puts it on the same level as the Metro and parking. It only costs $250 to purchase, and instillation looks very easy, so whats the big deal? This isn’t the first real estate listing I’ve seen that highlights it, either …

    • Have you ever met a modest real estate agent? I haven’t.

    • west_egg

      It’s a whiz-bang gizmo that, when featured prominently in a real estate listing, says, “SEE?!? THIS EXPENSIVE PROPERTY IS OUTFITTED WITH ALL THE LATEST WHIZ-BANG GIZMOS!!” Perhaps controlling the HVAC from your iPhone will help you forget that half of your home is underground.

  • The indignity of living next to a Tar Heel would is the true dealbreaker 😉

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