GDoN? “huge wraparound terraces (2700SF)” edition

2900 K Street Northwest

This unit is located at 2900 K Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Stunning 4800SF luxury condominium. One of only 7 residences, perched high above the hustle & bustle of Washington, DC. Walls of glass, huge wraparound terraces (2700SF), with sliding glass doors to the outside making entertaining possibilities phenomenal. Circular staircase to upper level. Pkg, 24 hour concierge.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/4 bath is going for $3,995,000 ($4,973 monthly fee.)

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  • wow – nearly $5K/mo HOA nut?!? I’ll just continue to live with the hustle and bustle, thank you very much

  • Huh, I thought the interior would be a lot more spectacular. The terrace is amazing though.

  • I don’t really have a concept of what I should expect in a property like this. Solid location, lots of living space. A shame with all that space and that price tag they couldn’t opt for a proper staircase.

  • I can’t be the only one severely underwhelmed here, right? Rooftop deck and shiny kitchen cabinets notwithstanding, this apartment looks downright cold and plebeian. The concrete railing on the first floor kills the outside views with it’s slabs of cold, uninviting gray. The low ceilings make the space seem smaller than it should be. I would much rather spend my $5 [imaginary] million elsewhere.

  • It’s soulless. Perfect for a K Street lobbyist.

  • Just another place for the global 0.0001% to park their money and not actually live in. Yawn.

  • Aglets

    Can i ask a (probably unpopular) question?
    What type of person lives here? Pro Sports-Ball player?

    It just doesn’t look that interesting- aside from the terrace…And that location, good googley moogley. fuck no. I don’t like going near K street for anything. it’s always a cluster fuck.

    • I know someone who lives in a pretty similar apartment very closeby, and he’s someone with a true rags-to-riches story. If I told his full story, it would be easy to ID him and I’d rather not do that here, but he came to the US with nothing and worked his way up to one of the most senior positions in the US government, in addition to other high-level roles in private companies. He’s also a very kind and intelligent person. I doubt most of the people with these types of homes have similar stories, but somehow it makes me feel better to know that at least one who does is pretty great.

      • you’re obviously talking about Madeleine Albright and hoping the pronoun switch will through us off the trail.

        • I promise I’m not thinking of her, but you’re not far off in some respects.

          • Zbigniew Brzenzinski? I have no idea if he lives in DC, and don’t expect you to confirm or deny — I’m just enjoying having the opportunity to speculate and wonder….

          • Nope! I really didn’t mean to turn this into a guessing game and am going to stop replying after this post. He’s less of a household name than either of the two names mentioned here, but is of about the same stature. I just don’t think he’d like his name mentioned in this context so I want to respect that.

            My main point is that I think people of this general stature and age are the sorts of people who buy these properties, rather than (or maybe in addition to) oligarch diplomats and high-level lobbyists.

          • Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer?! (born in Rhodesia)

      • I didn’t know that is where Obama lived!

    • Ha, yeah, obviously it’s for someone rich, but who? It looks comfortable if not interesting.
      As for the location, you know that this is the part of K street on the Georgetown waterfront, not the part that is a clogged thoroughfare through the office-building part of town, right?

    • In general, high level folks at lobbying and law firms around town *could* swing this, and might consider the location ok. But I’d think that for $4 million most of those buyers are going to either 1) want real river/monument views, which this doesn’t seem to have or 2) want a place with actual character and style in Georgetown or Kalorama or something. That leaves the possibility of selling to wealthy-through-corruption folks at foreign embassies who have more money than taste.

  • I’m SHOCKED. Popville readers who can’t afford this place react negatively.

    • I hate things that I can’t have. Right?

    • I think a lot of readers see this listing and think “what 30-40 year old would ever live here?” When really, this is more likely to be a condo for a 50+ year-old, maybe a cabinet secretary or retired CEO.

  • I don’t hate it, but given that it is so far out of my price range I feel wholly unqualified to judge whether it is a good deal or not.

  • Bad deal, especially with that monthly carrying charge.
    You can get a much more interesting and architecturally significant house in Georgetown, Palisades, or pretty much any other ‘hood in NW for that price (and without $5K/month in maintenance). Hell, you can get a river view of the Potomac and VA bluffs in the Palisades for cheaper.

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