GDoN? “3 levels of luxury” edition

DC8509177 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1333 1st Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“This Gorgeous 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Masterpiece! This Beautiful Remodel has over 2200 Square feet of style and comfort designed to wow you! Located in the sought after Old City community, this posh abode offers gleaming hardwood floors, recessed lighting, granite countertops, stainless appliances, 3 Master suites each with their own full bathrooms, a fourth spacious bedroom and 3 levels of luxury.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $899,000.

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  • jim_ed

    Maybe its just lousy photography or that godawful yellow paint, but that looks like an absolute bargain basement flip job. Also, if I have 900 large to drop on a house, it ain’t gonna be a block away from Big Ben Liquor.

  • Seems overpriced. This one just sold a couple weeks ago:

    Lower price, much better location, potential for rental income…

    • whoa, now THAT looks like a really good deal… anyone have any idea what’s wrong with that place that made it go so cheaply? I thought I saw it listed a while back for about $200K more than that.

      • Well, it sold for just under $900k, so I wouldn’t call that a great deal. While I don’t think there’s anything ostensibly wrong with it, the kitchen and baths are quite cheap and dated. There’s no C of O for the basement rental unit. The building is essentially right on Rhode Island, with only a small pocket park between RIA and R St at that point. That’s quite a few negatives for a ~million dollar house.

  • This is wildly optimistic. It doesn’t even look like a “flip-job”, just a couple of coats of paint slapped onto the interior walls. Couldn’t they have bothered to fix up the facade as well? I’m guessing this goes closer to $750k, if that.

  • I’d have to say not. This was so not what I was expecting from the super flowery write-up and the price…!

  • I know the official subdivision is listed often as “Old City” or “Old City #2,” but c’mon RE Agent, know says, “OMG I love that area, you know, Old City #2!!!!”

    • typo, whoops, “*no one says”

    • Yes! I thought the same thing. Just shows how useless these listing descriptions are – all buzzwords that sound like a bot wrote so many of them. No actual meaning. Every neighborhood is amazing and walking distance from EVERYTHING.

    • The real estate agency is listed as being based in Greenbelt. My guess is that they have a template that goes “Located in the sought-after ______ community” and didn’t realize that the D.C.’s “legal subdivisions” (as defined by the Office of Tax and Revenue) don’t always fit well into that template.

  • The phrase “delusions of grandeur” comes to mine…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Why the pic of the clock? Is it built in?
    Needs a sideways sink. and some WALLS!

  • This hurts my eyes. What did they do to that poor rowhouse!?

  • epric002

    those photos are terrible. the glowing yellow paint is awful. why is the fireplace/mantle so small? not a good deal.

    • I think that’s a fake fireplace, one of those portable units with fake flames. It may not even convey with the unit! They don’t mention a fireplace in the copy.

  • When a vessel sink is the HIGHlight of the house, then no.

  • Man is that hideous. Also, notice that the trim at the roofline is detaching from the roof. I’d be very wary of the condition of the roof and other major structural fixes that might be necessary.

  • Those photos are terrible. Someone needs to give the photographer a stern talking-to.

  • Not my idea of luxury. It is close to Georgetown Law, though, so it could be a good investment property with four bedrooms.

    Good luck!!

    • This is a good investment property, but far from the asking price. Georgetown Law isn’t all that close; proximity to NoMa development/metro and Chinatown are much larger draws I’d think.

      • Loads of Georgetown Law students live for brief periods in the surrounding blocks. They come in, realize that proximity isn’t worth being out of their comfort zones, and move out, after overpaying for crappy apartments or bedrooms in a rowhouse like this for a few months.

  • It is very revealing that the cut the pop up out of the picture though it looks like it may be an old one. They really should have fixed the detaching trim – it shows up on the 8/2014 Streetview so they had time.

    Seems a bit overpriced but don’t know this area well enough to say that with any veracity.

  • “Masterpiece?” I do not think that word means what you think it means….

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