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[email protected] tweets the photo above around 9am. Redline experienced delays due to “earlier train malfunction at Brookland”. Green and Yellow lines also experienced delays due to a medical emergency at L’Enfant Plaza.

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  • RL to shady grove was already full by the time I got on at noma this morning around ~8:35. Was wondering what was up today. Mon is usually the least crowded morning of the week.

  • And here is why ridership is dropping in the DC Metro… I don;t get why Metro still pretend they don’t know that.

    • It’s not dropping, it’s increasing. That’s the problem they need to address.

    • +5000000000000000 Metro can be amazingly fast or incredibly slow, and there is often no warning about which you’re going to get. We’re never going to be able to make it to the next level as a city if our main mode of transit is this thrown off by train malfunctions and medical emergencies. These things happen frequently, so we ought to be able to handle them without hopelessly backing up the entire morning rush.

      • maxwell smart

        Not that the subway system in NY isn’t without it’s delays and faults, but having a 3rd (or 4th) by-pass track with seriously help to eliminate these problems. To this day I can not understand why they only built the DC Metro as a 2 track system – no opportunity for express trains, emergency by-pass – such short-sighted planning.

        • Money. that is why. No other reason. Money.

          Short sighted? The federal govt? Unpossible!

        • Seriously. If we’re not going to invest in widening the roads, adding an adequate amount of parking structures or insisting that they be open on the weekends, then Metro really needs to step up its game to be a viable alternative. Right now it is such a PITA to use most of the time that it’s a really hard sell for people who usually drive.

        • Metro was built as a two-track system because of cost, yes in part, but also because the new modern subway of the future technology being used would make trains fast enough to not need express tracks. Extra tracks in NYC were built for express service covering long distances, but Metro was intended to be so fast that expresses would not be necessary. (That also influenced why Metro stations tend to be relatively far apart – no point making a fast train stop to frequently.) Also, I suppose that there was an implicit faith in the durability of the modern technology, that it would all require less maintenance than the old-fashioned subways of yesteryear.

    • Home to work on metro is about 15 minutes on red line. Home to work walk is about 40 minutes. I walk every time I can to avoid ridiculous situations like this. I’d rather have a reliable commute time than be standing on a crowded platform for 20 minutes trying to squeeze on packed trains.

  • Noma was pretty bad this morning. The doors on my train kept on opening and shutting (for like ten minutes). I knew it was going to be offloaded, butkept on hoping it wouldn’t, or another train would quickly replace it. I should have just walked to work from Noma when it first started happening, Instead, I waited about fifteen minutes and walked. The delay and walk added about 35 minutes to my commute. I’m still glad I left early and avoided the other delays.

  • As a daily commuter who uses red line, then transfers at Chinatown to the green/yellow, you can only imagine my frustration. Thankfully just missed the red line mess, but not the green line mess!

  • janie4

    Just as I got to L’Enfant, I heard the loudspeaker say that there was a blue-silver line delay due to a train malfunction. Metro hit the trifecta this morning!

  • I got caught in both Green/Yellow delays and Red line delays this morning…terrible. What they separately need to do is create a new escalator in Chinatown that doesn’t empty everyone at the back of the red line train going towards Shady Grove because it just creates the worst logjam when everyone gets off of the red line and everyone tries to get on, like herding cattle. Not sure they can do it even if they wanted to, plus construction would only clog up the station more, but it’s just so terribly designed. It just cannot handle the amount of people that pass through it.

    • This is my biggest complaint as well. Such god awfully poor station design and crowd flow.
      You’re supposed to cross lines at the station midpoint so crowds can flow to either side. Duh.

      • west_egg

        I believe there were construction challenges that prevented them from crossing at the midpoint. The red line platforms as ridiculously narrow for the same reason.

    • maxwell smart

      At one point there was a proposal to build a tunnel between Gallery Place and Metro Center so that people transferring from Blue/Orange/Silver to Green/Yellow wouldn’t have to use the Red Line for all of 1 stop (which you can see platform to platform) to make the transfer. I feel like that alone would seriously help to reduce some of the congestion and incidentally probably provide opportunities for additional escalators mid-station.

      • There was another proposal to make a tunnel from Farragut West to Farragut North for the same purpose. It would definitely help disperse the rush hour crowds and make people’s commutes a bit less painful.

      • Is there a “virtual tunnel” between Metro Center and Gallery place, like at Farragut? They were talking about that at one point but not sure if that was implemented.

        • I don’t think so and while there might be some who opt for that route, that seems like a harder sell to convince someone to get out at Gallery Place, exit the station, walk down to Metro Center, and re enter the system. That’s quite a bit of time on broken escalators.

    • west_egg

      It wouldn’t be quite as bad if six-car trains stopped in the center of the platform (as they do under automatic control) instead of pulling all the way to the end. But Metro’s train operators can’t be trusted to remember how many cars they’re pulling, so we have what we have.

  • I used to take the metro a lot. And then I bought a bicycle. I never thought I’d say this, but taking the metro (even on a rare “good” day) is more stressful to me than riding through DC rush hour traffic!

    • Agreed. I drive my scooter to work everyday, but rely on Metro when there’s precipitation in the forecast. It’s so awful and takes 3x to 4x as long to get to work once I factor in the walk to the Metro station, waiting, delays, and transfers. And I live in close-in, urban neighborhood! Dealing with rush hour traffic is way less stressful.
      That said, traffic was really light today at 820am (my normal time). Perhaps people drove in earlier than usual due to the time change?

    • bike bus or drive for me. I try to avoid the metro at all costs. It’s a big reason why I often don’t venture far from home on the weekends.

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