From the Forum – Knocking on ground floor apt windows

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Knocking on ground floor apt windows:

“This is probably a strange question but I just relocated to DC (a few blocks south of the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro stop) and I’m in a ground floor apartment. I’ve been here for about three weeks and haven’t had any problems being on the ground floor but today every hour and a half or so someone was knocking on my windows.

It was a deliberate knock, like how someone would knock on a door, and the ground floor windows are tall and narrow like doors from the outside but the person would stay for a few minutes and keep knocking and then presumably leave. But this has been four or five distinct times now today and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve gone to the window a few times with the intention of just yelling for the person (by the voice, I’m pretty sure a man) but by the time I get the curtains and blinds open there’s no one there.

There’s night time security in the building but they’re not here until 6 and if this was a weekday the super would be on site and I would call him but I’m not really sure what the proper reaction to this is. I don’t really feel threatened, more annoyed and nervous and not really sure what to do, it’s just a weird situation.”

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  • Someone just posted about this same issue on the Brookland neighborhood listserv. Very strange and creepy…

  • My wife and I had an eerily similar experience last night and in fact posted this concern on a local Brookland listserve. We heard knocking sounds from our basement windows, but by the time we went downstairs to investigate, the knocking stopped and we couldn’t see anyone. It happened at least 5 times last night.
    We haven’t called the police yet, but will definitely do so the next time we hear it. In the meantime, am looking at purchasing security cameras.

    • I live just outside of Brookland and had a similar experience last Saturday. I left early in the morning (430am) to catch a flight. My husband called saying someone was knocking on our door shortly after I left and when he (and our barking dogs) went downstairs, no one was there.

  • Sounds like someone casing. Reach out to your management office to ask the guard to do an occasional walk around (or increase hours) and maybe ask the cops to set up some extra patrols?

  • I would call the cops and tell the super and/or management company. It also makes me wonder who had the apartment before you did. Frat boys, dealers, someone with teenagers — it’s possible that whoever is doing this has done it before and doesn’t realize that the person they’re trying to connect with no longer lives there. In any case, make sure that you’re windows are secure — locks, alarms, bars, whatever, and make sure that your building management knows that you have a daytime security concern.

    • Allison

      Yeah, weirdly my first thought is that’s where that person’s dealer used to live.

      • That’s almost certainly the case. I’ve had it happen to me.

        • More specifically (I ain’t got nothin’ to do tonight but post on PoP), a visiting friend and I entertained our “visitor” for an hour or so, which is how we knew he used to score off of the previous occupant… until he got violent and we had to fend him off with sharp butcher’s knives from the kitchen. True story. Good times.

  • From other, recent Popville posts and comments, it sounds like someone is up to no good. Possibly casing your place. Be as vigilant as you can. I don’t know how much of a deterrent this is but maybe leave a light on or a lamp on all day/night to give the impression that someone is home.

  • Your apartment is probably haunted. Sorry!

  • There used to be an apt on our block (near Petworth metro) that was a drug dealer. People would knock on the window, then go around to the door. Maybe they’ve got the wrong apt.

  • lindz0722

    And here I thought a burglar rappelling down my apartment building and breaking into people’s balcony entrances after forcing his way onto the roof was a strange occurrence.

    That’s scary. I hope the cops are able to help somehow.

  • I live in Petworth. You must address this issue ASAP! First document the incidents. Second inform management.
    You must inform the police. Here’s why. There have been a number of burglaries in our area. They follow a similar pattern to what you have described. First they knock.Then they break in!! So if you can, setup some surveillance. It’s very important for you to identify this person or persons. The burglar in my neighborhood has been apprehended……………Thank God!!!! Be careful. Stay safe and good luck neighbor!!!

  • Move west of the park.

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