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Hardwood floors:

“I found old forum posts on the subject but looking for updated recommendations for companies that do hardwood flooring. Wanted to get the bedroom carpet removed and have hardwood floors put in — we have a condo, relatively new building. Thanks in advance.”

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  • DC Floors

  • I have used Angel Floors to replace two large sections of flooring in my house and would highly recommend them. Their prices were very competitive and the job itself was very difficult, many companies couldn’t/wouldn’t do the work. Also, they are a small/family type company.

    • Accountering

      Piggybacking on this, anyone have an idea how much installation and sanding/staining (pretty basic 3$/sq^2 hardwood) is for 1200sq^2 feet? Are we looking $6,000? $10,000?

    • I had a similarly excellent experience with Angel Floors. They did a hard job well, quickly, and at a competitive price.

  • I Dont Get It

    I’ve used Elegant Floors to refinishheart of pine floors, grind, polish and seal a marble tile hallway and put in random width white oak floors stained ebony in the master bedroom and have been very happy with them.

    After the workers left I opened the door to the master to admire the drying floors. I didn’t completely close the door and one dog entered and made a complete circle around the room leaving a doggie footprint border. The sales rep didn’t laugh too much when I called him back…

  • Can’t say enough good things about universal floors.

  • OP here — thanks for the suggestions people (and also to PoPville for featuring this!)

  • We used a contractor who does it on his own. We got lots of quotes, but in the end he was way cheaper than anyone else. Plus my friend used him and his wood floors look great. He takes you to Mr. Floors in Alexandria and you get to pick out which wood you want. I paid $3100 for the wood, materials, and delivery. They cut me a deal on delivery since he is a good customer. He did it in 1.5 days and only charged us $725, but we paid him $800 for doing it so quickly. That was only the downstairs, going to use him again to do the upstairs in about a year. I received quotes from DC Floors, Universal Floors, and Madera Floors. They were all pretty expensive with DC floors being ridiculous. They were the only ones who actually followed up though.

  • Park View Res: Your contractor sounds great. Care to share his name?

  • You will want to find out first what kind of floors are underneath your carpet, if you are in a newer condo building you will find concrete floors which mean no hardwoods, only laminates as installing hardwoods requires a wooden subfloor, this would raise the floor in your place several inches so none of your doors would work anymore etc.

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