From the Forum – Early Morning Spin Classes?

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Early Morning Spin Classes:

“I’m a member of the YMCA on W Street. They just got rid of all the 6am spin classes and that’s the only thing that gets me to the gym. I’m looking for another gym or spin studio that offers spin classes at 6am on Mondays and Wednesdays. Any suggestions?”

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  • Crunch in Friendship Heights has 6am classes every weekday. Their Metro Center location has classes at 6:45am. They have a pretty reasonable monthly rate, not sure about drop in rates (in the past it was $7, but not sure if you need to be with a member).

  • I’d think most gyms or studios would have early classes. Biker Barre on Barracks Row has 6am classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • WSC in Columbia Heights offers a 6:30 spin class though perhaps that’s not early enough for you. I can’t really recommend WSC though, because they have a serious problem with unfriendly and incompetent staff and charge exorbitant prices.

  • Vida – both the U Street and Metropole locations – offers early morning spin classes most weekdays.

  • Ride DC, right next to the Y has 6:30 a.m. spin classes (the kind with push-ups & weights) and Off Road down at 9th & U has more traditional (& excellent!) spin classes at 6:30.

    • Agreed, Off Road gives you more of a cycling class as opposed to Ride or Zengo that are an aerobics class that happens to be on spin bikes…. As a cyclist, it is pretty aggravating to go to a class that involves pushups, clapping, weights, etc; defeats the purpose of being in the saddle for an hour. But, I can see why that is appealing to those who simply want so easier cardio….

  • Off Road at 9th and U is great.

  • bike to work?

  • My go-to 6am or 7:30am spin class is Zengo on 14th Street, right in Logan Circle. Both are offered daily, 50 minutes, and most importantly – always have good playlists.

  • Try Ride at 14th and Florida!

  • I love going to Ride, and you can get good packages for classes. Spin ain’t cheap, but I feel like I get my money’s worth with their classes.

  • Zengo on 14th street has just what you are looking for!! 6 am every week day!! Amazing instructors.

  • I have to recommend Off Road at 9th and U. Spin classes start at 6:30am and end at 7:20am, so slightly later than your 6am Y classes, but the instruction is fantastic and you get a really great AM workout with fun tunes, guaranteed. Best spin studio I’ve found in the DC area thus far!

  • I’ve been riding for about five years in both here and in NYC, and I wouldn’t go anywhere except Zengo at 14th and P – the location is great, the studio is clean and modern, and they offer shoes that clip in (which makes a HUGE difference in your ride). The instructors rock – each one is different, but the energy and music is consistenly insane. Plus, I think your first class is free.

  • Zengo on 14th is the place for spinning! High quality facility, instructors, and music, with an intense work-out. None of the pretense and weirdness of SoulCycle. Mornings are great there but I have enjoyed all my classes there.

  • zengo!!!!!!! takes a lot to get me out of bed that early but i’m totally addicted

  • I highly recommend Zengo on 14th street. They offer 6 AM classes everyday. Instructors are all amazing and the music is awesome.

    I do not recommend Crunch Fitness Metro Center or the WSC around here because their instructors have consistently been the worst I’ve ever had.

  • Well, at least now I know what I look like when I’m biking in 27 degrees.

  • RideDC is the best in that area – love Shafer and Stephen. If you’re ever in the eastern market area, Biker Barre is my favorite spin (and barre!) studio in the city and they have Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 & 7 AM.

  • Also, for about $15 each, you can download different spin workouts through Deekron and MotionTraxx (google it!) and just spin on your own.

  • Also make sure you tell your gym that you really liked that class. Gym’s work hard to find the right fit for their classes- and if they don’t hear from members, and the numbers are consistently low, managers often take that as a sign that they should cancel a class or try a different time.

    I’ve taught for years and i always tell my students to be as vocal as possible about things you like and don’t like especially in big gyms like WSC and the Y. I’ve seen all sorts of classes with small numbers get revived just because the management realizes their numbers are small but loyal!

    Good luck!

  • The Y offers 5:45am classes on Tuesdays and Thurdays, why not go to those? Then you don’t have pay $25+ at a “boutique” spin studio, though Off Road would certainly get my vote if you were to go that route.

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