Friday Question of the Day – Do you listen to Podcasts? What’s Your Favorite?


I am a very late adopter and like many in the rant/revel have become addicted to the awesome podcast Serial. So I’m looking for more of this quality – for those that listen to ’em, what are your other favorites?

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  • My favorite podcast is the Flophouse. It’s a really funny bad movie podcast.

  • On the Media

  • joe rogan

  • I listen to lots of podcasts, but these are my absolute favorites:
    Stuff You Missed in History Class
    Stuff You Should Know
    Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

    • Mug of Glop

      A good list, to be sure! But you can’t list Sawbones without My Brother, My Brother, and Me or Hardcore History without the best history podcast out there, The History of Rome (and Mike Duncan’s follow-up, Revolutions).

      • Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t gotten into any other MaxFun podcasts yet, but this might be the push I need. And I will definitely check out The History of Rome. If you couldn’t tell, I love learning about history ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Farragut

      I’m still getting into Hardcore History! I’m going to start the “Thor’s Angels” episode (I think about the Dark Ages?) for my commute starting Monday.

      • Mug of Glop

        His “Death Throes of the Republic” or whatever it’s called about the last century of the Roman Republic is probably the most engaging non-fiction podcasting I’ve heard. Sadly, it’s archived and for-pay right now, but I’d say it’s worth ten dollars for the fourteen or so hours of audio.

        • Farragut

          Yup, my long term plan is to listen to all the free ones, then listen to the purchase-only ones. I also want to hear about the Punic Wars; I unexpectedly love Carthaginian stuff a lot.

  • This American Life and Backstory with the American History Guys.
    Plus occasional listens to public radio shows (Science Friday, Splendid Table)

    • Farragut

      I love BackStory with the American History Guys! I like them because they’ve got interviews and will have a bunch of segments under that episode’s themes.

    • +1 on backstory. Awesome for anyone interested in history, you learn so much, it’s compelling and it’s got academic cred.

  • TAL, adam carolla show, maron – if im interested in the guest, radiolab, freakonomics, the moth, planet money, and the excellent newcomer: serial.

    • I love snap judgement. It’s like this American life but lighter and cooler. Serial is awesome. The champs are also really entertaining. Planet money is short and sweet and the moth has great stories.

  • 99% Invisible
    Daily Knowledge
    Leonard Lopate
    Life of the Law
    Radio 4 General Knowledge Quizzes

  • ole billy boy, ole red face.. Bill Burr

  • BBC: In Our Time History. It’s like auditory NyQuil.

  • Jess lively life with intention
    school of greatness

  • Dude OMG!

    Some local guys just talking about life.

  • washington20009


    This American Life

    New Yorker Fiction Podcast

  • The Crabfeast
    The Champs
    You Made It Weird
    Girl on Guy
    Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank
    Good Times With Steve Simeone

  • Risk — don’t listen with your mom or your kids in the room

  • How does one access these? I’m low tech…

    • binpetworth

      +1 for being low tech ๐Ÿ™‚ I have never listened to a podcast, either.

    • If you have an iPhone, there’s a podcasts app that links to the app store. You can search for them like you’d search for a song to buy on iTunes and then you subscribe to them. You’ll get a notification every time a new one is posted. I don’t know if there’s something similar on Android, but you can also use the Stitcher app. FOr NPR podcasts (which I’m partial to) you can also listen to them on the shows’ respective websites. Things like the Ted Radio Hour or Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me are just commercial and news-free rebroadcasts of the radio shows, but they also have original ones too. I’m very partial to Pop Culture Happy Hour, which is the podcast that Linda Holmes does for her Monkey See blog.

    • If you have a smartphone download an app called Stitcher, it’s very easy to use and you don’t need to download podcasts in advance, it automatically updates so you can get your favorites on the go.

  • Don’t listen to any, but I watch the tv show Comedy Bang Bang!, which started as a podcast.

  • Podcasts?

    I just listen to music.

  • There are so many good ones out there. Here’s my lineup:
    This American Life
    Planet Money
    Marc Maron WTF
    Greg Fitzsimmons Fitzdog
    Savage Love (Magnum Edition!)
    Used to listen to Adam Carolla

  • Stop Podcasting Yourself! It’s two Canadian comics and they are hilarious.

  • There’s a pretty cool “life-hack” podcast called The Competitive Edge, and I like that one for work/life inspiration and sometimes interesting nutrition. There’s also a funny podcast, probably funnier for girls than guys, but it’s called Guys we f****d. Not safe for work, parents, or children, but it’s basically like eavesdropping on someone’s interesting post date conversation with their friends.

  • I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned any Slate podcasts! They have a daily feed, but my favorites are the Slate Culture podcast, and the Slate Double X podcast.

  • Current podcast list:

    The Nerdist (skip them if I am not a fan of the guest, but I love Hostfuls)
    The Indoor Kids (comedy and video games)
    Harmontown (The one that got me started)
    X-Files Files
    Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip (new podcast)

    and, of course, Serial


  • Adam Carolla
    Real Time with Bill Maher
    How Did This Get Made?
    Marketplace Weekend
    Grantland Pop Culture/The Right Reasons
    Punch Drunk Sports
    Dirty Sports (terrible guilty pleasure)

  • My current subscriptions are to The Gist with Mike Pesca, StarTalk Radio (LOVE Neil DeGrasse Tyson), RadioLab (not a weekly podcast, but their stories are fascinating), Pop Culture Happy Hour, Ted Radio Hour, This American Life, Wait, Wait – Don’t Tell Me, and Ask Me Another.

    • Farragut

      I like Fresh Air and Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! too, though I usually only listen if they’ve got a guest I’m interested in.

  • My Lineup:
    Snap Judgment
    Wait Wait Dont Tell Me
    Ask Me Another
    Desus vs Mero

  • The Moth
    This American Life
    Wait Wait don’t tell me
    Real Time
    Go Bayside
    The Amazing Show
    loving Serial now too!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Serial (Thanks y’all!)
    This American Life
    BBC Witness

  • justinbc

    Nope, I’ve never actually listened to a podcast. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I think I just willingly skipped over that part of society.

  • Savage Love
    The Moth
    Looks like PoPville has some similar tastes!

  • welcome to nightvale. Very quirky, I usually listen in mini marathons of 2-3 episodes. I listened to the first two seasons driving to virginia beach and it was amazing though

  • I really enjoy keeping up with news, current events, and politics, but I can’t stand to watch Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC. I’ve found some great alternatives in listening to Common Sense with Dan Carlin, Slate’s Political Gabfest, The New Yorker’s Political Scene and Amicus. Outside of current events, I like Reasonable Doubts, The Art of Manliness and Smart People podcasts.

  • If you used to listen to The Don and Mike Show, then The Mike O’meara Show and like great quality talk radio, then you have to check out The Mike O’meara Show Podcast. It’s Mike, Robbay, and Oscar Santana from Big O and Dukes. It’s like bringing my good friends along on my daily slog on the metro.

  • WTF
    This American Life
    Answer Me This
    99% Invisible
    Song Exploder
    Girl on Guy – Depending on the guest

    Just started getting into Fugitive Waves.

    Podcasts really help me survive that mind numbing metro commute.

  • I love love podcasts. Great to listen to while doing dishes, commuting, etc. I love Serial, but most of my favorite podcasts are comedy podcasts. My favorites are Comedy Bang Bang, Bill Burr, How Did This Get Made, WTF.

  • Just got into Serial, wow its good.

    Theres a short podcast called The Memory Palace. Check it out if you havent. Adorable little snapshots into some interesting part of history, told in a fun and unique way. My favorite episode is called “betty.’ I love betty!

  • My list includes,
    ‘This Week in Science’
    ‘Star Talk Radio’
    ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’
    ‘Welcome to Nightvale’
    ‘X-Files Files’

    and a ton of history podcasts, like Talking History Podcast’s Italian Unification, 12 Byzantine Rulers, etc.

    The best podcasts feature funny people saying smart things.

    • Glad someone else is enjoying the X-File Files. Do you also listen to the Indoor Kids? Looks like it would be something you like, based upon your current list.

  • Serial
    Savage Love
    Call Your Girlfriend
    Death, Sex & Money

  • Red Panda

    I listen to so many podcasts!

    This American Life
    Comedy Bang Bang
    Dead Authors Podcast
    Snap Judgment
    The Moth
    Story Corps
    Ted Radio Hour
    Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Professor Blastoff
    Who Charted
    Doug Loves Movies
    Stuff You Should Know
    Stuff You Missed in History Class
    among others…

  • Professor Blastoff with Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntzberger! Its just three friends plus a guest talking about a “science topic,” but it tends to go in any direction they want to take it. If you see someone on the bus in the morning giggling to themselves uncontrollably, thats probably me being a Blasternaut.

  • Good timing, PoP! Financial Times news just put out a podcast today about how podcasts are making a resurgence.

  • Aglets

    Love Serial.
    Also enjoyed “This American Wife” (not a typo- it’s a faux TAL ish podcast) and the guy who does the Robert Siegel impression is SPOT ON.

    Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin was amazing- he’s such a great interviewer. THe david Letterman one still lives on my iphone from over 2 years ago.

    How things work is reliably regular- their sister show ‘stuff mom never told you’ grated on my nerves after a month or two.

    WTF with Marc Maron is great.

    Nerdist is ok. Sometimes those guys annoy me.

    How Did This Get Made is interesting if you’re a movie nerd

  • Throwing Shade
    RuPaul:What’s the T

    • Aglets

      OMG i can’t believe i forgot What’s The T. THat’s my second favorite podcast of the moment. I want RuPaul as my spiritual advisor

  • Mug of Glop

    Not much to add to the cumulatively exhaustive list , but The Bugle should at least get a huge mention. Especially if you like John Oliver.

  • So many great recommendations here! I’m a long time listener of Radiolab, Savage Love, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and This American Life.

  • 99% Invisible

  • Holy crap, iTunes just deleted all of my podcasts! Now I have to re-download:

    All Songs Considered
    Best Damn Nerd Show
    Joe Rogan
    Maltin on Movies
    Fatman on Batman
    The Secret Stash

    I tried the Nerdist, but the host is too annoying – I just can’t do it anymore. He talks about himself all the time and thinks he is a college philosophy professor.

  • 99% Invisible
    Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia
    Girl on Guy
    Men in Blazers
    No Challenges Remaining
    Stuff You Missed in History Class

    At the recommendation of other Popvillers a few weeks ago, I have a few episodes of Freakonomics to get to, too.

  • Stuff You Missed in History Class!

  • My favorite podcasts are not necessarily breaking news, but offer a different perspective or new voices. The best example of this is slate’s political gabfest. The three regulars skew slightly left, but the host is contrarian enough to keep the discussion from getting off the rails. They are able to break down current politcal issues without devolving into a right v left shouting match (see: cable news). I also like Brian Koppelman’s podcast, “The Moment” on Grantland Pop Culture. I have always been fascinated with what people do and how and why they do it and the Brian’s podcast explains all of this in an intimate way not found anywhere else.

    More favorites:
    Slate Culturefest
    Do You Like Prince Movies (Grantland)
    StartUp Podcast

  • Can’t resist adding my own top ten list!

    99% Invisible: awesome podcast about design
    Radiolab: duh
    Welcome to Nightvale: weird dark fantasy story telling, someone in the comments described it perfectly as HP Lovecraft meets X-Files
    Sawbones: a marital tour of misguided medicine
    Damn Interesting: fascinating stories in history told with great sound design and a gorgeous British accent
    Backstory with the American History Guys: fun but sometimes dense history podcast covering a variety of topics with great hosts
    Life if the Law: stories about the US legal system
    The Memory Palace: short but fascinating stories from all over the place
    Love+Radio: interviews ranging from the seedy to the sublime
    The Truth: fictional radio dramas with a modern twist
    Serial: addictive as hell!!

  • Ace on the House. It’s good for home improvements and funny.

  • I listen to about 20 on at least a semi-regular basis, but some favorites are:

    99% Invisible
    Stop Podcasting Yourself
    The Bugle
    Jordan, Jesse GO!

    Pretty much any podcast on the Maximum Fun or Radiotopia networks is going to be good.

  • Howard Stern Rules Baba Booey!!!!

  • Tony Kornheiser – Done.

    • jim_ed

      Have you ever read what Kornheiser did to Dave McKenna? I can’t take him seriously, him or Wilbon bought way too much into their own image a decade ago.

      • Not from this area, so did not know about that story. Having said that, it does not bother me nearly as much as it would if I had lived here – but I get why others would not take him seriously. Having said that, I do fast forward the Wilbon segments – can not stand that guy!

  • Neck of the Woods
    The Read

  • My top 3:
    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
    This American Life
    Stuff you Missed in History Class
    Though Serial may be bumping one of those off now! I also podcast the Diane and Kojo shows that interest me. One I haven’t seen mentioned is All Songs Considered – a good mix of new music, and fun hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton. And based in DC! That’s my cooking background podcast.

  • Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast
    Adam Corolla (if the guest is interesting or co-hosting with Jo Koy or Deaf Frat guy)
    WTF with Marc Maron
    The Champs (co-hosted with the Creator of the Chapelle show and they only interview black “celebrities”)
    Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
    …and generally any podcast comedy related, work is too serious to listen to NPR and the News!

  • jim_ed

    Wait, this town is full of retro obsessed hipsters and yet I’m the only one who listens to The Big Broadcast? I’m going to have to unironically eat at an Applebee’s tonight to get the shame off.

  • My #1 is Freakonomics Radio. It’s so entertaining but also educational and Dubner is a great host. Only one episode per week though, about 45 mins.

  • If I had to pick only 2, they would be This American Life and Savage Love.

    Others that I like include Pop Culture Happy Hour, Dinner Party Download, Sex Nerd Sandra (though I skip topics that aren’t of interest to me), Wait Wait, and Totally Beverages (a new podcast, very random, but hilarious).

  • Farragut

    I’ve already commented on some of the ones I listen to that other people have, but here are the others I subscribe to:
    1) Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy: I don’t know much about this one, but they had some great interview shows with Patrick Rothfuss and Ann Leckie recently, and they sometimes do panel discussions about various scifi/fantasy topics.
    2) Rocket Talk: This is the official podcast. If you’re a scifi/fantasy fan and don’t already read, you should! The podcast has been pretty nice, at least the last several I’ve listened to. Great for hearing from authors and the field.
    3) Sword & Laser: This is more of a book club show for fantasy (Sword) and scifi (Laser), but they have interviews and news bits, too. They’re very active on Goodreads, too. This month’s book club choice is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick (aka the book Bladerunner is based on).
    4) Writing Excuses: This is cohosted by a few of my favorite authors (Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and a couple others), and it’s a very short podcast (usually 15-20 minutes) focused on giving people writing tips and such. I’m not really a writer, but there’s lot of neat information in here about their craft.
    I only got into podcasts in the last month or so (as my annoyed wife can attest to) because I finally got a smartphone AND I got sick of driving with today’s music stations and NPR was just airing ISIS and Ebola news. It’s been pretty nice, and while I don’t drive that often, I will wear headphones and listen around the house sometimes.

  • Spilled Milk when I need a laugh! Molly & Matthew are so ridiculous and I never get tired of hearing people talk about food.

  • Judge John Hodgman
    The Partially Examined Life

    fine podcasts indeed
    Other things on look promising, too

  • I few I haven’t seen yet: Slate Money, The Business (about show business), NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour (recorded in DC!), NPR Topic: Economy, and The Q&A (interviews with screenwriters).

  • I lot of my favs have been mentioned but put a plug in for Pitch and Song Exploder. Love Pitch especially! Explores music phenomena and how music affects us all.

  • Has anyone mentioned the Amateur Traveler?

  • Lots of sports from Grantland:

    The BS Report
    The Lowe Post
    Jalen and Jacoby

  • Lot’s of good ones on this list! A couple additional ones I listen to not mentioned above:
    Left, Right, and Center
    Movies You Should See
    Best of YouTube (video podcast)

  • I’m surprised there isn’t more love for Slate’s political gabfest. Don’t tell anybody, but I kinda have a nerd crush on Emily Bazelon.

  • Stuff You Should Know! It’s great and Chuck and Josh are hilarious.

    • Also, StartUp Podcast with Alex Blumberg is great. Shout out to Planet Money and Freakonomics, though I think Freakonomics has gone seriously downhill as of late…

  • THE BUGLE! – (how has this not been mentioned yet?)
    Comedy Bang! Bang!
    Sklarbro County/Country
    Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project (COME BACK PLEASE)
    How Did This Get Made – Listen to the Roadhouse episode now.
    Who Charted?

  • Slate Daily and my faves from Maximum Fun: JordanJesse Go!, MBMBAM, Sawbones and Thowing Shade (the funniest podcast ever)

  • Savage Love
    99% Invisible
    Stuff You Should Know
    The Moth
    This American Life
    Get Fit Guy
    Nutrition Diva
    Snap Judgment
    How to do Everything
    Stuff to Blow Your Mind
    PRI The World
    PRI Living on Earth

  • I listen to podcast all day long at work. He’s my weekly roundup beyond the typical NPR cohort.

    The Champs: Moshe Kasher and Neil Brennan
    The Read: Kid Fury and Crissle
    Ask Roulette… when that’s in season
    Stuff You Should Know
    James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour
    Risk! With Kevin Allison
    My Brother, My Brother, and Me
    Judge John Hodgman
    99% Invisible
    State of the Re:Union
    The Moth
    Death, Sex, and Money

  • Yep. “The Splendid Table” with Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

    Whenever we go to the beach, we listen to saved-up episodes. Our favorite segment on Lynne’s show is “Roadfood” with Jane and Michael Stern. They’re wonderful:

  • THE COMBAT JACK SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously, if you love hip hop like I do and have been a fan since the 80’s, you must listen to this show. Interviews with your favorite artist from back in the day and even a couple of current artist, we are talking Chuck D, Ice T, Big Daddy Kane, Freddy Foxx, Marley Marl to Bun B, Raekwon, Cormega, Sauce Money, Noreaga, Sean Price, Common, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Tech Nine to movers and shakers such as Russell Simmons, Marc Ecko, Jessica Rosenblum, Keith Clinkscales, Spike Lee, Toure’, Elliott Wilson, Ebro…the list goes on.
    Plus all of the commentary and foolery is highly entertaining. It started about 4 years ago so catch up now!
    . or check them on sound cloud, podcast via apple…

    • For the record this is my first podcast ever but now I am hooked. Also, this isn’t just about hip hop, the guest are but not the whole show…

  • “This Week in Blackness” (TWIB Radio) – Support Black Media (comedy)

    “The Three A-Negroes” – BEST COMEDY PODCAST

    “Beige Phillip Show” – for dudes with no game (comedy)

    “Feast of Fun” – gay – (comedy)

    “News Whore w/Mandy Stadmiller” NY-Based, Use to work at Washington Post – Amazing Interviewer.

    “Where’s My 40 Acres” – BEST HIP HOP PODCAST EVER

    “The Read” – If you like throwing shade …. this comedy podcast is for you.

    “The Black Guy Who Tips” – The epicenter of black podcasting — “Guess the Race” is the gameshow where they read ratchet news stories and the chat room guesses the race. Note that the chat is racist. (comedy)

    “Television Zombies” – Local, Best Podcast for nerd culture such as Sci-Fi and Dr. Who.

    “The New Yorker – Out loud” Feature one article in the New Yorker (cerebral)


  • My favorites are:
    Slate Political gabfest – weekly, news and politics, left leaning bent but reasonable and no shouting matches
    Bookriot – weekly, book & publishing by two people who love books
    The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart – writers and correspondents from the show talk about making the show and their experiences
    Longform – convos with non fiction writers about how they started and how they write, don’t always listen but usually
    The Sporkful – very serious discussions about silly aspects of food
    Travel with Rick Steves – the radio version cut into a 1 hour podcast
    99% Invisible – about design in culture

  • Atheist Experience
    Drunken Peasants
    The Steve Austin Show
    The Force Cast
    The Thinking Atheist

  • I’m addicted to podcasts and I listen to so many (most of which have already been mentioned). My current favorite is Eos 10 – it’s a really funny sci fi radio drama. Love it!

  • Planet Money has a special place in my heart. I am bored to tears by economics usually, but they make it so interesting! I’ve been liking Startup as well. I am extremely un-entrepreneurial, but it is so much fun.

    Also Slate Political Gabfest, and the other standard NPR programs: TAL, RadioLab, Serial…

  • The Mike O’Meara Show FTW! The show is one hour and has multiple lol moments, literally lol.

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