More Photos from the Ferguson Protest March and Demonstration

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

Last night we some photos of the crowds, these are from the PoPville flickr pool this morning:

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ted Eytan

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ted Eytan

Photo ‘4.5 minutes of dying – Protesters stage a “die-in” in Freedom Plaza.’ by PoPville flickr user Phil

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  • If the protest is peaceful I am all for it. I am pleased to see that some young people care enoght about social issues to act. Earlier this year the students at Wilson supported their gay principal when those horrible people from Westboro came to town. Young people do care about more than social media and the latest gadget. Maybe they will get it right, or at least ‘a little more right.’

    • I think if anything social media is what sparks young peoples’ interest in these issues. They’re not getting their info from TV news or newspapers. Its all from twitter, vine, and online new outlets, which I think is awesome!

      • It’s a double edged sword. It sparks young people’s interest but is also more likely to contain incorrect or misleading information. The result can be a low-information, high-passion group. Not always a good mix.

        • “low-information” = people who disagree with me

          • I’m not the OP, but low information may or may not mean that I disagree with their particular point of view; you can be loud and vocal just about anything without having a good understanding of why. See: poor people voting to disintegrate the very social support systems on which they rely for subsistence.

          • “low-information” = someone without an objectively substantive understanding of an issue.

            Not your intentionally obtuse ‘definition’.

  • It would be nice to see how different the prevailing sentiment would be if all media reported on the protests this matter-of-factly. Yes, there were looters and rioters in Ferguson, but there have also been plenty of peaceful protestors unfairly lumped in with the bad actors.

  • Hopefully these protests can transcend the Ferguson incident and address the broader issues of police abuse.

    It’s hard for a lot of people to perceive a young man as a victim after he robbed a store, attacked the store clerk, then attacked a police officer.

    • And it’s even harder to defend yourself when you’ve been murdered. I hope we can all agree on your first statement though.

      • People who repeatedly attack an officer and ignore his orders have to expect potentially catastrophic outcomes for their chocies. I certainly would.

        Hopefully we can all agree that this case is not the good example of police abusing their powers that advocates thought it was before the evidence was out.

        • 100% agree. It would be nice if people would refer to the facts (that includes forensic evidence) about this case before calling this tragedy a murder.

          • You mean the fact that Brown apparently walked through a hail of bullets to get to Wilson and then to get shot on top of the head? Yeah, I am sure it happened like that. So much of this story is left out and it is clearly one-sided.

          • What facts demonstrate Brown rushing towards Wilson? What facts justify Wilson shooting his weapon A DOZEN TIMES? Give me a break.

            Regardless of all that, what kind of DA acts more like a defense attorney than the prosecutor he’s supposed to be?

          • well Kam- Forensics along with several witness testimonies tells another story that you don’t think is plausible.

        • Anyone unarmed who attacks somebody with a gun, police officer or not, and doesn’t expect consequences for their choices is either delusional or suicidal.

    • You’re presuming any of those things are facts without personally having been an eyewitness to the matter at issue, when there is a conflict amongst eyewitnesses, with the large majority of them saying Brown was shot with his hands in the air (Black witnesses and White witnesses, nearby residents and contractors just there doing work, alike).

  • I guess it is natural to run to a cop that is shooting at you. From all that I have ever seen, black folks try and stay away from cops not engage them but I forgot we are talking about a superhuman hulk demon. Riiiggghhhtttt!

    • Kam,

      Try actually reading the primary sources of the version of events, not just listening to what the enraged mob says the police say happened. You appear to be at the wrong end of a rigged game of telephone.

      • I’ve read many articles. What’s clear is there isn’t a clear version of what happened. No one knows. Hell, I doubt Officer Wilson really could tell you an accurate version now.

        • Articles? So not the source material?

          I’ll agree that no one can say with certainty what happened that night which is why I take exception to Kam’s certainty of the ‘facts’ that are complete distortions of any scenarios that have been credibly posed.

          • I’ve read Wilson’s testimony to the grand jury and a few other eye witness accounts. Does that qualify as source material? I believe it does.

            What angers me is people saying “Look at the evidence! It justifies Officer Wilson’s actions! Give it a rest people!”

            No, I’m sorry, it isn’t that simple or clear cut.

          • I love it when people twist things up. What was I so certain about? Because I question something means that I am certain that it didn’t happen that way correct? So any version or thought from what you believe or what is told to you is certainty that it happened another way? God Bless America! I guess people can’t be free thinkers but must believe one or the other.

        • I read all the witness testimonies and all the scientific evidence that was released (didn’t read all 24 volumes of the entire proceedings) , putting more faith in the science than the testimonies, the version of events told by Wilson and other African-American witnesses seems to be believable.

      • What makes you think I haven’t read up on it? Let me guess, because I lack the capacity to do so or think for myself which is the reason that I listen to “enraged mobs”. Meanwhile, may I ask who your primary source of events might be? Darren Wilson by chance, you know that is trying to save his own ass? Yeah, we are done here.

  • There have been numerous cases where testimony, proceedings, and evidence submission have been inaccurate. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Ruben carter are two very high profile cases. Just because a court says so doesn’t make it so….especially when you look at the skewed rates of incarceration of block people vs whites by those courts. We are living in a world of institutional racism. Wake up.

    • Absolutely. Numerous sources are calling Wilson’s story specious and there was a forensic specialist who took Wilson’s story apart on CNN the other night. And then there is the matter of that squirrelly DA, who was obviously not fighting for justice for the Brown family. The Bar Association thinks his behavior was negligent enough to consider filing federal charges against him, which I tend to believe makes his story less than credible. I think you have to really be committed to ignoring a lot of evidence in order to believe Wilson’s story.

      • Stop letting enraged mobs do your thinking for you!! No way can any of what you said be true. Try reading the primary source…LOL! If that upstanding white man said it happened that way, it happened that way damnit!
        Sad isn’t it?

  • If you all can’t see there is a big problem here then I don’t know what to say. You live in another reality than I do as well as many others. Just answer this one question for me and I will be good, why was this tried in the Grand Jury? Why was the Prosecutor giving a “fair and balanced” view to the witnesses? That is complete BS and it never happens except for this case. Prosecutors jobs are to get the conviction but this particular guy, McCullough didn’t even let it get to trial. Best believe if this was your kid, loved one or friend you would take huge exception to this. This does not resonate with many of you because you haven’t dealt with the BS that many of us have just because of the color of our skin. Shit happens differently to us on an everyday basis from getting cabs, getting jobs, getting decent service, dealing with cops, living in certain areas, shopping in stores that “we can’t afford”. And that is not even talking about the institutional bullshit on which America is built upon and how it was built. As said previously WAKE UP!
    I implore some of you to read these articles.

    • I think many people believe that the grand jury process is more fair than letting the prosecutor alone decide whether to prosecute.

      • That is true. The problem in this case, however, is the prosecutor clearly was not interested in prosecuting this case. His interests were a) ensuring re-election b) protecting the cop. He used the grand jury process to pretend that he was a neutral party and that the combo of “the facts” and a grand jury’s decision would make it conclusive proof that Officer Wilson’s shooting was justified.

        Had he recused himself and allowed the governor to appoint a special prosecutor, I think many of us would be less frustrated and upset, even if the end result were the same.

        • Exactly. If the case was given its day in court and the process was transparent and run by people who did not seem so intent on letting Wilson off, I don’t think the backlash would have been as severe.

          • +1 This one sentence says it all! Thanks Anon.

          • Anon 2:40 good point. I think it would be beneficial for people to understand the grand jury process, as in, specifically how the prosecutor presented the case. I’ll confess, I haven’t read the transcripts, but is there evidence from the proceedings that the prosecutor presented this case to the grand jury in a different manner (i.e., more favorable to the police officer) than another criminal case? I’m asking because I don’t know, and I would like someone to point that out from the record of the proceedings.

          • John, the answer is a resounding yes! Normally for grand juries, the prosecutor gives bare bones not a lot of detail because they just want to give enough to push for an indictment. Basically as the saying goes, they can use a ham sandwich for an indictment and that would suffice but this guy gave more than enough to confuse and create arguments for what he called a fair trial. When have you ever heard a prosecutor talk about a fair trial? The fact that there was a shooting of an unarmed black kid by a cop in a racially tense area with some ambiguity as to what really happened should have been probable cause enough for an indictment. And that my friend is the end of the story, it would have gone to trial and played out from there and as said above we would not be dealing with all of this backlash and people’s true colors showing. The articles I posted above are a decent read but feel free to do your own research.

          • John,

            The NYT article that Kam posted above mentions some of the methods the DA used. The New Yorker also had a good article pointing out the problems with the DA’s case.

        • Ding, ding, ding! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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