Discovery of old milk bottle labeled “Thompson’s Dairy 2012 11th St NW” inspires cool documentary


“Dear PoPville,

My friend Richard and I came across a old milk bottle labelled “Thompson’s Dairy 2012 11th St NW”

It got us curious about the Dairy and the area itself during that time period.

As we did some research we met some great people and found out some interesting facts about the Dairy and what life was like back then.

We decided to put together a little documentary:

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  • Very cool. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Very interesting documentary. And another great job by the unions!

    • Another great job by management is more like it. The company shut things down, not the employees.

    • Or the management/owners would rather make a big bang and close/sell everything off instead, lining their pockets with $$$…

  • anonymouse_dianne

    We had milk From Thompson’s dairy delivered a couple times a week when my bro and sister were babes (1959-1969 at least). I remember each of them getting cut pretty badly on broken milk bottles. We also got cottage cheese. We got eggs from The Eggman who also brought us our Thanksgiving turkey. I don’t remember the Union dispute (I belong to AFGE) but I remember oniony milk on more than one occasion! Thanks for the video.

  • What a fantastic documentary! I’ve lived right around the corner for 12 years from what was Thompson’s and I had no idea. I just wish the old building still existed. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • My grandfather used to own a farm in Gainesville, Virginia. He had dozens of milking cows and he used to supply milk to Thompsons.

  • Really well done! I’m a fan of docs. but most frankly, need more editing, tightening etc. This was just right.

  • Op here. Glad you guys are enjoying the little documentary we put together.

    We had a lot of fun making it and found some great resources. One in particular is the Washingtonia room at the MLK library. Anyone interested in DC history should definitely check it out. They have tons of cool stuff.

    It was really interesting to think how different our city was a 50-75 years ago.

  • When I moved into The Lincoln in 2006, I looked up the history of the lot and learned about Thompson’s Dairy. I’m always worried about living on top of an Indian burial ground (thanks, Poltergeist!). Great documentary!!

  • Thanks for putting this together and making it available to us! Interesting subject nicely researched and well presented.

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