Dear PoPville – Anyone Know Who’s Going into the old Logan Hardware space?

1416 P Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was walking on P Street NW between 15th and 14th and noticed that in the last few days the window coverings have been taken off the old Logan Hardware and a new office of some sorts has opened and a full renovation has taken place. However, there is NO sign. Do you know what has taken over the space? And why it isn’t some type of retail or something?”

Ed. Note: The new Logan Hardware is now open at 1734 14th Street, NW.

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  • Looks like the same furniture from the real estate company that was located next to the old Caribou Coffee on 14th and RI Ave. I remember seeing that couch and stools in their window. Their name escapes me at the moment.

  • It’s the new Abdo/McWilliams Ballard office that used to be around the corner on 14th. All the furniture has been moved from the old place to the Logan Hardware space. It makes sense because the previous building, along with the former Caribou, is due to be knocked down at some point for condos.

  • This is a guess, but it makes sense that this would be ABDO’s temporary office space during the demo/construction on the corner of Rhode Island Ave and 14th. It looks like the same furniture they had in that space and I think ADBO owns that building.

  • Rumor has it that McWilliams + Ballard is moving from 1402 14th (next to the old Caribou Coffee) to this spot.

  • “DC’s hottest new small plates concept is: THE TOOLBOX.
    Located in a former Ace Hardware store and haunted by missing pinkie fingers detached in circular saw accidents, this place has everything: farm-to-table grilled cheese sandwiches cooked with a blow torch. Vegan “hearty” seitan “chicken” gluten-free “noodle” soup (we’ve removed anything that will be remotely tasty or filling) served in a retro Stanley thermos salvaged from actual unionized construction workers. We’ll also provide a curated cocktail menu served up The Guatemalan Flannels.
    What are the Guatemalan Flannels? They’re a group of midget lumbersexuals we found at the Home Depot parking lot, renowned for their 18th century beards and superior mixology skills imported directly from Guatemala. Be amazed as they make your $14 drink and expertly hang sheet rock in our interactive “construction” bar.”

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