Council Members Parking Badly Vol. 77: “It was like some sort of caricature of a political fat cat”


UPDATE from Council Member Evans:

“I want to apologize for parking in a fire hydrant zone on Thursday evening. To be honest, I didn’t realize there was a fire hydrant. That is, of course, no excuse, and I now fully recognize that was not a legal parking spot.”

“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I were having dinner with friends at West End Bistro when we noticed a back car doing a pretty sloppy job of parallel parking, bumping the other two cars enough to draw our attention. To make it even more entertaining, the driver was attempting to park right in front of a fire hydrant. Then we noticed the license plate said DC Council! We assumed the driver/apparent councilperson hadn’t seen the hydrant, and would realize their error as soon as they opened the car door. Nope.


Jack Evans stepped out in a tux, looked straight at the fire hydrant, put a cigar in his mouth, and walked toward the entrance of the Ritz. It was like some sort of caricature of a political fat cat. We left maybe 45 minutes later and he hadn’t returned, so it wasn’t as if he ran a quick errand.

In front of a hydrant?! Really??”

Ed. Note: We’ve previously learned that Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations however, I’m not sure if that applies to fire hydrants given the safety risk.


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  • It’s a Sebring….he probably wants it to be towed.

    • If not towed – the for sure smashed up. Nice work Jack Evans.
      Note: Parking laws usually all promote safety of some sort (fire hydrants, safe rush hour travel, stop signs/line of site) – though some just dispense cash for the city faster than an ATM.

  • austindc

    That is awesome! The only way it could be douchier is if he put the cigar in his mouth, whipped out a hundred dollar bill, lit the bill on fire, used the bill to light a kitten on fire, lit the cigar with the kitten, and then ate the kitten while standing on the left side of the escalator.

  • I not surprised by this behavior, but I’m disappointed that we as citizens don’t vote clowns like Jack Evans and Marion Barry out of office. I know that it is naive of me to believe that we one day will, but the arrogance of these individuals and many of the other council members is appalling.

    • Well, we finally got rid of Jim Graham, so there is hope.

      • If you think Nadeau is going to be any better, I’d like some of what you’re smoking.

        • At a minimum, she’s nicer than the Grahamstander, but then again a dyspeptic possum is nicer than that guy — at least when he shows his true personality.

        • If you actually thought that Graham was doing his job, then I’d like some of what you’re huffing.

    • His opponents have been underfunded and the last one was a total lightweight. I’ve voted against him, but I think the real problem is the developer money behind him and the need for an a opponent to emerge from some real grassroots base.

  • This is pretty hilarious, but it’s really disgusting. I would encourage his constituents to contact his office for this type of behavior. Even if he can ignore parking regulations, and that SOMEHOW includes fire hydrants, a council member should be more concerned about public safety. This is bad character.

    • I have written to him several times and never once received any kind of response. I don’t live in his ward though. Maybe he answers his constituents.

      • No, he doesn’t. The only times I’ve ever heard from him are when he sends those terrible Brady bunch wannabe Christmas cards every year.

        • yeah those are awful. Next time I get one I’m going to draw a fire hydrant on it and label it return to sender.

      • When I lived in Ward 2 I sent him a note about bus service and got a really nasty response… I wasn’t even complaining, just suggesting a course of action!

  • accendo

    It’s really deplorable that council members are allowed to do that. If only there was some sort of change that could happen to stop that.

    Also, Sebrings are deplorable.

  • What a pig.

    As if we didn’t know that from his comportment in the Wilson Building.

  • L’etat, c’est moi.

  • Yep. that’s about what I expect from Jack Evans. smh.

  • I just lost all respect for Evans. I mean, a Chrysler Sebring? I’ve seen the inside of his Georgetown house – surely he can do better than a Sebring (a used civic? retired crown vic? Anything?)

      • Had to laugh when Jack Evans, in an article about the redesign of his home’s interior a while back, repeatedly referred to Georgetown as “the inner city.” LOL indeed!

        • I dunno… the blue-hairs of O Street can be kinda shady. Those walkers are probably filled with coke and the hobbling just part of an act. I’ve seen those little blue gang symbols they hang in their cars – you know, the ones with that crude stick man in the wheelchair… They need to be stopped!

    • His first choice was Jon Voight’s Lebaron but somebody beat him to it.

  • We can only hope one day this will happen to him

  • A haiku about JE:

    He’s my council rep
    But I regret that he is
    Jack’s a trash can, man

  • This is RIDICULOUS! Why would anybody well of buy a Sebring????
    Utterly absurd!!

  • bad taste in automobiles and posing as a public safety hazard, talk about doubly offensive.

  • Yikes. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Maybe we should raise their pay so they could afford Uber.

  • sadly, this is pretty much the norm for evans. and when he gets fines, he just has them dismissed:

  • Hey, when you park that far away from the curb, are you *really* in front of the hydrant?

  • Didn’t realize there was a hydrant?!?!? I hate it when people make a mistake and then compound it by lying. Where he was parked in the picture, his door would have almost hit the damn hydrant, and he would have had to nearly trip over it getting out of his car!

  • yeah, I’m sure in walking right by the fire hydrant he didn’t notice it. or when he parked and had to make surehis door didn’t hit the hydrant (even when that far from the curb…but it is a Sebring)

  • In his defense, the band on his stogie was probably brighter than the huge reflective orange stripes on that hydrant. Cigar glare is a real thing, folks.

  • If Councilmember Evans can’t see a giant green metal fire hydrant with reflective orange tape all over it that he practically tripped over to get out of those long doors, it’s not at all safe for him to be driving.
    Of course, the truth is he did see the fire hydrant and knew damn well what he was doing and he thought he could get away with it. I’d respect him a LOT more as a politician if he would just own that. The fact that he’s trying to say he didn’t see it at all, when it’s painfully obvious he parked all the way up at the front of the spot so he could still open his freaking door and walk around it, is pretty sad.

  • Who cares?
    The bratty zeal for tattle-tale culture seen above is a thousand times grosser than whatever Jack did or didn’t do.
    Oh, and if you’re a Nats fan, you should high-five this guy next time you see him.

    • True … if any of you wish to find him and give him a high-five, you may want to start hanging around fire hydrants. With any luck he’ll show up real quick to park in front of one.

    • Nats fans from Virginia, that is. Those of us who fund his obsession with kids’ sports should ask that mindless oaf for a refund on our handout to the poor Lerners.

  • This guy is the worst. His car is regularly parked illegally at 32nd & P, around the corner from his house. He also doesn’t believe in stopping at stop signs. Once I saw him take a right onto Wisconsin from O (without stopping and almost hitting a ped), pull up in front of CVS, park illegally (no parking there) and waltz into the store. THE CVS HAS ITS OWN PARKING LOT!

    He realizes he has a Councilmember plate, so he’s advertising his idiocy, doesn’t he?

  • The answer to the above ‘we’re not sure’ is: No, being a council member does not allow one to block a fire hydrant.

    The parking restrictions that they are exempt from following are residential-only and time-limit parking restrictions. And for official business only. I.e., if they are attending a community hearing and all of the available street parking states “Zone X only’ or ‘Two-hour limit, except Zone X’, then they are exempt from these restrictions. The idea being that the restrictions may limit their ability to serve their constituents.

    But they are not exempt from SAFETY restrictions that are in place at fire hydrants, bus stops, cross walks, fire stations, police stations, etc. I.e., if the sign or pavement markings indicate no parking, they are still required to follow these parking paces.

  • When is Ward 2 going to find another Councilman? There must be some viable alternative to this guy.

  • @”He realizes he has a Councilmember plate, so he’s advertising his idiocy, doesn’t he?”

    More like exercising his Council privilege. I don’t doubt for a second that he is unaware he was illegally parking. He’s basically saying there’s one set of rules for Councilmen and another for everyone else.

  • So, no one seems to be saying it, but isn’t the question how impaired was he?

  • When a DC Council member starts a sentence off with “To be honest…” it’s clearly a lie.

    “To be honest, I didn’t realize there was a fire hydrant.”

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